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A nsw er Key

P r a c t ic e T e s t O ne
P a rt 1 (p a g e s 3 - 8 ) 5- (D) The trainer is in front of the group.
Choice (A) confuses the similar sounds
conductor with instructor and the similar
(A) They're leaving the room. words train with trainer. Choice (B)
(B) They're turning on the machine. confuses the word course, which has
(C) They're standing near the table. the meaning of a ship's chosen path
(D) They're reading the newspaper. (associated word captain ) and a training
session. Choice (C) associates teacher with
1. (A) The fuel truck is by the jet. Choice (B)
is incorrect because the plane's fuel tank trainer and is incorrect because the
woman is standing by a chart, not
may be low, but the plane is not flying
low. It also confuses the similar sounding behind a desk.
word crane for plane. Choice (C) confuses 6. (C) The bus's storage bins are open.
the similar sounds plan with plane and Choices (A) and (B) are out of context.
uses the associated word fuel. Choice (D) Choice (D) is incorrect because the bins,
confuses the similar sounds playing and not boxes, are empty.
plane and jet and wet. ^ (B) Smoke is coming from the chimney.
2. (C) The technician is looking at the Choice (A) confuses fireplace and chimney.
gauges and dials to check how the Choice (C) is incorrect because there is
systems are functioning. Choices (A), smoke coming from the chimney, not fire
(B), and (D) misidentify the occupation coming from a skyscraper. Choice (D)
and location. confuses the similar words fired (to be
terminated) and fire (burning flames) by
3. (B) The speaker is addressing the group.
associating fire with smoke.
Choice (A) is incorrect because the
audience is listening to the speaker, not 8. (B) The people are having a discussion.
to a concert. Choice (C) is a different Choice (A) is incorrect because there are
context; the audience may be workers, coffee cups, but no one is making coffee.
but they are sitting, not returning. Choice Choice (C) repeats cups, which are on the
(D) is out of context; these are not table. Choice (D) is incorrect because
musicians in an orchestra with a they are not using a calculator.
conductor. 9 (B) The waiter is clearing the table.
4. (D) The people are shaking hands. Choice Choice (A) confuses the similar phrases
(A) confuses rubbing their fingers and buying an umbrella and by an umbrella.
shaking hands. Choice (B) misidentifies Choice (C) is something a waiter would
the action and the body part. Choice (C) do but is not what he's doing in the
confuses the similar sounds band and picture. Choice (D) confuses the similar-
hand. sounding words waiting for waiter and
restroom for restaurant.


10. (D) A traveler is sitting on his suitcase on 17. (C) It'll probably rain soon. The second
the platform waiting for a train. Choice speaker concludes that a cloudy sky will
(A) confuses the similar sounds train and lead to rain. Choice (A) confuses crowded
trainer and repeats the word watch, which with the similar-sounding word cloudy.
the man is looking at. Choice (B) uses the Choice (B) confuses guy with the similar-
associated words tourist and bag, but the sounding word sky.
man is checking the time, not his bag.
18. (B) I hoped my aunt would come answers
Choice (C) confuses the associated word who did you expect. Choice (A) confuses
washing for watching, and the man is the similar sounds accept and expect.
holding up his hand to check the time. He Choice (C) confuses the similar sounds
is probably not a pilot of a plane. suspect and expect and came and come.

P art 2 (p a g e 9) 19. (A) It's at the end o f the hall answers where.
Choices (B) and (C) repeat the word
Example: accountant but do not answer the question.
Where is the meeting room? 20. (B) There are about fifteen answers how
(A) To meet the new director. many. Choice (A) repeats the word class
(B) It's the first room on the right. but does not answer the question. Choice
(C) Yes, at two o'clock. (C) repeats the word students but does
11. (A) How about the front row offers a not answer the question.
suggestion of where to sit. Choice (B) 21. (C) She only reads business magazines
answers the question when, not where. answers which magazines does she read.
Choice (C) confuses the similar-sounding Choice (A) uses the word magazine but
words sit and it. does not answer which. Choice (B)
12. (A) It is. I eat here often. The second confuses the past pronunciation of read
speaker agrees that it is a good with the present pronunciation of read.
restaurant. Choice (B) confuses rest with 22. (A) Then I'll call back another time. Since
the similar-sounding word restaurant. Mr. Williams isn't in the office now, the
Choice (C) confuses late with the similar- speaker decides to call back another time.
sounding word great. Choice (B) associates works with office.
13. (A) It costs a hundred thirty dollars answers Choice (C) repeats the word office.
how much. Choices (B) and (C) repeat the 23. (B) No, it won't answers will it be finished
word suit but do not answer how much. by eight o'clock. Choice (A) repeats o'clock.
14. (C) My secretary took the message answers Choice (C) confuses the similar sounds
who took it. Choices (A) and (B) repeat the reporter and report.
words phone and telephone but do not 24. (A) Because usually states a reason that
answer the question. answers a why question. Choice (B)
15. (A) I'll have dinner about 6 p.m. answers confuses the similar sounds get (receive)
what time with the future meaning of the and get up (get out of bed). Choice (C)
present progressive are eating. Choice (B) repeats the word early, but the verb is in
associates dined with dinner. Choice (C) the past tense and the subject is you, not I.
repeats the word dinner but does not 25. (C) No, I ’d prefer a salad is a polite
answer the question. response to the request. Choice (A)
16. (C) Yes, it came an hour ago answers has the confuses the similar sounds thinner and
mail arrived by providing a time. Choice dinner. Choice (B) answers when did you
(A) confuses the similar sounds jet and have dinner.
yet. Choice (B) confuses the similar
sounds failed and mail.


