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IT Project Management CNET 307

Team members
Japleen Kaur Saini #300864172

Madeleine Sangoi #300851594

Marina Vodowous #300858828

Tianyi Han #300814333

1. Team Charter 3
Talk-Time 3
1.1 Team Name 4
1.2 Team Members 4
1.3 Team Mission 4
1.4 Team Vision 4
1.5 Team Policy 4
1.6 Meeting Times 4
1.7 Rolls of Communication 4
1.8 Team Expectation and Conflict Resolution 5
1.9 Code of Ethics
1.10 Agreement
2. Business Case 7
2.1 Description
2.2 Main features 8
2.2 Total Costs of Ownership: 8
2.3 Total Benefits of Ownership: 8
2.4 Alternatives 8
Table 2.1 Scoring Model 9
2.5 Recommendations. 9
3. Project Charter 11
Talk-Time 11
3.1 Measurable Organizational Values (MOV) 12
Table 3.1 - MOV 13
3.2 resources 14
3.2.1 People 14
3.2.2 Technology 14
3.2.3 How Talk Time works? 14
3.2.4 Space Concerns 14
3.2.5 Facilities 14
3.2.6 Other 15
3.3 Cost of Resources 15
Table 3.2 - Cost of Human Resource 15
Table 3.3 - Cost of Technology 15
Table 3.4 - Cost of other Expenses 15
4. Scope Management 16
Talk-Time 16
4.1 Deliverable Structure Chart (DSC)
4.2 Use Case Diagrams 18
Figure 1 - Registration Status 18
Figure 2 - Sharing Multimedia 18
Figure 3 - Making Groups 19
Figure 4 -Account Settings 19
4.3 Scope Definition 19
4.3.1 Project Deliverables 19
4.3.2 Free and Paid 20
4.3.3 Accessibility 20
4.3.4 Security 20
4.3.5 No Hidden Cost 20

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4.4 Scope Verification 20
4.4.1 Multimedia 20
4.4.2 Audio and Video 20
4.4.3 Calls 20
4.4.4 Group Chat 20
4.4.5 No International Charges 20
4.4.6 Offline Messages .20
4.4.7 More 21
4.4.8 Accounting Setting 21
4.4.9 Registration 21
4.4.10 Adding Profile 21
4.4.11 Modifying Members 21
4.5 Millstones 21
4.6 Scope Verification 21
4.7 The form 23
5. Work Breakdown Structure 24
Talk-Time 24
5.1 Work breakdown structure. 25
5.1.1 Management 25
5.1.2 Design 25
5.1.3 Procurement 25
5.1.4 Development 26
5.1.5 Testing 26
5.1.6 Installation 26
5.1.7 Close Project 26
5.1.8 Evaluate Project 27
5.1.9 Maintenance . 27
5.2 Estimation Techniques 27
5.3 Work Breakdown Screenshots 29
Figure 5 - Management 29
Figure 6 - Design 29
Figure 7 - Procurement and Development 30
Figure 8 - Procurement and Development 30
Figure 9 - Testing , Installation, Close Project, Evaluate Project and Maintenance

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1. Team Charter


1.1 Team Name

M.J.M Solutions

1.2 Team Members

3 | Page
Student Name Phone Number Email address
Marina Vodowous 647-701-4037
Japleen Kaur Saini 416-930-2748
Madeleine Sangoi 416-887-9344
Tianyi Han 647-745-4328
Table 1.1

1.3 Team Mission

This project charter document describes and explains the project’s scope, objectives, resources,
risks, assumptions, change control and the project manager’s authority. In order to learn and
understand more about implementing these project charter elements, consider our project
management courses.

1.4 Team Vision

o Free software, high-quality and secure.

o A large community that is rewarding to participate in
o People can use their preferred languages
o A project that acts autonomously
o A project that is socially responsible
o A project dedicated to maintaining the trust and secure of its users

1.5 project Policy

o The project is effectively managed within the limitations of Scope, Quality, Time, Budget,
and Risk.
o Appropriate governance and control is established.
o Communication, quality and risk management plans are developed and executed throughout a
project’s life.
o Appropriate authorization and acceptance is established throughout the life of a project.
o Project post implementation reviews are conducted and actively used to improve the content
of project delivery.
o In order to achieve those objectives and well done outcomes the elements of this Project
Management Policy must be included in the initiation, planning, and execution.

