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CUTL 5106 – STORY BOARD (The Planning Document)

LITS2603 Creative Writing: Poetry

Course Description-
This course is intended to provide participants with the basic tools to create poems that resonate with their readers. This is
accomplished through a number of exercises that encourage the student to think about language, the senses, structure and colour. A
proactive approach will be implemented. Following instruction of various aspects of craft, participants will learn by practical writing,
class discussions, online discussions and peer-to-peer critique.……………. Welcome all.

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Mod Topics Learning Objectives - Online Activities Offline Activities

No. (After experiencing this topic, & Resources (in class/3 hours each)
participants should be able to ….)
1 Orientation Agree on the expectations of the Activities Activities
course, the lecturer and themselves. -Familiarization of My - Round table introductions
Identify what poetry and writing Elearning - Course introduction using
means to the students. online My Elearning course
- Writing a simple poem
2 Poetic Emotion Articulate how we put our emotions Activities
on the page so that we explore all - Group Discussion around
parts of that emotion. Resources writing emotion - Writing poem
3 Using the senses Write an emotive poem using all Activities
five senses Exploration of the five senses

Lecturer – Dr Muli Amaye

through poetic expression
Small group discussions.
Group poem to be produced
using the senses

4 Words and syllables Identify the language that will paint Resources Activities
a picture of the poem they want to - Youtube video of -Handouts on single syllable
write. complicated poetic poetry and multiple syllable
Form poetic sentences and structures expressions poetry.
that use ordinary language Writing two poems using
different modes of language

5 From Prose to Poetry Create a poem from 50 words of Class Lecture

prose. – Powerpoint
Edit the poem and show how Practical activity
changes are made - Writing prose and creating
Assignment: Write a poem from
prose and submit all versions.
6 If only… Create two poems starting with the Activities Class Discussion
And then… terms or titled ‘if only’ ‘and then’ -Online quiz (mid-term -
Incorporate local language into formative assessment) -identifying local words and
poetry. Resources discussing meanings
- determining if words are negative or positive
m/global/video/2017/may/23 deciding when and with whom
the words could be used.

Lecturer – Dr Muli Amaye

7 Playing with Create original metaphors Class Lecture
metaphors Identify the difference between -powerpoint on language, i.e.
cliché and originality nouns/adjectives
- handout – A Martian Writes a
Postcard Home
Creating original metaphors and
producing a poem
8 Iambic Pentameter or Explain how iambic pentameters is Readings - video of iambic rap
Structure made up and the meaning of the - Sonnet number 90
words h?v=p226OX39OLs
Create a poem using ordinary
language in iambic pentameter Assignment: Write a poem in
iambic pentameter using
ordinary language.
9 Free verse and Explain how free verse works in Readings Class discussion about free
structure poetry - 2 x free verse poems – verse.
Produce a poem in free verse narrative and short Small group discussion on
specific element and sharing
Creating a short poem in free
10 Voice Identify the voice of the narrator and Readings Activities
the voice of the writer 3 x different poems in Working in pairs/small groups
Produce a poem using their own different voices i.e. male, to produce poetry in different
‘voice’ victim, child voices. Exchanging with other
groups and identifying voice.
11 Performance Poetry Identify the components of Students’ uploaded videos Activities
performance poetry as oppose to performing their poetry Class discussion about language
page poetry to use in performance
Develop a performance poem powerpoint and video with
examples of good and bad
performance poetry.

Lecturer – Dr Muli Amaye

Assignment: Create a
performance poem, record it
and upload on myelearning link
12 Editing your work Fully edit their work in line with Reading Class Discussion on editing
exercise undertaken and knowledge How to edit your writing In small groups edit each others
gained poem, justifying the changes

Final assignment: Produce

portfolio of 10 poems and
upload to link on myelearning.

Coded Red – Graded Course Assignments

Coded Blue – Videos
Coded Orange – PowerPoint presentations

List of Assignments:-

1) Poem from prose to poetry – write 50 words of prose and produce a first version poem directly from the prose. The next versions
can move away from the prose but use track changes to reflect on the changes being made.
2) Produce a poem using Iambic Pentameter in ordinary, local language. Submit to the link on myelearning for peer-to-peer critique
and review. Comment on at least two poems, checking for meter and rhyme primarily.
3) Produce a portfolio of work for the final assessment. Ensure rubric is referred to. Upload to myelearning in the relevant space.

Lecturer – Dr Muli Amaye