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We are living through transformational times. When people check their

news updates and social media feed, it feels like the world is just filled with
strangeness. Key events like the war in Syria, the refugee crisis, the Brexit vote
and the 2016 United States presidential election have revealed the unrest and
division in societies to be almost like a tug-of-war between two extremes. On
the one hand, there are those who feel everything’s gone so backward, the
road to the future has become a lot more uncertain. Yet on the other hand,
living in the same world and through the same events, there are those whose
opinions reveal a sense of relief that things are going back to how they believe
things should be.

It’s easy to observe what’s been going on and conclude that it’s all a decisive
trend that’s determining where we go from here. The truth is, however, it’s all
just noise caused by the real trends, and not the underlying forces themselves.
The real trends have been building up for the last decade, and they have
brought us to this point today.

This report outlines the five big trends that will cause disruption through to
the 2020s. Your job as a business leader is to tune out of the noise and truly
understand the trends behind them. If you allow yourself to get swept into the
negativity of all the things happening around the world, it distracts you from
the fact that we do live in a time of unlimited, global opportunities. But if you
understand the real trends, you can better navigate the way for your business
for the next decade, and make the absolute most of the times that we are in.

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Trend 1:

In 1946, nearly nine months after the end of refer to the baby boomers as “the pig in the
World War II, there was a baby boom and, as python”4. The baby boomers are “a bulge in an
historian Landon Jones put it, “the cry of the otherwise level pattern” and their presence and
baby was heard across the land.”1 The number significance in the world’s timeline continues to
of babies being born showed an upward trend: have an impact on consumer spending, society
3.4 million in 1946, 3.8 million in 1947, 3.9 and many other things as they grow older.5
million in 1952, and over 4 million every year
from 1954 to 1964.2 By the end of the baby Everything the baby boomers touched became
boom, there were 76.4 million so-called “baby massively disrupted, and they “influenced
boomers” in the United States alone, thereby culture, music and fashion, among other
making up 40% of the American population.3 things, at every key moment in their lives.”6 In
the 1950s when they were babies, the baby
If you were to imagine a python that had food company Gerber exploded in value and
swallowed a pig, you’d see that pig move was one of the hot stocks at the time, because
through and further down the snake. It’s the baby boomers needed baby food. In the
this imagery that has led demographers to 1960s, many music industry greats like The

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Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys, Ray start of 1946 turned 70 in July 2016, and for
Charles, and Aretha Franklin rose to fame and the next 18 years, followed by 10,000 people
influence in ways that’s still revered today, per day reaching this milestone age.7
as did the music industry, because the baby
boomers became teenagers and they wanted WHAT THIS MEANS FOR BUSINESS
to listen to and buy music. In the 1970s, used To understand what baby boomers turning 70
car sales then spiked up as the baby boomers means for business, we need to first understand
sought to buy their first cars and turned to what turning 70 means to baby boomers.
used cars rather than brand new ones. It’s
from this that the stereotypical image of a used Turning 70 first of all means a need for
car salesman that we often picture emerged, healthcare and increased medical expenses.
with his Rolex and his flashy watches and
chains, because used car salesmen were Studies show that for an average human being,
benefitting from baby boomers all looking to medical expenses start out high in infancy and
buy their cars at roughly the same time. In early childhood, and then stay low for most of
the 1980s, baby boomers started buying their his or her life, before it again shoots up to rates
own houses and mortgage interest rates went even higher than in infancy. With baby boomers
up to 15%, and in the 1990s, baby boomers all turning 70, expect to see a huge group of
then wanted to fill their houses with things they people now moving into “medical expense
could buy, and we saw the boom in consumer years”, and this will put a lot of pressure on
electronics and personal computers. healthcare systems around the world.

Today baby boomers are turning 70. The first Turning 70 also affects income. When people
wave of baby boomers who were born at the turn 50, their income regularly drops by about a

7 Wojcik, Natalia. “If you are turning 70 1/2, prepare to withdraw from retirement accounts.” CNBC, CNBC, 23 Feb. 2017, www.cnbc.


