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О vs.

ргвsепt simplв QшвýЕlоп tqпs
РГеSеПt ЕOПtIПUOUS complete eactr qче*ьп tas. vrffie опе word in
each spce-
Complete the sentences. Use
the present simple or present 1НеЪjrrstаdrild &lt Г}е?
сопtiпчочs form of the verbs.
2 ft isnt easy Ьiц а teerBger. _ it?

З ТhеуЪ orrty 3 and 4 рыs old - ttrcy're just

toddlers, _йry?
4 Leaving а Ър of, ryaýtes ru-dtЕf_ __ it?

5 You recFtedtЬt ppeT__you?

6 We сапt go оп &Гqтб tirе ,a.rforests,
|'m Christy Ве[[, and l'm in Year ll at а
school in Manchester, This is my big
GCSE exam уеаr, so l' dsл!! hsye 7 Yочr sistеrЪ jБt l"lаd а ЬЩ. she?
(поt have) as muсh free time as l 8 We shouldnt drop limeT аг:t€ freets.
did before. Whеп l2.
(not do) mу homework or studying
for tests, l try to see my friends. 9 The аtmоsрЬеЪ Ьесог,зе ъеl роt{чrtеd,
Saturday night is real[y the оп[у Ё?
time when еvеrуопе's frее, because
most of my friends
(work) оп Saturdays. l have а job iп
а hоmе and gаrdеп сепtrе, but поw
it 4 (gеt) harder to fiпd
Э DвsспiЬiш soпвоlЕ,s а9е
апd шв sпylшпшlfi
епоugh time to do that and а[[ of
my schoo[ work too. l 5 ___"."_ . *,_ Fiпd twelve woпds in the uоrdsпаkе- write them in
(пееd) the mопеу, though, because the correct соlчmпr
l don't get апу pocket mопеу from
my mum. l 6,.__.".__,.,__..___.__.,.. (do) some
babysitting, which is good because ýоu"'ъ
l usually 7 (get) mу
school work done at the same time,
and l get paid for it!
Most of the boys iп mу c[ass seem
to spend а lot of their free time оп
computers. Моrе and mоrе of them
Ages Ептiшrгнt
(gеt) computer games, lt,ц9ге
or doing оп[iпе gaming, but l don't
[ike them muсh. Апd these days
'l{-i,. 5.1

messaging to talk to friends, but .!il;,.,сt.. -!


(рrеfеф texting mу сr-|.,3 с|{ a .

friends оп mу mobi[e - l hate sittin8

iп frопt of а computer for hours. l do
епоugh of that with mу homework!! o.i,/r., !'{ !

G HxTrНtatlring
аьочt G r".,:T*j:lilН,,,.i"::
щ kead the sentences. Mark them д write a-f in the boxes,
if it is ап аrrапgеmепt, Р if it is а
prediction or I if it is an intention.
l keyboards tr 4 piano п
2 trumpet п 5 flute п
l '[ve decided оп а subject to
З п 6
drums guitar п
study at university - Bio[ogy.' п
2 'We've arranged to visit my
grandparents оп Saturday.' п
'М.у dad? Give mе mопеу to buy
а пеw computer? Definitely not!' п ы
рhопеd the doctor and made
ап арроiпtmепt to see her
tomorrow morning.' п
'Planes fly from London to
Australia iп tеп hours iп the
future? Yes, defi nite[y.' п
'Д4уl1sдdДdg has decided
to leave school пехt year.' п
Щ Ur" the underlined words in
Exercise ]Ь to make sentences: for
аrrап8еmепt use present continuous;
for prediction чsе will/won't;for
intention use going fo.
1 !'m 8р!п8 Ip_ stцdy.DLp_lp8y..sI aniye_rsfty ý MBdicInB апd hBatth
2 @tb" correct words.
'l Не fe[[ over iп town апd Ыоkе his [eg. Ап

@@ / injection took him to hospital.

l went to the doctor апd she gave me
а sчrgеоп ,/ ап injection.

3 lf you саrrу that heavy bag, you might hurt /

pain yourse[f,

l hit my leg this mоrпiпg, and now it's rea[[y

hurt / sore.

Thousands of реор[е аrе ill - itЪ а big

epidemic,/ cold.
She's got а headache and а very high
temperature / раiп.
Му uпс[е had to see the doctor because of
the sore / раiп iп his back.

Some doctors in Britain соmрlаiп that

they've got too mапу injections / patients,

& рпвsвпt рвпfвGt simпtв with f,пF r fr;
[!J Complete the sentences with for or since.
1 Pietro has Ьееп iп England since_ .__ the stаrt of tirе ýлтттЕ-
2 Не has studied English hе was sечеп yeafs o.Iс-
3 His mother has Ьееп with him in Eng[and _tv.G цfiееG,

4 Не hasn't еаtеп апу fish andchips hе апiiе<l-

5 Не hasn't had а good cup of coffee he left trаi1,1

6 Не hasn't seen his friends а [опg time.

Ш Make sentences with the present perfect of ttre чпdеrlfoiеd Ей r,d frr ш sirrе.
l'e W -tХ_,r:,g iY
I have а bicycle. Му parents gave it to me last уеаr. Э tg-.r ,/ siп_сз lastye_qL
2 |'m in this class. l joined the class six months ago"

3 Jоаппа and l аrе friends. We Ьесаmе friends in 20О9_

4 l know Pau[ Саrрепtеr. l first met him а уеаr а8о.

& вгatish vs. АmвгiЕап Епgtish

Sally is а British teenager. She's writing to her rте}y АгЕri(z! friеrrd. lЁIЕ- Fmd eiфt words
(опе оп each line)that Mina might not understand_ CtarEEйerпt irЁо Ллrв.iсап English.

Му name's Sally апd l'm going to tell you about myself. l li\€ in lлffit ml*
is оп the tenth floor so we have to go up iп а lift to get to it! The рm mm rc lп в Ш

but unfortunately а lot of people аrоuпd here throw ruЬЬiф m theshBtЁ!.],,,,,,,,,,,,,,Щ

it in the bin, so the pavements get dirtу апd that's поt rеаJlу wrу r*в, ь Еffil пЁ
else сап l tell you? Well, l like sport а lot, especial|y football, hЛ l fu|t & n" Лilý шlя

it оп W.lthink perhaps lshould do some sрогt because leata Ш lictmМm

most days l eat а lot of sweets too, so |'m пOt the heatfrriest pefsm h rE шЩr] Мп]

пехt week, though, l'm going to start cycling to school (поw l r.lsetэ шrЬщй" п Шпш

will help me to get fit, l hope!

Write soon and tell me about yourself, 0К?! Вуе!

& HOmBs
Match the words and their definitions. Write a-f iп й€ Ь.-,
'l detached tr а а mасhiпе tiratta*es уа- iтзглг аrre{вы= зг€iт]ег
2 gаrаgе П Ь а'hоusе'огл whееs
З garden П с not соппесtеd tФ бm -Ё-f,ж
4 flat П d а placeto keep сагs
5 tift П е ап аrеа пеil а h€ц.ýе *rlr gпм ат{',,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,mrrrвт

6 caravan П f а hоmе оп оfi€ flш аr а Ы.gЕ hщJПШJгч

G aned tо [do]
Look at the information аЬочt реор[е who have changed things iп their lives. Write sentences.

паmе in the past поW

Paul meat fish (eat) l .Рsцl.ц.s.е.d..!о_еst.п_е.st,Ьц!-пр*whееs.t:,"fi sh,

Sandra tea coffee (drink) 2

Amanda do8 cat (have) 3

June magazines newspapers (read) 4

Gregory car bicycIe (drive,Zride) 5

DanieI TV Sport (watch.Zplay) 6

G пu$tп1Ё vs. dоп't hаvе tо

GffГЬthe correct words.
l You
@ / mustn't drive fast - we've got lots of time.
z you don't have to,/ mustп't drive fast - this road is fullof holes and very dangerous.
з You donT have to ./ mustn't buy а new [aptop - they're muсh too expensive.
4 You donT have to ./ mustn't buy а пеw laptop - | сап fix your o[d опе easi[y.
5 You dоп? have to ,/ mustn't tell Sarah about the party - l invited hеr last night.
6 You don't have to ./ mustn't tellJames about the party - l reatty don't want him to know about it!
7 You dont have to ,/ mustn't 8et uр today - itЪ а holidayl
8 You don't have to ,/ mustn't 8et up today - the doctor told me to stay in bed.
9 You dont have to ./ mustn't wash mу пеw shirt - it сап оп[у Ье drу-с[еапеd.
10 You dоп't have to / mustп't wash mу new shirt * it isn't dirty.

G lпfoгmаtloп tвсhпOlоgу
Complete the crossword puzz[e.
l with а laptop, you сап use а mouse or а touch pqd
2 Find the рrоgrаmmе оп the internet апd
then it - it's freel

3 l couldn't type апуthiпg - the was Ыоkепl

4 То access this site, you need to log .____ .__...__. first.
5 l had to buy а пеw роwеr _._____.___.._______.. for my laptop.
6 Put the CD into the and it wi[[ rчп

7 Му dad just installed а new wi-fi at hоmе.

8 How mапу USB has this computer got?

9 l rеmеmЬеr my чsеrпаmе - but l can't remember

the !

ý. Gпаmmап
* Past siгпрi* \rý- preýent perfect simple
ý Corplete the dialogues. Use the past simpb aft [ [пdhЛ+giпiltЕl lwas уоuпgеr.
оr the present perfect simple form of t THs йЕrЕ*iЕ }low lопg
the verbs. there?
Апtоп: . Нsуе .. уоu two це!_ 5ft rrпuш*iцрш,Ьtiте iп а restaurant.
} Оtl. уdР \r'tв,, _
Lачrеп: Yes. We both (go)to
бft Sоршreffiу nrircdl

that party [ast week.

& 5оrrу Im Ш Нф Lоглg _
Setsuko: How long you
(know)Marek? Ье?
We (meet)onthefirst
Andrej: ,__ _"
day of this соursе.
[l Co.plete the s€пrrБ
with the present
simple, past simple rrd pesent perfect
Callum: "__you ___"__..__,,__-__. ..___, _ (see) simple forrTb of the r,еЁý"
апу fi[ms [ast weekend?
Shayla: No. l (not go) to the
сiпеmа for ages.
Ramon: .__you_.._______.__ (finish)
that Наrrу Potter book yet?
Tessa: Оh, yes, l ."......."" (take) it back to
the [iЫаrу yesterday.
5 Jay: ___you_.___ (speak)to
Soraya: No, l .... (not see) him for а
coup[e of days.
6 Carrie: (Ьчу)
Lee's birthday present yet? l hw Pete. l__
(get) hеr something in
him fiorlшr klfact очr grandfathers
town last night.
eadl офеr whеп they
7 Shапdrа: When _..__...___..__..__.._уоu
were alire- (Lпо{fii
([еаrп) to drive?
2Не at this restaurant
Jack Ме? l (печеr drive) а саr in
mу life.
siпсе Ыялгrгg- l-*e

iп the lcrtctшl Веfrсrе tfвr hе

Щ Corp[ete the questions. Use the past simple h а stюр. (work)
or рrеsепt perfect simple.
'l 3 WtЕп she tвsуulrцеr-s}rе
А: l've got rеа[[у bad toothache. iп Rrrssb }.aofl d]e
в; oh, l'm sоrrу, How [опg hsyp уs.ц.hs.d.!t ? Jарп5fв there for
2 А: We don't [ive in Hutton Ачепuе апу mоrе. fiveyerr fiirel
В: Oh, l didn't know that. When 4l ттгr,Ч.l
it оп а slfrE ЕФ Ы пшfth.
3 А: We had а great time at the cinema last l sоrrrеthiпg every

fime lsli фrеаЧ
В: Oh, rеа[[у? What fi[m

UNlT l
Щ Kead the diary of а woman who went
to а seminar to [еаrп how to talk to
апimа[s. some of the tines have а
word that should not Ье there. write
the word at the епd of the line, оr
tick (/) if the [iпе is correct.

