Executive Summary for e-pizza The executive summary of E-Pizza will consist of our mission statement, marketing objectives

, situational analysis, and e-pizza’s target market selection. This summary will also include e-pizza’s marketing mix, its competitive advantage, and our implementation plan. Our mission statement will discuss our primary, secondary, and future products. These products include pizza and other foods. Our mission statement will also talk about our movie rentals and our SBU of large portable movie screens for large parties and corporate events. The marketing objectives of e-pizza in this summary will talk about our business plans. We have three plans; our first year of business plan, our SBU plan, and our ten-year plan. This summary will also discuss our situational analysis. This analysis includes e-pizza’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. E-pizza’s target market selection is also discussed during the paper. The market selection will inform the reader who our primary customer’s will be. The marketing mix for e-pizza is discussed in this summary as well. This summary will give the reader a quick overview of the products offered by e-pizza and discuss e-pizza’s pricing, promotion, and place strategy. The paper is also used to inform the reader of e-pizza’s competitive advantage. This is where e-pizza’s low marketing costs, loan information, and employee benefits are discussed. Finally, the implementation plan for e-pizza is discussed. This will include our one, three, ten, and twelve year plan.

8% market share. E-Pizza plans to franchise starting in Georgia with ambitions of spreading nationally. colleges. The realistic objectives are to spread the name and benefits of E-Pizza throughout the first year and establish a strong customer base. marketed towards corporations and campuses. Dominos currently has an 8. The company plans to use 25% of its profits during the first three years to invest in assets towards strategic business units. Little Caesars is also close with a 6% market . we plan to have an increase in profits by an estimated 25% -30% per year. The goal is to provide a simple e-commerce form of ordering movies and pizza and also use the traditional method of phone ordering to deliver customers a quality product while maintaining efficient profitability. corporations. the company plans to branch out into special events such as campus and corporate movies on large inflatable movie screens. we plan to increase our market share substantially and eventually have a 6. After ten years of successful local sales and special events. the business should be recognized enough to begin luring investors to franchise and further increase the size of the business to a national level. private parties. Our customers will be students. This includes the special events division named E-Events. and the every day pizza and movie lover. Marketing Objectives: The company plans to grow and have much success due to strategic marketing activities.8% market share.5% market share with Papa Johns slightly behind with 7. Through this objective.Marketing Plan for e-Pizza Mission Statement: E-Pizza is in the entertainment and food business. After ten years of successful regional sales. Within three to four years. After initiating the special events division.

Another weakness is the huge fluctuation in costs of resources needed to produce our main products such as pizza. which will eventually cost us more in the long-run. cheese prices have risen as high as $74 a case (Lee Strausburg) The costs of insuring our delivery cars and operating our day to day business are also a significant weakness.com) One of the main weaknesses is that this business will have high labor turn-over because of the basic facts of the food industry. We plan to surpass Little Caesars in the market share especially within our local market. (Hoover’s Online) This will force new people to be retrained. Tony Lopez has branding skills which will lead to a more recognizable logo. (Dickinson) Situation Analysis: The strength of the business idea is that everyone likes pizza and movies and our idea is unique to the market. cheese prices at the end of last year were $34 a case. For example. . Jeff Greene has thorough sales experience from selling top of the line custom and high performance bicycles. All the currents investors involved have past experience that could benefit E-Pizza. Ray Roquemore has much needed entrepreneurial skills considering E-Pizza is a new and unique business. eat at least one pizza each month. Michael Deppa has extensive store managerial and pizza making skills. Currently. but this is a given. there is an 89% job turnover rate in the food industry. Of all Americans 93%. Since then. That means there is a large demand for pizza (newmarketresearch. There is also a large demand for pizza. Daniel Smith’s package delivery skills with UPS are going to be utilized when determining the means of pizza and movie delivery. All investors have resources needed to start the company successfully.share.