26. (A) I learned when I was young answers 36. (C) About three hundred pages answers how
when. Choice (B) repeats the word sioim many. Choice (A) confuses the similar
but is in the present tense. Choice (C) sounds age and page. Choice (B) answers
confuses the similar words learned and what color are the pages.
learn but does not answer the question. 37. (C) I'll pick some up indicates that the
27. (B) About three thousand dollars answers second speaker plans to buy some more
how much. Choice (A) uses because, which envelopes in the afternoon, because the
usually answers a why question. Choice people are almost out o f envelopes (the
(C) repeats the word car but does not envelopes are almost all gone). Choice
answer the question. (A) associates address with envelope.
Choice (B) uses the word out in a
28. (C) Because usually states a reason that
different context.
answers a why question. Choice (A) uses
shirt but does not answer why. Choice (B) 38. (B) The manager earned the most answers
confuses the words change (coins) and who. Choice (A) uses the related words
change (to substitute). money and earning but does not answer
the question. Choice (C) confuses the
29. (C) Western film is a genre of movies.
similar sounds earned and learned.
Choice (A) confuses the words about
(near a time) and about (concerning). 39. (C) At 7:30 answers when will dinner be
Choice (B) confuses the similar sounds served. Choice (A) repeats the word served
moved and movie. but does not answer when. Choice (B)
associates diner with dinner.
30. (A) I'm so happy to hear that. The second
speaker is happy about the first speaker's 40. (A) Take the number 14 bus advises the
good situation. Choice (B) uses the word questioner correctly. Choice (B) uses the
love in a different context. Choice (C) past tense. Choice (C) confuses the
confuses above with the similar-sounding similar sounds talk and take.
word love.
31. (A) She left at noon answers when the P art 3 (p a g e s 1 0 -1 2 )
doctor left. Choice (B) confuses the 41. (A) The man wants the woman to type a
similar sounds docked and doctor. Choice letter. Choice (B) confuses sweater with
(C) confuses the similar words left the similar-sounding word letter. Choice
(remaining) and leave (to depart). (C) repeats the word lunch. Choice (D) is
32. (B) We didn't have time to type it answers when the woman should mail the letter.
why the letter was not typed. Choice (A) 42. (C) The woman says that she is copying a
confuses the words type (kind) and typed report. Choice (A) is what she will do
(to write on a com puter/typew riter). next. Choice (B) uses the word course in a
Choice (C) confuses the similar sounds different context. Choice (D) confuses
little and letter. sending e-mail with mailing a letter.
33. (A) Here, you can use my pen is a response 43. (B) The man says I'll be in my office.
to the implied request for a pen: Who has Choice (A) associates restaurant with
a black ink pen? Choices (B) and (C) use lunch. Choice (C) confuses post office with
black and blacken but do not answer the office. Choice (D) is confused with the
request. woman's copying a report.
34. (A) N o ,.. . in a hospital answers the yes/no 44. (C) The man says Wednesday before noon.
question. Choice (B) confuses the similar Choice (B), Monday afternoon, is what was
sounds barn and born. Choice (C) uses the promised. Choice (A) is confused with
similar-sounding word bored for born at. choice (B), and choice (D) is confused
35. (B) Cold cereal and fruit answers what. with the correct answer, which sounds
Choice (A) answers when is breakfast. similar.
Choice (C) answers why.


