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Sages RATTLEPLAN? ea REWARDS OF CHAOS BATTLEPLAN Rewards of Chaos enables you to fight «a battle between two fell champions of the Chaos Gods. Both have travelled ‘far to reach an unholy altar where they ‘can receive powerful rewards from their patron, but they must defeat their rival before they can do so! HOW TO USE BATTLEPLANS This battle should be fought using all of the rules on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar rules sheet unless specifically indicated otherwise. The battleplan includes a map reflecting the landscape fon which the battle is fought; the map shows a battlefield that is 6 feet by 4 feet in size, but you can use a smaller or Jargerareaif you wish. ‘THE CALL OF CHAOS: PATH TO GLORY CAMPAIGN If this batleplan is used by Chaos wwarbands taking part ina Path to Glory campaign, then the following rules apply. Both ofthe armies taking part in the battle must be warbands from the Path to Glory campaign. The players taking part simply need to agree to fight the battle. ‘When this battleplan is used as part of «Path to Glory campaign, the winner ay receive extra Favour Points. Tofind ut if this is the case, cross-reference the patron ofthe winner’s warband with that ofthe losing warband on the following table to determine how many extra Favour Points are earned by the winner. Regardless of who won, you lose 1 Favour Point if your warband accepted a reward from their patron's hated rival (see Altars and the Rewards ‘of Chaos on page 5). Khorne and Slaanesh are rivals, and Tzeenteh and. Nurgle are rivals. | LOSER WINNER Pr errno ae rca Porn +1 Favour 4 Favour +1 Favour 41 Favour RaW +2 Favour +1 Favour +1 Favour +1 Favour pate +1 Favour 41 Fevour +1 Favour 48 Favour Send +1 avour 41 Favour 42 Favour 41 Favour A REWARDS OF CHAOS Altars dedicated to the different aspects of the Chaos Gods have been built all ‘across the Morta can endow supplicants with supernatural ealms. These altars rewards if their patron god feels so inclined ~ or painful punishments if they do not! Sometimes altars lie in close proximity to each other; when this happens the) for battles between followers of the different gods. Rival warbands will fight until only one side is left standing, the ict as a focal point winner receiving great favour from their patron god, The following battleplan is based upon just suck a conflict. Although battles like this are usually fought between rival Chaos warbands, th all not to use different armies, All ofthe beings that inhabit the Mortal Realms eis no reason at fight battles in honour oftheir gods, and efeat the followers ofthe ral gods. all are keen to their patron’s THE ARMIES Each player picks an army, as described Sigmar rules on the Warhammer Age o sheet. WIZARDS, PRIESTS and generals have unique abilities, shown on page 5, in addition to any others they have. OBJECTIVES (BOTH PLAYERS) You have travelled far across the Mortal Realms on a pilgrimage to this altar ofthe gr to finda cursed rival has also arrived to praise their own degenerate patron. Such an affront to your lord and test of the Dark Gods, only. ‘master cannot be allowed to stand ~ your opponent must be ground into dust, and their bloodied remains left as an offering upon the altar of your own god. THE BATTLEFIELD ‘The battle takes place on a blood- soaked battlefield in one of the Mortal Realms. At each comer ofthe battlefield stands an altar, each one dedicated toa different aspect of a Chaos God: Rage (Khome), Fecundity (Nurgle), Change (Tecentch), and Agony (Slaanesh). We recommend using a suitable piece of scenery, such as a Dragonfate Dais, to represent each altar. Generate the rest of, the scenery for this battle as described con the Warhammer Age of Sigmar rales sheet. SET-UP Do not use the set-up instructions on the Warharamer Age of Sigmar rules sheet, Instead, the players each roll a dice, re-rolling ties, and the player that rolled highest picks which territory they will use. The players then take it in turns to set up units, starting with the player that won the earlier dice roll. Units can be set up anywhere within their own territory (se the map below) ‘more than 24° from enemy territory. ¥ aus Se FIRST TURN ‘The player that finishes setting up first decides who will have the first turn in the first battle round (there is no need to roll) ALTARS AND THE REWARDS OF CHAOS A PRIEST, WIZARD ot general that is within 3" ofan altar in their hero phase can attempt to gain a reward from ‘the Chaos God the altar is dedicated to. A priest can pray for aid, a wizard can attempt to cast a special spell, and ‘a general can attempt to do either. A ‘maximum of one such attempt can be made at each altar each turn, PRIEST'S REWARD Ifa PRIEST is within 3° ofan altar at the start oftheir hero phase they can pray tots patron for aid. Rolla dice if they do so and refer to the table below: Dé Result 1 Smote: The god is affronted. No reward is granted, and the priest suffers D3 mortal wounds. 