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Flag Football Unit Plan

Psychomotor Domain Unit Goals:
1. The students will be able to demonstrate a variety of hand eye coordination
skills essential for throwing and catching a football.
2. The students will be able to perform a series of quick movements using the
hips, to avoid having their flags pulled.
3. The students will be able to combine all of the skills taught to them into a
game a flag football.
Cognitive Domain Unit Goals:
1. The students will be able to identify how to properly pass the football.
2. The students will have to synthesize information about and related to
football in general.
Affective Domain Unit Goals:
1. The students will be able to follow rules, etiquette and procedures provided
by the teacher.
2. The students will be able to accept the outcome of the games with
Name:____________________ Period:________________

Three Week Unit Plan Daily Activities for a Block Schedule.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1 Introduction Introduction Introduction to Introduction to Timing of
to Football to Football next NFL next NFL students 40 yard
with a with a Combine drill, Combine drill, dash.
Video of the Video of the the broad jump. the broad Measurement of
students broad
NFL NFL Skills and jump.
Combine. Combine. Application: A Skills and Skills: teaching of
Also, a Also, a circuit of Application: how to properly
Skills: A Skills: A exercises A circuit of pass a football
series of series of dedicated to exercises and catch. The
ladder drills ladder drills the dedicated to proper mechanics
for agility. for agility. improvement the will be taught and
Application: Application: on the broad improvement implemented.
The teaching The teaching jump. Teaching on the broad Application:
of the 40-yard of the 40-yard and application jump. students will pass
to partners at a
dash dash of the broad Teaching and
short distance,
technique. 40 technique. 40 jump in one of application of then will move to
Yard dash Yard dash the exercises. the broad jump a greater distance
practice with practice with in one of the with every pair of
sprints. sprints. exercises. successful passes
and catches.
Week 2 Timing of Students will Students will Students will Students will
students 40 combine combine agility begin learn how begin learn how
yard dash. agility drills drills with to move their to move their hips
Measurement of with passing passing and hips and flag and flag pulling
students broad pulling drills. drills.
and catching. catching.
jump. Skills: students Skills: students
Skills: teaching Skills: Skills: students will first work in will first work in
of how to students will will do cone partners and partners and move
properly pass a do cone drills drills that will move their hips their hips to avoid
football and that will have have passing to avoid having having the flags
catch. The passing and and catching. the flags pulled. pulled. Then
proper catching. Next Next students Then students students will form
mechanics will students will will do ladder will form a zig a zig zag and one
be taught and do ladder drills that zag and one student will run
implemented. drills that implement student will run through the
Application: through the middle and move
implement passing and
students will middle and their hips to avoid
pass to partners passing and catching. move their hips having their flags
at a short catching. Application: to avoid having pulled.
distance, then Application: students will be their flags Application:
will move to a students will in two teams. pulled. students will do
greater distance be in two Students will Application: one on one flag
with every pair teams. pass, catch and students will do pulling drills
of successful Students will weave up and one on one flag similar to the
passes and pass, catch down the pulling drills famous Oklahoma
catches. and weave up football field. similar to the drill.
and down the
Oklahoma drill.
football field.
Name:____________________ Period:________________

Week 3 Students will Students will Students will Students will

continue more continue more have a quiz have a quiz
related related based on the based on the
football football sheet given to sheet given to students will
related drills related drills them. them. play an
Skills: Skills: Application: Application: actual game
students will students will students will students will
be in teams of be in teams of play an actual play an actual of flag
2 and will do 2 and will do game of flag game of flag football.
the look and the look and football. football.
follow the ball follow the ball
drill. Students drill. Students
will do two on will do two on
twos and run twos and run
routes with a routes with a
defense. defense.
Application: Application:
students will students will
work more on work more on
their flag their flag
pulling skills. pulling skills.
Students will Students will
play a game play a game
called chuy called chuy
football. football.
Name:____________________ Period:________________