45. (D) The installers brought the wrong 53. (B) The speakers are discussing the
kind of phone. Choice (A) uses the word woman's health, and the woman calls the
order out of context. Choice (B) confuses man doctor, so he must be a physician.
appointment with the similar-sounding Choice (A) associates travel agent with
word disappointment. Choice (C) is vacation. Choice (C) is not mentioned.
incorrect because the order was mixed Choice (D) associates golfer with play some
up, not placed too late. g °lf-
46. (D) The woman says that they have been 54. (B) The woman is ruining her health by
waiting for the phones for over a month. working too much and never relaxing.
Choices (A) and (B) repeat the word week. Choice (A) associates job with work.
Choice (C) repeats month. Choice (C) confuses walk with the
similar-sounding word zvork. Choice (D)
47. (D) Twelve dozen is the total number of
repeats the word vacation.
pens the man wants. Choice (A) is the
number of purple pens he orders. Choice 55. (D) The woman says she may take on an
(B) is the number of black pens he orders. assistant. Choice (A) associates health club
Choice (C) is the number of red pens he with ruining your health. Choice (B)
orders. repeats the word golf. Choice (C) repeats
the word vacation.
48. (D) The man orders red, black, and
purple pens. Choices (A) and (B) confuse 56. (B) The speakers agree that they don't
green with the similar-sounding word see. like the heat and humidity of the summer
Choice (C) confuses blue with the similar- months. Choices (A) and (C) are things
sounding word two. that they like. Choice (D) uses the word
stand in a different context.
49. (B) The man hands the woman a 100-
dollar bill. Choice (A) uses the word check 57. (A) The woman says that it is a sunny
out of context. Choice (C) uses the word day. Choice (B) describes the rain in the
bill out of context. Choice (D) is not spring. Choice (C) describes the weather
mentioned. in the summer. Choice (D) confuses icy
with the similar-sounding word nice.
50. (A) The speakers are talking at the end of
a meal. Choice (B) associates grocery store 58. (B) The woman says a sunny September
with the discussion of food. Choice (C) day like today. Choice (A) confuses May
confuses book with the similar-sounding with the similar-sounding word day.
word cook. Choice (D) associates bakery Choices (C) and (D) sound similar to the
with cake. correct answer.
51. (C) The man says Have some more dessert. 59. (B) The woman asks the man to help her
Choice (A) is what the man already did. find her boots and umbrella. Choice (A) is
Choice (B) confuses coughing with the what the man is wearing. Choice (C)
similar-sounding word coffee. Choice (D) associates bus ticket with bus. Choice (D)
confuses sing with the similar-sounding associates watch with time.
word thing.
60. (C) The man is wearing a raincoat and
52. (C) The woman says I'd love a cup o f coffee. the woman is looking for her boots and
Choice (A) confuses book with the umbrella, so it must be raining. Choice
similar-sounding word cook. Choice (B) (A) confuses hot with the similar-
repeats the word cake. Choice (D) sounding word got. Choice (B) confuses
confuses mail with the similar-sounding cold with the similar-sounding word coat.
word meal. Choice (D) confuses mist with the similar-
sounding word miss.


61. (A) The woman says the bus will leave in 70. (A) The woman says I had some extra work
15 minutes. Choices (B) and (C) confuse to finish. Choice (B) uses the word work in
twenty with the similar-sounding word a different context. Choice (C) confuses
plenty. Choice (D) sounds similar to the reading with the similar-sounding word
correct answer. ready. Choice (D) is the man's guess.
62. (A) The man says that he lives by the
school. Choice (B) is where he used to P art 4 (p a g e s 1 3 -1 5 )
live. Choice (C) is confused with 71. (B) The company's name is Office
Mountain View, the name of the m an's Supplies, Incorporated. Choice (A)
street. Choice (D) confuses pool with the confuses office space with office supplies.
similar-sounding word school. Choice (C) associates down pillows with
63. (C) The woman says that she drives to reduce, by taking the word down out of
work. Choice (A) is how the man gets to context. Choice (D) confuses the similar-
work. Choice (B) confuses train with the sounding word (sail)boats with sale.
similar-sounding word rain. Choice (D) is 72. (B) The sale lasts from Thursday through
how the woman thought that the man Saturday. Choices (A) and (C) are not
gets to work. mentioned. Choice (D) confuses eight
64. (B) The woman says that she will pick the days with 8 a .m .
man up at 7:30. Choices (A), (C), and (D) 73. (C) The sale ends Saturday at 6 p.m.
sound similar to the correct answer. Choice (A) is when the sale begins.
65. (B) She didn't have time to buy a Choice (B) is the middle of the sale.
newspaper. Choice (A) associates money Choice (D) is not mentioned.
with buy. Choice (C) confuses delivered on 74. (A) Yesterday's weather was rainy.
time with the m an's suggestion to have it Choice (B) is not mentioned. Choices (C)
delivered. Choice (D) confuses yesterday's and (D) are the forecasts for the weekend.
instead with yesterday's, either.
75. (A) It might snow this evening. Choices
66. (D) The man says You should have it (B) and (C) are not mentioned. Choice (D)
delivered. Choice (A) is what the woman is when the weather will be sunny.
says she doesn't have time to do. Choice
76. (D) The speaker says that the
(B) is what the man did. Choice (C) is not
temperature on the weekend will be
around 11 degrees. Choices (A) and (B)
67. (B) The man says let me tell you about the are confused with the freezing rain that
story I read on today's front page. Choice will happen this evening. Choice (C)
(A) uses the word story in a different confuses seven with the similar-sounding
context. Choice (C) repeats the word buy. word eleven.
Choice (D) repeats the word page.
77. (D) This news item is a warning about
68. (D) The woman says that she went to bed electrical demand exceeding supply.
after 11:00. Choices (A), (B), and (C) Choices (A), (B), and (C) are incorrect
sound similar to the correct answer. because the second sentence uses the
69. (C) The woman usually gets eight hours verb warn, and there is no evident
of sleep. Choice (A) refers to the time she analysis, review, or correction.
got up this morning. Choice (B) is the 78. (B) Summer is when this would be heard
number of hours of sleep she got last because it is in the present tense and hot
night. Choice (D) confuses ten with the summer, air conditioners, and fans are all
similar-sounding word than. mentioned. Choices (A), (C), and (D) are
incorrect because the tense is in the