2.3. Begone!: The god ignores the priest's prayers, No reward is granted. 4+ Rewarded: The god grants the request, and the priest receives the appropriate reward listed below: Reward of Rage: Add 1 to the hit rolls ‘of any melee weapons used by the priest until your next hero phase. In addition, add 1 to the hit rolls of any melee ‘weapons used by friendly units while they are within 8" ofthe priest Reward of Agony: Add I to the ‘wound rolls of any melee weapons used by the priest until your next hero phase. In addition, add 1 to the wound rolls of any melee weapons used by friendly units while they are within 6 of the priest. Reward of Fecundity: Heal D3 wounds that the priest has suffered. In addition, hheal D3 wounds on each friendly model within 7" ofthe priest. Reveard of Change: Replace the priest with another model. This may be a model you have not used yet, or one ‘of your models that was slain earlier in the battle. Any wounds the priest has suffered are transferred tothe new model WIZARD'S REWARD Ifa WIZARD is within 3” ofan altar at the start of their hero phase, they can conduct an arcane ritual in the name of the altar’s patron in return for magical power. Rolla dice if they do so and refer to the table below: D6 Result 1. Smote: The ritual backfires. No reward is granted, and the wizard suffers D3 mortal wounds. 2-3 Begonel: The god ignores the wizard’s ritual. No reward is granted, Rewarded: The god heeds the ritual, and the wizard is affected a listed below. They can use any spell they gain as a result ofthe ritual for the rest ofthe battle. we Curse of Rage: Khorne despises magic- users ~ what were you thinking?! The ‘wizard is slain, and all units within 8° suffer D3 mortal wounds as the wizard explodes in a fountain of boiling blood. Spell of Agony: The wizard gains the Spell of Agony, which has a casting value of 5+. If successfully cast, pick the caster or a friendly unit within 18° Add 1 to the wound rolls of any melee ‘weapons used by the unit you picked until your next hero phase, Spell of Fecundity: The wizard gains the Spell of Fecundity, which hasa casting value of 5+ IFsuccessfully cast, pick the caster ora friendly model within 21°. Heal D3 wounds on the model that you pick. Power of Change: Add 1 to the wizard’s casting and unbinding rolls for the rest of the battle. This reward cannot be received more than once! GENERAL'S REWARD Ifyour general is within 3" of an altar at the start of your hero phase, they can pray tothealtar’s patron for aidasifthey were PRIEST: Ifyour generalisa WIZARD, they an conductan arcane ritual instead VICTORY Do not use any ofthe victory conditions ‘on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar rules sheet. Instead, a player immediatly ‘wins a major victory ifthe enemy army is wiped out oftheir own army ‘commands three or more ofthe altars at the end of any oftheir turns. An army commands an altar fit has any models ‘within 3° ofthe altar, and there are no ‘enemy models within 3” ofthe altar. THE ARMIES "Before the conflict begin, rival warlorls gather their most powerful warriors ~ Inorder to play, you must first muster your “army from the miniatures in your collection “Armies can be as big as you like, and you can seas many models from your collection as you wish. The more units you decide to use, the longer the game wil last and the more ‘exciting it will be! Typically a game with around. hundeed miniatures pee se wil las for about an evening. WARSCROLLS & UNITS All models ae described by warscrolls which provide al of the rules for using them in the game. You will need warscrolls fo the ‘models you want to use, Models fight in units, A nit can have one or ‘more modals, but cannot include models that use different warerolls. A unit must be set up and finish any sort of moveas single group of ‘models, with all models within "oft east one ‘other mode from thei unt. anything causes unit to become splitup