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- to develop Ss’ speaking competences.

Lesson plan - to revise colours through a colour code.

Teacher: Cirstea Elena Daniela - poster and stickers
- puzzle
School/town: Școala Gimnaziala `Antonie Mogos`,Ceauru - colouring page
Date: 1st March 2016 - CD, CD player
- computer (
Title of the lesson: What kind of farm animal do you like? v=t99ULJjCsaM)
Modes of interaction:
Type of lesson: Mixed lesson - Teacher-whole class, Teacher- Student, Student-
Aims of lesson: Student, Student-Teacher

General objective: to develop and practice the Class management:

productive skills (speaking) and the receptive skills - whole class activity, individual work.
Specific objectives: Vocabulary:
- to review and improve the Ss’ vocabulary range; - farm animals: pig, cow, horse, goat, duck, rabbit,
- to reinforce and practice words: farm animals; dog, cat, sheep, chicken….
- to activate the Ss’ knowledge of the world and of the - Expressions like: What’s your favourite farm
language; animal? My favourite farm animal is….
- to encourage Ss to communicate freely and
spontaneously during the activities;
Stage Time Mode Procedure Objective
Teacher’s activity Learner’s activity
Warm-up 10’ T – Ss - T asks Ss to choose their favourite - Ss answer the question - to create a pleasant
song to begin the English lesson and sing the song with atmosphere and to relax
the T the Ss
- T presents the action rhyme for the
class and asks Ss to follow her
- Ss try to repeat the
- to improve Ss
Teddy bear, teddy bear turn around. action rhyme after the T
Teddy bear, teddy bear touch the and pronunciation and create
mime her
ground. an even more relaxed
Teddy bear, teddy bear jump up atmosphere.
Teddy bear, teddy bear t
ouch the sky.
Teddy bear, teddy bear slap your
Teddy bear, teddy bear sit down,

- T gets into the topic by asking Ss to

- Ss answer the question.
say some animals which they know - to check their knowledge
related to the topic.
in English.

Presentation 10’ T - Ss - T repeats animal related - Ss listen and watch the

- to get Ss acquainted with
vocabulary using a puzzle with Old presentations. the new vocabulary.
MacDonald’s farm.
- to involve students in
- T drills new words using choral and
repeating the vocabulary
individual repetition.
related to animals.
- Ss have to guess the
- T shows a PPT presentation to
animal they hear in the - to verify the
help Ss familiarize with the words.
PPT presentation. comprehension of the
- T also mentions the fact that farm vocabulary
animals make different kind of
- to consolidate the
sound which help us to recognize
Practice 15’ T – Ss -T gives each S a sticker with an - Ss follow Ts - to check Ss knowledge
animal and asks Ss to stick them on instructions and after and improve their locating
Activity 1
the poster. T mentions that each naming the animal, stick abilities.
animal has a proper place on the the stickers on the
- to involve students in
poster, so Ss have to find that poster.
specifying the animals.
particular place. That Ss begins, who
can name the animal in English.
- S answer: I have a
- T asks: What kind of animal do you
dog/a cat/a cow/a
horse/a sheep…
-T makes error corrections and
- Ss solve exercises on
provides additional explanations,
the handouts in pairs.
where necessary.

Activity 2 5’ S-S - T gives Ss handouts for vocabulary

practice and asks them to work in
pairs and match weather phrases
with the corresponding pictures. - to improve Ss
-Ss answer the question pronunciation, to verify and
- T gives the puppet gloves for a S using the phrase: My consolidate grammar
(chooses by counting-out) and favourite animal is….. or I structures:
explains the task: S has to ask like the….
somebody from the class about
his/her favourite animal
Follow-Up 7’ T - Ss T invites Ss to listen to a song: - Ss listen to the song and
Animal sounds repeat animal sounds
- S put on masks, sing the - to improve Ss’ listening
song and follow T who skills and singing
plays the role of old competences.
- T asks Ss to take out their masks
and sing together the song: Old
MacDonald had a farm…
Homework 2’ T - Ss - T gives Ss a colouring activity about - Ss note the homework to consolidate the new
assignment farm animals. Explains task: Ss have acquired information
to colour the image using the coour