79. (A) When excessive use exceeds supply, 86. (A) A special pass is needed to enter.
then a power failure occurs. Choices (B) Choice (B) uses the word authorized, but
and (C) repeat the words demand and pass is not mentioned. Choice (C) confuses
supply but are the opposite of what secure with security. Choice (D) confuses
causes failure. Choice (D) uses the word hunting license and driver's license.
fans, but poor quality is not mentioned as a
87. (C) Passes may be obtained at the
reason for power failure.
Security Office. Choice (A) confuses the
80. (D) Potential travelers are listening to similar words secure and security. Choice
this announcement. Choices (A) and (C) (B) is who may enter but is not who can
are those who are busy. Choice (B) issue passes. Choice (D) uses the word
associates telephone line technicians with license, but there is no mention of bureau.
callers and on the line.
88. (C) Visitors are asked to return the pass
81. (A) All the agents are busy answers why. before exiting. Choice (A) uses the word
Choice (B) associates late with delay. sign in a different context. Choice (B)
Choice (C) uses fares but is the opposite repeats the word exit and confuses/ee
of what is stated. Choice (D) associates with the similar-sounding word three.
strike (picket line) with on the line. Choice (D) is confused with You must keep
82. (B) The message says International
your pass with you at all times during your
travelers should arrive three hours ahead of visit.
time. Choice (A) is when domestic 89. (B) Part-time work is mentioned in the
travelers should arrive. Choice (C) third sentence. Choices (A), (C), and (D)
confuses four with the similar-sounding are not mentioned.
word before. Choice (D) confuses five with
90. (D) Office skills are required. Choice (A)
the similar-sounding word arrive.
confuses lazv degree with law firm. Choice
83. (B) Managers are attending the (B) associates medical diploma with
management improvement luncheon. doctor's office. Choice (C) confuses
Choice (A) associates teachers with the advertising experience with advertising
fact that Mr. Margalis was a trainer. Choice agency.
(C) confuses the fact that they are at a
91. (A) The advertisement says All job
luncheon with waiters. Choice (D)
applicants must visit our office to take a
confuses Mr. M argalis's work in his
skills test. Choice (B) is confused with The
garden with gardeners.
results will be available immediately. Choice
84. (B) Mr. Margalis is a retired manager (C) associates application form with
trainer. Choice (A) is the opposite of what applicants. Choice (D) confuses
he is. Choice (C) confuses speechless with employment with the related word
the fact that he is giving a speech. Choice unemployed and repeats the word law in a
(D) is incorrect because he worked for the different context.
last twenty years, meaning he is not
92. (A) The time is 8:00 in the morning.
Choices (B), (C), and (D) are not
85. (C) It is a luncheon, so a dining hall is the mentioned.
logical choice. Choice (A) associates his
93. (D) Don't forget to take your umbrella is the
gardening with a garden. Choice (B)
advice given. Choices (A), (B), and (C)
associates office with management. Choice
are not mentioned.
(D) confuses the similar sounds train
(locomotive with cars) and trainer (one 94. (B) The skies are. clear is how the
who teaches). weatherperson describes the current
situation. Choices (A) and (C) are the
expectations for the afternoon. Choice
(D) is a nickname for Chicago, the Windy