l arrived hеrе [ast night. Today we а[[ paid our fee, 5160 for an eight-hour l t""..".....
workshop. Тhеп we got to know our trainer, а woman Ь ca[[ed С[аirе. 2 is
'|'ve had have horses since my childhood,' she said. 'But it took me а з
[опg while to fiпd out that l сап understand them! You can to [еаrп this too. 4
Апimаls ta[k the time. You just need to [еаrп to [isten to them.'After
а[[ 5

Ыeakfast we have worked in pairs. 'Close your eyes, think of а message 6

and communicate it thrоugh your thoughts,' said C[aire. l decided 7
to 'te[[' to mу partner that 'Тhе mountain is рurр[е.' After two minutes of 8
concentration (l got а hеаdасhе) she to[d for me what she understood: 'lt's 9
too hot iп here!'We[[, печеr mind, we're hеrе to read the thoughts of
anima[s, not humansl After [uпсh, we did sat оп the grass пеаr C[aire's I1

horses and c[osed оur eyes. Ha[f ап hоur since [ater we went back to the 12

house. So what messages did we hаче read? 'lt's hot.' 'We [ike the grass.' Iз
Do l rea[ly пееd ап animal communicator to [еаrп that а horses [ike grass? 14

*,Т;вх* ехрr*ýýiсзýý
Щ Т*о time expressions are correct, and опе is incorrect. ffi the incorrect answer.
1 Have you called your mother already / yet / yes@
2 Phitip hаs already ,/ just left school iп 20О4.
З We didn't have time to с[еап up last night / already / before we [eft.
4 Actual[y, l saw that film trлzо days ago / just / оп Sunday.
5 They've neyer seen snow 1ast winter / already.
6 l haven't heard from Mike since the party / for а few days / about а week ago.
7 We had ап o[d b[ack Beetle whеп l was little ,/ siпсе the 8Os ,/ fоr about tеп years.

Ш Rewrite the sentences using the words iп Ыackets.

'l |'че kпоwп Mrs Craig for four years. (met)

! nei,Mrs Сrsiв.fsцr ye.grs s*o..

2 .Jessica bought her mobile рhопе [ast week. (for) Ш Read the sentences. Underline the
words that are stressed. sometimes
there is mоrе than опе possibility.
3 Wi[liam ca[led а minute ago. (just)
I How [ong have you had it?

4 How long have you had that bag?

2 Whеп did you move?
3 What fitm did you see?
4 How [опg did you live thеrе?
5 Your friends hаче Ьееп here for ап hоur, (ago)
5 Whеп did you start working there?
6 How [ong have you Ьееп hеrе?
6 Your birthday cards got hеrе yesterday. (since)
Ш ý][Щ Listen,checkand
7 The [ast time l saw you was at уоur party. (haven't)

l Э чOсаЬutапу

li' * Body language

Ш Match the two parts of the sentences. Write a-j iп the bxes.
1 That guy's [еапiпg п а back iп your сhаir апd епjоу this film. l

2 Cou[d you try to make п Ь you that wаrm smile whеп you walk in the rооm. l

3 Just sit п с уоur eyebrows at mе? ls there а рrоЬ[еm? l

+ lf you agree, nod п d пеrчочs, ечеп if you feet it!

5 Just try to avoid п е еуе contact wlth the waiter? l пееd some water.
6 She's fantastic - she always gives п f еуе contact if you dont ltrant to ta[k to him.
7 Try not to look п g about? Do you think shеЪ iп trоuЫе?
S Did you just raise п h уоur arms. l hоре you're поt getting impatient with me.
9 l see you've just fo[ded п i forward а lot - do you think hе s trуiпg to [isten to us?
10 What do you think she's gesturing п j уоur head three times.
*s*y arзd *gdf

Щ Corplete the sentences with the correct form of say оr tell.

l can't _ _.._..__t_e.( _ the difference between the Сап l _ хлэu а secret if you
new version and the old опе. promise to keep it to yotlrself?

lf something is bothering you, p[ease l Ьк уочЪ пd __ mе а [ie.

it out [oud - don't whisper to your friends. You'll Ь hfrоrфЬ if,yotr аrе.

He's оп[у two years o[d, but he сап already lm шrеуоr.л".iе mе that joke
the time. Ьеfоrе_ Dопt yo.i k"ror апу others?

ý Cornplete thе sentences with the correct form of soy оr te{l arrd сrc of fre elpressions in the Ьох.

1 l've got а job interview this afternoon, so l пееd sorTre hкk_ ЖГ-Дlt+lш. flm ffйФ$аr

2 Оuсh! That real[y hurtl Aren't you going to

3 Sоrrу, l didn't hеаr you. Cou[d you

4 l don't believe you! Are you sure you're ____-

5 That's а rеа[[у пiсе present your grandma sent уоч- Yсr.д пееd Ш пп m,ш

6 Не won't go to s[eep unti[ you

7 We[[, that's the end of the c[ass. lt's time to

8 Look what you've done! Wait unti[ your dad sees йЬ - i"rеЪ rcСlШб ;gоплщлшз

Replace the underlined words with а phrase from the Ьох.
Write a-j in the boxes.

Mum said it wasn't going to rain, but she l don't want to 8о out with Tom апd his
said that without thiпkiпя. Тhе skуъ futl of they just discuss thiпяs like
friends -
dark c[ouds.
Е footba[[ a[t the time.
l can't hеаr а word you're saying. You can't believe а word that Jason says
TaIk more loud[v please,
п Не sa.ys stupid thiпяs а[[ the time!
А[ех, don't repl.v rude[.v to the teacher |'vejust read this book. lt's abso[uteY
Iike that!
п fantastic! You rеа[[у must read it.
l опlу spoke Eng[ish when l was оп hotiday Dad [oves discussin8 work with his
iп Spain, because I can't say ап.уthiпя at al[ co[[eagues,
in Spanish.
п Frапсеsса апd A[ty have argued again.
|'d like you to te[[ mе exact[.v what vou think.
п They аrеп't соmmuпiсаtiпя with
each other at а[[ at the moment.
G Ечltuге in miпd
Read the text. Тhеп mark
the statements 7 (true),
F (false) or N (not enough
'l Africans used drumming
before Europeans d iscovered
the continent. П
2 Slaves used drumming to
send messages about their
slave masterr. П
3 Slave masters encouraged
the use of drumming П
Some drumming sounds
а bit tike speech. П
Drumming communication
differs from опе соuпtrу
to another. п
Реор[е add new words and
phrases to the drumming
About half of all drum
messages аrе misunderstood.


.lо a]a
Ш Read this email to Lачrа from hеr friend Nadia.

Неу girl! Just а quick email to tell you l'm still alive! Мum said l
сап't use my рhопе this month, 'cos l spent too much last month.
Oh, well. Listen - email mе back.
- How's your week Ьееп?
- Апу luck with finding а job?
- Things ОК with Tom?
- lan Finch's party!! lt's tоmоrrоw night. Аrе we meeting thеrе?
- Апу other news l should know about?
write back sооп!
Love, Nadia
1Dear Ms Steohens.

Щ Kead LачrаЪ reply. Does she answer attof NаdiаЪ How's things? Sоrry to hеаr about уоur
'рhопе рrоЬlеm'! How аrе уоu going to
questions? What is wrong with the underlined phrases?
surчiче without уоur mobi|e? Апуwау, my

Щ Keplace the underlined phrases above with phrases week's Ьееп ОК - the usual stuff at college.
a-f below. Write 1-6 iп the boxes. l think l'll stay, though. l can't find апу music

jobs except working iп the megastore at the
а Things аrе going we[l with Tom
shopping сепtrе, and 2Шаtjý поtзýЦ!аЬlе_
Ь So, about п option fоr the rest of my life.

с Hi Nadia, п 3Му relationshio with Tom is рrосееdiпg well

he's been rеаllу sweet rесепtlу. аНе has

d He's sti[l not sure about п -
not made а decision so fаr regarding going
е Take саrе п to university next уеаr. l think he shou|d go,
f l don't rеа[[у want to do that п ечеп if it means we'll Ье араrt. Decisions,
5With rеfеrепсе to lan's party we could
meet uр Ьеfоrе, if you want. How about
Using о ppropriate language Starblast Coffee at 7.30?
Whеп you write а [etter оr ап emai[, it is very Guess who we bumped into today? Веп
important to choose [anguage that is appropriate Davis - he's back frоm Hong Kong. Не
for the reader. seems а bit unhappy - his parents have
broken up and he's not sure what he wants to
Think about who the [etter is for. lf it is sоmеопе
* do. He's coming to the party. You used to like
you already know (а friend оr а pen-friend, for ý
& Веп, didn't you?
example), then your language сап Ье mоrе simp[e бyours faithfullv,
and iпfоrmа[.
а Love Lаurа
Make sure you inc[ude a[l the information уоu аrе ý
asked to include, iп а natura[ way,
l whеп you learn new words and expressions, ask а
Write а similar ]2O-word emai[from
уоur teacher if they are formal оr iпfоrmа[. lf you Rebecca to Kylie iп which she passes оп
[еаrп the way to start а forma[ letter, also find out а hеr latest news using the information
how to start а letter to а pen-friend, for ехаmр[е. а from Exercise 'l2 оп page 7 of the
ý }
*****Ф&&*фФФФфý&Е**&*&&й**&Ф**ý**0**a}ý*& StчdепtЪ Book.


back nod make gеsturirгg tetting еуе forward warm look arms
) r

ltъ fuпФ]hоФ]]]di eiý ]]рёýЁlёtойn:Iйfitýý]!п,:.8iбaрý::]SойЁlýёйЬ. а:ýtФýi

hапds,: af н*ýli аrý: iйýt.]if,апd.,.фitlh:ltýýiг]::: .

@ I l:й

She . _ _ seen hеr Ьоуfriепd а[[ week.

5gYýf::l,,l:l,,,ýl]l'didr:rltl]:l:,,11i:':lhýýlnt11:,,:l:,,:,:]ll':l.1.l:li:,1_,l.,],]],.l,l,]l],]]:,,l:]] ],

| .]-::.:,::i.:].rnn.lia.libtl ,tМ,.,й;йl;ýi.,.]1,,1...'.',.,.,,,.',.1,....


еl.'hфЙ.iltr,,...,.llЬ,l,,.ЙiЙаlt .l.,ll.:illldidпtll.,,,l,,,.ll,:.ll1,1.,.l',l]':'l:,l,.:ll

:Яой].'llФi.i::;i.i8r...Йý'мlЙЬ,&i .;11ýЙЙ'.

loff,foilФk!Пg'thёllcai.Йithoйt.,rikiný.::l,l:l:l,,:,;.1 .,,.l',,..

,.:'аl,!Ф::УО{,,::,:.],Ь.]:]],tеll..]]]],l.:]]i::::фl[::УОСll]:l,::,::],i::l:]ll.,,,:,,,,,,,1,1,,1,1,1l,]',,,',. ',l

.'фlЬИtý уl,,Йаiý,tЬi€еlldrФ',;,,.r....''1..:,1;'...1,.,..:1.,,.ll.,''l.;l.'lll:lll
,Йýt!iП8l,,l,':.:i,l,::'llltёlliП8.,',,' 1.1il,.',.ld.'".,.],.ýФiПý

7,,'.,,:a,,,,,ll,C.li1ai8ed11:::l,,::Ь'lll',$d,,,,,..,.,;,i11,1l l,5PдEd:.::,,.l,,:,],,,:]ld',:.,.,'.hid.'l.,l,i.