1.6 Meeting Times

o Every Thursdays at 3.30 to 6.30 p.m.

o Ongoing online communication at least once in two days to communicate ideas and update
assignment progress.

1.7 Tools for communication

o Email
o WhatsApp
o Google Drive
o Google Hangouts
o Weekly updates on assignment progress.

1.8 Team Expectations and Conflict Resolution

1.8.1 Expectations
o Every member in our group should understand his/her roles and responsibilities.
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o Expect from each team member to be contributor.
o The project manager will set up each member responsibilities and due date of his/her part.
o Our group manager that will be changed every two weeks will hold regular status meetings
and send reminders to ensure everyone attends.
o We have regular weekly reviews either via what’sApp, Google Drive, Emails or a face-to-
face meeting.
o Expect from your team to cooperate with each other.
o We expect from our team members to problem solve. The members must understand and
learn that they are active players who focus on getting things done correctly.

1.8.2 Conflict Resolution

o The ability to seek arrangement, compromise and avoid punishing.
o After getting each member point of view on the particular conflict, the next step is to get
each to identify how the situation could be changed.

1.9 Code of Ethics

o Our team will provide to all our clients factual and truthful information about the project with
respect to skillful and professional achievement of duties and completion of contracts.
o When the team member is unable or unqualified to implement requests for services, we will
make every effort to recommend the service to other qualified members from our team.

1.9.1 Client Relationship

o Understanding the client needs - In order to improve the quality of our project, client
information can help you to report back to developers and to evaluate the impact and outcomes
of your activities.
o Delivering what the client is requesting - ensure that you deliver a positive client
service. Predicting what the client will need in the future - This first phase is concerned with
understanding the organization’s needs, priorities, desires and resources.

1.9.2 Project Execution

o Project development uses the inputs from all the other processes such as Scope, activity
identification, activity sequencing and quality management planning.
o A detailed Work Breakdown structure comprising of all the activities identified is used.
o The Project Plan documents all the assumptions, activities, schedule, and cost and drives the
o The team and the stakeholders are informed of the progress.
o The team will offer excellent communication mechanism.
o Any due date delays are analyzed and the project plan may be adjusted efficiency and

1.10 Agreement

o Each member has the necessary qualifications, experience and abilities to assist and benefit the
group in its business.
o The Client wishes to employ the student and the student has agreed to accept the particular
contract and enter such employment upon the terms and conditions set out in his agreement.
In witness whereof, the parties have duly affixed their signatures under hand and seal on this
18th day of September, 2016.
Student Name Student Number Signature Date
Marina Vodowous 300858828 Marina 18 September 2016
Japleen Kaur Saini 300864172 Japleen Kaur 18 September 2016

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Madeleine Sangoi 300851594 Madeleine 18 September 2016
Tianyi Han 300814333 Tony 18 September 2016

2. Business Case


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2.1 Description
Our project is based on an instant message application for desktop computers. This is a M.J.M
Solutions initiative that searches for a desktop alternative to WhatsApp and Line and will include a
new feature, which is the capability to locate on the map other persons and know their location at
any time. Users have an option for privacy and to customize their profile as desired. This
application will use a central server computer in order to allow two or more people to
communicate within each other, allowing them to share information in a simpler way and for free
using the internet, without distance or time restrictions. After a year of use customers will be
required to pay a small fee in order for the company to obtain some income and maintain the
business on the long term. We will start developing with the following features, hoping to expand
and diversification services according the number of customers and revenue increases. Our goal
for this application is to make it distinctive from the other ones in the current market.