duringa bate, t must reform the next ime thatit moves, TOOLS OF WAR In order to fight a battle you will equirea tape measure and some dice, Distances in Warhammer Age of Sigmar are measured in inches (’), between the closest points ofthe models or units you're ‘measuring to and from, You can measure distances whenever you wish. A model's base isnt considered part ofthe model -isjust, thereto help the model stand up ~s0 don't include it when measuring distances, Warhammer Age of Sigmar uses six-sided dice (sometimes abbreviated to D6). Ifa rule requires you to roll a D3, roll dice and halve the total, rounding fractions up. Some rules allow you to re-oll dice roll, which means you gett roll some or all ofthe dice again, ‘You can never re-rolla dice more than once, and re-rolls happen before modifiers tothe roll (ifany) are applid. RULES THE BATTLEFIELD Be they pillars of lame, altar of brass or haunted rains, the realms are filled with strange sights and deadly obstacles. Battles in Warhammer Ag of Sigmar are fought acros an infinite variety of exiting Fandscapes in the Mortal Realms, from Aesolate volcanic plans and treacherous sky temples, to lush jungles and cyclopean ruins ‘The dominion of Chaos isal-pervading, and no land is left untouched by the blight of wat These wildly fantastical landscapes ace recreated whenever you play a game of, Warhammer Age of Sigmar. The table and scenery you use constitute yout battlefield, A battlefield can be any flat surface upon which the models can stand — for example dining table or the floor and «can be any size or shape provided its bigger than 3 fet square First you should decide in which ofthe seven ‘Mortal Realms the battle wil ake place. For ‘example, you might decide that your battle will take place in the Realm of Fir. Sometimes yout nced to know this in order to use certain abilities. you cant agree on the realm, olla dice, and whoever rolls highest decides. ‘The best battle are fought over lavishly designed and constructed landscapes, but ‘whether you have a lot of scenery or only a small numberof features doesnt matter! A good guide is at less feature fr every 2 foot square, but less is okay and more can ‘make fora really interesting battle ‘Tohelp you decide the placement of your scenery, you can choose to roll twa dice and ‘add them together for each 2 foot square area of your battlefield and consult the following table: Roll Terrain Features 23 Noterrin fextures. 45 2terrain features 68 1 terrain feature 9-10 2terrain features 11-12 Choose from 0 to 3 terrain features. THE RULES © Warhanimer Age of Sigmar puts you in command of a force of mighty warriors, monsters and war engines. This Fales sheet contains everthing you need to know in order todo battle amid strange and sorerous realms, to unleash powerful magic, darken the skies with arrows, and crush your enemies in bloody combat! MYSTERIOUS LANDSCAPES The landscapes ofthe Mortal Realms ean both ad and hinder your wartirs. Unless stated otherwise, a model can be moved across scenery but not through it (90 you. can't move through a solid wall, o pass through a tre, but can choose to havea model climb up or over them). In addition, ‘once you have set up all your scenery, either rolla dice onthe following table or pick a rule fom it fr each terran featuc: ‘THE SCENERY TABLE Roll Scenery 1 Damned: Ifany of your units are within 3 ofthis terrain feature in yout hero phase, you can declare that one is makinga sacrifice Ifyou do so the unit suffers D3 mortal wounds butyou can add L toall hit oll forthe unit until your ext hero phase. 2 Avwane: Add I tothe resultofany casting orunbinding rolls made fora svar within ofthis terrinfsture 3 Inspiring: Add 1 tothe Bravery ofall unite within 3" ofthis terrain feature, 4 Dendy: Rolla diceforanymodelthat | makes nun o charge move across of Sinishingon this terrain fsture. Ona rollof | the modelissin. 5 Mystic: Rolla dicein yourhero hase foreach of your units within 1 ofthis terrain feature. On arall of 1 the units befuddled and canbe selected to cast spells, move or atack. ; until your next hero phase. Ona ell of 2-6the unit is ensorcellsd and you % can reroll falled wound rolls forthe ‘unit until your next hero phase. 