third until they turn 70. This means that someone Finally, it’s not only income that begins to
on an income of £100,000 a year would be on reflect a shift towards a career slowdown.
£65,000 a year in real spending terms by the time Turning 70 means a person’s mindset shifts
they turn 70. For someone whose income was from wealth accumulation and trying to put
continuously increasing throughout much of their together businesses and investments, to a
adulthood, an income plateau would certainly be mindset of wealth liquidation: living off your
frustrating, even if it’s actually statistically normal business and the assets you’ve invested in,
for incomes to be dropping every single year. This traveling more, generally enjoying life and
is what’s happening today: the baby boomers, winding down into retirement.
a huge economic force in the marketplace,
have now been feeling that their best days are AS THE BABY BOOMERS TURN 70,
behind them, that their income is not as high THEY’LL BE LOOKING
as it used to be, that they no longer enjoy the
same opportunities they used to – and it’s all TO SELL THE BUSINESS OR
statistically valid, as it’s how most people (baby THE ASSETS THEY INVESTED TIME
boomer or not) feel when they become part AND MONEY IN THROUGHOUT THEIR
of this age group. However, although they are
being told that it’s normal not to earn as much
as they used to, they grow upset at the system HOWEVER, THE FOLLOWING
or government that they feel is now letting them GENERATION OF MILLENNIALS
down. This is happening en masse, and it’s AREN’T LOOKING TO BUY.
becoming a huge issue. In fact, you can probably
think of some recent events wherein this trend They’re more interested in access rather than
likely played a huge part. ownership.


Trend 2:

Like the baby boomers, millennials are also internet modem made, and most millennials
a significant and disruptive demographic. across the board will have had access to a
Born anywhere from the 1980s to late 1990s, mobile phone and email from a young age. They
millennials are “the children of baby boomers were teenagers when Google came along, and
and older Gen Xers” and are also known they’re very comfortable with the idea that, if you
as the “Echo Boomers”.8 Just as the baby don’t know something, you simply “google” it.
boomers caused a spike in industries that were Hence, studies show that “millennials are 2.5x
relevant to different stages of their lives, baby more likely to be an early adopter of technology”
boomers getting married and having children compared to other generations.10
also resulted in the following generation being
a large demographic. In fact, in April 2016, the But millennials do things very differently from their
Pew Research Center reported that millennials parents and grandparents, beyond just being
had overtaken the baby boomers as the United more digitally savvy. In 1968, if you bumped into
States’ “largest living generation” at 75.4 million a 30-year-old, there was a 56% chance that
compared to the baby boomers at 74.9 million.9 they were married, had children, had a full-time
job and had a mortgage. Today, however, if you
As their demographic name suggests, bump into a 30-year-old, there’s less than a 23%
millennials grew up at the turn of the millennium, chance that they would have all the trademarks
and are often known for having grown up in a of someone settling down in the same way, and
digital landscape. Many of the older millennials that percentage is dropping each year, with 69%
know the trademark sounds that an old dial-up of millennials saying that “they crave adventure”11.

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11 Ibid.


The percentage of youg people married and
living on their own has dropped by more 23% 27% 43% 56%
than 50% since the 1960s.
Source: Goldman Sachs, Millenials Coming of Age 2012 2007 1981 1968

And, as William Strauss and Neil Howe predicted have been the last ones dominated by baby
in their book Millennials Rising: The Next Great boomers and previous generations, as more
Generation, millennials have emerged to be “civic- millennials are becoming eligible to vote.16
minded”, having a strong sense of community
whether that’s locally or globally.12 In fact, WHAT THIS MEANS FOR BUSINESS

ALMOST 50% OF MILLENNIALS SAY With millennials beginning to dominate the

workforce, their traits, habits and choices are
THEY’D BE MORE WILLING now also heavily influencing the market. This
TO MAKE A PURCHASE FROM A doesn’t translate in the same way as it did for
COMPANY IF THEIR PURCHASE baby boomers, however, because millennials
SUPPORTS A CAUSE, have less means than the previous generations
primarily due to two factors: student debt,
and 37% say they’re willing to pay a bit more to particularly in the United States, and credit
for a product or a service to support a cause cards. Millennials are the first generation to
they believe in.13 This is significant especially be ubiquitously given consumer credit and
when considering that millennials make up increasingly higher credit limits, right from
21% of consumer discretionary purchases, their teenage years to their early twenties and
“estimated to be over a trillion dollars in direct onwards. Unsurprisingly, then, millennials have
buying power”.14 the following five main financial concerns:
having enough for living expenses, becoming
Studies also show that millennials’ political financially independent, getting out of debt,
leanings tend to be more Liberal Democratic/ saving for a big purchase, and planning for the
Lean Democratic, compared to previous future. In effect, the problems they face, such as
generations whose political leanings were more debt, lack of housing and unemployment, have
Conservative Republican/Lean Republican.15 become part and parcel of the characteristics of
how society has come to define millennials.
This is predicted to have quite an impact in
future elections, as new research has shown The result is what Goldman Sachs identifies as
that the 2016’s major political elections could “access versus ownership”17.