2.2 Main features

o Text and Multimedia chat.
o Group chat.
o Free internet calls.
o Easy and practical to use.
o Locate friends on a map

2.2 Total Costs of Ownership:

o Development Costs= $100,000. (Salary, Benefits and Resources),
o System Administration fee per month for one year=$5,000 X 12= $60,000
o App Maintenance Fees= 24-hour maintenance fee every day for one year = $30 X 24 X
365= $ 262,800
o Hardware Costs = 10 computers X 1000 = $10,000
o Server =$6,100 X 2= $12,200
o Network Connections = $2,000

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o Software licenses costs= $50,000
o Initial cost of ownership= $ 174,200
o Ongoing cost of ownership in the first year= $322,800

2.3 Total Benefits of Ownership:

o Improved texting platform
o Better customer service
o Advancement in present technology
o Increased customer support
o Total expected benefits: $155,000

2.4 Alternatives
Alternative 1 = Buy more servers and install a virtual Machine Primer since the company already
have servers and the technology highly expandable therefore few more servers are needed for the
early stage but it will be requiring an improvement in the security system, more servers will be
needed in the future according the number of customer growth. GPS map location system
development will be developing with an Android Team. The team will also Develop and improve
our own technology from the main Application, which will be fully customizable.

Alternative 2 = we will use a cloud server, which will require expansion before it reaches 8.000
customers. Map linking and GPS system will be not developing on this alternative’s early stage,
since we will use proprietary licensed software and components for $250 monthly and
programming changes are few for the features of Basic, multimedia texting and group chat.

Criterion Attributes Weight Alt 1 Alt 2

Financial ROI 13% 7 5
Payback 6% 9 7
NPV 6% 9 4
Alignment with strategic
Strategic objectives 13% 9 5
Increased market share 11% 9 5
Likelihood of achieving
Organization project’s MOV 5% 6 8
Availability of Skilled team
members 11% 7 9
Testers 7% 6 6
Project Cost 12% 5 8
Time to develop 13% 6 8
Risk 13% 7 8
Total Score 100% 7.2 6.6
Table 2.1 Scoring model: Higher level on the score represents lower risk.

Alternative 1 have the lowest risk and also is the preferred for the long term since The new
software system have the advantage of being fully customizable and expandable. Alternative 2
could be implemented in case the initial investment is denied and therefore M.J.M Solutions can
still develop this application for a lower cost, however it will take more time and cost to reach the
desired level of competency.

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2.5 Recommendations
o The initial project investment is calculated in $ 174,200 for the development and
implementation and $322,800 after the first year of launch using the alternative 1. The
company is able to self-fund $40.000 on the first period (before the launch). For obtaining the
rest of the money investors will be necessary, the company will submit the proposal to
investors and other organizations such as Bell for this purpose after the design documentation
and requirements are finish. For the first year after the launch, Talk-time could fund some
parts of the project with the revenue obtained since the first customers will be providing
money. What is more there will be less money expended on hardware and development.
o To reduce costs on the first years, the company is assuming most of the hardware costs by
using existing computers, 10 new computers will be bought as a minimal extra expense. Our
company already counts with Human resources and the experience on the development of
medium and big size applications but new expertise will be needed in the case of using main
o “Talk-time” can use publicity in third party applications and work together with them in order
to gain new customers. Customer support and promotions must be an important part since our
objective is to gain new customers. Therefore, the company should offer special promotions,
attractive incentives that can be special benefits by using talk-time, or premium benefits in the
third part applications when the users have been subscribed to talk-time after a certain time.
Social media community management will also play an important role for the advertising of

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3. Project Charter


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3.1 Measurable Organizational Values (MOV)
Talk Time demonstrates the importance of connectivity by means other than connectivity to the
Internet: Unifying text messaging on desktop platforms. Talk-Time is for “business use” that has a
history of providing long-term sustainability of technologies while offering new ways of
generating scalable revenue. Likewise, businesses, organizations and communities in emerging
markets would find value in connecting with constituents, customers, and partners through use of
desktop applications.

In modern times, people around the globe are currently connected to the Internet from their PC the
importance of increasing worldwide Internet connectivity, and noted that emerging market
connectivity could bring and improve essential services in areas such as healthcare, education, and
financial systems.

However, “connectivity” holds a different meaning to different markets and people may own least
one personal computer or laptop, therefore computers are accessible to most individuals around the

Although desktop messaging has become second nature to billions, particularly in the software
developing world where it is the primary form of electronic communication, there are a plenty of
users that are less tech savvy and hesitant to change.