, l,'.,,,,,....1';'
".:..1.,'11, ГЖ


Vеrу good ок ffi Review Unit 1 again

20-25 14-19 W 0_1]
&,Gпаmmаг (рhопе), Godzi[[a

& P**t *ýtз"tр[* чg- рýýt **ýrtýrзq**жg (go) to sit next to the рhопе.
г*vi8W Whеп it wasn't David. Godzi[[a]2
(stay) where she was,
ffi Co.plete the sentences with the past simple
or past сопtiпчочs fоrm of the verbs. :t Тimе сопjuпсiiопs: 4s ,/ **з*gз l
Whi[e l (took)for my tennis а5 sооп а5
ba[[s, l .f"оuлd (find)an o[d sandwich п conn"ct the sentences with the words in
under mу bed. Ыackets. Sometimes you need to change
the order ofthe sепtепсеs.
Whеп my parents

His parents came to stay at his house.

back, we ."... (have) а party.
David went away to work, (when)
З Whеп l (open)the doo1 they
W.hеп Dqy_|d weOt s.wly tp wрrk hls
(dance) iп the dark.
p_sre1Is ýqце !а 5!ау at his hq_цsе.
4l (find)this gir['s рhопе 2 The рhопе started ringing. Godzitta rап and
пumьеr while l (с[еап) уоur sat next to the рhопе. (as soon as)

5 While we (wait), we
(start)to write the invitations. The halt light саmе оп. She was parking her
саr. (as)
бl (teach) а gym c[ass when l

(hеаф about the р[апе crash.

7 Sоmеопе ___ . _ (catt)you on your

Тhе dog stагtф Ьаrkiпg. l got to the gate.
mobile whi[e you ..,... (take) the (as sооп as)
dog for а wa[k.

ffi Corplete the sentences with the past simple

sоmеtirпеs ап а,irпаl staгts behaving
or past сопtiпчочs form of the verbs.
strапgеtу_ Sопеthiпs hаррепs to its оwпеr.
Godzi[[a the cat had а special relationship (thеп)
with hеr оwпеr, David Hart. David often
.. ye1I (go)away for work. While
hе l..__.___.__.._.._,.
_._. . (trave[), his mother Мапу алiп-а < а,е "..atlпg at the door. Their
(come) оvеr to his house о\A/г}еБ а,.е STi"i:-iel;jп.g hоmе. (as)

to look after the cat. Опе day while the

te[ephone (ring), his mоthеr
(notice) Godzi[[a get up
the sofa and sit down next to the рhопе. She ргOпшпсaаtloп
(pick) up the рhопе. lt was * tinkilq sэ--с:
David. The next time the рhопе
(ring), Godzilla 7___,.._ (do)the same
tr Look at ttte w-ау tt€s€ wоrds frоm Exercise
Ib аrе linked
thing. lt was David again. But the next time,
hеr.t___с,,,,-е, ]э" с\-_7 often
Godzi[[a 8
. (not move). His mother
\ф"еПt_ j-".Э.
.._,._._,., (апswеф the рhопе - it wasn't
David. She started to notice that every time David Ш ý!!Щ hrark siпп[Шаг [inks iп the text,
then listef! ам йedк.

UN|T 2
Э Gпаmmап
!t Past siгпрtе vs, past p*rf*ct s!жзрlе

[] M.t.t, the sentence halves. Write a-d in the boxes.

А mап was arrested for а bank robbery after police
4 cal[ed him оп his mobile рhопе. The mап ...
2 А mап was arrested in hospital for trying to steal
mопеу from а house safe after police found his glove
at the house. Тhе safe ...
зi А man who had climbed Mount Everest six times
died as а result of а fa[[ at hоmе. Не ...
4 Ап unemployed man who tried to print his own
mопеу was caught as sооп as he tried to spend it.

had used black ink оп the notes instead of green,

because hе was colour-bIind.
ib) had left а business card at the bank with his рhопе number оп it.
с had fa[len оп his hапd апd cut off опе of his fingers, Тhе mап ran away, leaving his g[ove behind.
When the mап went to hospital with а missing fiпgеr, the police were аЬ[е to mаtсh the finger to the hand.
had c[imbed а ladder to сhапgе а tight bulb in the kitchen when hе fett and cracked his head оп the sink.

Щ Cornplete the sentences. Use the past perfect and the past simple or past сопtiпчочs form
of the verbs.

l As soon as hе clpsed (c[ose) the door, he "..... ...,. (realise) that hе .. (teave)
his key inside.

2l . (meet) her somewhere before.

3 l ....... ...".. (not know) what l .. (say) to hеr, but she (сrу).

а They (B"t) to the сiпеmа tеп minutes after the fitm ___"___. _____. (start),

5 Му mobile (not work) because l .... (forget)to charge it.

бl (see) you sitting and smiling half ап hоur before the епd of the exam.
you already . (finish)?

Щ Kead the text аЬочt the American ТV show Friends. Some of the lines have а word
that should not Ье there. The extra words are connected to tenses. write the incorrect
extra word at the end of the liпе, or tick (/) if the line is correct.
Fiends is stilt Ьеing опе of the most рорu[аr TV shows in the world, ,l
ечеп after they stopped making it in 2004. The show had had three 2 r'_
previous names before it had became simply Friепds: Friends Like lJs, 3
Дсrоss The Halland 5ж Of Опе, Ьut in the end опе word was БЕеа_ 4
enough. Apart from the six mаiп characters, the опtу реrsоп to
феr 5
арреаr in а[[ ten years that they have made the show was Guпthеr, the
coffee shop server. Не was hfunB the оп[у реrsоп in the cast that knew 7
how to ореrаtе а cappuccino mасhiпе.
Why was the show so popu[ar? lt was being urЫlу we[[ written and 8
fuппу, of course, but what has kept fans watching for mоrе thап а decade 9
is possib[y the fact that the group of six always ф stayed friends, по 10
matter what чЧе problems the characters had оп screen, оr the actors 11

had iп rеа[ [ife.

UN|T 2
[i Reptace the words with а phrase frоm the Ьох. Write a-f iп the boxes.

1 Please don't tel[ апуопе that l did it! l'tt Ье your friend fоrечеrl Е
2 Yочr rпоst loyal friends are the ones who sta.y loyal to you iп the bad times, п
З Thanks for sцороrtiпg. mе iп there. l thought поЬоdу was goingto аgrее with mе. п
4 You rеа((у hаче а яооd re(ationshfp wfth уоur stepbrothers and stepsisters, dont you? п
5 lt [ooks like Dаrrеп and Varsha have stopped Ьеiпя friends. They don't ta[k to each other апу more п
6 You said you would go with mеl Please don't disappoint me - l don't want to go а[опе. п
Ш Look at the pictures. Choose а phrase from the
Ьох in Exercise 4а to comp[ete sentences ]-5 П 5ЩЩlЩr CompreTeTne
below. There is опе phrase you won't need. sепtёiiсёj йith the words in the Ьох.

1 l've known Arthur for а very long

time-we're..__.._.___Qld. friends.

2 The two countries were

during the war,

He's very shy - it isn't easy for him to

friends with people.
We met, he liked mе and l liked him
- we.........__.._ immediately!
They know a[l of each otheis
secrets апd so оп - they're rеа[[у
___ friends.

This is Alex - he's а.....

of miпе from our school days.
She isn't а friend rеаl[у, just а business
of mч mother's.
You don't hаче to thank me - that's
what .__, after а[[.

Oh, поl What have l done? Look, don't.... с and

l'[[ give уоu some of my sweets.
2 lt's amazing that they еасh other.

3 Соmе оп, come оп! Please don't...________.___ now!

4 Phew! Thanks for."_,__....__... .

5 Oh, по! lt looks [ike they've with еасh оthеr.

Ве careful what you say.

G Evвгyday Епslish
Щ Comptete the expressions with the words in the Ьох.


А: Do you like Chinese food? 4А: Are you 8оiп8 to Diana's party?

В: Not esp_ec_islly . В: Party? That's ... to mе. l didn't know

she was having опе.
А: Dan hasn't invited you to his party,

В: Wett, I won't invite him to mine,

5А: Мum, l'm sоrrу. l ate the last piece of cake.

В: How _..._._,._,"_,_..._ you? l was saving that for

your dad.
3 А: Do you mind if l сору your homework?

В: As а _.._...__._... of fact l do. Do it

6 А: When do you want оur homework iп, Sir?

yourse[f. В: The the better, but по later than


Щ Co.plete the dialogue with the expressions frоm Exercise 5а.

Steve: Неу Вriап, do you tike MGMT?

Brian: l." Nst gspg.cislly , why?
Steve: They're p[aying at the Academy iп Мау.

Steve: Absolutely. l bought mу tickets yesterday.

Вriап: Tickets?
Steve: Yes, опеЪ for Jеп. l've invited hеr a[ong.

Brian: What!3 ? You know l like hеr.

Steve: So why don't you come along, ..?
Brian: 5 | think l wi[[. When should l get mу
Steve: . Тhеу'rе selling really quickly.

Brian: ОК, l'm going to buy mine nowl See you.

Study hвtp
Ж N"Js,ng йррr,орrl,]tе l*ftfiMaý*

Whеп you [еаrп new words and phrases, it is important to

know if the language is formal or informal. For ехаmр[е, it is
поt appropriate to епd а letter requestin8 information about
а course with 'Take care'. At the same time, you сап sound too
formal if you write 'Yours faithfu[ly' in ап emai[ to sоmеопе you
met оп а school ехсhапgе рrо8rаmmе,
Phrasal verbs аrе usua[[y, but not always, mоrе informal ways
of saying something. lt is fiпе to say to а friend 'Let's meet up
sometime', but in а forma[ situation it would Ье better to say '|
wou[d [ike to аrrап8е ап appointment for ...'.

UN|T 2
й Listвn
Ш ý!ýЩ Read statements А-С
below, then listen апd read what the
реrsоп says about pets and their Matching speokers with орiпiопs
owners. Decide which statement you
r lп this kind of question, you wi[t usua[ly hеаr
think is the sреаkеrЪ opinion.
а пumЬеr of different реор[е ta[king about
А Pet owners have а special
а similar subject.
understanding with their animals.
lt is important to read the statements carefu[[y
В Оп[у dogs have а telepathic
first, to Ье clear about the differences between
re[ationship with their оwпеrs, not
еасh опе.
other pets.
Тhе speakers may use different words from
С The 'special relationship' between а pet
and its оwпеr does not rea[ly exist. the ones in the statements, but the mеапiпg
wi[[ Ье the same.
Try to think of other ways to express the ideas
iп the statements, to imagine what the speaker
might say. Fоr ехаmр[е, when the statement is
'ltЪ поt necessary', the speaker might say'You
don't have to'оr'You dont пееd to'.
Тhе speaker mау seem to Ье agreeing with
the statement because they use the same
words, but actually 8о оп to disagree with the
statement and thеrеfоrе think the opposite.
Fоr example, the speaker might say, 'Some
The speaker says А lot of people seem
people think you have to see уоur best friend
to think .,.', but this рrоЬаЬlу does not
every day, but l don'tйink фаtЪ песеssаrу.'
include the speaker. The speaker also
says 'especially dogs', which does not Remember уоч аrе Ьеing asked fоr the speaker's
mеап only dogs. The thiTd and fourth орiпiоп, not yours!
sentences give the speaker's opinion:
'I think...'. The corlect answer is'C'.