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WHEREAS BABY BOOMERS WERE millennials don’t have the capacity to purchase
the very things that baby boomers are now
EAGER TO INVEST IN AND PURCHASE aiming to liquidate and sell. When a large
CARS, HOUSES AND OTHER ASSETS, percentage of the population wants to sell
THE MILLENNIAL MINDSET IS THAT big houses so they can retire, and a large
THEY WOULD PREFER TO HAVE ACCESS percentage of the population who should’ve
bought those houses to settle down, don’t want
RATHER THAN FULL OWNERSHIP. to buy them, it results in a big, strange standoff
in the economy and in mindsets. Rather than
Millennials would prefer to have limitless Uber these two generations working together, they
credit rather than own a Mercedes Benz, couldn’t be more polarized especially in light
and would rather travel around the world with of the last 12 months’ significant events. For
access to Airbnb properties rather than own example, overwhelmingly millennials wanted to
their own one home in one location. Their be part of a European Union, and they feel they
preference for access has had a significant were voted out by a generation of people who
impact on the five leading sharing economy are done travelling, done settling down in other
sectors, such as collaborative finance, peer- places.
to-peer accommodation, transportation, on-
demand household services and non-demand Together, the demographic trends of baby
professional services, that according to PWC, boomers turning 70 and of the millennial
the sharing economy in the UK is worth £7 mindset shift have a significant, palpable yet
billion and is expected to increase twenty-fold to polarising impact on the political, economic
up to £140 billion within the next fifteen years.18 and social landscape, and it will continue to do
so in the years to come, and it’s something to
This preference for access over ownership, seriously consider as you lead your business
combined with their student debt, means that towards growth.

18 PricewaterhouseCoopers. “UK sharing economy to get £8bn boost in 2017.” PwC,



Trend 3:

When people think of technology an even bigger 80% of Americans believe

unemployment, what comes to mind is a their own jobs or professions will be safe and
world run by robots and all sorts of highly will still exist 50 years from now19. The truth
advanced artificial intelligence (AI) that we is, however, that although not currently as
see in movies and TV. This is problematic: sophisticated as Hollywood can make them
Because our current world may be appear, developing technology is already
technologically advanced yet not quite run having an impact on employment.
by robots, it leads people to feel a bit lax
towards the idea that technology is putting According to an Oxford University study, 47%
people out of jobs. They adhere to the idea of the total workforce in the United States are
that although technology has come far, it at risk due to computerisation, and many jobs
doesn’t do much on its own, in the same can be replaced by technology or automation.20
way that computers and calculators are more While there are those who would argue that this
efficient at processing data and numbers, but refers mostly or only to manual tasks “requiring
require humans to switch them on and use physical labour”, the study shows that as many
them. To put this in perspective, a study by as approximately 140 million full-time workers
the Pew Research Centre found that 65% of could be replaced by “sophisticated algorithms”
Americans “expect that robots and computers that can “contribute to a wide range of cognitive
will do much of the work currently done by tasks, which, until now, have largely remained a
humans within 50 years”, but despite this, human domain.”21 In fact, in a surprising turn of

19 Smith, Aaron. “Public Predictions for the Future of Workforce Automation.” Pew Research Center: Internet, Science & Tech, 10 Mar. 2016,
20 Frey, Carl Benedikt, and Michael A. Osborne. “The Future of Employment: How Susceptible are Jobs to Computerisation.” University of
Oxford, 2013,
21 Ibid.