In Cobb County. This includes having food that is free from contamination and safe for human consumption. We also plan to keep our labor costs down by retaining employees and offering exceptional benefits.77% by 2008. which includes Pizza Hut. The main threat this business idea has is our competition. Competitive Advantage: E-Pizza will have cost competitive advantage over the current competition. the age group of the population is more in tune with the overall idea the business is trying to pursue with Internet pizza and movie delivery. word of mouth. (Progressive Policy Institute) For those who do not have access to a computer.We have the opportunity to take advantage of a unique situation in which the demographics of our location contain the perfect opportunity for growth. This is the market we plan to target. We have a basic economic threat. We will do this by having lower advertising and marketing costs as a result of no TV campaigns and advertising through flyers. which will be discussed later in the paper. The business is also in a time of technological advancements which will allow us to be more efficient. External threats are government regulations of the food industry. This will save us money because employees will be less likely to . where we are going start our business. The counties surrounding Atlanta are booming in population and business growth. simply because 50. the population of individuals ages five to fortyfour is expected to grow 64. (imark) Also. and a website. we will offer the traditional method of phone orders. We will also offer promotional events where we plan on offering tastes of our products to get the name out. and Papa Johns. Dominos. which faces almost all new and established businesses.3 of people in our target area have access to the internet. Foods must be stored in approved container (Georgia Public Health).

quit. and fresh ingredients for our pizza. Throughout the overall growth of the business. Customers can pre-order or regular order. therefore saving us both time and money by not having to retrain them. we also plan to have a strict requirement for delivery individuals. We will also offer a more efficient delivery service that will allow us to provide quicker service and more products to our cliental. We plan to contract most of our ingredients through him. We also plan to enter the market . Our primary product differentiation is our pizza and movie rental combination. We plan to offer four ways to order pizza and movies. This will provide cost efficient. Furthermore. we plan to have an increase in cost competitive advantage. We also plan to offer a triangle shaped pizza for both our normal customers and as part of a kid’s meal.000. (Ganly) The loan will be for more the $150. Strategic Alternatives: E-Pizza’s market penetration will come from saturating schools with free pizza and offering discounts and coupons to all the students. Our service differentiation will be a big part of the company. online or by means of phone. Ray’s grandpa who runs and operates an 800 acre farm in central Georgia. We feel children will be our initial target market for the triangle pizza. We also plan to keep costs down through government loans for small businesses that offer little or no interest. we will have standardized delivery cars that are all similar in design to help distinguish our brand name and image. high quality. We will be in a bracket where we will only have to put down ten to fifteen percent in equity where as other traditional loans require thirty to thirty-five percent. With this. We will have our own garden fresh ingredients grown to perfection by John Roquemore. which is the minimum loan amount (NAICS).

E-Pizza’s future beholds almost all of our market development. and other vitamins and minerals. We also plan on creating a strategic business unit called E-Events. E-Pizza will use multi-segmentation of age in demographics to target their markets. We will be investing in necessary assets for E-Events for the first three years. We plan to have kids think of the E-Meal when they think of McDonald’s Happy Meal. Target Market Selection: E-Pizza plans to segment the market into the food and entertainment market. We will offer pizza with all different types of supplements for health and nutrition such as protein. This will take several years to accomplish. vitamin C. we plan to expand on a national basis. The age of our customer is important. We plan on having major product development. glutamine. which will allow us to reach out to a larger customer base. you get your eleventh pizza for free. which is an extremely unique idea. and benefit segmentation. Generation X (Born 1965-1978) will be the main focus of demographic segmentation.by attracting children with our new triangle pizza kid’s meal called the E-Meal. but it is definitely in the company’s future plans. creatine. the triangle shape of our pizza will be different than the industry norm of a circular pizza. The segmentation of the market will be based on demographics. Our diversification will continue when we start E-Events. In the future. they make up . The company is going to breakdown the demographics into age and family. We also plan to offer frequent eater cards. Within this market range. psychographics. E-Pizza will not only offer the triangle pizza. After you buy ten pizzas. Although pizza is not new to the market. but we also plan to offer supplement infused pizza.

