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Course Outline

Core Values No. of Hours

Learning Outcomes Subject Matter Outcome-Based Methodology Assessment
Alignment / Week
Participate in the formulation Course orientation and discussion of Preparation of Class List, Seat Recitation Punctuality 1st week
of house rules and course School’s Educational Philosophy, Mission Plan, requirements, policies, Reflection Papers Perseverance (4 hours)
expectations. and Vision grading system, and giving
Discussion of Course Outline

Differentiate imaginative Creative Writing Supervised library research Pen and paper test Patience 2nd week
writing from among other 1. Imaginative writing vs. technical/ (2 hours)
forms of writing academic/ other forms of writing

cull creative ideas from 2. Sensory experience Visual art activities (painting Reflection paper Perseverance 2nd week
experiences and photography) (2 hours)

utilize language to evoke 3. Language Discussion Essay writing Professional 3rd Week
emotional and intellectual (1) Imagery Blog writing Pen and paper test Integrity (3 hours)
responses from readers (2) Figures of Speech Peer critiquing
use imagery, diction, figures (3) Diction
of speech, and specific

read closely as writers with a 4. Sample works of well-known local Oral and Silent Reading Reading comprehension Patience and 3rd Week
consciousness of craft and foreign writers Compilation of well-known test perseverance (1 hour)
local and foreign writers’ works 4th Week
(1 hour)

identify the various elements, Reading and Writing Poetry Discussion Poetry writing Perseverance 4th Week
techniques, and literary 1. Elements of the genre Poetry analysis (3 hours)
devices in poetry (1) Essential Elements
A. Theme
B. Tone