% of adults who say that in the next 50 years robots and computers will do much of the
work currently done by human
Will happen Will not happen
NET 65% NET 32%
Definitely Probably Probably Definitely
not not

15% 50% 25% 7%

% of workers who say the job/profession they work in now will/will not exist in 50 years
Will exist Will not exist
NET 80% NET 18%
Definitely Probably Probably Definitely
not not

36 44 12 6
Note: Second chart based on those who are currently employed on a full-or part-time basis
Source: Survey conducted June 10-July 12, 2015. PEW RESEARCH CENTER

events, technology has shown that even a job like Economic Forum makes a conservative estimate
fashion modelling, which would typically require that by 2020, 5.1 million jobs will be disrupted
a physical body, a human model, can be carried and lost due to the technology trends around
out digitally. In 2016, Louis Vuitton, under the the world23, and we don’t need to wait for highly
direction designer Nicolas Ghesquière, promoted advanced robots to come around – it’s already
its Spring/Summer collection with a campaign happening wherever we can see or imagine
that used not an acclaimed supermodel, but automation.
rather an internationally recognised video game
CGI character named Lightning, from the video WHAT THIS MEANS FOR BUSINESS
game Final Fantasy.22 It’s undeniable that today we enjoy an
increasingly automated landscape, and while
Closer to the ground, we experience advanced it doesn’t necessarily mean that a robot will
technology where people used to be. We can come and do all the heavy lifting in a business
walk into a supermarket, pick our items, pay for or a system, it does mean that a problem within
them and bring them home, all without having to an operation or organisation can be solved
interact with another human. We can purchase with an automated system that doesn’t require
our airline ticket, show up at the airport, check the person who used to be responsible for it.
ourselves and our luggage in, get through Sometimes this means that companies use
security and into the departures area with videos rather than people to educate their market
minimal interaction or contact. All in all, the World about the value of what they do. Or, it might

22 Fury, Alexander. “Final Fantasy’s Lightning is the star of Louis Vuitton’s new advertising campaign.” The Independent, Independent Digital
News and Media, 31 Dec. 2015,
23 The Future of Jobs: Employment, Skills and Workforce Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. World Economic Forum, 2016, www3.


mean that what used to be a project team of due to lack of infrastructure and the resources
twelve, is now a team of six thanks to the many required to do so. For example, in the Philippines,
apps and systems they use to get the job done. there are remote rural areas which haven’t
serviced by telephone companies, but today
The belief that technology creates jobs is residents in those areas have mobile phones with
inaccurate. While Walmart has employed 2.2 3G and have full access to Facebook. Today’s
million people, global giant Amazon employs technology is speeding up so fast, it’s overtaking
just around 154,000 people yet serves many some of the much older technology that hasn’t
more customers than Walmart does. Vodafone’s yet reached everyone.
workforce is 101,000, yet WhatsApp’s workforce
is only around 190 strong and globally they In this increasingly digital landscape, we can
have more users sending text, video and voice outsource jobs to lower income areas, and we
messages through their app. Media corporation can have a global workforce operating in multiple
NewsCorp employs 50,000 staff, yet Facebook cities more easily. Sharing best practice can be
have a much higher valuation, has more content a matter of just sharing files on Dropbox and
being created and shared by more users through briefing members through a 30-minute Skype
its platform, and they employ just around 10,000 call. We can also have access to services that in
people. The Hilton chain of hotels employs the past would have been very time- and labour-
roughly 155,000 people, whereas Airbnb has intensive. Whereas in the past getting a valuation
more rooms available each night and has only for your business would have required a lot of
2,000 people in their team. time and work from its team and its auditors,
today a platform called BizEquity can provide
SO TECHNOLOGY DOESN’T CREATE JOBS. you with an accurate valuation of your business
NEW, TECHNOLOGICALLY FOCUSED AND all online and in much less time. UK startup
DRIVEN COMPANIES HIRE A FRACTION Babylon is a health app that gives its users and
OF WHAT THEIR OLDER COMPETITORS subscribers the opportunity to book and have
a consult with a GP and get a prescription in a
WHO USE OLDER BUSINESS MODELS AND matter of minutes, making it much more efficient
OPERATIONS. IT DOES, HOWEVER, than physically seeing a GP. An even greater
CREATE OPPORTUNITIES. opportunity from this is that when this technology
scales, it can service a place like Africa, which
Amazon, WhatsApp, Airbnb and other similar has 26% of the world’s health issues but currently
companies provide customers – some of whom only 1.3% of the world’s health workers.
are themselves businesses or business-owners
– with opportunities to purchase things more As technology continues its rapid evolution and
efficiently, to communicate with each other more growth, employment will certainly be at risk, but it
easily, to travel with more options, and so on. does make way for a lot of amazing opportunities
for starting and growing businesses, and for
The advancement of technology also importantly improving lives.
means that it’s much easier for businesses to
have a being part of the globalization occurring
today. In 2010, the world population was 6.8
billion, and only 26% were online. In not-too-
distant 2020, the world population is predicted
to be at 7.6 billion people, and 66% will be online
with at least a 3G connection or better. This
means around 3 billion people will be using the
internet, and it’s worth noting that a fraction of
those who’ve jumped on and started using the
internet probably are in areas that didn’t have the
opportunity to have access to landline telephones


