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ON 26.07.2010

1. Visit to Kerala Electrical & Allied Engineering Co Ltd./Cochin

Visited KEL Corporate office at Panampalli Nagar, Cochin accompanied

by Shri K. M. Unni, Dy.CMM/SSD/PTJ and DMS from DSL/ERS depot.

Had detailed discussions with Cdr. (Retd.) K. Shamshudeen, Managing

Director of KEL regarding manufacture of Alternator Pullelys and
Medium Phosphorous C.I. Brake Blocks required for Electric Locomotives
and other C.I. Castings. Shri V.Shajidev, Dy.General Manager
(Technical) and Shri T.J. Joseph, General Manager and other higher
officials of KEL were also present in the Meeting.

Upon enquiry about the source from which KEL are buying Scrap Cast
Iron and Steel, they have replied that they are buying from traders. KEL
was apprised that lot of C.I. and Steel Scrap are being sold from different
locations of Kerala and they can select this scrap from convenient and
nearby places where it is required.

COS further told them that scrap is going to be disposed of through e-

auction, which will be introduced soon. Till such time, they can also
participate in public Auction or apply direct. The Managing Director,
KEL expressed their desire to buy scrap from Southern Railways and they
are very much interested to manufacture Alternator Pulleys and also Cast
Iron Brake Blocks. He instructed his Purchase Officers to participate in
the Auction Sale of Scrap, which is scheduled to be held on 29.07.2010 at
Trivandrum and try to take some Cast Iron lots. KEL is an RDSO Part-I
approved source for manufacture of Alternators/Pulleys, etc.

COS instructed Dy.CMM/PTJ to provide all necessary help to KEL

authorities whenever they approach. KEL also reciprocated and they said
that they will be in constant with COS and Dy.CMM/PTJ and arrange to
manufacture and supply of C.I. Brake Blocks as well as Alternator Pulleys.

KEL is a Govt. Of Kerala Undertaking, which is having long time

relationship with Railways by supplying many sophisticated Electrical
equipments and have RDSO approval as Part-I source.

II. Visit to Autocast Limited, a Government of Kerala Undertaking

COS accompanied by Dy.CMM/PTJ has visited Autocast Ltd., a Govt. of

Kerala undertaking, S.N. Puram, Cherthala in Alleppey District.

Held discussion with Shri K.P. Bharathan, Managing Director, Autocast

and their technical supervisors. Inspected the plant to ascertain their
capacity of various types of castings. The Managing Director informed
COS that the Ministry of Railways have already signed MOU with them
for manufacturing wagon/coach components.
During the discussion, it was explained to Autocast the various
opportunities to supply various Cast Iron Castings to Railways such as
Alternator Pulleys and medium Phosphorous Brake Blocks to Electric
Locos. Dy.CMM/PTJ also added that S&T workshop requires Cast Iron
Castings such as Point Machine Base, Cast Iron Components, LH & RH
brackets, etc. in huge quantities. COS requested them to visit PTJ
Workshop and see different components and explore possibilities of
manufacturing them. MD/Autocast shown interest in manufacture of
Medium Phosphorous, Cast Ion Brake Blocks and Alternator Pulleys,
besides Castings for Point Machine manufactured by S&T Workshops/PTJ.

COS apprised about the availability of C.I. Scrap at their door step and if
they are interested, they can take Cast Iron and other steel scrap from
Railways. Presently, Autocast is importing scrap from US. Shri K. P.
Bharathan, has instructed on the spot his officers to participate in the
Auctions of Scrap, which is scheduled to be held at Trivandrum on 29.7.10.
Later, it is learnt that they participated in the Auction and purchased one
small lot of Cast Iron. He also told that he and his team of experts will visit
Podanur Workshops and see Point Mchine Base and other Cast Iron

(Mangat Rai)