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Excerpt, Compilation of Chronic Pain-Related Suicides, Through 2017

By Anne Fuqua
Fuqua can be followed @painptfightback.

Johnna Stahl - blogger loved by many & often known as
Painkills2 February 2017

Jay Lawrence, 58, March 2, 2017 killed himself in the same park where he and his wife had
renewed their wedding vows. His wife held his hand as pulled the trigger of the gun she

Michelle Bloem, 48, - committed suicide on January 29, 2017 a few months after losing her
pain medications. She left behind a 5 yo daughter and husband. Michelle suffered from

Lashawn "Lala" Velasquez May 21, 2017 had just moved to Waikiki to join her wife who was
serving in the military and stationed there. There aren't a lot of details, but it sounds like she had
CRPS and was undermedicated. Without any warning, she jumped to her death from the 10th
story of a high rise building

Sarah Ellis, 23, Chiari malformation died May 18, 2016
Katie (Corbett) Stanhope, 37, According to her obituary, Katie “peacefully brought an end to
her chronic pain on June 13, 2016, after a long struggle she could no longer continue”. She
leaves behind a husband and son.
Bruce Brockel - August 2017 had chronic pain, Wife was interviewed by local news station
and said he DID have have chronic pain, but developed addiction eventually. Other patients
claim he was a patient who's wife was opposed to opioids.

Former pt of Dr. John Couch of Physician Pain Special of Alabama. After Couch was charged,
was able to establish care with with Dr. Hassan Tarabein a neurologist who was well known for
also treating chronic pain. Commmiyytrf-hyl outside Couch & Ruan's old office the day
Tarabein filed intent to plead guilty & it was announced he wouldn't be returning practice (which
was contrary to a widely circulated rumor that criminal charges were being dropped and that
Board was planning to CDC nss

Dr. Lynn Webster's patient
Dr. Randy Lamartiniere's patient
Sarah Kershaw, 49, New York Times Reporter

Karen Paddock, 43, August 7, 2013 had a chronic cerebrospinal headache (CSF leak). Her
diary has become required reading for Duke medical students and residents.

Robin Prosser, October 2007, Montana

Friend of Jen
Laura Lee Krenshaw, 62, passed on January 28, 2016. Her pain pump was not being refilled
and pain simply became too much for her to bear. Submitted by: Barbara Waitt (I can supply
contact info for Barbara)

Lynn Lescher's Son's Father
from FB comments to Dennis Prager’s article

Sharon Robinson’s Sister's Husband

from FB comments to Dennis Prager’s article

Wendy Bauman Krzyzanowski’s Friend

Public Comments to Dennis Prager's article
Deborah Peterson Helt’s Husband

Public Comments From Dennis Prager's article

“Diane”s Friend (Omaha, Nebraska)

In Comments to:
NYT: “Patients in Pain and a Doctor Who Must Limit Drugs”
Bruce Cotton's Niece
Teara McPherson's fiance, died August 3, 2016

“CW”s cousin, this article was published May 25, 2016 so death was likely in late April-May

“CW”s friend’s brother, this article was published May 25, 2016 so death was likely in late
April-May 2016
“Sasha's” Mother

May 25, 2016 PNN article

“Liz’s" Sister

May 25, 2016 PNN article

Father of 19 & 21 yo Daughters
Link to blog article broken waiting on info
Anonymous, 56, from Steve Ariens
Ronald and Laraine Cooper, Septembet 2014, older couple committed suicide at a a Florida
RV park

Belle's friend

Wayne Swanson's Stepdaughter, approx 2013
David Jellum, 55, Great Falls, Idaho, was a contractor for 30 plus years according to his
daughter Lindsay Jellum. In 2008, he fell off of a construction bridge and had two subsequent
failed back surgeries. Pain became too much to bear when his opioids were taken away and he
committed suicide on July 7, 2012.

At approx 1:32:07 his daughter, Lindsay Jellum, describes his situation here:

Jessica Lynn Simpson, 28,
Katherine Goddard, 52, June 30, 2017, Palm Coast, Florida died as a result of carbon
monoxide poisoning on June 30, 2017. This was her second attempt at suicide in as many
days. She and her her boyfriend Bruce Haughton, also 52 had survived their first attempt when
their car battery died. They purchased over the counter sleep aids to decrease the likelihood of
surviving a second attempt the following day. Goddard’s daughter returned home to find the
couple unresponsive in the car. Katherine Goddard had been deceased for some while
because rigor mortis was present. Haughton, was still alive likely because he was a smoker,
which raises tolerance to carbon monoxide. Police found the situation suspicious and charged
Haughton with assisted self-murder. The couple was no longer able to get pain medication and
left a note that read as follows:
“Due to the pain we are both in and can’t get help,
this is the only way we can see getting out of it. Goodbye to everybody”.

Robert L. Markel, 56, June 3, 2016, Dauphin

Holly's Friend's Husband

Marlin Keith Lane

Suicide Attempts:
 *Anonymous - Birmingham VAMC Parking Deck as described by Drs.
Stefan Kertesz and Sally Slatel in Slate:
*I was actually there when this happened - crazy but true. A good friend who is also in a
wheelchair had his meds cut by over 50 percent two days before Christmas (same week law
passed requiring VA adopt CDC Guidelines). He had been utterly miserable ever since, missing
seeing his daughter sing in church and serving as best man in his twin brother’s Florida wedding
a few days before his appointment. I went with him to the appointment because the rest of his
family was still in Florida.

VA insisted repeatedly to news media it was an accident and unrelated to opioid cuts. I wish
this HAD been simply a freak accident and that my initial instinct about a situation had been
wrong. I have wondered about how this veteran was doing so many times over the past year
and a
POSTED COMMENTS below, BUT because these are on a sensitive

Donald Beyer
From May 25, 2016 PNN article

James Zachary Fisher, "Zack", 35, died from a presumed overdose November 22, 2017
that family believes to have been intentional. He had previously attempted suicide during
Summer 2017 but was found and resuscitated. James suffered from chronic pain,
depression, and other mental health issues. He had been without prescribed pain
medication since 2016 and had resorted to purchasing heroin from the black market.

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