The purpose of our project is to produce and make desktop messaging accessible to businesses and
other organizations around the world. Some unique ways in which these businesses and
organizations are using desktop messaging are exceptionally surprising and inspiring:

o Clinics in rural areas send automated and scheduled message updates to pregnant woman to
remind them to get periodical check-ups
o Humanitarian organizations use messages to collect representative data from families and
displaced people, in challenging environments, to get real-time updates on rapidly-changing
humanitarian and security situations
o Banks provide credit scoring and financial literacy training through messages to unbanked
individuals around the world
o Trucking and logistics companies in the developing world streamline their operations and
keep track of packages as they move across rural or geopolitically unstable environments
We are living in a phase of time where technology is rapidly changing, and each iteration expands
the possibilities for economies and businesses; eventually, the mainframe era made it possible to
gather, collate and manage information using PCs in everyday businesses to bring computing
power into their operations. We are now witnessing the ways in which the affordability of desktop
computers have enabled people in emerging markets to finally have connectivity and services such
as Talk Time; as a result, this will make connectivity affordable for personal use anywhere around
the globe.

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Organizational Value Metric

Strategic We will focus on create a better Provide new features such as

and simpler messaging GPS for tracking friends and
application alternative to family.
whatsapp and Line.
Desktop version of messaging

Increase download Speed

to 15 Mbps.

Create Promotions, such a Free

gifts each month for customers
that recommend the application
to more than 50 friends,( after
the first year of launching.)

Customer Simplify the User interface and App maintenance every Day
security for a better and easier for the first year of launching.
user experience.
7 days a week on Customer
Provide online support and
training. support. ( email and phone)

Financial Take advantage of current Cost of development will be

company’s resources. reduced in 18% by using
existing technology, facilities
Obtain 20.000 new customers and Human resources
after the first year of the
application launching .
Each customer will pay $1
Search for investors. dollar after a year of use, this
will mean $20.000.

Financing can provide 60% of

the funding’s on the first year
before launching.

Operational Use current technology Reduce total project time-frame

equipment to reduce the costs by 15%.
and time spend in areas where
changes are not currently Increase current server capacity
necessary. by 35%.

12 | Page
Take advantage of the
company’s current human
resources, expertise and

Social Create advertising on social Obtain 20.000 new customers

media and third party after the first year of the
applications to generate more application launching, each
customers and to retain new
customer will pay $1 dollar
ones, by generating promotions
and discounts in those after a year of use among other
applications. fees that can be obtained from
the partner company clients
Increase the number of (Bell)
customers and keep existing

Table 3.1 – MOV

3.2 Resources

3.2.1 People
Talk Time is an instant messaging service for personal computers. It supports, Broadcasts
Individual Chats, small to big Groups and chats for particular business. If the user wants to change
the admin of the group or add new admin/s as a few powers such as adding new members or
removing members are only available to admins.

3.2.2 Technology
Talk Time information and data are being saved on our secure and dedicated servers. In fact, the
only instance when Talk Time saves a user’s conversation is when he/she sends it a message to
their recipient. The message then is saved on Talk Time servers until it can be delivered to the
receiving account. Sometimes it takes a while when the particular account is turned off or account
is out reach of internet. For our chat we need XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence
Protocol). It is protocol based on XML. Using XMPP protocol, XML as communication medium
and setting up this on a server that host it and helps pass all communication and also setup logic on
this server. Talk Time is to a Python library.

3.2.3 How Talk Time works?

A user X has internet connection and a client application Talk Time installed on pc, a user Y has
internet connection and has same client application Talk Time installed on his pc, basically is cross
platform. X types message “Hi” to Y. The message is passed via web services to XMPP server has
list of all talk Time user, based on unique phone number, it will detected Y and XMPP server will
then send message “Hi” to Y with web service. Y will receive this message on pc.

3.2.4 Space Concerns

o Crash Messages - The user can crash instance of Talk Time by sending a message over 7 MB
in size.
o Spying on Other Users - Talk Time created end-to-end encryption, making it much more
secure. However, there are still a few ways that other people can listen to your conversations.
There is a spy software, for example, that sends reports, browsing, text messages and
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3.2.5 Facilities
o Talk Time save your chat history - Configure your chat settings so that the backup
frequency is either weekly or monthly, and you can also tick include videos and pictures.
o See someone’s ‘last seen’ while hiding yours (privacy) - Send a text message to the
person and then delete the contact number from your contact list. The chat with that person
will still be in the application system. The user can go to settings, account and then privacy
and change the ‘last seen’ preferences to my contacts.
o Change your Talk Time wallpaper - The user can change his/her wallpaper to a picture
of his/her choice.
o Change an unsuspecting friend’s profile picture to another image - The user can
change the profile picture of his/her friend from the contact list to another picture.
o Talk Time based on Windows Form
● Talk Time has released a desktop app for OS X and Windows.
● Talk Time announced a native desktop app for devices running Windows 8+ and Mac
OS 10.9 and above.
● The Talk Time desktop application, just like the Web client, require you to scan a QR
code using the app on the smartphone.
● We are able to download Talk Time without problems on a MacBook.