6 Sinister: Anyofyourunits that are vthin 3” of thistersn ture in yourherophase cause fear until your ext hero phase Subtract fromthe Bravery of any enemy units that are within 3” of one or more untsthat es BATTLE BEGINS ‘rumbles high above asthe armies © info wo equals halves thei opponent “then picks one halfto be their teritory.Some “examples ofthis are shown below The players then alternate setting up units, ‘neat a time, starting with the player that swan the earlier dice roll. Models must be set ‘up in their own territory, more than 12" from enemy territory YYoucan continue setting up units until you have setup ll the units you want to fight in this battle, or have run out of space. This is yourarmy. Count the number of models ia your army - this may come in useful later. Any remaining units are held in reserve, playing no part unless fate lends a hand. RULES ‘The opposing player can continue to set up units. When they have finished set-up is ‘complet, The player that finishes setting up Fest always chooses who takes the festtuen in the fist atte round. ‘THE GENERAL ‘Once you have finished setting up all of your units, nominate one ofthe models you set up as your general Your general has a command ability as described inthe rules forthe hero ‘phase on the next page. GLORIOUS VICTORY Inthe Mortal Realms battles are brutal and ‘uncompromising they are fought tothe bitter ‘end, with one side able to clam victory because ithas destroyed its fe or there are no enemy ‘models et onthe field of atl, The victor ‘an immediately claim a major vietory andthe hhonoursand triumphs that are due to them, while the defeated must repairto thee aito Hck thei wounds and beae the shame of falar fit has not been possible to fight abate to its conclusion or the outcome is not obvious, ‘then a result of sorts can be calculated by ‘comparing the number of models removed from play with the numberof models ‘originally setup forthe battle for each army. Expressing these as percentages provides a simple way to determine the winner. Such victory can only be claimed as a minor victory. For example, if one player lost 75% ‘oftheir starting models, and the other player lost 50%, then the plyerthat only lost 50% ‘oftheir models could claim a minor victory. “Modelsadded to your army during the game (for ‘eample through summoning reinforcements, reincarnation and soon) donot count towards ‘the numberof models in the army but must be ‘counted among the casualties an army sues. SUDDEN DEATH VICTORIES ‘Sometimes a player may attempt to achieve sudden death victory. one army has 4 third more models than the other, the ‘outnumbered player can choose one ‘objective from the sudden death table after generals are nominated. A major victory can bbe claimed immediately when the objective is achioved by the outnumbered player. ‘TRIUMPHS ‘After any sudden death objectives have been chosen if your army won a majr victory in its previous battle, rola dice and look up the result on the triumph table tothe right. ‘THE SUDDEN DEATH TABLE Assassinate: The enemy player picks ‘unit withthe HERO, WIZARD, PRIEST ‘or MONSTER keyword in theirarmyy Slay ‘the unit that they pick. Blunt: The enemy player picks unit with five or more models in their army. Sly the unit that they’pick. Endure: Haveat least one model which started the battle on the battlefield still in playat the end ofthe sixth battle round, Seize Ground: Pick one terrain feature in ‘enemy territory Have at last one friendly ‘model within 3" ofthat feature at the end, ‘ofthe fourth battle round. ‘THE TRIUMPH TABLE Roll Triumph 1-2 Blessed: Youcan change the result ‘ofa single dice to the result of your choosing once during the battle 3-4. Inspired: Youcan reroll al ofthe fale hit rolls for one unit in your army in one combat phase 5-6 Empowered: Add 1 to your general's ‘Wounds characteristic BATTLE ROUNDS [Mighty armies crash together amid the pray of blood and the crackle of magic. Warhammer AgeofSimarisplayedin series ofbattle rounds each of which sspltinto two tums oneforeach player. Atthe start ofeach ‘atl round, both players rola dice, rling again in thecaseofa tie. The plyerthat ollhighest cides wh takes the irt turnin that battle round, Each tun consist ofthe follwing phases 1 Hero Phase Cast spells and use heroic ables 2. Movement Phase “Move units across the batlfeld 4. Shooting Phase Attack with mise weapons. 4. Charge Phase Charge units nto combat. 