95. (C) The message states that this P art 5 (p a g e s 1 6 -1 9 )
company takes care o f all your insurance
101. (A) In is the correct preposition
needs, and also mentions policy and an
meaning involved or sharing. Choice (B)
agent, both of which are associated with
is impossible because with means in the
insurance companies. Choice (A)
company o f and two companies cannot
confuses police with the similar-
be one. Choice (C) means originating
sounding word policy. Choice (B)
from a source. Choice (D) means going in
associates travel agency with agent.
one side and coming out the other.
Choice (D) associates alarm with
security. 102. (C) Because is a subordinate conjunction
showing cause and effect with an
96. (A) The message asks callers to press
expected result. Choice (A) is a
one in cases of emergency. Choice (B) is
subordinate conjunction showing a
the number to press to talk about an
conditional. Choices (B) and (D) are
existing policy. Choice (C) is the
relative pronouns.
number to press to talk about a new
policy. Choice (D) is the number to 103. (D) Had been is the correct past perfect
press to register a change of address. verb for a past unreal condition in an if
clause. Choice (A) is the past tense.
97. (B) Visiting the company's website is
Choice (B) is the simple present. Choice
one way to register a change of address.
(C) is the present perfect.
Choice (A) is the number to press to
talk about an existing policy. Choice (C) 104. (B) Payable is the shorter substitution
is incorrect because the only options for for the relative clause which are paid.
this action are to visit the website or use Choice (A) uses the past participle and
an automated system. Choice (D) cannot come after the causative verb
repeats the word mail. make. Choice (C) uses the present
participle and cannot come after the
98. (D) This announcement is made to
causative verb make. Choice (D) uses the
encourage shoppers at a mall to eat at
simple present.
the mall restaurant. Choice (A)
associates school with children. Choice 105. (C) The paired conjunction/adverb
(B) is a place where there are both . . . and is correct. Choices (A), (B),
restaurants, but people at airports do and (D) cannot be paired with both.
not hear announcements addressed to 106. (B) Although is the correct subordinate
shoppers. Choice (C) associates grocery conjunction showing unexpected result.
store with the different kinds of food Choice (A) shows expected result.
mentioned. Choice (C) continues the same idea.
99. (A) The announcer says that the special Choice (D) shows expected result.
is chicken a la king. Choices (B), (C), and 107. (C) At is the correct preposition for a
(D) are food choices that are mentioned specific time. Choice (A) means during
but not as specials. (or at the end of) a period o f time. Choice
100. (A) Children get a free toy with their (B) is incorrect for a specific time.
meal. Choice (B) repeats the word Choice (D) is an article.
dessert. Choice (C) repeats the word 108. (A) Therefore is the correct adverb
vegetables. Choice (D) repeats the word transition word showing an expected
entrance. result. Choices (B), (C), and (D) all show
an unexpected result.


109. (C) Deliver is the correct form of the 117. (A) Put off is the logical choice because
verb after the causative verb had. it means postpone. Choice (B) means set
Choice (A) is the present participle. with. Choice (C) means clothe. Choice
Choice (B) is the infinitive. Choice (D) is (D) means cause to do or connect on a
the past participle. phone.
110. (B) Start is the correct verb to show 118. (C) See is the correct present tense verb
habitual aspect with usually. Choice (A) in a future adverbial time clause.
suggests an action started in the past. Choice (A) is the future tense and
Choice (C) suggests an action impossible in an adverbial time clause.
happening right now. Choice (D) Choice (B) is the present continuous,
suggests an action starting in the past and see is usually a stative verb. Choice
and continuing up to now. (D) is the present perfect continuous,
and see is usually a stative verb.
111. (D) Turned down is the correct two-word
verb showing rejection. Choice (A) 119. (A) The correct word order places ever
means discovered. Choice (B) means before the verb in a negative command
started a flow. Choice (C) means sent to using the auxiliary do. Choices (B) and
another place. (C) incorrectly use never with the
auxiliary do. Choice (D) incorrectly
112. (C) Had to buy shows past necessity to
places ever after accept.
complement the unexpected result from
even though. Choices (A) and (D) are 120. (B) When is the correct subordinate
present tense and not parallel with was conjunction expressing at the same time.
in the previous clause. Choice (B) shows Choices (A) and (C) show opposition.
past certainty. Choice (D) is a preposition.
113. (D) Since is the correct subordinate 121. (A) With is the correct preposition
conjunction showing cause and effect. showing association. Choice (B) is not
Choice (A) shows cause and effect but possible in this context. Choices (C) and
would need the past tense in the main (D) are both impossible with the verb
clause to be parallel. Choice (B) is collaborate.
incorrect because of the present perfect
122. (B) Limited is the correct z/-clause verb
use of have become in the main clause.
for the second conditional. Choice (A) is
Choice (C) means although or during.
the present participle. Choice (C) is the
114. (B) Step down is the logical choice third conditional. Choice (D) is the
meaning retire. Choice (A) means leave a present continuous.
room or building. Choice (C) means go
123. (A) Raise is the correct infinitive. Choice
down from a higher place. Choice (D)
(B) suggests some action that began in
means go in one side and come out another.
the past. Choices (C) and (D) suggest
115. (C) After is the correct subordinate some progression.
conjunction showing a logical time
124. (A) Checked is the correct choice with
relationship. Choice (A) shows cause
the causative verb want. Choice (B)
and effect. Choice (B) expresses
adds an unnecessary be. Choice (C) is
opposition. Choice (D) means till that
the present participle. Choice (D) is not
time and no longer.
correct with the causative verb want.
116. (B) Interest is the correct noun
125. (D) Therefore shows cause and effect
modifying rates. Choice (A) is the
with an expected result. Choices (A)
present participle. Choice (C) is the past
and (B) show opposition. Choice (C) is
participle. Choice (D) is the simple
illogical because it needs a specific
present third-person verb.
example of what she has done.


