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Olivia Augustine

Mrs. Federoff

Community Engagement 2C

08 March 2018

Final Assignment Quarter 3: Lei of Aloha

My favorite activity that my class worked on during Quarter 3 was helping to make part

of the Lei of Aloha that was being sent to Florida. At the Lei of Aloha, I worked with Tori,

Maile, Kiyo, and Chloe to stack and roll up ti leaves. For each roll, we stacked 25-30 ti leaves

and then rolled them up and put them in a pile to be woven into the lei. Our community partner

for this activity was the Lei of Aloha. The Lei of Aloha works to weave love and aloha into ti

leaf leis with the mission of coming together as one, to grieve, heal, connect, and lift our spirits

to show the strength we have when we are one. This was my favorite activity because being able

to hear how the lei that I helped to make moved those receiving it. It felt good to know that

something I helped do made an impact. The stacked and rolled leaves were later woven into the

lei making an impact on the final product which was sent to Florida. In Florida, aloha was spread

throughout the community when the lei was delivered. Moving forward, we can make this an

ongoing project for our school by helping with the making of the next lei that is being sent to

Great Britain for World Peace Day in September.