5. Combat Phase Piein ad attack wth melee weapons (6, Batleshock Phase Test the bravery of depleted units. ‘Once the first player has finished their turn, ‘the second player takes theirs. Once the second player has als finished, the battle round is over anda new one begins. ne warsctolls allow youto use an ability er set-up i complete These abilities are ea before the fist battle round. Ifboth Armies have abilities ike this, both players ‘olla dice, re-rolling inthe case of ate The layer that rolls highest gets to use their abilities firs followed by thei opponent _ HERO PHASE "Asthe armies close in, their leaders use sorcerous abilities, make sacrifices othe gods, or give strident commands, ‘nyyour army to cast spells (see the rules for ‘wizards on the last page ofthese rules). Tnadkdtion,other units in your army may have ables on their warsrols that can be used in ‘the hero phase, Generally, these can only be used in your own hero phase. However, fan ability sy itcan be used in evry hero phase, then itcan be used in your opponents hero phase as welas your own, Ifboth players can use abilities ina hero phase, the player whose ‘urn tis gets to useal of theirs ist. COMMAND ABILITY Inyourhero phase, your general can use ‘one command ability. All generals have the Inspiring Presence command ability, and some may have more on thie warscroll, 1g Presence: Pick anit from your army tha s within 12" of your general The unit that you pick does nat have to take battleshock tests until your next hero phase. MOVEMENT PHASE. Theground shakes othe tread of marching {fest as armies vie fr position. ‘Start your movement phase by picking one ‘of your units and moving each model in that ‘unit until youve moved ll the models you ‘want to, Youcan then pick another unit to ‘move, until you have moved as many of your units as you wish, No model can be moved ‘more than once in each movement phase. MOVING 'A model can be moved in any direction, to 1a distance in inches equal to or less than the ‘Move characteristic on its warsroll Itcan be moved vertically in order to climb or cross scenery, but cannot be moved across other models. No part ofthe model may move fusther than the model's Move characters. RULES ENEMY MODELS. ‘When you move a model in the movement phase, you may not move within 3° of any ‘enemy models, Models fom your army ae friendly models, and models fom the ‘opposing army are enemy models. ‘Units starting the movement phase within 3" ofan enemy unit can either remain stationary ‘or retreat, Ifyou choose to retreat the unit, ‘must end its move more than 3° away from, all enemy units Ifa unit retreats then it can't shoot or charge later that tuen (see below), RUNNING ‘When you pick unit to move inthe :movement phase, you can declare that it will run, Rolla dice and ad the result tothe “Move characteristic of ll models inthe unit forthe movement phase, A unit that runs cant shoot or charg ater that turn, FLYING [the warscoll fora model says that the model can fy, itcan pass across models and scenery asf they were not there. It stil ‘ot finish the move within 3" of enemy {nthe movement phase, and ifit is alteady within 3 ofan enemy it ean only retreat or remain stationary. SHOOTING PHASE A storm of death breaks over the batle as ‘arrows fall like rain aed war machines hurl their deadly payloads. In your shooting phase you can shoot with ‘models armed with missle weapons Pick one of your units. You may not pick ‘unit that ran or retested this turn, Each ‘model in the unit attacks with all of the mise ‘weapons itis armed with (se Attacking). Afterall ofthe modelsin the unit have shot, youcan choose another unit o shoot with, CHARGE PHASE Howling bloodeurdling war cries, warriors Inurl themselves int battle to slay with blade, hammer and cla I units that can shoot have done so. Any of your units within 12" ofthe enemy in your charge phase can make a charge move. Pick an eligible unit and roll wo dice. Each ‘model inthe unit can move this number in inches. You may not pick aunt that ran or retreated this turn, nor one that is within 3” ofthe enemy. ‘ofan enemy model that’s impossible, the charge has fled and no modelsin the charging ‘unit can move inthis phase, Once you've © moved all the models inthe unit you ean pik another eligible unit to make a charge, untiall ‘units that ean charge have done 0, COMBAT PHASE Carnage engulfc the batlfild asthe ‘warring armies tear each other apart ‘Any nit that ha charged or has models within 3 of an enemy unit can attack with ‘melee weapons in the combat phase “The player whose tuen it is picks a unit to attack with, then the opposing player must attack with a unit, and so on unt alleligible its on both sides have attacked once each, Ione side completes alts attacks