Ш ]![Щ Listen to five реор[е talking аЬочt best friends, апd rnatch each speaker
with опе of the options А-F. Use each letter only опсе. Тhеrе is oTre еrtп letter you
wont need.
Speaker 1
п А lt's поt necessary to see уоur Ьеst frielrd аrcrу day-
Speaker 2 п В You don't a[ways like реор[е the first tlrrre yol, meet феm.
С Some реор[е dопt have anyfrierrdr
Speaker З п D lt's not important to hаче а'Ы'friепd
Speaker 4 п Е lt's поt so hаrd to make'rretv Ыfrierdd_
Speaker 5 п F lt'S поrmа[ to fight with усл Ье*friеrdgгнiтв"

UN|T 2
[etting had whi[e friends

6,:..,,,.\Д/fi i{ёllýýЁ_,i,Фаi.hаriпВ]i$ойёil:ýойаьоdу,1,.;,,;_.,,;
.]l',l]hёri.;:tОЙ€L:]]]]:,::ii,]:. ::]]:,]:.,,:

,,,,"]', i ..Еtбlё.,,,]',.'lЬ,'lll:}i.аdlllitоJёП ,.llll.lill,]йаý:iiёi!iпý, r'

-ц}.l:br6thЁi|,.boin;йa:monrd.,to 'r,

Very good ок бffi Review Unit 2 again

20-25 14 -19 W 0-1з
& Gпаmmап
& Рr*s*ýrt р*rГ*сt sirхзрL* v*"
Е Match the dialogues and pictures, thеп
complete. Use the present perfect simple
оr сопtiпчочs.
C*}",}*i ft L,i*ý"lý r*Yi *W
6) ll ill
Ш@ the correct words.
-ff. l

Your Ыоthе, Ь"r@ / Ьееп writing Ат lý r*

thrее job appIications this mоrпiпg, |' l


|'че Ьееп dоiпg dопе ап lT course at the l

weekends. l've got опе mоrе week to go. ll
l don't leave schooI for апоthеr уеа1 but
l've already started / Ьееп starting to [ook
for а job.

Have you sееп / Ьееп sееiпg the пеw James
Bond fi[m?
Му dad has a[ways had ,/ Ьееп having а
thick beard.
What do you mеап, you haven't had time to
make diппеr! What have you dопе / Ьееп
doing аII evening?
lt's sпоwеd / Ьееп sпоwiпg al[ night. Do you
think it'll stop Ьу tomorrow morning?

ffi Co.plete the sentences with the words iп

the Ьох.

]А: Where's уоur sister?

В: She '5з9пе
_ oLJt with her friend, (go)

Неr Frепсh is getting much better. She's 2А: You look terribteL What's wrong?
Ьееп gоiп+_. to c[asses twice а week. В: Оh, l _ __ ilot sleep) we[[
|'ve ...__..__..__.__.._ ..__..__. three of the wa[[s and recentty. Тос ,:uc* hэгпеwоrk, l think!

both doors - just опе mоrе wa[[to go. 3А: Do you ,"^.'ап: а^э:i,е, slice of this pizza?
You've just . _..._....... me! Did уоu forget lt's exceIieT:

to te[[ mе something? В: No. thагks епоugh. (eat)

He's _,.___.___....__..__..._..._. out, l'm afraid. lf you 4А: |'гп 5о so-, - ,f,-_-, -эr. tопg

want to wait, he'[[ Ье back in ап hоur. .:,- ? (wait)

в: Тос "c:t _i:a(; -i l|!e:

|'ve..._...______"_.._ photos for the [ast
two hours. Тhе саmеrа doesn't have апу А \\ ^.а: ?

memory left now.

Have vou .._ iп hеrе? lt certain[y
sme[[s Iike it.

AIisha's you а[[ day. Where

have you Ьееп?
_t€ -эr. mапу dirty dishes
Who has the last piece of
cake? l wanted itl
Щ Co.p[ete the questions. Use the present Gпаmmап
perfect simple or сопtiпчочs form of the
verbs iп the Ьох.
* &*d &e8f*r l s&gсзfd,/ **;g&r r*

Ш @the correct words in these

Vou'aбn:: l ,z should / ought do it
1 So is that your new boyfriend? How long before Nzlum comes home!
hsче ур-ц hее_п вр!п8_.___ out with him? You oughtn? / better поt ,/ shouldn't
2 Nice рhопе, Jake. How long р[ау with matches.
it? Yоu оught поt / better поt ,/ shouldn't
to let him use the internet at night.
З l didn't know you cou[d water ski! How [ong
Yоч better / should ,/ ought talk to some
that? of your teachers about it.
4 l hеаr you want to buy а пеw sound system. You'd should ,/ better ./ оught wear
How long for it? some smart c[othes. you need to look
уоur bestl
You didn't te[[ me you'd passed а[[ of уоur
You ought ,/ should ,/ better to look at
exams! How long .__.___"_ ?
the advertisements in the рареr.
That film fi[e is hugel How [ong
it? Щ Matcb the problems below with the
advice in Exercise 2а. write the letters
ý Сопtiпче the biography of singer/songwriter a-g iп the boxes.
Craig David using the information below. Use 'Му sоп spends all night iп
past simple and present perfect simple or
сопtiпчочs where appropriate.
chat rooms.' tr
2 '|'ve burnt mу fingers.'
з 'l want а good part-time job.'
4 'l've got а job interview tomorrow.'
5 'l don't know what саrееr l want.'
6 'l haven't tidied up my bedroom yet.'

ffi Th"r" аrе fourteen words оп this page

that have the sочпd /с:/. Сап you find
a Ьоrп in Southampton, Eng[and (1981) them а[[? Don't repeat the same word,
a started singing and DJing at age 14
and don't iпс[чdе for (because this has
the sound /fэ/).
youngest ечеr mаlе singer to have а UK
пumЬеr l hit (Aprit, 2000)
. Ш ]ЕЩ Listen to the fочrtееп words,
wоп various music industry awards since then апd repeat.
о a[so recorded his song Rise Дпd Fаl/ iп Punjabi
. met Nelson Mandela
о called "England's best singer" Ьу Sir Elton Jоhп
о' played mапу charity concerts апd football
О received hопоrаrу Doctor of Music degree
from Southampton University (200S)
Craig David was Ьоrп iп 198l iп Southampton,
Епglапd. Не has Ьееп singing апd DJing...

UNlT з
& voсаЬшlагу
* Jobs апd w*rk
ý Corplete the crossword Ьу solving
the clues with words from page 29
of the Student's Book.
4 Not working а[[ of the working week (4-4)
7 You have this if you've done the job before (10)

9 Working the comp[ete week (4-4)

10 Leave а job (6)
'l'l This is уоur mопеу from work (6)

'l А worker for а соmрапу (8)

2 You сап get them frоm schoo[ and university (14)

3 Without а job (l0)

5 Someone who is learning the skills of job ,
ж htelds
а (7)
Фt wаrk :

6 Try to get а job (5)

8 The реrsоп./еmр[оуеr you work for (8)

Ш Match the jobs,1-8 with the fields
of work. Add more jobs if уоч сап.
Щ Corplete the two dialogues with words from а pub[ic service . _._ "_.."._5",_..__
the Ьох.
ь education
с entertainment
d health саrе
lnterviewer: We[[, Ms Lапе, l see you have l0 GCSEs, and
е lT апd media
six of them with ап А grade. Those аrе very impressive
qцslifrcstjals... Why have you .." for а job f IegaI

with us? 8 fiпапсе

Ms Lane: l think you're а very fair .__._. You h mапа8еmепt
treatуоur _.._ vеrу we[[ from what l hеаr.
And the ,".__ is ехсеllепt for а first iob.

Job Shop Officer: Аrе you iп fцl]_!!пе_...._,. work at the

moment, А[ап?
Аlап: No, l'm not working at а[[. |'ve Ьеепl
for the last two weeks.
Job Shop Officer: I see you __.._ from уоur
previous job iп your first month as а З..__...,..__.__

What hаррепеd?
Alan: The training рrоgrаmmе was чеrу рооr. l wanted
to find something better.
Job Shор Officer: l see. We[[, we оп[у have

jobs in уоur field at the moment - mornings, Мопdау

to triday, 20 hours а week. Would that interest you?

20 UN|T 3

G Flсtioп iп miпd
Щ Wbit" you read the extract, choose the best word to complete the gaps.
'l а computer ь ч:r1g9 с mапа8еr
t 2 а away Ь about с around
Е 3 а МауЬе Ь However с lf
4 а work Ь worked с working
5 а to[d Ь said с spoke

Е Yоч are going to read more of 'Тhе Book of Thoughts'. Chester has discovered that the
old book he found in the antique shop really does telt him what other people аrе thinking.
Вчt willthis help him at work?


l.,'1l.,]:l'll,,,ýОЩ,:l:,РаРёiý;,,,,Hё"pretended,to, Ье looking at
',lil6фý andl,thought bf Mi, Shaw.' The words
1,]l1;:,]:.:,fuiEl l


":::.|w:|K! 1:::.]cg: |ап|l iбmo.цз,rуitrl thе rjght figures, he'll
.:,,.,,.;:|,Iааik,;'sfuрiО, апd save the day.
He'll look like а Ьоу tryiпg to do а mап's job. Не
., .:.;,.:.| '11е,ёds:..t0,
Ie.arп,Sotпe,reýpect for serious ptofessioпals
::..|...:|..:Ilkё.йА: | |...
:-..| : :

,,Сhёstёr fёlt.аlсоld sФeat on the back of his

',:,:.,,,,, ,l,
'So the old mап rеаllу does dislike mе, after

Chester wопdеrеd what all the others thought

Obout hirn but had по time to consult his book.
'Thanks everybody - see you all this
afternoon', Chestel 5 them all.
'Enjoy уоur lunch.'
(frоm Вrеппап, F. (2000) 'The Book of Thoughts'
iп The Fruitcake Special, CUP: рр 56-57)

Щ] Choore the correct answer: а, Ь, с or d.

Why is Chester so p[eased at his secretary's news?
а Не'[[ have the сhапсе to take some time off.
Ь He'l[ Ье аЬ[е to work more c[ose[y with Мr Shaw.
с Не'[[ hаче the сhапсе to еаrп his manager's respect.
d He't[ Ье able to find out what his work co[leagues think of him.

Why does Chester use the litt[e book?

а То check his figures for the meeting.
Ь То read Mr Shaw's thoughts.
с То write what he thinks about the office employees.
d То hide his figures from Мr Shaw.
з How does chester feel at thе end ofthe extract?
а cold Ь uncomfortab[e с cheerfu[ d hungry

UN|T 3
& Liýtеп апd wпitв
Ш ýýП Listen to Chris
describing а concert he saw,
and complete the missing
information ]-7.

Щ M"t.b the underlined words

and phrases a-d iп the text
with phrases 1-4.
1 all in а[[ п
2 iп conclusion п
з was held п
4 we[[worth it п

Report writing
А rероrt is similar to а description
or review. lt is поrmа[[у written in 6 so,yLqs.
а clear, semi-formal sty[e, divided
vwе dе!мдs Ье|wеец* pertorwa+tc*s, 1 ht
into paragraphs with headings to
show what kind of information the
В|псх Y*еd ?епs were-the
wы"u|Ье п.ai+t lwuд
ba+d; рmd
{лst. tЬпцq,ht Lпdy Gп2уп wлs thz beslup"r|bn"r;
reader wi[[ find. Тhе report usual[y
hеr siaili+9lind dп'lс,"fi"wеrе "xceLle,o*, M,d |hе
ends with а recommendation,
жudi"лЬ Ьр+d"d ve$ we!!-.
which mау contain уоur орiпiоп.
lt he[ps to use headings for ,','

to+lq, whiс|ь
уоur paragraphs. You сап then
_ ()

. rtot п{{ p.r|orn"rs-r"r.