Flag Football Skills Test: Flag Pulling and Catching

Standard 1:
The physically literate individual demonstrates competency in a variety of motor skills
and movement patterns
Performance Indicator:
The student utilizes the correct techniques/criteria for proper execution of flag pulling,
passing and catching.
Assessment Task:
Pull flags from the offensive player with the football. Also catch as many passes thrown
to them as possible.
Criteria for Competence:
Flag pulling Catching
Usually assumes the ready stance. Usually assumes ready stance or is in motion:
a. Wide Stance a. In running motion or in a narrow base
b. Hands low and to the side of the body position
c. Knees flexed, eyes on the waist and b. Knees flexed
flags. c. Hand target
Usually meets the offensive player in proper Usually meets ball in proper position
position a. Ball in front of them or right on their
a. In front of offensive player bodies
b. In flag pulling position b. Eyes looking at the ball the entire time
c. Not too far away from offensive c. Knees flexed
player that they might completely d. Hands rounded open
miss the flags. e. All finger tips on the ball

Usually executes the proper mechanics Usually executes the catch with proper
a. Shoulders square to offensive player mechanics;
b. Extends both arms towards flags. a. Catches the ball and immediately
c. Flag is pulled and player immediately tucks it into their body
stops. b. Extends arms to catch the ball
c. Uses diamond shaped hands to catch
the ball
d. No bobbling of the ball

Assessment Rubric: Students will complete 5 reps of each skill with appropriate pass and
offensive player movement.
Level Stance for flag pulling and catching Flag Pulling Catching
5 Consistently assumes ready stance Consistently pulls Consistently catches
flags the ball
Name:____________________ Period:________________

4 Usually assumes ready stance Usually pulls flags Usually catches the
3 Sometimes assumes ready stance Sometimes pulls Sometimes catches
flags the ball
2 Seldom assumes ready stance Seldom pulls flags Seldom catches the
1 Never assumes ready stance Never pulls flags Never catches the
Name:____________________ Period:________________

Your Statistics:

40-Dash Time

Broad Jump Distance

Muscle Fiber types:

Type 1 Muscle Fibers Type 2 Muscle Fibers

Aerobic Pathways Anaerobic Pathways

Fuel Efficient Fibers Not Fuel-Efficient Fibers

Long Distance Fibers Short Distance Fibers

Endurance Runners Sprinters

Marathoners Power Athletes

History and Rules of American Football:

 American Football originally came from England.
 It is the most popular sport in the United States
 The National Football League (NFL), got its name in 1922.
 The most watched television event in the United states is the Super Bowl.
 Helmets were not made mandatory until 1939.
 The football field is 120 yards long and 53.5 yards wide.
 There are 4 quarters that are each 15 minutes long.
 Each team has 11 players on the field for a total of 22 in regular football.
 The offense must advance the ball at least 10 yards in four plays to maintain possession.
 A touch down is worth 6 points, a field goal is worth 3 points, a safety is worth 2 points.
 For flag football, putting your hands down to block your flags from being pulled is a
penalty, the penalty is called flag guarding.
Name:____________________ Period:________________

Flag Football Quiz

What are the names of the muscles fibers human beings have? (Short Answer)

Which muscle fibers do sprinters predominantly possess? (Circle correct one)

A. Type 1 B. Type 2
Which muscle fibers do endurance runners predominantly possess? (Circle correct one)
A. Type 1 B. Type 2
Anaerobic pathways (Non-Fuel Efficient) pertain to which muscle fiber? (Circle correct one)
A. Type 1 B. Type 2
Aerobic pathways (Fuel Efficient) pertain to which muscle fiber? (Circle correct one)
A. Type 1 B. Type 2
American football originally came from which country? (Circle correct one)
A. Ireland B. Scotland C. England D. Mexico
Football is the most popular sport in the United States? (Circle correct one)
A. True B. False
There are 4 quarters in a game of football, and each quarter is 16 minutes long? (Circle correct
A. True B. False
How many points is a touchdown worth? (Circle correct one)
A. 7 points B. 6 points C. 3 points D. 2 points
How many points is a safety worth? (Circle correct one)
A. 7 points B. 6 points C. 3 points D. 2 points
How many yards minimum, does the offense need to advance to maintain possession of the ball?
(Circle correct one)
A. 10 yards B. 9 yards C. 5 yards D. 15 yards
How many plays does the offense have to make a first down? (Circle correct one)
A. 5 plays B. 1 play C. 3 plays D. 4 plays