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Marking Sheet for ECUR 325 Assignment 1

Assignment 1: Assessment Piece (10% of final grade)

Student name: Kassidy MacPherson

Create an assessment OF learning resource for your chosen unit (which you will build for Assignment 3) that reflects both the unit
outcomes and an appropriate method of assessment given those outcomes. This could take the form of a project explanation or outline,
a scaffolding document or visual element describing the assessment task(s), a rubric with a description, a unit test/exam, or some com-
bination of these things.

Include a written reflection or justification (2-3 pages for this part) for the major choices you made in the design of this assessment
piece, making sure to discuss the criteria outlined in the rubric items that pertain to Assignment 1. For each item discuss which specif-
ic criteria you feel you achieved and justify your stance.

Also within this write-up briefly outline the prior knowledge and specific lessons that will be necessary for students to complete the
assessment task – this will help with your later unit planning. Finally, discuss some of your goals for Professional Learning and
Growth (see rubric items #7, 8, 9) as they relate to this assignment and the upcoming Assignments 2 and 3, which will build upon As-
signment 1. While you will not receive a mark on this portion yet, these will be important additions as your portfolio develops.

Rubric items to address for Assignment 1: # 1, 6, 14, 15, 16, 18

Outcome 1 2 3 4 5

(Ready to Intern)
Lesson Planning & Assessment

1. I plan lessons I plan activities for I connect my Students would My plans effectively My plans for
and assessment students to do, or activities to demonstrate integrate outcomes instruction and
based on what I will cover outcomes and outcomes and and indicators with assessment are
provincial indicators indicators doing instructional designed to respond
curriculum what I have planned strategies and to my formative
assessment assessment of

6. I create I have a plan to Some of my My assessments My assessments are My students help

summative generate a mark assessments are check if students easy for students to shape the
assessment focused on the achieved the understand and assessment and will
outcomes and outcome check if students understand the
indicators achieved outcomes assessment easily
Depth and Breadth of Planning Skills

14. I understand My plans teach the I understand the My plans allow My plans reflect My plans make it
how to plan for same things to all difference between students to make preparation to meet likely that students
differentiation students and adaptation and choices, and I have common learning with different needs
and adaptation measure all differentiation basic adaptations needs (disability, would experience
students’ learning (like more time) EAL, gifted etc.) success
in the same way
15. I create My planned There are portions of The planned My planned My entire unit is
engaging activities and tasks my planned instruction and instruction and composed to
learning activities would be activities, like a activities relate the activities would increase connection
and tasks interesting for motivational set, that learning to student create interest and between students
students who love would be interesting interests interaction between and student
the content for students students ownership of

16. My planned Student literacies I know key literacies I know key I am describing key My students will
activities would could be improved for my subject, but literacies for my subject literacies have the opportunity
improve the by the planned am not sharing them subject, and have with my students and to self-assess and
discipline specific activities explicitly with shared them the learning activities improve literacy
literacy skills of students explicitly with would help develop strategies
my students students those in students

Unit Planning
18. The final task My final My final assessment My final assessment My final assessment My final assessment
in my unit elicits assessment is checks how well has all the elements will provide clear will make the
evidence of related to the students understand of GRASPS but evidence of my application of
application in a content of the unit and remember the needs refining to be students applying student learning
new situation main points of what clear and focused on their learning in a relevant and useful
I taught the essential performance task

Instructor comments: This assessment would prove to be very interesting to students, and I appreciate your use of sample
case studies throughout the unit to show students what they will need to do.

Without specific outcomes, however, this assessment is hard to grade. I understand when you write how the curriculum is
old and lengthy, but you need to find 3-4 outcomes in there that you can articulate here. Without that clear sense in your
mind of what they students must learn and how it connects to the curriculum, you will have a difficult time coming up with
a grade you can defend. Also, elements you mention such as the presentation skills probably (though I’m not sure) aren’t in
the Law curriculum, so they can’t be a part of their grade. You need those 3-4 solid outcomes in order to move forward in
your lesson and unit planning.

Assignment grade: 14/30= 4.7/10