р[ап what you want to write, :wЛý."t

апd your report will Ье easier

(Ц pod, thсuфl п*8'раrlп.лрs il wацld Ьь п'хооd
to read. ti {цt |Ь" лЙпЪ"r Ф p"rhrn"rs, Tl,r,is show

is |елмiцq lhe соцtttflfr, Mrd rесЛпwе+tdйiоц is

Тrу to [еаrп usefuI words and
expressions such as those |Ий, i|\oa l;rejus|)ro о, lfi,r"" ф |lле M|iststyu
s!поц!-d dL$dte|y 7о п+d see i|, Nеrь!!, it wлs л,rа
uпdеrliпеd iп the report and
in Exercise бЬ.
еtrсе||ецt .v"+iivi with so'эthilv |оr "vеrбо+е,
Try to present уоur information
as factually as you сап, leaving & _
your mаiп opinions for the ; tД Your class is doing а survey оп live events that they have
concIusion. attended (music concerts, dапсе and theatre performances,
craft fairs, sports, etc.). Write а report of 120-150 words
ln уоur conc[usion, give
аЬочt а live event you have sееп, inctuding:
а balanced assessment if
possib[e. Ве careful поt to
о where the event was held
repeat what you wrote in о the cost
previous paragraphs. lf you О а gепеrаl description
are saying that you did not о what you liked,zdidn't [ike
[ike something, try to find о whether other реор[е might like it
something positive to say. . а rесоmmепdаtiоп as to how it could Ье better

UN|T з

for shou[d Ьееп working }оЬ qualifications

.tбl{ý|[ iýеrп

l.;;l':l,_'1.',:.'YdСi'ПtеýЙýis',1ýlфЬdl.йаУl .,.l 1.,,'lр, ':,,li

ll,,l ll l :ll2:]l,,,l.,[flУооl] пt,]1|i ;уýйrlljgЬ']]i;,].l, ..,.'l

1l:]l.l.:i:l4].,1l,,!.r,rбu,lli ;,,i|!t.hё,lйrоU.lfi lll ,. .,l,

..1'..1.',l,.,..,,,11.,ý,..',.,.,Gббd.;qUý!!fi'СаtЬПýlЙil!..lhе}р:...,;','..';.l.1.1.. 'l:.'П'.',',..l..,]'.,';',,.'...,;6.';;;..;й;.;1а..tаiý;.l]'.'.l.....,.,.,l'.'.......,.li

l ,,'..11,1,,'11,,7lll,:,,.,Тhё:.еi',ltýruiп.йёffi,'fiýld1,iý'.fiijiý.lllll.l. to 8et some experience.

,l.,'.'l.:'.:ll,..,'8:.'r.1,.11d,,.,iаf i.hаv9lйУ,ФilЬйýiпёýý,.l.,.l ....П.',.''. ..h,l,1..,.thanl,j!ýtllacti,ný,.a!d;l.ý!Пýiný;.,',,,,,,l,,.l,',l,:l.,ll,,:ll:l'.:,l

:,il1,.,,l,lthan,l, Ьý,SýЙЬоdrý;]ýiПýl[Фёё;..,' .,11'.:.1


Vеrу good ок Review Unit 3 again

20-25 - 19 0-1з

*€_r - ]. -
, щi
!Ti lrф rъу*dпý/*rlР\r'!t
ýý \, ьv!ь { {чt IJ

ffi Corplete the sentences with the correct form of (поt)Ье likety to.

'l 'lt's nice, but it 's Цkеlу, 2 'Please write it down, 3 'You . _fai[

,. . .f9_ Ье rеа[[у because l .... the exam.'

expensive.' forget.'

6 'Perhaps we shou[dn't р[ау

р[ау again for about six pass, аm l?' here - we..

months.' Ыеаk something.'

Щ Co.plete the sentences. Use the information Тhеrе /Ье muсh to eat at the party.
in the chart. (25% + won't)

l00% wtII
75% will probably Ье likely to
we ,/ visit our grandparents next weekend.
5О% might might поt
(50% + not)

25% probably wоп't поt Ье likely to

0% won't
ý Kewrite the sentences. Use the words in
lt / rаiп at the wееkепd. (75% + will) brackets.
!_t y_lll.prq_bqb_ly
rsjп."st the wqekcOd
'l The сhапсеs of mу, father buying me
Му раrепts,/ Ье unhappy with my resu[ts. (l00%) а соmрutеr аге sгпа[t. {tikety)

lSуfаhеr isc't |ike|y tо_Ьцу rne q.QQrпрц!.g.|:,

3 Му Ыоthеr / arrive [ate tomorrow, {75% * Iikely) 2 lt's possibie tta: ] .,. ill pass the exams. (might)

4 The match оп Saturday / Ье very good, (0%) lt's poss:b,,e ,..;оп't аrriче оп time.
/_i-l- лл+
uIl,K] L l9_

5 l / go to the сiпеmа this evening. (50%)

4 l'гп al-nos: s_rre :iat l'[l Ье [ate. (probabty)
l ./ pass next week's test. (75% * likely)
тr€-э ;э ý-а. ]апсе mу mother will
Ihеу / Ье at hоmе tomorrow. (2SЪ * поt likely) :€-.6 *€ sэlгт€ *а.tey. (поt tikety)

l don't think that mу sister wi[[ buy that саr.
(рrоЬаЫу won't) ý Gпаmmаг
tt TirTe сопjчпсtiопs: if "/ uпless l
ltЪ very роssiЫе that they will Ье at the party.
whеп / untiý / as sоап as
(tikely) Е @ the correct words.
I l|tt tetl you until r@l know.
Mary isn't here yet so tet's wait until /
Gпаmmап rлzhеп she arrives.
* First conditiorэal review: lf and иrTfess |'m going to buy а пеw соmрчtеr whеп /
f,] Corplete the sentences with the present simple unless l have епоugh mопеу.

form of the verbs, or will,/won't. You won't pass the exams if / unless you

l l vyill."leлd .."..(lend) you the mопеу if you

study mоrе.

... p:ro_mlse .. (promise)to give it back tomorrow. We'll go out ds sооп а5 / unless the

z lf she ....... (рhопе) mе tonight, weather gets better.

l ". ......". .......... (ask) hеr to go out with me. |'ll stay at hоmе as sооп as / untilit stops
3 Тhе door (not ореп) unless you raining.

Whеп / Unless we mоче house, l'l[ have

mу own bedroom.

lf / Until l fail my driving test, l'l[ take it


...... (hurt) himself.

Щ Co.plete the sentences. Use if unless,
l ... ...... ....., (not come) if you until or as sооп os.
____ (not want) me to. ] She's coming hоmе at 6.00, l'tttalk to hеr
Unlessyou..___.__.._...... (stop)tatking,the ...._.s5 5Qqр g5.__" she arrives,
teacher . ... (gеt) angry with you.
___.______ we hurry up, we'[[ Ье late
The dog . .. (not bite)you if you for the fi[m!
. ... (leave) it аlопе. DаdЪ picking us up in the car, so we'll hаче

Щ М"t" conditiona[ sentences with the words to wait _.___ hе gets here.
below. What wil[ you do

1 you / hаче ап accident ,/ unless / you go don't pass уочr exams?

mоrе s[owly Сап you do mе а favour? Look after my cat

Yр_ц!_ll.hsуе_.s.O.q-с-сi_фlэtцп!.е.s.sуо.-ц.8р--!т!9_19-.5!а_w!у. ...... l get back from holiday,

2 lf / )оhп,/ invite me to the party, ,/ l ,/ go


l can't buy it ____ ___.__ .__ my parents

lend mе some mопеу.
3 l ./ beat Salty ,z unless / l/ play badly
l can't ta[k now, l'm watching а football
match - but l'tt riпg you
4 l/ Ье very upset./ if / hе / Iose my camera finishes, оК?

8 _____ ___ the cinema's fu[[, don't

5 Un[ess / you / 8о поw, ,/ the shops ./ Ье closed wоrrу - we сап come back hоmе and
watch а video.

lf ,l mу friепd / come rочпd, / we,/ play

comPUter 8ameS
& vocаЬulапу
*- VеrЬs wit|з prepgsýtions
ý Гiпа five words in the grid to complete the phrases.

G А R G Е т т N G соmmоп сачsеs of stress:

R R Е о т н N Е R 'l . ,.,. .., ... with реор[е
о G А R R н R А Е 2 about your problems
о R R Y I N G R 3 _ .__ for exams
о N А N N к о N
4 _. _ _ about what to wear
R S I к о S
5 ready for school
I N к G I N N G
А R G U N G G т N
N R R G о R G
G Е т т т I N G S

ffi look at the pictures. Comp[ete the sentences with the expressions from Exercise 4а.

Don't sit there ..._.._.._.._

- go апd do something about them!

He's а rеа[[у unpleasant guy - he's always

and fighting.

ý] Corplete the sепtепсеs with the correct

'l l'm а bit worried sЬрцt .._ my sister.

2 Му parents are thinking

moving to another town.

З School ends next week, so l'm getting ready

__ the summer holidays.
4 Which ехаm аrе you revising _ _.___." _.__ _ _ ?

Why аrе you always arguing

уоur раrепts?
What аrе you waiting _ . __.___ ?

ý, РпопllпЕiаtaoп
* Weak апd strong forms of

hate for schooll l almost

ý!ýЩt Listen апd repat. Рау particular
l g9tt!_ngI_eqdy........ attention to the чпdеrliпеd words.
always forget а book оr something. 'l l'm lооkiпg for mу boks,
Му Ыоthеis going to а party tonight, and 2 What are уоu waiting for?
he's spent hours .__.__.__.__. 3 Sоrrу - l dопt want to ta[k to you.
lthink is pointlessl 4 Who are уоч writiпg 1q?
Either you've learned the things a[ready, оr 5 Are you looking at mе?

you haven'tl 6 Who аrе уоч tooking ц?

Complete the cartoons with the correct prepositions.

:]a::i,]]]a]]]]]]]:.:]]:]]1]]".]]],:] :,:]


lYАilТЕ0: ,
вАilк |.

ltдпдсtп :]

1 "|'d like to aoolv for "Му son doesn't like some 3 "l don't think l'[[ go
thе job of bank mапаgеr." ofthe parents l go rоuпd dessert, thanks."

4 "We can оп[у hоре ., 5 "Do you think they'Il have 6 "We'[[ рrоЬаЬ[у Ье аЬ[е to
someone to find us sооп." апуthiпg to ta[k . . ?" laugh . it опе day."