126. (C) Representing, which is a reduced 137. (B) Considered is the correct passive of
modifying phrase, is the correct the verb. Choices (A) and (C) are both
participle. Choice (A) is a noun. Choice adjectives. Choice (D) is the active
(B) is a noun referring to a person. simple present form of the verb.
Choice (D) is a noun plus preposition
138. (D) The simple past of the verb is
and would be correct if it had a the necessary because of the particular past
before representative and commas time reference a year ago. Choice (A) is
around Mr. James to make it the simple present. Choice (B) is the
nonrestrictive. present continuous. Choice (C) is the
127. (C) Adverbs of definite frequency may present perfect.
appear at the end of a clause. Choices 139. (C) Awarded is the correct simple past
(A), (B), and (D) all incorrectly place for a particular time in the past. Choice
the adverb. (A) is the present participle. Choice (B)
128. (D) And is the correct coordinate is the past perfect and suggests a time
conjunction meaning in addition to. further back in the past. Choice (D) is
Choices (A) and (B) are not coordinate the simple present and suggests
conjunctions and cannot be followed by something habitual.
a phrase. Choice (C) shows opposition.
140. (A) Spend is the correct verb form to
129. (A) While expresses the idea of during. follow the causative verb had. Choice
Choices (B), (C), and (D) all show cause (B) is the infinitive. Choice (C) is the
and effect. simple past. Choice (D) is the present
130. (B) In is the correct preposition for a
city. Choices (A), (C), and (D) are all
illogical prepositions of place. P art 6 (p a g e s 2 0 -2 4 )
131. (A) Competitors is the plural object of 141. (B) The candy company makes, or
the preposition referring to people. manufactures, candy. Choice (A) means
Choice (B) is singular. Choices (C) and eat or use. Choice (C) means buy. Choice
(D) are both adjectives. (D) means want.

132. (C) Decision is the noun and subject of 142. (C) When employees get hurt in an
the sentence. Choice (A) is an adjective. accident, then they don't go to work for
Choices (B) and (D) are verbs. a few days. Choice (A) means stay away
from, but not by accident. Choice (B)
133. (A) In is the correct preposition for a means add. Choice (D) means keep.
city. Choices (B), (C), and (D) are all
illogical prepositions of place. 143. (A) This is a comparative adjective form
to describe people who work with
134. (C) Findings means results. Choice (A) is cobots. Choice (B) is a comparative
a term that means abandoned infants that adverb. Choices (C) and (D) are nouns.
have been found. Choice (B) is the plural
of something found. Choice (D) is the 144. (D) It refers to the singular noun a
past tense of find. message. Choice (A) is a plural pronoun.
Choices (B) and (C) are used to refer to
135. (D) Suspected is the correct past tense people, not things.
verb to agree with staff. Choices (A) and
(B) are both nouns. Choice (C) is an 145. (C) After using something, you sign out.
adjective. Choices (A) and (B) would form the
verbs sign in and sign up, which are
136. (C) Look up means to search for in a what you do before using something.
reference source. Choice (A) means to Choice (D) cannot be used in this
overlook. Choice (B) means to be careful. context.
Choice (D) means to rely upon.


146. (A) The program coordinator wants 154. (C) A college degree is required;
people to make few copies because they however, a m aster's degree is not.
are expensive, or costly. Choices (B), (C), Choices (A) and (B) are both mentioned
and (D) would not be likely reasons for in the announcement. Choice (D) is the
making only a few copies. same as excellent communication skills.
147. (A) The adverb quickly explains how the 155. (D) This article is about the harm of
writer wants the items shipped. Choices excessive packaging. Choice (A) is
(B) and (C) are adjectives. Choice (D) is confused with the reference to recycled
a noun. materials, choice (B) is confused with
the reference to computer software, and
148. (C) The writer wants the chairs to be the
choice (C) is confused with the
same colors as the desks, in other
reference to garbage dumps, but these
words, he wants them to match. Choices
are all details, not the main idea.
(A) and (B) have the opposite meaning.
Choice (D) doesn't make sense in this 156. (B) Products are packaged to make
context. them more attractive. Choice (A) is
contradicted by it does not really protect
149. (A) This is an imperative verb form,
telling the reader what to do. Choice (B)
the goods. Choice (C) confuses the
similar words consumption and
is a past tense verb. Choice (C) is an
consumer. Choice (D) associates
infinitive. Choice (D) is a future verb
environmental with environmentalists.
157. (B) The excessive wrapping ends up in
150. (C) The person referred to is a customer
the trash, which then ends up in the
who had ordered food at the restaurant
nation's garbage dumps. Choice (A) is
called the Little Tea Room. Choice (A) is
what environmentalists would like to
confused with the person to whom the
letter is addressed. Choice (B) is have happen to the wrapping. Choices
(C) and (D) are contradicted by end up
associated with the hospital. Choice (D)
is confused with the waitress who
in the garbage dumps.
served the food. 158. (C) This table compares the number of
commuters and students who ride the
151. (C) The modal ivill makes this a future
bus. Choice (A) is not mentioned.
tense verb. Choice (A) refers to an
obligation. Choice (B) refers to a Choice (B) confuses means o f
possibility. Choice (D) cannot be
transportation with bus. Choice (D)
confuses the similar sounds drivers and
correctly used preceding a base form

