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Eaton’s Electrical Services and Systems

Turnkey solutions

Design/build, modernization and

turnkey solutions
Eaton’s modernization and Power system projects
turnkey power system services
Eaton can help you improve the
place personnel in the field to
performance, reliability and effi-
complete a variety of undertak-
cient operation of your existing
ings, such as managing a con-
electrical distribution system as
struction project from start to
well as extend the useful life of
finish, reconditioning or upgrad-
all equipment by modernizing
ing equipment, or modernizing
your electrical infrastructure.
your power system. With our
project management services,
you’ll have a single point of Projects
accountability and a reduced
risk of project delays and Eaton’s projects include design
failures. The result is a safer, services of all disiplines, equip-
more reliable and cost-efficient ment procurement, construction
power system. services (site, civil, electrical,
structural), startup & commis-
So that support is there when sioning (all voltage classes –
and where you need it, Eaton complex relay schemes),
has experienced engineers and as-built drawings, manuals,
field technicians located through- and project closeout.
out the world. In addition, we
provide additional support from Electric utility
regional product centers for
specialized services like equip- • Substations
ment reconditioning. • Excitation
Turnkey project • Protection and controls
implementation • Solar and alternate energy
We offer centrally coordinated systems
management of all procurement, • Facility electrical infrastructure
installation, startup and com-
missioning of the products and
systems required to implement Data center / mission critical
unique power system solutions.
Whether you have single or • UPS and mechanical
multiple sites, Eaton has the installations
capabilities and the expertise to
Eaton’s Electrical Services and Systems Turnkey Solutions function as your single-source
• Modular / container solutions
team can manage a construction project from start to service provider. Government
finish, reconditioning or upgrading equipment, or • Facility electrical infrastructure
modernizing your power system. Project management upgrades
Eaton’s project management • DOE/DOD mission critical
group relieves you from the bur- projects
den of multi-supplier coordina-
tion by serving as a single point
• Solar, MicroGrid projects
of accountability for all technical,
financial and commercial coor-
dination within the scope of the • Facility electrical infrastructure
project. Additionally, our turnkey upgrades
engineers manage the technical
and commercial risk inherent Pulp & paper
in meeting project objectives,
• Substations
including performance, cost
and time goals. Depending on • Facility electrical infrastructure
your needs, Eaton manages upgrades
either designated or all aspects
of your system design and Petroleum and mining
development. • Substations
Services Multi-vendor equipment
supply chain
Eaton provides the following
full scope of substation design • Complete range of Eaton
and construction management products available
• Coordination and purchase
Engineering and design of all third-party customer
preferred components
• Electrical, civil and structural
design to 345kV
• Prefabricated control house

• Design services
• Modular collector substation

• Equipment specification Installation services

• Drawing development • Nationwide subcontracting
including civil design capability of all trades – on-site
project management
• Power system studies: power
quality, grounding, lightning • Site preparation, excavation,
protection, harmonic analysis, foundation, and grounding
short circuit / coordination, installation How Eaton brings it all together
Arc Flash, VAR compensation Conceptual Design phase & Operation &
• Steel erection, equipment
construction maintenance
• Protection, automation and installation, welding, cable
control design connections and assembly • Conceptual design • Review and approval • Performance testing /
process of design drawings commissioning
Project and construction
• Equipment set and final • Engineering systems • Obtaining necessary • Operator training
management connections studies permits and approvals • Demonstration of
• Preparation of • Equipment regulatory compliance
• Single-point responsibility
• Substation yard upgrades
equipment construction / • System operation &
• Transformer replacement specifications installation maintenance
• Centralized project
• Preparation of • System startup
management group • OCBs with vacuum replace- bid documents
ment or SF6 breakers
• On-site installation supervision • Selection of
• Civil demolition and appropriate equipment
• Standardized documentation vendors and
practices including scheduling, construction
reporting, and project closeout • Electrical demolition and
• Project management/ construction
scheduling • Conduits, cables, steel
structures, equipment
• Web-based system for
placement About Eaton’s Electrical Services and Systems
documentation sharing
• PrimaVera and MS Project Maintenance, emergency Eaton’s Electrical Services & Systems is one of the largest and most
services experienced industrial service organizations in North America. With
Start-up and commissioning more than 800 highly trained professionals in 60 engineering service
• Short/long term maintenance locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, Eaton’s Electrical Services
• Acceptance testing and contracts & Systems has complete local, national, and international capabilities
installation certification – to provide a full range of electrical, civil and mechanical equipment
all manufacturers
• 24/7 remote monitoring and
support services. This broad range of service capabilities has established us
• Start-up & ground fault as the leader in the engineering service industry.
• Emergency services and
response 24/7 for all your
• Interconnect confirmation and substation needs For more information visit
• Immediate personnel dispatch
• Utility integration
• Monitoring of relaying,
• Warranty extension and metering, HV, MV & LV
training equipment and transformers

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