firs, then the other side completes al ofits remaining attacks, one unit after another, No nit can be selected to attack more than once in each combat phase. An attack s spit into two steps: first the unit ples in, and then you make attacks with the models in the unt. Step 1: When you pile in, you may move each srodel inthe unit up to 3 towards the closest, enemy model. This will allow the models in the unit to get closer to the enemy in order to attack them. Step 2: Bach model in the unit attacks with all ofthe melee weapons itis armed with (Gee Attacking). BATTLESHOCK PHASE Even the bravest heart may qual when the horror of battle take their tll In the battleshock phase, both players must take batleshock tests for units frm their my that have had models slain during the turn, The player whose turn tis tests ist. ‘Tomakea hattleshock tes, roll dice and add the numberof models fom the unit that have boon slain this turn. For each point by ‘which the total exceeds the highest Bravery characteristic inthe unt, one model in that ‘unit mus lee and is removed from play. Add 1 to the Bravery characteristic being used for every 10 models that are in the unit when the take, ci ‘You must choose which models le from the units you command, Bist tse denoscbin eran sla mateo acs adaly Bin sanugon yw with. The weapon options a model has are listed ints description on ts warscrll “Missile weapons canbe used in the shooting ‘phase, and melee weapons canbe used in _ the combat phase. The numberof atacks 4 model can makeis equal to the Attacks characteristic forthe weapons it can use PICKING TARGETS First, you must pick the target units forthe attacks. In order toattacka enemy unit, An enemy model from that unit must bein range ofthe attacking weapon ie within the maximum distance in inches, ofthe Range listed forthe weapon making the attack), and ‘sible tothe attacker (if unsure, stoop down And get. look from behind the attacking model tosee ifthe targets visible). Forthe purposes ‘of determining vty an attacking model ‘can sethrough other models ints unit fa model has morethan one attack youcan split ‘them between potenti target units ou wih, fa model splits tsattacks between two oF more enemy unis, resolveall ofthe attacks against one unitbeforemoving ontothe next one. MAKING ATTACKS “Attacks can be made one at aime, or in ‘some cases, you can roll he dice for attacks together. The following attack sequence is used to make attacks one a 1. Hit Roll: Rola dice If the roll equals ‘or eats the attacking weapon's To Hit characteristic, then it scores a hit and you ‘must make a wound rol. If nt, the attack {alle and the attack sequence ends. 2, Wound Roll: Rolla dice. Ifthe roll equals ‘or beats the attacking weapon's To Wound characteristic, then it causes damage and the ‘opposing player must make a save roll. IFnet, the attack us and the attack sequence ends, 43.Save Roll The opposing player alsa die, ‘modifying the oll by theattacking weapon's Rend characteristic For example, fa weapon RULES hhasa-1Rend characters then 1 issubtracted from the averol Ifthe resukequalsorbeats the Save characteristic ofthe models inthe target ‘uni the wounds saved and the attack sequence nds. not the attack successful and you must determine damage onthe target unit 4: Determine Damage: Onceallofthe attacks made bya unithave been carried out, cach success atackinflctsa number of ‘wounds equal tothe Damage characteristic ofthe weapon, Most weaponshavea Damage characteristic off, but some caninfet20r more ‘wounds allowing them to case grevous injuries {oeven the mightiest foe, ortocleave through more than one opponent with buta single blow! In order to make several attacks at once, all ofthe attacks must have the same To Hit, To ‘Wound, Rend and Damage characteristics, and must be directed atthe same enemy unt. Ifthiss the case, make all ofthe hit rolls at the same time, then all ofthe wound rolls, and finaly all ofthe sve rolls then add up the total number of wounds caused. INFLICTING DAMAGE Afterall ofthe attacks made bya unithavebeen carried ou, the payer commanding the target unitallocates any wounds that are inflicted models fom the unitas they sce fit (the models donot havetobe within rangeorvisbletoan, attackingunit), When inflicting damage ifyou allocatea wound toa mode, you must keep on ‘llcating wounds to that model until either itis slain, no more wounds remain tobe allocated. (Once the number of wounds suffered by a ‘model during the batle