152. (A) The phrase so that means in order 159. (B) July had the most commuters.
that or for the purpose of. Choices (B), (C), Choice (A) has the highest number of
and (D) don't complete a phrase with student riders. Choices (C) and (D)
this meaning. have lower numbers of riders.
160. (D) The buses were used least in
P a r t 7 (p a g es 25-43) December. Choices (A), (B), and (C)
have higher numbers of riders.
153. (D) A clerk in a clothing store would
apply for this job because he or she 161. (A) The rise in postal rates will force
would have two years' experience in some companies to go into bankruptcy.
the clothing industry. Choice (A) Choices (B) and (C) are confused with
associates engineer with professional. another meaning of drive— to operate a
Choice (B) associates real estate agent vehicle. Choice (D) does not fit the
with sales. Choice (C) associates context.
professor with college degree.


162. (A) The direct-marketing companies say 169. (A) This chart is used to identify and
the proposed postal rate increase will solve a problem if the TV does not
hurt their industry and drive some of work. Choice (B) confuses TV program
them into bankruptcy. Choice (B) is not with TV. Choices (C) and (D) are not
mentioned. Choice (C) associates postal mentioned.
employees with postal rates; postal 170. (B) For an all-white picture, WHAT TO
employees might be slightly affected by DO suggests adjust brightness control.
complaining customers. Choice (D) is Choice (A) associates turn doivn the
not mentioned. volume with sound heard. Choice (C)
163. (C) Most direct-marketing companies is what one should do if there is no
use third class. Choice (A) confuses book picture. Choice (D) is the advice if there
rate and catalog. Choice (B) confuses first is a picture but no sound.
class with the rise in first-class postage 171. (D) For no picture and noise, WHAT TO
rates. Choice (D) is the possible rise of DO suggests adjust tuning. Choice (A) is
third-class postage. not mentioned. Choice (B) needs the
164. (B) A catalog house is a direct- volume turned up or the earphones
marketing company, meaning that it disconnected. Choice (C) needs the
markets products directly to the brightness control adjusted.
consumer by mail instead of
172. (A) No one owes money because Ms.
advertising with a third party. Choice Tomkins has already paid for the book.
(A) confuses postal clients with postal Choice (B) has already paid. Choice (C)
rate. Choice (C) associates financially is who keeps sending "Paym ent Due"
stable company with bankruptcy. Choice notices. Choice (D) associates author
(D) is incorrect because catalog houses
with book.
use third-class mail.
173. (C) The date on the check was October
165. (A) Safety is the main focus of this 13. Choice (A) is when the letter was
passage. Choices (B), (C), and (D) are written. Choice (B) is not mentioned.
all mentioned but are individual Choice (D) is when China Books
components of the overall message
deposited the check.
of safety.
174. (A) Ms. Tomkins received two notices
166. (D) One-Call is the service that and sent two letters, but only paid once.
individuals call in order to locate Choices (B) and (C) are mentioned.
pipelines before digging. Choice (A)
Choice (D) is true also because,
associates call with telecommunications. although the company keeps sending
Choice (B) associates excavating with her notices, the bank did cancel the
digging. Choice (C) is who should call back of her check, which means the
One-Call before digging. company received payment.
167. (C) They coordinate emergency 175. (C) This report is about the "paperless
readiness in case of a leak and/or fire. office." Choice (A) confuses selling
Choice (A) is what pipeline companies
computers and using computers.
want to prevent. Choice (B) associates Choice (B) associates desktop publishing
drilling with pipelines. Choice (D) is with computers. Choice (D) is mentioned
what controls/m onitors pipeline but is not the main focus.
176. (A) The "paperless office" was
168. (C) If there is a problem with the
supposed to reduce paper usage, which
pipeline, crews that are working nearby
would help preserve resources and
can be sent to repair it. Choices (A) and
improve the w orld's solid-waste
(D) are things that could be done to a disposal problem. Choice (B) might
work crew but they don't fit the have been true at first, but was not the
context. Choice (B) is what the crew will intention. Choices (C) and (D) are not
do to the pipeline. mentioned.


