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China (Shenzhen) International Personnel Training Center


Teacher: Grey Rester Sunday’s Date: 3-7-2018 Week:
School: Lee U Ann primary school.
Grade Level: Board Title: Curriculum Unit:
Textbook Publisher:
Learner Objective(s):
Context for Learning:

Teacher Resources: Multimedia/Song/Video Resources: (3-5 min max) Student Resources:

TR1) Lesson Plan MMR1) “Hello” song (2:45), for example SR1) Textbook
TR2) USB/PPT - Lesson MMR2) SR2)
TR3) MMR3) SR3)
TR4) MMR4) SR4)
Personal aims:
Anticipated problems: Suggested solutions:
Stage Learning
(Suggested Times)
Procedure Aim Interaction
Pre-Lesson  Put students in their usual groups, A, B, C and D. Points will be Be well prepared for class
(5 minutes) given for correct answers and following rules, points will be before the bell rings!
deducted for bad behavior.

 Afford some “Free Talk” with the students.

1. Warm-Up  Write objective and lesson title on the board. Kinesthetic
& Review  Greetings & Rules Aural/Oral
(3-7 Minutes)  Weekly Oral Language Review (Specify) Verbal-
 Weekly Phonetics Review (Specify page number and Linguistic
Write aims and objectives on board
Will instruct students to copy what is written under key words on the
2. In the past, she used pen and paper to write her books. Now she uses a Creative, interesting, fun, and
Anticipatory computer. engaging are the operational terms
that describe anticipatory sets; but
Set they must be content related.
(2-5 Minutes)
3. Direct Life, writer, street, cleaner, drive, poor, wish
(5-10 Minutes)

4. Guided
Practice 3 wishes. Get a paper and ask the student to write. I pick a few and read
(10 Minutes) to the class.

5. To obtain the most Oral

Independent English practice out of the
Practice students as possible.

6. Ask students to write answers and key words, will check student Looking for…
Assessment spelling and ask students to pronounce what they have written.
(Ongoing)* *See more in Box Below.
7. Closure Team with the most points wins and receives high fives, students that
(2-5 Minutes) work particularly well will get a sticker. Ask class if they have learnt
the student aim.

Post-Lesson Reflection: Assessment: How will I know when my students are successful?
Strengths: Weaknesses: *Highlight the Types Used:
 T 
eacher Observation Checklist
Follow-up: Interaction Key:  T 
T-Ss: Teacher talking to the whole class argeted Q&A  Rubric
T-S: Questions and answers (dialogues)  O 
between T & S ral Reports Rating Scale
T-S-S: T initiated dialogues with more than  P 
roduct/Samples Test
one student

S-T: S initiated conversation between a  I 
student and T nterview/Conference          Quiz
S-SS: One S talking to the whole class  P 
SS-SS: Students working in small groups eer/Self Assessment Extension
 P 
S-S: Two students work in pairs roject: Explain___ Other: Explain ____
SS: Students doing their work individually
Learning Style/Intelligence Suggestions:
 V – Visual/Spatial
 A – Aural or
 R – Read/Write
 K–