children ages 3-9 prefer pizza over other food groups for lunch and dinner. have a strong influence on buying decisions. The position strategy of E-Pizza is to offer online pizza delivery.382 people of the total population of 657. married. we will add the capability of ordering a movie with the pizza. and dual income family which reduced the amount of time to prepare meals and go to the movie rentals. In this group. Statistics have shown that this generation indulges themselves in meals at restaurants and tends to buy large amounts of electronic products such as computers. which is offered by competitors in the industry. The age group has a major role in the decision of what to eat. The company will also segment the market by targeting Generation Y (1974-1995). (researchandmarkets.583 in Cobb County. This is in line with the product by offering an online form of ordering and custom ordering of food and movies to suit there needs. 37 percent state their favorite food is pizza. This group also favors customizable products (Marconi). When a customer sees the E-Pizza Mini Cooper. Of this age group. This group tends to be out of school. (out of the book) The psychographics of this group’s lifestyle will favor the convenience of food being delivered to them and also being computer savvy to allow them to order their movie and food online. This will be the main part of our product differentiation. they will think . We will then have our custom line of distinguishable Mini Coopers delivering pizzas and movies in a way never seen before.com). However. These children in Generation O (1995-present). This age group makes 34% of the family choose of what restaurant they want to eat at. Generation X families with children who can gain brand loyalty at an early age will help E-Pizza sustain business. The market medium of choice for communication is the Internet (Rao).236. have a family with children.

we will offer a product line of popcorn and drinks to strategically go along with the movies. The triangle pizza will revolutionize the industry. This will utilize our ability to fully satisfy our customers while benefiting from the add-ons to their orders. . Customers will be able to identify our pizza simply on the shape. The triangle shaped boxes will be outside the norms of the pizza industry therefore luring people into purchasing the triangle pizza. and salads. Each box will include a written guarantee of fresh products along with 100% satisfaction. We will also offer appetizers such as wings.of our specialty service. Finally. Along with this. which focuses on the customer. Along with this. our packaging will also offer a unique look to draw new customers. Our specialty will be the new triangle pizza. Our boxes will feature a triangle shape made of recycled material. Our brand name of E-Pizza will be unique among the pizza industry. Along with the brand name. (see attach) These unique branding strategies will hopefully become embedded in the minds of all pizza lovers. we will also have identifiable brand marks such as our E-Pizza triangle logo and our Mini Cooper delivery cars. breadsticks. we will have our entertainment line which will include movies and future projects. Our product line will provide pizza as our main focus. This will then stimulate them to hopefully order from E-Pizza. Our objectives will be to have people add an appetizer with every pizza and popcorn and drinks with every movie. Anyone who is not satisfied will be able to call our toll free number and express his or her dissatisfaction. Managers will then decide what to do by an ethical decision. Marketing Mix The product strategy for E-Pizza will be to offer a variety of food and movies.

we will have an order-processing department. create positive public relations. E-Pizza plans to advertise in college newspapers and radio stations. Our pricing strategy of the product will be to have an online menu which will be updated daily. This will ensure our customers are receiving the best prices possible for pizza. These are the most cost efficient ways of advertising. Our promotional strategies will be to advertise. This will ensure that when then the economy fluctuates. Our sales promotional activities will offer pizza and prize giveaways to schools and college campuses locally. We will create positive public relations by donating money to charities and having fanatical customer service. Implementation Plan: . They will associate themselves with us more than any other pizza company. and enable sales promotional activities. Within our production facilities. we will have a generation that will be growing up as our business is growing. which will handle the transaction between the customers and production. This will hopefully bring us our core group of college students and younger kids.E-Pizza will use a direct channel product strategy. We will also sponsor children sports. We will accomplish this by adjusting the prices so that they are 30% over our costs. We will also have a warehouse connected to the production facility that will control the outflow of movie rentals. We have no distribution intensity because we are the direct distributor of our product. Our supply chain strategy will be to receive all our main products from the farm and wholesalers. From there we will make our pizzas and have them delivered to our customers. The objective of this is to offer the most efficient way to get our products directly to the consumer. the prices will be as low as possible. In turn.

. we will divide assignments to each member in the organization based on their abilities. but we will adapt to the market accordingly and adjust as necessary. The plan will also include making sure all the owners will work as a team while openly communicating with each other in a positive way. We plan to have all the marketing objectives up and running within a 1 year time frame for all of the short term implementations. we will take E-Pizza and E-Events to national level. Our implementation plan will strive to follow the marketing plan thoroughly. Once national. After the company has grown and has gained name recognition. we hope obtain desired market share within two years. Within three years we hope to have E-Events started and providing sufficient returns.To implement our plan.

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