177. (A) The university wants to hire a 186. (B) Jarek Cichy sent the fax along with a
professor of medicine. Choices (B), (C), form nominating one of his staff
and (D) are things a university might members for an award. Choice (A) is
do, but they don't fit the context. the purpose of the memo, not the fax.
Choice (C) is mentioned in the fax but is
178. (B) Supervising research would be a
not the reason he sent it. Choice (D) is
responsibility of the chief of a public
mentioned in the memo.
health clinic. Choices (A) and (D) are
too general for a medical professor. 187. (A) Jarek Cichy says in the fax that he
Choice (C) is not mentioned. will return to the office on December 13,
which is the day before the December
179. (B) Medical board certification is
14 party. Choice (B) is contradicted by
required. Choice (A) is not mentioned.
the correct answer. Choice (C) is when
Choice (C) confuses clinical nutrition
he will leave on his trip. Choice (D) is
training experience with expected to
the date he sent the fax.
develop . . . clinical nutrition programs.
Choice (D) is not mentioned. 188. (A) The memo states that the Board
Members give this party every year to
180. (D) Abstracts o f published articles is not
show their appreciation o f the hard work
mentioned. Choices (A), (B), and (C) are
you have all done. Choice (B) will happen
all mentioned as requirements.
at the party but is not the stated
181. (B) Joey Farina is the manager at the purpose of it. Choice (C) is confused
Fish Market Restaurant. Choice (A) is with the gift the department members
confused with the name of the will give the award winner. Choice (D)
restaurant. Choice (C) is confused with is not mentioned.
the type of restaurant. Choice (D) is
189. (C) Anezka Novotna, the nominee from
where Sandra James works.
the Marketing Department, is the
182. (D) This is the delivery date Joey Farina winner of the award. Choice (A) is the
asked for on the purchase order. Choice person to whom staff members should
(A) is the date he prepared the order. give donations for the gift. Choice (B) is
Choice (B) is the date the order was the writer of the fax and memo. Choice
sent. Choice (C) is the date of Sandra (D) is one of the people giving the
Jam es's letter. award.
183. (A) In her letter dated April 11, Sandra 190. (C) Basia is the assistant of Jarek Cichy
James says I received your purchase order of the Marketing Department. Choice
yesterday, so she received it April 10, (A) is where Jarek Cichy will go on his
one day after it was sent on April 9. trip. Choice (B) is the group giving the
Choices (B), (C), and (D) are not correct award. Choice (D) is associated with
based on the given information. collecting money.
184. (C) Sandra James says that Joey Farina 191. (D) The ad says that BTC is one o f the
must pay an express service charge to world’s top 5 electronics companies.
receive his order by the date he Choices (A) and (B) are associated with
specified, but there is no such charge departments of the company mentioned
listed on the purchase order. Choices in the ad. Choice (C) is associated with
(A), (B), and (D) are items listed on the electronics.
192. (D) Life insurance is the one benefit not
185. (D) The usual shipping/handling fee is mentioned in the ad. Choice (A) refers
10%. Joey Farina added a 5% to educational assistance. Choice (B)
shipping/handling fee to his order, but refers to health coverage. Choice (C)
Sandra James says that the shipping refers to paid vacation.
and handling fee is twice what he
assumed. Choices (A), (B), and (C) are
incorrect amounts.


193. (A) The ad says . .. go to our website and 197. (C) The award was presented by Kazadi
fill out the "Request for Information" form. Koite because illness prevented Jakob
Choice (B) refers to a person who gave a Skolnik from attending the ceremony.
testimonial in the ad. Choices (C) and Choices (A) and (D) are other names
(D) are related to the information in the that appear on the agenda. Choice (B) is
readings but are not mentioned. the writer of the e-mail.
194. (D) Bert Roberts worked for five years 198. (A) The reception was held in room 1.
at one company and two years at Choices (B), (C), and (D) are other
another for a total of seven years of rooms mentioned by Victoria Williams
experience. Choice (A) is the number of in her e-mail.
years he worked at R&J Company only. 199. (D) The event began at 7:00, the room
Choice (B) is not mentioned. Choice (C) was reserved for three hours, and
is the number of years he worked at guests stayed until the end of that time,
Servitrix, Ltd., only. so it ended at 10:00. Choice (A) is
195. (C) Bert Roberts lives in New Zealand, confused with the number of hours the
and BTC is located in India, so it is room was reserved for. Choice (B) is not
likely that he would have to move to mentioned. Choice (C) is the time that
India to work for BTC. Choice (A) is the event began.
incorrect because he already has a 200. (D) Victoria Williams suggests
m aster's degree. Choice (B) is reserving a different, bigger room
associated with the testimonials given because so many guests attended.
in the ad, but there is no mention that Choice (A) is what was done this year.
this is required of new employees. Choice (B) is incorrect because she
Choice (D) is associated with one of the suggests other rooms at the same hotel.
benefits offered, but it is not required. Choice (C) is confused with More guests
196. (B) B. J. Technology received an award, attended than we expected.
and J. S. Choi accepted the award on
behalf of the company. Choice (A) is the
organization that gave the award.
Choice (C) is the location of the award
ceremony. Choice (D) is confused with
Victoria Williams, the writer of the