2.3.6 Other
o On-Site go-live week - M.J.M Solutions will provide one free meal per day to the project
team as a part of their benefits.
o Post-go-live support - Our company will give one year of post-go live support, all the
necessary testing and training of key users for only $750. After that time frame the costs can
change based on the new technical needs and number of customers.

3.3 Cost of Resources

● Human Resources

Resource Cost
Project Manager $50 per hour

System Architect $50 per hour

Developers $45 per hour

IT Department Team (all at 25% utilization):

$1000 expected expense per week
DBA, System Admin, Network Analyst.
Table 3.2 – Cost of Human Resource

● Technology

Resource Cost
Per core, in 2 core packs@
Microsoft SQL Server 2016, Standard
$3,717(actual pricing not included)
Software licenses costs $50,000 (combined)

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Network connections $2,000
13.3-inch MacBook Air 1.6GHz dual-
Workstations core Intel Core i5 @ $1,000 per pc

Table 3.3 – Cost of Technology

● Others

Resource Cost
On-Site go-live week (food, promotions) $300 meals

Post-go-live support (per year) $750

Table 3.4 – Cost of Other expenses

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4. Scope Management


16 | Page
4.1 Deliverable Structure Chart (DSC)

Charter Services

Initialize & Execute &

Conceptualize Project Charter & Control
Plan Close
Business Case Project Evaluate Project
Project Charter & Success
Project Plan Final Project Report
Formal Acceptance Project Evaluations
Lessons Learned

Design Coding Testing

Create a physical Create the logical Test the programs

model model

17 | Page
4.2 Use Case Diagrams

Planning Requirements
/Analysis Deployment
Perform preliminary &Maintenance
investigation Start fact finding System must be
techniques secure and

Figure 1 - Registration Status

Figure 2 - Sharing Multimedia

18 | Page
Figure 3 - Making Groups

Figure 4 - Account Settings

4.3 Scope Definition

This project will consist of creating a marketable messenger based upon “Talk Time” messenger
that is free messaging application available for computer desk all around the world. “Talk Time”
use wireless devices to send and receive instant messages every day. The project will be completed
by December, 2017. Modules of the messenger will include advanced cheating system.
When determining what deliverables will be produced, it may be helpful to our first decompose
our project and formulate a work breakdown structure. This way, all milestones and deliverables
will have defined for our project. There are many advantages of instant messaging over the simple
text messaging such as speed, Accessibility, availability, reliability, flexibility and security. Our
instant app is very easy for usage, fast and deliver the messages through Internet connection in all
over the world. In this application the user can see if the other person is online or typing a
message. The user acknowledges about message seen and delivery status.
Project Success: The project will be determined successful if the “Talk Time” app sells
4.3.1 Project Deliverables
o Scope statements
o Progress reports

19 | Page
o Issues reported to the System Admin
o Weekly meeting notes that will help to plan the application
o Final project – “Talk Time” application

4.3.2 Free and Paid

These smart application is mostly providing the service free of cost, only the internet connectivity
is necessary. If internet connection is available, you can use this service anytime and for free. But
the text messages is charged by the networking operators, so, in this the transmission cost is
increasing in communication with other people.
4.3.3 Accessibility
Instant account is accessed by the PC device. If the user is away from his/her PC, he/she can log in
from another PC device.
4.3.4 Security
The user can log in to his/her account and their password stay protected. That means no one can
access them without the password that’s why they safe. The security and privacy are more in
instant messaging as our application.
4.3.5 No Hidden Cost
Once download the application, can use it to chat as much as one want. Send a million messages a
day for free. “Talk Time” uses Internet connection or Wifi when available.

