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Newsletter for the Point Chevalier Historical Society

No. 58 April 2018

This image, a detail from a larger one, C.011236 in

the Te Papa Museum collection, is from 1883-1884
and shows horse buses waiting for passengers at
the corner of Queen and Victoria Streets in the
city. By 1886, three bus journeys each way con-
nected the city with New Lynn via Great North
Road and Pt Chevalier’s future Hall Corner.

All meetings 10.30 at 990 Great North Road, Western Springs (Horticultural Centre)
19 April 2018 — William Mutch on life in the railway workshops (rescheduled from October 2017)
21 June 2018 — Lisa Truttman on the history of Dixieland
Other 2018 meeting dates will be August 16, October 18 and November 15

Flicks and Lunch at Ryder’s Cinema, Avondale, happening again 10 April

2018. 10.00 am, $26 a head. Interested? Contact Alison Turner 825-0300

Next issue due out June 2018

Contact Lisa Truttman (editor) : 19 Methuen Road, Avondale, Auckland 0600, phone (09) 828-8494
or email
Vale: Neville Leigh 1931-2018
by Terry Ryan

Well-known Pt Chevalier identity Mr Neville Leigh teams for ever — in fact at his passing he was still
passed away on 24 January 2018 at his residence at manager of the club’s Masters Team.
Selwyn Village.
As is fitting, his ashes have been scattered on
Neville moved to Point as a 17 year old from Walker Park, Pt Chevalier.
Tuakau, and played that year for the Point Chevalier
Rugby League club’s champion 4th intermediate Neville’s proudest moment was the day he played
team for four years. his only senior game against Papakura in 1958 at
Cornwall Park. He recounted the story many times
Sport was a huge part of Neville’s life and he earned at the RSA. He recalled Kiwi Gordon Moncur on
the nickname “Skittles” with his fast bowling ex- one wing, he on the other, and Terry Ryan at
ploits for the Pt Chevalier Cricket Club. Bowls was fullback.
another passion, and he became a legendary driving
skip during his fifty odd years with the Pt Chevalier This almost unbelievable devotion of 71 years of
Bowling Club. Neville was also a long-standing service to Pt Chevalier clubs and the district is
service member of the Pt Chevalier Memorial RSA probably best summed up by former club president
up until his passing. He was a volunteer worker for Theo Rubick’s obituary in the NZ Herald: “Neville
the Pt Chevalier Sailing Club and for several years was the volunteer for everything. He marched to the
was doorman at the famous Saturday dances held at tune of his own drum and hurt nobody doing so.
the Sailing Club premises in Harbourview Road.
RIP, Neville Leigh.

His famous cliff diving exploits are immortalised in

the book Point Chevalier Memories along with his
football exploits for the famous “Joe’s Gym”.
As a life member and ardent worker for the
Pt Chevalier Rugby League club Neville had at one Photos from the 2018 Pt Chevalier Old
time or another served on every committee. The club Boys and Girls Reunion
ever had; Schoolboys for many years, long-serving
member of the Management Committee along with (Thanks to Valerie Powell)
the jubilee committees for the 50th, 60th, 75th and
90th Jubilees. Sadly he has passed one year short of 1. Jude Montague née Rankin, Terry Milham,
the 10th Jubilee. Noeleen Aitken née Scott, Betty Sheales née Scott.
One feat that stands out above all others is a record 2. Ron Cordes, Val, Terry Milham, Elaine Fox née
unparalleled and likely to endure the test for all time. Mold, in front Neil Fox.
Neville, excluding schoolboys, played rugby league
for 32 years for the “Pirates” in the green and white. 3. Noeleen Sutton née Cox, Honey Patterson née
After his four years with the championship fourth Taylor, Val Powell née Atford, Olivia Mulligan née
grade and having his 21st in the Papakura mess Mitchell, Noeleen Aitken née Scott, and unknown
while on Compulsory Military Training, from 1952 lady .
to 1956 he played Senior B and reserve grade. From
1957 to 1962 he played reserve grade, senior 4. Alison Turner née Ross, Terry Milham, Shirley
seconds, first Juniors and first grade. From 1963 to Reid née Crompton.
1966 he played third grade. Then, incredibly from
5. Back row: Jeanette Hayes née Rosan, Lorraine ?
1967 to 1980 he played for various grades before
née Prosser, Shirley Reid née Crompton
retiring at the age of 49. Front row: Val Powell née Atford, Neil Fox
Incredible as it sounds Neville had by then carved
out a playing career of 32 continuous years. It did
not finish there; he went on to run sidelines with the
flag. Referee schoolboys, coach, manager and train
1 2

(From an email received March 2018) Summers were hot, winters cold and Point Chev Pri-
mary with the incredible Mr Mason, probably the
Hello, read through some of your society’s newsletters greatest teacher I ever had, died of a heart attack and
with interest … the first time death entered my life. Mr Fuller was the
principal and the haka was compulsory along with yo-
I grew up at 17 Oliver Street, (phone 81292) now sad- ga and daytime naps listening to Debussy’s Clair De
ly bulldozed for flats but Jim’s, my best mate’s house Lune and a trip to Fiji in 1966 where Brett Staughan
is still there on the corner and the Stockleys next door scored with a girl I can’t remember.
which most of us boys were in love with Linda Stock-
ley her daughter. My Grandad was known as "The Red Then there was Mr Cash, the greengrocer. An old Indi-
Terror of Point Chev", should never had been allowed an feller who would toss us a apple sometimes if we
to drive, he once drove around Point Chev and back helped him close up. The doctor across the road who
home bottom of Raymond Street with his week’s sup- cauterised my nose after persistent nose bleeds. I liked
ply of meat from McFaren’s butchery on the roof won- rugby.
dering why he was so popular with everyone waving
at him. Lots of memories whenever I return and can still re-
member them building the rugby club on the corner
I was evicted from the playcenter there in Raymond and Jimmy shooting one of the guys with a Shanghai
Street! A 4yo catching and bringing live rats in to and old Mrs Tortage who lived down the road who we
frighten the girls like the Brodies and Rhonda Kelly thought was a witch but most of all was 17 Oliver
who lived in the very bottom house on Raymond Street, a small weatherboard two bedroom and what
Street. felt like hundreds of acres out the back. I never got a
photo of the old house that was ground zero for an
It was a great life! Once rode my tricycle to Hall Cor- excellent childhood. Simply wondering if any of the
ner at age 5. Police were not happy. Speaking of po- old friends were still about, someone from Oliver
lice, used to see Constable Pullinger lots on his push Street might have a photo of the old house?
bike, gave me and Jimmy two warnings about pinch-
ing fruit before he dragged me (Jimmy escaped) be- Kind regards,
hind his station on the corner and kicked my bottom. Steve Sinclair
Must have worked, never taken a thing since!

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