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The Roaring Twenties and the Thirties U.S.

History A
The 1920s was the first decade to have a nickname, “Roaring 20s” or
the “Jazz Age” and was a decade of new exciting social changes and
profound cultural conflicts. In the popular view, it was a time where
the younger generation rebelled against traditional taboos while their
elders watched over. For many Americans, the rise of consumer
culture, mass entertainment, and growth of cities represented a
liberation from what Americans previously knew. Gender roles,
sexual standards, hair styles and dress all drastically changed during
this period. However, for many others, the United States seemed to
be changing in undesirable ways. As a result, there was a “cultural
civil war” where society bitterly clashed over issues of foreign
immigration, evolution, the KKK, Prohibition, women’s roles, and
race. When the stock markets crash, and the Great Depression hits,
America hits a downturn. As a result, we see mass unemployment,
panic, poverty, hunger and loss of confidence in the government.

Prohibition Immigration Quota Stock Market Crash Al Capone arrested FDR’s New Deal WWII begins
1919 1921 1929 1931 1933 1939

1920 1925 1932 1936

Women get the Vote! Harlem Renaissance 1st Woman takes flight Nazi Olympics in Berlin

Guiding Questions:
1. How did life change dramatically in the 1920’s? In the 1930’s?
2. What new inventions or innovations made life ‘easier’ for the average American?
3. How did the Great Depression affect Americans? What programs were set in
place to help? Were they successful or not?
4. What were the different social, intellectual and political conflicts occurring in
America? How did they create tensions among American citizens?
5. How did ‘the family’ and stereotypical roles of men, women, and teens change
from the 20s to the 30s?
6. What was the Harlem Renaissance?
7. Why did so many Americans support the idea of Prohibition? Why were
Americans opposed?
8. How did popular culture play a role in addressing the problems in society?


1. Come to class prepared, and ready to actively participate with an open mind!
2. Continue to keep our classroom a safe space. All students will respect the responses and questions
from their peers.
3. Students are responsible for any in class assignments, readings, homework assignments, guiding
questions and the end of the unit test.
4. Reading Quiz: There will be a reading quiz on March 29th. The quiz will be on your assigned
textbook reading. The quiz will look similar to past quizzes; multiple choice and one short answer
question. You may bring your reading notes, (one-page). The quiz will be worth 20 points.
5. Instagram Persona: In examining the 20s and 30s, you will be responsible for choosing a
perspective from the time period. As we progress during the unit, you will be posting as this
person and writing a caption that replicates their experience, feelings and outlining any issues or
conflicts if necessary. For each post, you will post an image, (must be appropriate) a short
caption, and comment on at least one other classmates photo. At the end of the unit, you will
reflect on how your personas life changed in just a short span of time.
6. Unit Test: On April 7, you will have your unit test. The test will cover material from the 20s and
30s. All guiding questions, class activities, and homework readings are fair game. There will be
matching, multiple choice, short answer and paragraph responses.

Key Terms/People/Events:
Old Money New Money Flapper Bootlegger Prohibition
Speakeasies Ford Model T Urbanization Dust Bowl
The Great Depression Hooverville’s Bank Runs FDR
Harlem Renaissance The New Deal Fireside Chats

Unit Schedule:
3/22: Intro: Change and the Lost Generation/Jazz Age GQ #1, #4, #5
~~HW: Read pages, 636-640 Choose a character for your
Instagram Narrative project, and make an account.
3/24: Consumption in America and a nation of drunkards GQ #1, #2, #4, #7
~~HW: Read pages 640-647. Post #1 on Instragram. What is life
like for you currently?
3/27: Harlem Renaissance GQ #4, #6, #8
~~HW: Read pages 640-647, Instagram post #2
3/28: A halting an eerie black Tuesday GQ#1, #2
~~HW: Read pages, 648-649. Study for your reading quiz.
3/29: Reading Quiz, Photos of the Great Depression: A Reality for
Americans GQ #1, #3
~~HW: Read pages 658-664, Instagram Post #3.
3/31: A Big Deal, FDR’s Deal, The New Deal GQ#1, #3, #4
~~HW: Read pages 665-672, Instagram Post #4.
4/3: A look at popular culture GQ #5, #8
~~HW: Read pages 672-676, Instagram Post #5. Start preparing
for your unit test!
4/4: The Family during the 20s and 30s……Unit Wrap Up GQ #1, #5
~~HW: Instagram Post #6. Continue preparing for your unit test! Good luck on the
PSATS tomorrow!
4/5: PSATS! Good Luck 
4/7: Unit test
~~HW: Post a comment on your first Instagram post. How has your life changed since
we started this journey? What have you experienced as an American? How
might it be a little different than others? Do you feel like the government helped
or supported you? AND ENJOY your April break!