equal its Wounds characteristic, the model is slain. Place the slain model to one side itis removed from play. Some warscolls include abilities allow wounds tobe healed. A healed wound no longer has anyeffct. You cant heal ‘wounds on a model that has been slain, MORTAL WOUNDS, Some attacks inflict mortal wounds, Do not ‘make hit, wound or save rolls for a mortal ‘wound — just allocate the wounds to models from the target unit as described above. COVER [all modelsina unit are within or oma terrain feature, you can add | toall save rolls for that unit to represent the cover they receive from the terrain. This modifier does nt apply in the combat phase ifthe unit you are making saves for made a charge move in the same turn WIZARDS ‘The realms are saturated with magic, a wit to wield it. Some models are noted as being awizatd on” spells in your hero phase, and can also use them to unbind spells in your opponent's hero phase, The numberof spells a wizaed «an attempt to cast or unbin each turn is detailed on its warscroll CASTING SPELLS All wizards can use the spells described. below, as wll as any spell listed on their warscroll A wizard ean only attempt to cast each spell once per turn, Tocasta spel rol two dice. Ifthe total is equal to or greater than the casting valu of the spell the spells succesfully cast Ifa spells cast, the opposing player can choose any one oftheie wizards thats within 18° ofthe caster, an that can se them, and attempt to unbind the spel before its effects ace applied. To unbind a spell, oll wo dice. Ifthe eo beats the oll used to cast the spell, | then the spl’ effects are negated. Only one tempt can be made to unbind a spel. ARCANE BOLT ‘Arcane Bolt has casting value of 5. 1F successfully cas, pick an enemy unit within 18" ofthe caster and which i visible to them, ‘The unit you pick suffers D3 mortal wounds. ‘MYSTIC SHIELD [Marti Shi has casting value of 6. saccessfily cast pick he caster, ora friendly unit ‘within 1 ofthe casterand which ie viibleto them. Youcan add 1 toallswerolls forthe unit youpickuntlthe start of your next ero phase. THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE Ina game as detailed and wide-ranging as Warhammer Age of Sigmar, there may be times when you are not sure exactly how to resolve a situation that has come up during play. When this happens, have a quick chat with your opponent, and apply the solution that makes the most sense to you both (or seems the mos fun). [fno single solution presents itself both of you should roll a dice, and whoever rolls higher gets to choose what happens. Then you can get on vith the fighting! seething source of power for those with the thee warscoll You can usea wizard 0 east a ye ee WHAT’S NEXT? THE LORDS OF CHAOS GATHER THEIR FORCES... The Call of Chaos echoes across the Mortal Realms and in the grim darkness of the far future. ‘Two new serialised supplements, and new fiction for Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000. Collect them all and answer the Call of Chaos! lad proeiut GALL OF TT NT WL BATTLEPLAN ee eee Lia MONOLITH §o@itliant CREDITS DESIGNED BY GAMES WORKSHOP IN NOTTINGHAM Battleplan: Rewards of Chaos © Copyright Games Workshop Limited 2015. Battleplan: Rewards of Chaos, GW, Games Workshop, Warhammer, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Battletome, Stormeast Eternals, and all associated logos illustrations, images, names, creatures, races, vehicles, locations, weapons, characters, and the distinctive likenesses thereof, ae either * or TM, and/or © Games Workshop Limited, variably registered around the world. All Rights Reserved. No part ofthis publication may be reproduced, stored ina retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, Bene anes elssorer ng, recording oc csc, rita the par pasialae nae ‘This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental British Cataloguing-in-Publication Data. A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. Pictures used for illustrative purposes only ISBN: 978-1-78581 Certain Citadel products may be dangerous if used incorrectly and Games Workshop does not recommend them for use by children under the age of 16 without adult supervision, ‘Whatever your age, be careful when using glues, bladed equipment and sprays and make sure that you read and follow the instructions on the packaging, Upload date: 27/11/2015 Games Workshop Ltd., Willow Road, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 2WS, United Kingdom