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2018 Board Announcement on Campaign Guidelines

The Board is responsible for safeguarding the reputation and integrity of the National
Association of Hispanic Journalists (“NAHJ”). In furtherance of that obligation, the Board
adopted an Executive Code of Conduct (the “Code”) on March 31, 2018. The Code covers the
Association and chapters’ officers and directors as well as candidates running for those positions
(collectively “Candidates”). Section I of the Code requires Candidates to conduct themselves in
an ethical and professional manner and to act in the best interests of the NAHJ. In accordance
with the Code, the Board wishes to emphasize that all Candidates must observe the following
guidelines when campaigning for a position with NAHJ:

• Candidates shall be truthful and respectful of opponents in all campaign statements or
communications (including in conversation, online chats, social media posts, blogs or
• Candidate may identify differences in the policies and positions of other Candidates, but
may not misrepresent, falsify or otherwise distort views of other Candidates;
• If requested by the Board, Candidates shall provide supporting evidence of campaign
statements, and, if found inaccurate, issue a prompt retraction and apology;
• Candidates may not engage in harassment or bullying, including unwelcome conduct,
comments, gestures or contact, or intimidating or offensive behavior that is reasonably
likely to cause offence or humiliation;
• Candidates shall refrain from any campaign advocacy that is based on the race, national
origin, religion, sex, marital status or family members of other Candidates;
• Candidates shall encourage supporters to refrain from personal attacks against other
candidates or from spreading inaccurate information concerning other Candidates;
• Candidates shall not anonymously or by means of any false identity post any campaign
statements or communications;
• Candidates shall not use the resources belonging to NAHJ in any campaign activities; and
• Candidates shall read and understand the Code and follow all provisions therein.

A Candidate’s violation of the Code may result in appropriate disciplinary action as determined
in the discretion of the Elections Committee. Depending on the severity of the violation,
disciplinary action could include, but may not necessarily be limited to, a reprimand, probation,
disqualification as a candidate or termination of a Candidate’s NAHJ membership.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding ethical campaign behavior, please contact the
Elections Committee at:

DC: 6681783-1