Study h8tp
& t**a-r:ý*ý еgхý }.*{*згdýý,}ý w{:}rdý i* **r.ltgхt
е lt's vеrу important to record words that you muсh better to write а sentence оr phrase
[еаrп iп а context - in other words, don't
that uses thе оthеr words too, е.8. 'She печеr
record them as words оп their own, seems to worry about апуthiпgl (You сап add
е Fоr examp[e: if you lеаrп the verb 'worry', you а translation if you think it's important and
cou[d record it as опе word апd then write а usefu[.)
translation, е.8. 'wоrrу = рrеосuраrsе'. lt's a[so а good idea to record уоur own
* But in оrdеr to use the word 'worry', you sentences,/phrases, about things which аrе
need to know and rеmеmЬеr words that go true for you - this makes new language muсh
with it - e.g. the preposition 'aboutl So it's mоrе mеmоrаЬ[е.

write sentences./phrases in your notebook (or here)which will help

уоч rеmеmьеr and use
these words from the чпit:
аrяUе ....._.._..

get ready


aS Soon aS


UN|T 4
&Ш wпitв
Read this advertisement in а
пеwsрареr. The advertisement
requests information аЬочt four
different things. What are they?

ffi l уочпt mап called Апdrё wrote а

letter to apply for опе of the jobs.
Read his letter and say which of the
four requests for information in the
advertisement he doesn't respond to.

Writing а letter for оп ехаm

When you write а tette1 especia[ly for а test
оr ап examination, rеmеmЬеr that you shou[d

Read the task carefu[[y and do exactly

what it asks уоu to do. lп this ехаmр[е, you
need to read the advertisement carefu[[y
and make sure that you provide all the
information that the advertisement asks for,
*yl5piicat}on, lf you miss out important information, you
. t Дlт!-.itr- : r,,- i."": Т. l].... .],.,.,:i..,:]]

,iйБ;;;оtоуоur,тврw wi[[ lose а lot of marks.

Yours,faithfU]l}r Check уоur оwп writing carefu[[y whеп yoJ

hаче finished. Check for grammar mistakes
and for апу spe[[ing mistakes. lп exams
especially, it is easy to make sma[[ mistakes
uпdеr pressure. Give yourself time at the end
to check.
m Each of the underlined phrases 1-4
а check уоur text, if there is а word Iimit, to
contains а language mistake. Correct
each опе. make sure that you have used about thе
required пumЬеr of words. lf you don't write
Ш] lmagine that you want to apply for опе епоugh wогds. you wi[[ lose marks, lf you
of the summer camp jobs. Write your write far too mапу. the ехаmiпеr won't mark
letter in about 120-180 words. (Don't muсh Ьеуопd the wоrd limit.
сочпt the орепiпg and your паmе.)
' )Ё " ФбФ4,Ф


] until lf unless tikety might рrоЬаЫу for about тrhеп with 1

irЙ'rfi Ё:ЙЁЙýвй,ýПý.v$ýяý..l.,:.l ll.],ll

':..].]..i.] :],]],:,],]]:].

а Uпт|l ь lT с Wпеп

. " .'l"
qч99 the correct words.
.:,,,,,,:,,l,,,,..:,,l.., ,,,i:l,.,l,,Whfi1,1ýiбб|нЙ€rаlЩоiп6ltо hryg:l':'ll:,.'1l:.rý...'{аЙrй ;ь;riiЙrй:}65irймýЙ;r.'l.,,

9].l.11M ýlyol1 ,iifуаЙiФijýо

ý'''о'п'п* ЦЧ'..'l"'.]'.'.|,'
",,, .

6& Review Unit 4 again

.1..,;:;.TФi[ll;1.ГЕ W 0_]3

ý Гчt the words in the correct order to make sentences. Щ Rewrite the sentences. Use the
а noise / аrеп't / to / You / make / a[lowed words iп Ыackets.

Y__q_ц_.srе.п!! slloy_ed tp цqkз s лр!sе. .

I We don't have permission to go

travel[ers / to ,/ Тhе / allowed / enter / wеrеп't / into that room. (a[[ow)

the country We s.r.e.n|.t sllawed tp_gq iпIр

thqI rcаm,

3 parents / play outside / let / Our / печеr ./ us 2 Тhе teacher told us to stay [опgеr
at schoo[ yesterday. (make)

4 us / Тhе ,z didn't ./ leave / earIy / let / teacher The teacher

mobile ./ made ./ switch off / оur / Ihey / us / phones l don't a[[ow my sister to borrow
mу things. ([et)

make ./ Do ,/ before / your parents / беd / you / to / l

go / 10 оЪ[осk?

Му father didn't give me

permission to borrow his car. ([et)
Щ look at the signs. Write sentences with (поfJ allowed to.
Му father

You сап't smoke hеrе. (a[[ow)

Yоu .._..._.._..._...

1 Yо_ц. sr.ел!!..s.!!рw.еd."tр-. Му mum says l have to рау for my

с у с ! el_r ! d е у р ц r bike_ h.e_ r. "е.,.
own mobi[e рhопе. (make)
Му mum


-r-,л в

_..ror llýv,
Cornpu:;l;. please
3ý rпiПUrеЭ"'Ж


Щ M.t b the words with the definitions. Write 1-8 iп the boxes.

А group of programmes about the same The пumЬеr of реор[е who watch
subject. tr а рrо8rаmmе. п
Comedy programmes about the lives of А рrоgrаmmе where реор[е апswеr
оrdiпаrу реор[е. п questions. п
с А person who takes part iп а 10. п А реrsоп who is watching а TV

d Опе part of а 2.
рrо8rаmmе at hоmе (not iп the studio). п
We[l-known реор[е оп te[evision
е Тhе реrsоп who presents а рrоgrаmmе. п (оr iп fi[ms).
f People who watch а ТV programme
in the studio.
Щ Cornplete the sentences with the correct form of the words at the end of each liпе.
Yesterday evening I watched а w_ап"dеr_f.цL_.__ new quiz show оп TV. WoNDER
There аrе four l._..___.._..___....
"._ , who have to answer real[y hard coNTEST
questions that the 2 . asks them. lf they don't know the answer PRESENT
to а question, they аrе З.
._ to рhопе hоmе апd get some help. ALLOW
And sometimes the а
at home сап рhопе the рrоgrаmmе and VlEW
ask questions too. The ___._ gets а prize of а пеw car! l think WlN
it's going to Ье а very 6_____.___._______.._______.__
show. SUccESS

G *Gпаmmап M*dal vеrЬý *f obligation, pr*hibition

and permission
Е f,!ý@ Tick(/)thewords
which have the sочпd lаuliпthеm. Щ Corplete the sentences with the words iп the Ьох.
Тhеп listen, check and repeat.
I how а 6 shout п
2 know п 7 slow п 'l
3 now п 8 house п
'ОК, tomorrow аftеrпооп is sports, so you

4 --- уочr sports clothes, ОК?'

mouse п 9 fочпd п
m.ц.5t b._rj_08.__......_

5 2 'Great! Му dad says l ____ ___ out as [ate

loud п l0 snow п

as l want to.'

Ш f,!ЕЕ Listen and repeat. 3 'Sоrrу, l'm really late for mу meeting.
How do you know which house it is? l_ ______ _-______. .__..__.__.________поw.'

2 I found а mouse iп the snow.

4 Аrе you bored? We[[, look - you
з We heard а loud shout.
here if you don't want to.'
4 Тhеrе was а mouse ruппiпg loud[y
rоuпd the house.
5 'Неу, А[ех, thаtЪ the girls'toilet, you

liЫаrу. No anima[s are atlowed iп here.'

UN|T 5
Щ look at the pictures. What are the реор[е sayin5?
Complete the sentences.
Ц @fifi} ResoonoTo
the qчёЬtiопs with Yеs and ап
adjective from the word bank.
sometimes more than опе
answer is роssiЫе.

I The pizza was bad, wasn't it?

Yеs,_!э..d !s&цs!.iп$,... -

2 Were you scared Ьу that thunder?
'We ...c..qn]t"".. [еаче 2 'You , feed
through hеrе.' the anima[s!' Was the band really [oud?

ls the soup tasty?

Were you happy with your


3 'You 4 'We show

ореп it now if you want.' something to рrоче we're l8.' 6 Аrе you excited about Disneyland?

7 ls it rea[ly bad news?

ý чOсаЬшlарч
* lИaklng rrеw friег*ds
5'l _.....".........."........... clear uр 'Great! l __.___.___.___""_,_ _

Replace the underlined words with

this mess!' wear а suit and tie!'
phrasal verbs from the Ьох.

:ý voсаhшtагу
* ýхtr*mе adjectýv*ý and modifrers
ý Corplete the sentences with the words in the Ьох. I Каrеп's p[aying with her new
puppy. She's trying to make а c[ose
соппесtiоп with it.

'l А: Му dog is so sma[[ В: Sma[[? She's 2 What's wrопg with you, Sam?
and cute! Don't you want to Ье part of the
2 А: Was it hot in Australia? В: Yes it was! ln fact, it was , game?

ЗА: This is а good song, В: Yes, it's 3 |'m not 8оiп8 out with Наrrу and
4А: ls it co[d outside? В: lt's his friends апу mоrе. l just don't
feel [ike l Ье[опя.
5А: ls hеr new flat big? В: lt certain[y is. lп fact, itЪ

бА: Аrе you sti[[ fee[ing bad? В: Yes, l fee[ real[y Here's а present for you, Tom. l
don't want уоu to think vou're not
7д; He's so fuппу! В: l know. He's
Ьеiпя included.
8А: What ап interesting story! В: Yes, it was
9А: Are you hungry? В: |'m l

'l0 А: l think they're tired. В: Tired? Тhеу'rе ....... !

&. сшttuпв iп miпd
m Read the text about this sопg. Some of the
lines ofthe text have ап extra, чппесеssаrу
word. write the word at the end of the [iпе.
lf the line is correct, tick it.

Somebody's Watchin7 lvle Ьу Rockwel[

The song Somebody's Watching Ме it was recorded Ьу а singer cal[ed 1
Rockwe[l. Rockwe[lwas in fact а mап ca[led Кеппеdу Gоrdу, who was 2 r'_
the son of Berry Gordy, the mап who he started Motown Records. З
Gordy сhапgеd his the паmе because hе wanted to make records, but he 4
also did wanted to Ье recognised for his talent. Не signed with Motown 5

as а solo artist without his father's know[edge, апd took his паmе from his 6
high school band. Rockwell's siste1 Hazel, was married to the Jеrmаiпе Jackson, 7
MichaetJackson's brother, and that's why Rockwell was аЫе to сап get Michaet 8
апd Jermaine to sing with оп the recording. The song was а big hit апd went 9
to пumЬеr 2 in the charts in l9В4. Rockwell then revealed his true identity. lО
But he didn't hаче much mоrе success and his next a[bum didn't sett we[[ not at а[[. ll
Read the text again. Mark the statements Т (true), F (fatse) or N (information not given).
'l Rockwell's real паmе was Веrrу Gordy.
2 Motown Records started iп Detroit, USA. п
3 Веrrу Gordy knew that his son had signed with Motown.
4 JermaineJackson was Rockwe[['s Ыоthеr-iп-[аw. п
5 Somebody's Watching Ме was а successfuI sing[e.
6 Rockwell's next a[bum sold less than ten thousand copies.
Ш Listen to Dave telling а friend about the video for Somebody's Watching ме.
рчt the pictures in the correct order. write пчmьеrs 1-6 in the boxes.

ш Here are three lines from the song. which pictures are they related to?
But mауЬе showers remind mе of Psycho too muсh.
2 We[[, сап the people оп TV see mе оr аm ljust paranoid?
з Wel[, is the mailman watching me?

& w],шe
ffi Baul and sandra had to write articles for their Ш Read Pauland Sandra's answers.
school magazine. Do not write anything yet, but Complete the sentences with the
read what they had to do: words from the Ьох.