Trend 4:

How do governments and other governing taxed because they’re thinking globally – they
bodies define themselves? They define make money in the UK, spend it in Luxembourg,
themselves by the geography that they operate invest it in something based in Japan, and so
in. We have the UK government, the European on. The UK government, then, just wouldn’t be
Union, the Scottish Parliament, the United able to catch up, and it’ll take the government at
States congress, the Association of Southeast least a decade or more to realize that the rules
Asian Nations. When speaking of governments they’re playing by are a low operating system,
and governing bodies, the first word is based on that regional governments aren’t cut out for
geography, and that’s how governments have highly globalised businesses and activity, and
defined themselves for centuries, and yet no that an overhaul would probably be needed.
highly valued and competitive company in any
industry would limit itself by geography. Google UNABLE TO KEEP UP WITH COMPANIES
hasn’t selected a city and decided they would AND HIGH-EARNERS THAT ARE HARD
service just that area. Apple may have started
in California, but their growth and influence as
been way outside of that geographical area. AND GOVERNMENT AUSTERITY IS
All big companies are thinking globally and
looking at global markets, yet all governments Around the world, governments are finding
are stuck on thinking regionally, and this has that they just can’t spend as much as they
started to cause serious problems. Imagine used to. Since 2010, the pay of public sector
that a government is running on an old regional, workers have fallen 4.5% on average, while
geography-based operating system regional salaries of those in the private sector remained
geography-based OS, while the world is running unchanged. The government budgets for its
on a newer, digital values-based, ideology- public services including transportation, defence,
based, scalable operating system. What this social housing, justice and the environment have
tangibly turns into is that big companies can’t be all been significantly reduced, while health and


education budgets haven’t grown fast enough governments have some serious catching up to
to keep up with the demand. Most people feel in order to tax responsibly and effectively in the
the effects of this austerity when they experience increasingly digital and globalized economy.
the squeeze… felt in longer waits in hospitals,
harder commutes, and tighter school budgets.’24 WHAT THIS MEANS FOR BUSINESS
And, with a growing population Baby Boomers Until governments find a way to increase their
who pay less tax and need to be cared for, local revenue through responsible and effective
councils are under pressure to deliver while taxation, people are unable to look to them to
enduring smaller and smaller budgets, due to the resolve the big issues that historically would
government’s dwindling taxation income. have been up to governments to resolve, such
as providing widely accessible and affordable
An article in the Financial Times puts it best: transportation, education and healthcare. With
‘As the country grows older, this is a form a decreasing budget from all fronts, there is
of economy that will only become more even less allocated for governments to conduct
inhumane.’25 research, to experiment, develop and innovate.

Austerity is not a sustainable solution, and On the other hand, entrepreneurs and
there’s only one option: taxation. In the UK, and businesses have a great opportunity to fill
in many countries, most revenue made by the that void. The technological advancement we
government comes from four sources: income experience daily provides us the tools budding
taxes, value added taxes, national insurance entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes to
fees, and corporate taxes.26 And research shows invest and develop systems, products and
that more people are now in favour of increasing movements that can provide what governments
taxes that can lead to ‘greater redistribution in its current state cannot. This, then, leads to
of income between rich and poor’.27 However, the last, and perhaps most inspiring trend.

24 “The end of UK austerity means a tilt towards taxes.” Financial Times, 30 June 2017,
25 Ibid.
26 Ibid.
27 Chapman, Ben. “UK public turns against austerity as 48% support higher taxes for better services, survey shows.” The Independent,
Independent Digital News and Media, 28 June 2017,


Trend 5:

In September 2015, world leaders in the United to the world’s most pressing problems such
Nations identified and set 17 Global Goals as extreme poverty, all forms of inequality and
for Sustainable Development. If all these are climate change.28
addressed and achieved, it would mean an end

