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1. Design an Area Sampling in a specific area through landform interpretation approach,

2. Design Stratified Sampling by analyzing a specific contour data,
3. Built a complete analysis regarding Sampling Design in specific areas and equipped with


Natural and social phenomena that occur in a region can be affected by its landform unit. In analyzing
the landform unit of a large area, it should be used sampling method. The sampling method is a research
method by analyzing some of the population to represent the entire population. The sampling
techniques applied in this assignment are the area sampling and stratified sampling. Analysis of area
characteristic using area sampling method is based on geomorphology and geology. While stratified
sampling is an appropriate technique for analyzing the region based on its slopes.

In this assignment, we conducted an analysis of Semarang City area. Semarang City has geomorphology
completeness from coast to hills. According to Nugroho (2002), geomorphology of Semarang City
consists of several landform units, such as the Kaligetas Plateau which is composed of weathering of lava
sediment resulting from volcanic activity located at an elevation of 200 m to 300 m above sea level. In
the central part of the city of Semarang there are Candi hills, with elevations 10 m to 200 m above sea
level. It is generally composed of marine sediments and terrestrial sediments of volcanic products from
old Mount Ungaran. There are also units of delta landform with elevation between 2 m to 10 m above
sea level. Then the unit of landform coastal plains and river sediments located in the lowlands of
Semarang City with elevations ranging from 1.6 m to 2 m above sea level. In this unit of landform, the
phenomenon of sea water tides are occurs and the plain of the sedimentation process is used as fish
farming area by the surrounding inhabitants. Analysis of the characteristics of the City of Semarang
using sampling method is expected to represent the overall characteristics of Semarang City area related
to geomorphology and slope.