Write an аrtiсlе about уоur favourite television

рrоgrаmmе. Write about: i,li.ljйýr.ffi Ёtiя:l]:ý*
о ::.,i:,ýýýýýi1ýýýýýr.' jl
the kind of рrоgrаmmе it is, and hоw often it is
оп ТV
О who the people in the рrоgrаmmе аrе ffi wbi.b of the two articles do you
.i..,:.llЙ-ýФ',!ЬВ..,gОýrЯЩ€'.'iВ.'1ЬОПq'',',.,.l1'.,.',;l.l;1ll..l.ll;.;.;l,.;.. ,
think is better? Why?
С .l,йat,,,фП.l,ёirЫа|Iт ke in the рrоgrа mЫа.llrПd,,Ф],,l
l Ii

rееЬНЙёПd, ii Writ" ап artic[e for уочr school

.,',.l.,.*ЬО..Таu..w"wld' ]iб,..;l1lll :..'.lll.,..1,,
magazine. Use the same task as
Write between l20 and 15о words,
Рач[ апd Sandra's.

,,Му,:fачоu1!tё,, р|Qýiаrп,mё iý,,,,

Тор's а programme
:about :,caiý;]lanld ll]' .,[оче. it Ь€саUýе
Organising о writing task

l'm а car freak but also because Whеп you are given а
the presenters аrе really fuппу, writing task, make sure
especially Jeremy C[arkson. уоu follow the order of
They look at пеw cars that аrе things you аrе asked to do.

'q=п the msrke! , and sometimes

This wi[[ hе[р you organise
they're real[y critica[ (for example, опсе Jeremy C[arkson said а car уоur writing.
was ve,r.y сhеар; аПdl'thеr.ё was'2, - it was awful!). Look at Paul's article, for
Тhеце are,lfour: рr:еsепtецs - the other three are Richard Hammond, example. Неrе is what he
lапrёi,Ма/:iп,d Тhе Stig; ItЗ оп опсе а week, usua[ly at about В.ОО talks about, in this order:
iп thё ёчепiпg' {Paut - 89 wor,ds)
а the паmе of the
ь what it's about
lйу favourite programme is а с опе ofthe presenters
;' :,,,.'ý6ýP Oielф,,ý6' {ýý'.:grgC ratteiC]l:]
l,, d what they do оп the
] ] l, . l l

{ýtfýnflёril,,]ts оп оп. ргоtrаmmе


;, ae.,e],lree]k;
1',1,,',',;,Т,*Sýdý.11 а1dlThОr forl е йе presenters (аgаiп)
:, l:,,,1,,,rU- 1r6r1.eaCh.timý;,|f!a story ]

f ,il,hen the
:,,,,'l l,
abбut,.thE {iygq, бf рёор[ё lфhо [ive, !s оп
l] li'n, lа'''Рlасё',саltЫ.АlЬёft Sqluare; п
D.эеs Раut write about а[[
]:, :, .. i

ll,l,,], tho, eaýt бf'London,; ltllýtarted,in

i.'е topics hе is asked to
..,.l,,,,l,:'1985iýО..thё,РryаmйёЪ,]._ ._._, .',..:_.. fбr,аЬОuttw€ntyyears поw!
.t,te about?
i]sthattbe ahiracters are really interesting
С:тlраrе Pau['s answer to
],ntolthcir: livеs; ТhеrеЪ'а gобd rапgе of сhаrасtеrs, and
Sапdrа's. Check:
.l]..'.iеаtl.thiПgý,'liаРРВПltо.thёгп,- iltness, divorce, marriage, arguments апd
,, " 16,6з : ýо itЪ 1,, ,. . _. ..._ . Тhе асtiпя is excellent, too. l think that
_ а .,,hat the task asks for
:,",,аП}lбпе whо enjoys wёll-writtеп апd well:acted soap operas would Ь ::,е information Sandra
lочё EojtEnders. There's something iп it for everyone, 5
.cLudes in hеr answer
how old they are or whether thфе а Ьоу оr а gir[, а-с the order iп which ;
(Sandra - 145 words) ýFе рrеsепts it ;
с t ? * * &*& &**"-"
" ":

UN|T 5

.;:.|--: .:.:, :::|.


l'....1'1...,':''.;,1;1.,:;ЬЙЙ.',.;1l:i 1.,il.,.Йtiф ,.;.,.....

then l got bored.
\&ё',dоlп},.ý, ,,wёil!ф,,а, unifu r:Й;.:butl,tha sihoo,t ,
ý,l rýtill1gý,,,,lll b,, Cetebr:itiёl, ;1,i,,. ерisоdёi ],, ], .,
:,], ']]

:,]].] :i]:]:i:],],,'.rI]:]iuý ]Yvеаr]::Ф[1]е;.]:]

.,.Ondday.,.1,,iФйl,tO. be,Я.,.,,,:r.,.l ;,in,,a..qoii .ihow
,,,l .:аl:,::ЙýkёЕ::,l]],Ь:.:,,][еtý:i:.]1,]]а]:..аl[ýцrgd,,:],,...:ll:,l.]"],ll:l,.l1,.,ll
|'m sure l'd win!
]а, Pla€ýenter, Ь:viёфеr,':] ,,i.,,contestant ],,,
,.,,1lll lТhtý:,ý6ýýбре:й,.hаi,.!lэ1hiýhеýi]r;11;r.,.,1оfllапу, ТV ,
i,,йаs,h,uпýiу -
81,;1,1 A lf,qw,.й inoteý', фo,;.,

,,r,.,,,riёЙ€rlý,,]l]l.,Ьl]yiеЙ;Пg:figulЁsl.l,l'.]'lltl',iсОйtе$апts , ]liim]:аЬýoludу.l.'';,,,..1:.l:..l.ll'','.,::.,|.:,||.:...:.:.,..:
'.l,''lll., ':, ',,
. ]

. ., l. ]:,] ],.

:ll4,,:l:,::Тhý,йitýrli:n,ths'(hбrýi,,wбg,.6iО'',aý16,,,;l;1l1f6|i;,, ..,


,.]Mriaсhoal.dOBint,,:;:l-.:::._:'uil:И..itý inýide at
,]'.]],],:,Waý,'taa,[ly.,;.,,,:,l,rr,,!l],1,].,:,'..,.1,,,1,1,,,,.1;l],,,.l,,.,l,],],.',.1l.,,,,,,,.1.1l;1,,,lll ],'],.l:,],'

break time.


ЙФа. ;.ý rd:Маilý eзinвx ;,Фký:iinse.l

rеmеmьеr his паmе.

l сап't read it. ___"_

Very good ок d& Review Unit 5 again
20-25 14-19 W 0-1з

* Pres*nt passive аrrd past passive rеv}еw

Ш @Dthе correct апswеr: а, Ь, с or d.

Squash is а popular sport that indoors. Мапу animals _____ for scientific experiments
а p[ays Ь@ с ptayed d was ptayed iп the past.

Presidentjohn Кеппеdу in Dal[as iп а use Ь аrе used с used d were used

November l963. 5 Spanish Ьу а lot of реор[е in the USA.
а kills ь is kil[ed с killed d was ki[[ed а speaks Ь is spoken с spoke d was spoken
З Мапу Jарапеsе реор[е ___.....____ sushi and sashimi. 6 Honda is а соmрапу that carS.
а eat Ь are eaten с ate d were eaten а makes Ь is made с made d was made

Щ Wrt" sentences using the present simple or past simple passive.

'l The Wor[d Trade Сепtrе ,/ destroy / onll September 2ОО1

2 А language cal[ed Hindi ,z speak./ in mапу parts of lndia.__. _.

, 3 The 2008 Olympic Games,Z hotd,z in Beijing

4 Воеiпg 747 planes / calt / Jumbos...._ ..

5 Most American fi[ms ,/ make ,/ in Ho[lywood ___" _"__.

6 Тhе 2006 football World Cup / wiп ,/ бу ltaty .....

7 John Lеппоп / kill / iп DесеmЬеr l98О

8 Тhе Titanic ,/ sink,/ Ьу ап iceber8 __.__ __. _

9 Gorillas / fiпd / iп forests in Africa

I0 Buildings ./ design ,/ Ьу architects._

ý *
Causa,tive &sуе {&*ие s*rnef&lrTg done}

ý looK at the signs. Write sentences about what you сап hаче done at each
iiц{-!*- :- ýlрrass
вRlнG YOUR FlLýý }{ERE

З You сап
We deliver pizzas fiýt ltIe develop in 30 minutes!

4 You

. MILEý ..
5 You Ф
сitttiз*s il* ,s*зlз
Еуеý teýted in
20 minutes ' 12 h$urs -gФф,

UN|T 6
Ш ХýИ Look at the pictures and write the sentences. Choose words from the Ьох.
Тhеп listen and check.

. photograph tеst computer rераir саr take еуеs buitd Еаrа8е deliver

1 She |s."hsуjпв hcr .еу95 !еý!.9d,

4 She 5 They

& ргOпuпсiаtioп
& ýtв"*gs pett*rn in &сrуg s*reт**&яжg dgrз*

m ЕýEýElt Listen again to the sentences in Exercise 2Ь. Mark the stressed words.

Ш ýýý@ Listen again and repeatthesentences.

ffi M"t.b the two parts of the sentences. Write a-h iп the boxes.
l Eat fruitl lt'[[ do
и а sense to mе!
2 l dropped some paint оп the flооr - it made ll Ь fun of other реор[е.
3 lt's not пiсе to make
п с а rеа[ mess.
4 You сап do it if you make
п d you some good,
5 She was vеrу funny but l did
п е а lot of mопеу.
6 l don't want to invite Greg. Не always makes п f my best поt to [augh at her,
7 when he so[d his flat hе made п g trouble at parties.
S Why do some реор[е smoke? lt doesn't make п h ап effort.

ffi Corplete the sentences with the correct form of mаkе or do.
I Don't just sit there! D_s.."something! 5 Yesterday's ехаm was hardl But l

2 l took the medicine the doctor gave me and my best.

it "__ mе а lot of good. Тhеrе was а group of boys trying to
l've read this page three times - and it sti[[ trouble at the match.
(not) sense to me! l think l . _."_, __ а mess of the interview.
|'ve got а faster computer now, and it l didn't know what to say.

а big difference. 8 l'm going to 8et а job and ,.

Some mопеу.

l ,, ý
Щ Wb"t has hаррепеd iп each picture? Complete
the sепtепсеs with the present perfect passive
form ofthe verbs.
We've got to сlезп the whole house, so
let's make u ,/ room right away.

|'m interested iп the bike you've got for
l'd like to make you о price / ап
lf уоu want а sofa in уоur room, уоu'rе
going to have to take something out to
make spare / rооm for it. @
Мum, we want to make а question /
request,. сап we go for а picnic at the
weekend, please?
Pau[, your father and l need to talk to
you. Сап you make some room / time 1 Тhе woman ____

to sit down with us later today?

2 тhrее houses
SаЫiпа's just got а job as а fashion
designer. What а great way to make
а living / jobl. Тhеir pizzas (not deIiver)
Please go back апd make definite / sure yet.
that you locked the front door. The bank robbers
8 Тhе council аrе planning to knock down (catch)
some houses to make way / route {оr
а new motorway, That саr .. (not с[еап)fоr

Gпаmmап The fire (put out)

*, Present р*rfесt раýýiyе

ý Kewrite the sentences to make them passive.
ý Co.plete the sentences with the words 'l А mап frоm Liverpool has won the flO-mi[lion
in the Ьох.
pound jackpot.

Т.h.е_.{_1.9_:п.i!"|.iр_прqцп.d. js.ckpptwsswqnby
s щs0 |0 Ljve{.pQ-a_l,

Messi scored the wiппiпg goa[.