28 “The Global Goals.” The Global Goals,


On the Global Goals website, however, it states: technology; it’s also become a catalyst in the
‘Our governments have a plan to save our automobile industry.
planet... it’s our job to make sure they stick to
it.’ Although this is true, we at Dent believe that THIS KIND OF INNOVATION IS NOT JUST
there is much more we can do to address these ABOUT ELECTRIC CARS AND SUSTAINABLE
Goals. More than governments, entrepreneurs in
particular can be the much-needed innovators
and catalysts for change, and we are already THE EFFORT TO PROVIDE PRODUCTS AND
Elon Musk was due to unveil the Model 3 in
California on Thursday, 31 March 2016, yet
before he even made it to the stage for his And it’s not only a step in the right direction
presentation, the electric car maker had already ethically – it turns out, it could be quite lucrative
racked up 115,000 in preorders. In around 24 for a business as well.
hours, on Friday 1 April 2016, Musk tweeted
that their pre-orders had reached 180,000, As established in Trend 2, millennials are a
and in an hour he tweeted again that the order disruptive and influential market, surpassing
count had reached 198,000. With the average the baby boomers as the largest living (and
Model 3 order costing around $42,000 including most diverse) demographic and generation.
added features, Tesla was set to make an They are also very conscientious about their
estimated $8 billion in what has been called one consumerism. An article on Forbes states that
of the biggest product launches in history, with millennial consumers ‘are set on making a
$198,000,000 in deposits in 24 hours.29 difference in the world around them... Rather
than making random or one-off donations,
More than the impressive financial achievement
they are a generation characterized by
of Tesla, the Model 3 launch was a very
integrating the causes they care about into
significant step towards championing electric
their daily routines and purchase behaviours.’30
cars, and an impressive response to renewable
Consequentially, the millennial consumers
energy from both the carmaker and its market.
are ‘more likely to buy items associated with
The Model 3 launch signaled that there is
a cause’ and they reward companies that
indeed a growing interest in more sustainable
support the social issues or causes they
energy and modes of transportation, and Tesla
feel strongly about. And with thousands
triggered a response from other carmakers
of businesses being started globally every
to likewise venture into providing people
exactly that. Today, there are more ads and day, and technological innovation making
promotional material for electric cars than it a very opportune time to venture into
before. From the more affordable ranges of entrepreneurship, embedding a way to address
Renault and Hyundai, to more upmarket Audi the world’s big problems into the business is
and Jaguar, car companies are becoming more both easier and more beneficial for everyone.
open to experimenting and developing electric
car concepts – and it’s a win for sustainable
energy. Under the direction of Elon Musk, With governments held back by policies and
who is himself a vocal advocate of combating politics, and unable to more generously fund and
climate change, Tesla has not only become invest in research and innovation, entrepreneurs
first in the market for sustainable energy now have the spotlight. Not only is today’s

29 “Tesla got 200,000 orders for the Model 3 in about one day.” CNNMoney, Cable News Network, 1 Apr. 2016,
30 Fromm, Jeff. “Millennials Are Influencing The Future Of Philanthropy.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 27 Feb. 2017,


growing technological advancement a product of performance, public transparency, and legal
entrepreneurs and businesses, it is also what’s accountability’.32 They also encourage companies
fueling and powering today’s entrepreneur to align the business’ interests with society’s
revolution. Businesses today just have more interests to maintain their high impact, and help
resources and can be much more agile than numerous organisations around the world assess
clunky, age-old political policies, priming them and manage their impact on the environment
to be able to solve the world’s problems more and society with their B Impact Assessment
quickly and perhaps more effectively. All they and B Analytics tools. Overall, B Lab helps build
need is to embrace the philosophy of using and guide businesses towards sustainability and
their business for good, and there are a number responsibility, and today there are 2,162 Certified
of organisations around the world who have B Corporations in a wide range of industries from
dedicated their efforts to helping entrepreneurs all over the world, including brands like Ella’s
do exactly that. Kitchen and Patagonia. Having the B Corporation
certification gives businesses the measures to
In 2006, Jay Coen Gilbert, Barth Houlahan and subscribe to, in order to grow into an organization
Andrew Kassoy co-founded B Lab, ‘a nonprofit that is more conscientious and aware of the
organization that serves a global movement bigger picture. Thanks to B Lab, companies can
of people using business as a force for good’ now be accredited not only for their operational
and their vision is that businesses around excellence and output quality, but also for their
the world won’t just aim to be the best in the sustainability and accountability.
world, but also be ‘the Best for the World.’ 31
To make this vision a reality, they’re building a In 2007, a group of entrepreneurs asked: “What
global community of Certified B Corporations™, would happen if we all gave back by just doing
companies that have been audited against high the things we do every day?”33 and three years
standards in ‘overall social and environmental later, Buy1Give1 (B1G1) was born.