4.4 Scope Verification

o “Talk Time” Messenger is a PC messenger available for desktop computers or laptops.
o “Talk Time” uses your internet connection to message with family, friends, group and
o “Talk Time” is available to send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes, and video

4.4.1 Multimedia
o Video
o Images
o Voice Messages

4.4.2 Audio and Video

The user can send audio notes or images across the globe. The user can share the video with
everyone with this service with a quick speed and easy method.
4.4.3 Calls
The user able to make/receive, reject and mute calls from his/her friends.
4.4.4 Group Chat
The admin/user has the access to create a group conversation with one‘s contacts.
In a group chat the admin can a sign, add/remove, invite and leave group.
4.4.5 No International Charges
Chat with friends all over the world as long as they have “Talk Time” Messenger installed and
avoid those pesky international SMS costs.
4.4.6 Offline Messages
Even if someone miss push notifications or turn off phone, “Talk Time” will save messages offline
until retrieve them during the next application use.
4.4.7 More
The user can share location, Exchange contacts, Custom wallpaper, Custom notification sounds,
Landscape mode, precise message time stamps, Email chat history, Broadcast messages and MMS
to many contacts at once.

4.4.8 Accounting Setting

20 | Page
The user is able to manage his/her accounting setting is the way that no one could see his/her last
seen, change number and even delete account of an not necessary contact.

4.4.9 Registration
When the user setup the account the first two steps are: add phone number and country code.

4.4.10 Adding profile

The user can edit his/her favorite picture/image and status, this option allowed to your friends from
your contact list to see it.

4.4.11 Modifying members

The user has several of options to how control his/her contact list: block and remove contacts.

4.5 Milestones
o The user can easily send free messages to any part of the world without any charges. This
service is completely free.
o All tools provided by “Talk Time” are very easy to use.
o It do not have any advertisements on display screen.
o This application automatically imports the contacts from the user phone on his/her PC and
tells to the user that how many of his/her friends from his/her contact list are using “Talk
Time” application.
o The user can share his/her location, photos, status with his/her contacts.
o The user not spend any money for chatting and sharing information such as: images, audio
and maps with his/her contacts.
o It also allows to the user to send 100 messages a month to any of his/her friends not using
“Talk Time” for free.
o The user can chat to friends that only have smart phones supporting this application on PC
and to contacts having their account on “Talk Time”. The user can just send 100 messages per
month to friends not having “Talk Time” on their PC.
o The user must have access to internet connection to send and receive messages for free.
o The user need to pay $1 for renew his/her account after every year.
o The user cannot call using this application to his/her contacts for free (is all about data
o The user profile picture is visible to every one having his/her contact number and using this
‘Talk Time’ application, whether known by the user or not.

“Talk Time” is a great application that provides you with the best benefits that an internet
messaging app can provide you. You can easily send enough unlimited messages to your “Talk
Time” contacts. This could have been even better, if the application would have provided you with
the facility to send unlimited messages throughout the country or world for free to any number.

4.6 Scope Change Process

Changes are inevitable due to several reasons. There may be good and bad reasons accountable for
the change of functionality in the system. Regardless of the reason, a logical process has to
identify, catalog, manage and respond to a scope change request. Once the scope needs to be
changed, it has to be communicated from the developers to the owners of “Talk-Time”. Only scope
changes that are beneficial to the company will be considered for action. For proper decisions to be
reached while considering scope changes, a Scope Change Process has been defined.

Here is a comprehensive picture of the Scope Change Process:

21 | Page
Developers Owners

Identify Review
Change Changes

Review Propose
action action

Agree finish

All changes are initiated by developers and owners can review the requests or reject them, in
accordance with the company profits.

4.7 The Form

The following is the scope change request form that must be used in the event of a change in the

Requestor name: __________________ Requestor date: __________________

Request title: _____________________ Request number: _________________

Request Description:
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Possible alternatives:
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5. Work Breakdown Structure


24 | Page
5.1 Work breakdown structure
A work breakdown structure element may be a product, data, service. In “Talk time” project, it is
an exhaustive, hierarchical tree structure made up of deliverables and the tasks that need to be
performed to complete the project. The purpose of “Work down structure” is to identify terminal
elements. “Talk time” achieved the stage goals are as follows.

