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Towards what we are led to is a constant quest for the mankind when a catastrophic disaster brings
things to a grinding halt. However, swift transition from relief to reconstruction without much
external assistance will bring paradigm shift in process of disaster management and development.
SAARC being conglomeration of South Asian Countries formed for the purpose of providing aid,
assistance and support on multitudes of aspects, in specific, to series of events which give rise to
casualties, damage and loss of life, property, infrastructure, and development, however constant
flux of the natural and induced impactors tend to weaken the very core of development on a whole.
After an analysis of disasters in SAARC region, the author would like to converge the aspect for
consideration broadly on two categories. First, to address various disasters in the SAARC region,
and methodology to be adopted for resolving and minimizing the damages, nature of policy
decisions to be taken at country level with adequate measures for enhancing the International
Integration of Disaster Management Technology, ensuring the wellbeing of the posterity with
adequate proactive sensing of sporadic negative geo-spatial patterns for minimizing impact of the
prospective danger. Second, to contemplate the sense of reinvigoration and commitment required
at regional organizational level for its effectiveness with compromising its pragmatic viabilities.