31 “B Corporation.” About B Lab | B Corporation,

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Founded on the mission to create a world of rainforests in Borneo. Through the B1G1
full of giving, B1G1 helps businesses make model, all each business had to do was
an impact ‘by embedding giving activities formulate a particular achievement and match
into everyday business operations... for as it with a giving project that they’ve selected
little as one cent.’34 By 2012, 800 businesses (e.g. for every sale of an item or a service, the
from around the world had joined B1G1, and business pledges to allocate a fraction of the
collectively they had made 20 million impacts payment made to complete one giving project
through giving to projects such as providing towards providing clean water to a village
disadvantaged students in India access for a day). By 2014, the B1G1 community
to educational support, giving women in of businesses had made 50 million giving
Africa microloans to start their business, and impacts, and by 2016, they had reached 94
funding the planting of trees and protection million impacts with 1,885 businesses in the

TOTAL GIVING IMPACTS B1G1’s giving projects are all carefully assessed
and audited to ensure that businesses can
94,523,955 make exactly the impact they want, and there
are many projects based around the world,
(21,793,684 impacts created in 2016)
each one addressing a Global Goal.

At Dent, we have three core values: be brave,

726,088 1,801,480 823,480
learning tools educational life education
have fun and make a dent. We encourage all
entrepreneurs to do the big things without fear,
support programmes

123,013 1 567,231 1 (333,000 1 140,551 1

and to take greater risks for greater reward.

However we also want our entrepreneurs to
13,673 computer
55,595 have fun and enjoy their work. It’s important

for us that entrepreneurs are living out their

income-generating support training
4,730 1 854,029 1
189,392 1 12,474 i 1
passion and doing what they love. And finally,
we want all entrepreneurs to make a dent in
3,100,338 64,848,388 9,433 237,010 the universe and solve the world’s meaningful
farmers water
access to
problems, and we do so by encouraging each
business to find one Global Goal that most
12,952,642 11
456,705 1 1,167 1 (112,271 1

aligns with their brand, and another Global

Goal that they are personally passionate about,
27,929 17,909,927
then allocating time and resources to help
31 1
trees micro-giving

bring more awareness to these Goals, as well

5,840 1
5,638,830 1 1 1
401,809 1

as to help solve them.

34 Ibid.
35 Impact Report 2016. B1G1, Impact Report 2016,



Some people look at these give big trends, known and highly valued people. They are the
get overwhelmed and feel like giving up. You Key People of Influence.
yourself may wonder: How can we continue
life as we know it with all this change? On the You probably already know these people in
other hand, others recognize that this is the your industry.
greatest shift in wealth in human history, and • Their names come up in conversation – for
they seize the opportunities available, focusing all the right reasons.
on creating the life of their dreams.
• They attract a lot of opportunities – the right
As we hit the apex of the industrial age, sort.
wealth accumulated into the hands of a few • They earn more money than most – and it
people and companies. The digital age will isn’t a struggle.
shake everything, and move money and • They can make a project successful if they
opportunity to new people and places. If you’re are involved – and people know it.
an entrepreneur who can now see what’s
happening, these changes are a great thing Key People of Influence enjoy a special status
if you know how to handle them. To do this, in their chosen field, because they are visible,
there are four key things you need to do to valuable and well-connected in the industry
ensure your business thrives amidst these they love. They get invited to be part of the
global trends. best teams and projects, and they can often
write their own terms.
KEY PERSON OF INFLUENCE Key People of Influence also have more fun.
At the center of ever industry, you’ll find an They are treated with respect and others
inner circle of people who are the most well- listen when they speak. These people are


