Action prompt: Crafting an origami crane After each drawing an action prompt provided by someone else in the class

, we had to immediately draft monologues that had something to do with our action prompt. I created the following 8-year-old character in approximately five minutes of free consciousness writing. (She has a lisp and can’t say “R’s.”) Misses Moffett is the wowst teacher in the histowy of skool. I hate owigami. Dumb paper cwane that I can’t fowld. I’m gonna fail the second gwade. I know it ‘cause she’s gonna fail me. Hated me evah since the second week of class when I cwacked open the glass gel cwab her daughter gave hewr. Made me go get the bwoom from Mister Mowales, the janitow, and clean it up myself. She makes me so sad. I tried to clean up the second gwade bathwoom once with papew towels and watew to make hewr like me mow, but all I got was chicken pox. Misses Moffett didn’t even make me the guest of honowr at that month’s supew cititzens’ pawty on duwing wecess. What is wrong with hewr? Maybe I should tell my Mom. Maybe she’d make sure I gwaduawated to the thiwd gwade.