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Subject: Mathematics Class: 2C

Topic: Mass Number of Pupils:27
Learning Area: Measuring and comparing masses Date:29 July 2009
Time: 8.10 am – 8.40 am

Learning Objectives:
Pupils will be taught to:

 Understand and use the vocabulary related to mass.

Learning Outcomes:
Pupils will be able to:

 Use the vocabulary related to mass in practical contexts

 Observe pupils’ learning process during whole class or group activities.

Previous Knowledge:
Pupils have been taught to:

 Measure lengths of objects using standard units.

(a) metre ; and
(b) centimetre

Moral Values:
Co-operation, self-confident

Thinking Skill:
Decision making, classification
Teaching-Learning Resources and Materials:

Stage of Procedure Remarks

Introduction 1. Teacher recalls pupils’ prior knowledge on
( 5 minutes ) prior lesson. Moral Value:
2. Each pair of pupils is given a paper strip.

3. The pupils are asked to measure the paper Thinking Skill:

strip by using cm ruler. -decision making

4. Question is asked by the teacher.

Appendix 1
Ex: What is the length of the paper strip?

5. Pupils are expected to give the answer :

“ The paper strip is ______cm long”

Lesson Whole Class Activity ( 10 minutes)
Development 1. Every pupil is asked to lift up their own chair
(10 minutes) and later then following by lifting a pencil. Appendix 2

2. Questions are posed to the pupils.

Thinking skills:
For example, -classification
“ The chair is heavy or light?” -Decision making

“ The pencil is heavy or light?”

Moral values:
3. Pupils are required to give appropriate
respond based on the questions asked.
For example,

“ The chair is heavy”

“ The pencil is light”

4. Teacher is later then show 1 picture to the


For example,


5. Teacher will pose a question to the pupils.

For example,

“ Can you lift up the watermelon with one


“ Is the watermelon heavy?”

6. Pupils are required to give appropriate
respond based on the question asked.

For example,

“ I cannot lift up the water melon with one


“ The watermelon is heavy.”

7. Step 1 to step 3 will be repeated by 2 or 3

more examples of pictures that showing light
and heavy objects.

8. Then teacher will paste a table that

categorizes the heavy and light object on the

For example,

heavy light
Appendix 3

Thinking skill:
9. Pictures of few objects that showing light and -Classification
heavy objects are pasted on a side of the - decision making

10. Few pupils are chosen to come forward to

paste the suitable picture at the suitable

For example, picture of feather is pasted at

the column “light” while picture of a table is
pasted at the column “heavy”
Group activity (10 minutes)

1. Pupils will carry out “ Paste Them correctly” Appendix 4

activity in small groups.

Thinking skills:
-decision making

Moral values:
- Helping each other

Class practice ( 3 minutes )

Appendix 5
1. Pupils are required to complete the
worksheet as class practice

Closure Homework:
1. Teacher gives pupils a simple quiz to pupils to
(2 minutes) Pg. pg. 65
test their understanding on the lesson taught.
2. Homework is given.
Lee Tak Sing, Lean Kee
Fang, Azizah Binti Haji
tics Year 2 Activity Book
Part 2. Selangor:
Appendix 1:

Paper strips

cm rulers
Appendix 2:

Appendix 3:
Appendix 4: Paste Them Correctly

Materials: Table form ( 5 ) , pictures ( 5 packets), glue (5)


1. Pupils are divided into groups of 5 or 6.

2. Each group will be given a table form, a glue, and a packet of pictures
3. Each group member in the groups must take turn to find the suitable
picture to paste on the appropriate column in the table form with the help
from members in own group.

For example,

light heavy


4. Step 2 and 3 will be repeated until all the pictures are pasted in the 2

5. The table forms are exchanged among groups after all the groups have
done all the pasting and the answers are discussed together.

Class:_________ Date:_________

Paste the picture in the correct column.

light heavy

Name:____________ Name:______________

Name:_____________ Name:_______________

Name:_______________ Name:________________
Appendix 5: Worksheet

Names:___________________________ Class:____________Date:_________

Match the pictures with suitable answer.

apple comb
stack of book

light heavy

rock feather