in demand. They don’t chase opportunities, • Weekly LAPS – Leads, Appointments,
they curate them. They’re creators and Presentations, Sales
owners of assets, and they aren’t fazed by the • Quarterly campaigns that generate buzz
increasingly digital landscape, because every and an uplift of sales
time new tech comes along, it fuels the growth • Annual big messages and causes that de-
of their brand into new audiences from various commoditise you from your marketplace.
demographics. Each new disruption opens up
a new market. A business requires you to establish a rhythm
of sales and promotions and to execute each
Key People of Influence are recession-proof action with effort and excellence. As you run
and disruption-proof trend surfers, and the only your campaigns and promotions, be sure to
things they have to fear are self-inflicted errors. capture the assets and put them online.
Want to become a Key Person of Influence? Score your ability to create market buzz,
Start by taking the Influence scorecard: become oversubscribed and run a Campaign Driven Enterprise:
Most businesses are set up to win clients one Most people are building a business that isn’t
at a time, and then service clients one at a worth their commitment of time, money and
time. It’s unsustainable and causes people energy. Even when they make sales, derive an
to grow bored or to burn out – especially in income and grow year upon year, they come to
the face of these global trends. This doesn’t realize that when they decide to move on, their
work for the business owner (who exhaust business doesn’t retain value without them.
themselves fast and can’t scale), and it doesn’t
work for the clients (who don’t get the energy This is painful. It means you can spend
they deserve). It’s incredibl difficult to create the decades of your life making sacrifices and
sales velocity required for fast growth without enduring stress without a payoff. Every
thinking like a Campaign Driven Enterprise. customer, every employee and every expansion
becomes draining rather than rewarding.
To speed up your business, become campaign
driven and run regular promotions. You’ll need Alternatively, a small number of business owners
to have: build their business in a way that the business


is a standalone asset. They can take breaks, something bigger than your business as a
enjoy holidays and even exit the business for mission expands your thinking and attracts
a substantial pay-out, because they built the collaborators. A big problem to solve in
business itself into an asset, and the do this conjunction with an enterprise you want to
by creating the 24 business assets that are build creates nuclear fusion powered growth.
valuable in their own right. As you develop them,
your business becomes more valuable, more At Dent, we have three core values:
scalable, more profitable and more investable. • Be brave.
• Have fun.
When all 24 of the assets are remarkable,
your content reaches so many people, your • Make a dent.
products are referred by so many clients,
We encourage all entrepreneurs to do the big
and your culture attracts so many great team
things without fear, and to take greater risks
members that the business takes on a life of
for greater reward. However we also want our
its own. You’ll see opportunity everywhere,
entrepreneurs to have fun and enjoy their work.
effortless scale your business, make money,
It’s important for us that entrepreneurs are living
have great people around you and attract
out their passion and doing what they love.
further opportunities – all in the face of these
global trends.
And finally – and perhaps most importantly –
we want all entrepreneurs to make a dent in
Benchmark your business against 24
the universe and solve the world’s meaningful
categories of digital assets, and identify
problems. We do so by encouraging each
opportunities for growth, funding, acquisition
business to find one Global Goal that most
and exit:
aligns with their brand, and another Global
MAKE A DENT Goal that they are personally passionate about,
then allocating time and resources to help
When you’ve built your business up to face bring more awareness to these Goals, as well
and withstand these global trends, you’ll then as to help solve them.
be faced with a new challenge – a question
that will gnaw away at you: ‘What is the most
meaningful problem I could solve?”

Humans are built to make the most of their

surroundings in a way that benefits themselves An easy way to start is to register your
and their tribe. They derive meaning from a business as a Buy1Give1 Business for Good.
blend of personal success and doing the right Once you’re registered, you can select the
thing by others. giving projects you are most passionate about,
and make small, regular donations towards
Why wait until after you are financially solving these causes.
successful to do your most rewarding
work? The approach that works best is to You can find out more here:
choose something big from day one. Naming


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Daniel Priestley is the best-selling author of four books on business and
entrepreneurship. He is an experienced entrepreneur who’s built several
successful companies, raised funding, acquired and sold businesses.
Daniel Priestley heads up a global training and development company
with offices in the UK, USA, Australia and Singapore. He speaks
around the world at leading universities and conferences. He is also an
ambassador for KPMG Enterprise in the UK.

Glen Carlson heads up the Key Person of Influence Growth Accelerator
for entrepreneurs in Australia. He’s worked with over 1,200 entrepreneurs
and leaders around Australia and draws upon his personal experience as
an entrepreneur.
Glen has built companies in the UK, Asia and Australia and has travelled
extensively giving talks all over the world about business, leadership and

Krizia is a valued member of the Dent UK team, heading up projects
ranging from event production to social media marketing and content
creation. She holds a Masters in Contemporary Literature and a Masters
in Publishing. She has a passion for creative industries and a lifelong
exposure to family business, giving her a unique balance of creative and
commercial thinking.
Prior to her role at Dent, Krizia worked as a branding consultant for a
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