5.1.1 Management
During the management phase, business requirements are well outlined and solution(s) are
proposed which best solve the business need and objectives. The proposed solution, including the
scope, an estimate of required resources, milestones and major activities, assumptions, risks and
exclusions, project governance, is documented in the Project Charter.
● Participants
o Process Initiator (IT/Functional Lead(S)) and Functional Requestor for the project.
● Required Deliverables
o Business objectives
o Business Requirements
o Project Organization, project resources and activities.
o Initial budget requirements
o Business Case, Cost and Benefit Analysis
o Contract Terms and Conditions if needed.
● Activities
o Identify and engage stakeholders (our group in this case).
o Proposal
o Preliminary IT and compliance review
o Contract Terms and Conditions
o Business Requirements
o Project Charter

5.1.2 Design
During the Design Phase, the plan for the solution to be implemented is developed. The project
team is engaged and task planning begins. It is important during the planning and design phase to
ensure the initial security checklist and review is completed successfully.

● Participants
o Project Manager and Functional/Technical Lead(s)
● Required Deliverables
o Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
o Communication plan
o Signed Contract (if required)
o Categorization Form (Security)
● Activities
o Baseline Business Requirements
o Acquire Project Team
o Scope, roles, deliverables, milestones, success criteria, budget, resources, metrics
reporting plan, change management plan.
o Baseline Schedule
o Obtain Signed Contract

25 | Page
5.1.3 Procurement
● Procure Hardware
o Procure Server
o Procure Workstations
o Deliverable: Required Hardware with enough storage to store the application
functional. Our application require 7MB. Required windows 8 as minimum.
● Procure Software Packages
o Procure Database
o Procure storage in the cloud
o Procure User Interface Building Tool
o Deliverable: Required Development Tools (There are free recourses such as visual
studio or eclipse that used for java)

5.1.4 Development
Development encompasses the phase during which you are to complete planning activities for test
and deployment, monitor implementation versus business requirements and scope, and control
● Key Participants
o Project Manager
o Functional/Technical Lead(s)
● Required Deliverables
o Business Requirements 2. Functional Requirements 3. Development
o Test Plan
o Test cases
o Deployment
o Training Plan
● Activities
o Process development complete
o Unit test complete
o Requirements Traceability complete
o Review complete
o Critical Design Review complete
o Test Readiness Review complete
o Test and Deployment Plans are baselined

5.1.5 Testing
● Participants
o Project Manager
o Functional /Technical Lead(s)
● Activities
o Test procedures are fully executed
o Exit criteria met per test plan
o User acceptance received
o Required fixes are implemented
o Transition Plan is drafted
o All remaining issues are documented with resolution dates

5.1.6 Installation
● Develop Installation Plan
o Install at Locations
o Download application is available for everyone
o Milestone: Installation Complete
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5.1.7 Close Project
● Required Deliverables
o Project Financial Report/Budget
● Activities
o Project approved
o System maintenance handed off to appropriate support
o Lessons learned captured and documented
o Documents and artifacts archived

5.1.8 Evaluate Project

● Review Quotation Process
o Prepare Evaluation Report
● Review Server Process
o Prepare Evaluation Report for functionality

5.1.9 Maintenance
● Hardware Maintenance
● Software Maintenance

5.2 Estimation techniques

“Talk Time” Business Companies jointly use estimation techniques to estimate the time in the
work breakdown structure of the activities and some of the achievable tasks. After the task of
preparing and submitting "Talk time" , the management of the project is about 17 days. In
addition, it takes 23 days to design, as has been observed, if the use of Top-down methods, in the
demand collection phase usually takes a lot of time. Top-down and bottom-up are both strategies
of information processing and knowledge ordering, used in a variety of fields including “Talk
time” software. In these activities and various tasks outline, there are some tasks that can be
performed simultaneously and completed. This issue will be used in the preparation of projects
with reasonable schedule and deterministic budgets using Microsoft specific projects.

5.3 Work Breakdown Structure Screenshots

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Figure 5 - Management

Figure 6 - Design

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Figure 7 - Procurement and Development

Figure 8 - Procurement and Development

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Figure 9 - Testing , Installation, Close Project, Evaluate Project and Maintenance

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