А new Ыаrу _.h s.s. Ь_е е п .Ь_ц tlt.......... iп
Тhе winning goal
I i _..

our town.
Their new CD оп[у came out last
week, but thousands of copies
А professiona[ decorated our house.

aIready! Our house

There's Ьееп ап earthquake iп

оur country and а lot of реор[е Тhеу didn't de[iver оur passports to us in time.

Оur passports __.__________._......

Мапу animals
extinct iп the [ast twenty уеаrs.
мr Brown deal s with allcomp[aints.
Тhеу'rе having а party tomorrow evening
* but we _._.

А big effort
Mary always cut mу hair.
rесепt[у to keep the town clean.

UN|T 6
* Гшturе passlve

f,] look at the poster. What will Ье done if they аrе elected?
Complete the sentences.
'l New schoo[s willbe built
2 Trees and parks

3 Taxes

4 Fооd to рооr families.

Моrе роliсеmеп оп
the streets.
6 Hospitals
7 New companies __

8 PoIlution

Щ Cornpletethe sentences./questions. Щ Cornplete the dialogues with the expressions

Use the future passive form of the verbs. in Exercise 7а.
'l А new swimming pool 1А: l got the [ast question wrong.
.......".y!l] Ье ba!lt".., (buitd) in очr town В: But it was so easyl

next year. didn't know the answer?

2lt (поt finish) until 2д: Like my пеw coat? It cost me €200l
next october. В: €200?? That's incredibly expensive!

the water аrе you doing, buying

(heat)? things [ike that?

+ Al[the swimmers 3 А: Have you finished that book?

(supervise) Ьу [ifeguards. В: - |'ve just got the last

5 Сhi[drеп under tеп

ten pages to read.

(not allow) to swim without ап adu[t. 4А: Hi, David. What's the matter?
В: Hi, MrJones. Тhе thing is, l missed mу bus.
реор[е who
you cou[d take me to
can't swim .... (give)
5А: You made а complete mess of everything!

ý Ечвпуdау Епslish В: оh, соmе оп. ТhаtЪ not fair.

,l did mу best.
Complete the expressions with the words
in the Ьох. бА: Не won't lend me his МР4 рlауеrl I don't
understand why поt.
В: We[[, mауЬе he's using it. Апd it's his МР4
| пр-qл рlауеr,

2 What оп (are you doing)?

3 сhапсе (you could help me)?

4 after ___

5 ._...._...__. соmе (уоu'rе [ate)?

6 _____.___.___ or Iess

UNlтб ГпХ
& Listвn
Listen to а tеасhеr who is talking to а grоuр Mike is ta[king to Andy. What is different about
of students about а bus. what time wi[[ the Апdу?
bus [eave? а He's had his hair cut.
а В.l5 Ь He's had his аrm tattooed.
ь 8.з0 с He's had his еаr pierced.
с 8.50 А news аппоuпсеr is talking about ап
Listen to а teacher talking to а gir[, Sa[[y, earthquake. How mапу реор[е have Ьееп kitted?
about hеr results. what does the Maths а About four thousand.
teacher think about Sa[[y's resu[ts? Ь About four hundred.
а She's very hарру with Sa[[y's progress. с About fourteen thousand.
Ь She thinks that Sa[[y could make mоrе Listen to а рhопе conversation - а wоmап is
рrо8rеSS. ordering а pizza. How muсh wi[[ she have to рау
с She's чеrу ап8rу that Sa[[y hasn't made for the pizza?
а 16.25 plus 30р for delivery.
Ь f6.25 if she wants the pizza in the пехt
30 minutes.
с Nothing if the pizza is not delivered within
30 minutes.

How to апswеr multiple choice questions

* Read а[[ the choices carefully and make
sure you understand them. What do
уоu have to listen fof Fоr example,
iп пumЬеr 1 you have to Iisten for
а time.
* Remember that you wi[[ need to listen
to the who[e section before уоu choose

уоur апswеr. Never write down the first

l thing you hear. Fоr examp[e, in пumЬеr'l, @

I the woman te[[s the students to Ье back Ф

at the bus at 8.15, but that isn't whеп the

bus wi[[ leave. She then goes оп to say
it wi[[ leave'at half past'. So, what time
does the bus [eave?
g Remember that you сап usua[ly hеаr
the recording twice. Use the second
listening either to check уоur answer,
оr to help you think about the correct Ф

6*Ф Ф ФФ Ф е&ý Ф ё Ф*е * s ф ф а * Ф ав Ф Ф а &$ ф ý * ФФ &

UN|T 6

] were was have had went developed l,

i made made taken effort I


5l,,l.l,А.,Р,rёh!ýt0rli mбП. ;;'.;,-:lllýýt.liеаi l,.,.'.''l'


.']]..]]l":]а]],']йаý]f;,uпýi],', ],ý,]:]'finý]",,:.c,l]jt,fýtl]nd,.,;...;'.,.1.,:''.'',1.':'

а do Ьбй с have

,:l],2:l'l.1,.:,!llпёйl,tО'thiоФl].ЗоЙё'.6{d,СЬiýаý,аwii,.tо make
a. hаrb:]hei haii cut





.;]:l]].lЙir111;ýlo]l!ФУýttýЬiпýrc:Еýо Е.ýiilЙаkе,,.ll,.. ,,.",ll'l],l,,],.,,,,;,1Ф,that!,up.tCI],.hiйl, I

.1,;,,,Lчсу1,,,Тhё .ПО:lРdпtliýiiý!ýСа.iф,lНеltl lust

,,..1,,,,:1....,l:l':,,,,,,,.m!фj. ,,;;;;..:.:;.;.lаrlЙ]?Фl.:Фýiа,iфiПg t_o

,,.,,.1'l:..,1dа.lНв .аlФФg:,l1rr8hýýt''uýiапrlvаr.l:.,,'].',,,,',,]

..:к:Вtff:llllldldi'lYýýll..::lfr0?l.,.:,.llll,'l :

Very good ок 6ffi Review Unit б аgаiп

,fii;i,,..,ГЪ 20-25 14-19 W 0-,lз

Gпаmmаг ý Cornplete the text with the correct form
*, ý*rur:ds amd lrз*rзitiъуеs ofthe verbs iп the Ьох.

Ш Fiпd andGir.сl-Ьr"u"n verbsthat are

followed Ьу а gerund (+e)and seven verbs
that are followed Ьу the infinitive. (Фt)
Everyone knows about Sher[ock Ho[mes, the
R Е N ) о Е Е famous Victorian detective, who enjoyed
р N о U х G t L р S 5rqak!o8.._...".. his pipe and practised
R А F I о F о о .... his vio[in whi[e hе thought
о еу т S Е т Е D х о about his latest case. Not so mапу people аrе
м N D Е Е R R J н familiar with his епеmу, Professor Moriarty.
I м А G I N Е о L с Whereas Holmes promised
S U G G Е S т F Е н evi[, Moriarty chose it. lп

Е к L L Е Е F А о fact, Moriarty offered а[[ the

р S Е S I т с А R р criminals in London.

о А Е L о S N Е When Holmes' creator, Sir Arthur Сопап Doy[e,


didn't feel like .. .. апу more

ý Corp[ete the sentences wjth the gerund
detective stories, hе decided
or infinitive form of the verbs. Тhеп look
at page 55 ofthe Student's Bookto check both characters. lп а famous scene from Ihе

уочr answers, Fiпа! Problem (1893), Moriarty and Ho[mes fe[[

1 Jane can't stand .,. liчiпв_.."..".. (live) with

to their deaths while fighting оп top of the

hеr eviI aunt. Reichenbach waterfalls in switzerland.

2 Jane later decides ........ ([eave)

her life teaching at the school.

Count Dracu[a wants "_......._._ ..."... (Ьuу)

а hоusе пеаr London.

Why must the Соuпt avoid

(see) him during the day?

Some of thе уочп8еr chi[dren imagine

(Ье) chased bv а strапsе


Jackpromises.._..__.__...__...._... (kill)the

Bilbo Baggins enjoys ."...... (tive)

ап оrdiпаrу [ife.
Howevet, uпdеr pressure frоm his readers who
Go[[um offers (tet)him go missed 7
about their favourite
free if hе сап so[ve а ridd[e, detective, Сопап Doyle Ыоught Holmes back
to life for 1903Ъ йе Дdvепturе of the Empty
House. So did Моriагtу really die? Оп[у опе
mап knows.
Щ Пчt the words in the correct order to make sentences.
I friends /
,/ really ,/ with
l / епjоу / timе / 4 called,/ Ьеiпg ,/ detests / Тimоthу / Не
spending,/ mу
!|-lyenjpy5p._eO.d.|08.a!:r]_eylth-my..ft imagine,z with / l/ gеttiпg,/ апgrу / сап't /
2 again / see/ l/to/ youlwant / sооп him

hetp,z schoo[ / to./ Му ,/ offered / mе / 6 to / mоrе / to,/ have./ patient / lеаrп /

after / teacher You'l[,z Ье

Щ Corplete the sentences with чеrЬs from Ьох А and Ьох В iп the correct forms.

Вох А Вох В

[ike miss practise afford

feel give 8о speak buy
avoid mind offef promise live get up study Ы
l Dad .. _ sffered _..... ".". !9_ !еп.d. ......"".me his 5 She mе hеr апswеr
car for thе weekend. Where sha[[ we go? tomorrow. l hоре she says yes'.

school today. l want to stay in bed а[[ dayl Frепсh with. l've got my оrа[ test next week.

3 l can't ....___" а пеw 7 l don't .__.... еаrlу but

computer. l've only saved €3ОО. l рrеfеr to s[eep iп at weekends,
4 This сitуЪ so noisy. l rеа[[у 8 la[ways the пiяht
Ьч the sea. before а test.

Й vocаЬutагу
* }ýoun stlffixes
Щ Wrt" the почп forms of the words in the Ьох iп the correct columns.

-ation -епсе -mепt -пеSS -lon -ity


Щ Corplete the text with the correct form of the words.

James Bond's' _ ..р_ррцlsrj.tу. is as big as it has ечеr Ьееп. PoPULAR
Today's audiences continue to 2
.. 00Z hatf а сепturу ENJOYMENT
after his first арреаrапсе in l962's Dr No.
Вопd sti[[ offers the world 3 from villains PRoTEcT
Ьу using his lMAGlNE
Young or o[d, mа[е or fema[e, audiences al[ 5
that Bond films are sti[[ great ENTERTAlN

Complete the sепtепсеs with the correct form of the words.
I l [оче fi[ms with [ots of sсI!рп , (act) 6 Looking directly at the suп сап cause

2 That's а bad cut. l think you might need hospital . (Ыiпd)

".. . (treat) 7 You пееd а lot of to write а good

l wonder what kind of . _. __ ___ _ _ __ we'[[ get sitcom. (сrеаtе)

this time. (punish) 8 Let mе show you this great job

What а 8reat ! Let's go right поw. (advertise)


(suggest) 9 lt's __. to think you сап pass the

Wi[[ l get ап."......._......_ to уочr party? (invite) exams without studying. (mad)

'l prepare prepalation 3 enjoy епjоуmепt 5 Protect Protection
2 prefer рrеfеrепсе 4 lazy laziness 6 рорulаr popularity
ш Practise saying each pair of words.

& Gпаmmап
* V*rЬs with g*runds gr *rT*nitives

ш Match the sentences with the pictures. Write A-D in the boxes.
1 l stopped to have а [ook at the mар. tr з l remembered to post the [etter. п
2 l remember posting the [etter. п 4 l stopped [ooking at the map. п

ffi M"t.b the questions and the answers.

'l а
Did уоu rеmеmЬеr to рhопе Jane? ----.-___t_ No thanks, lve stopped eating meat.
2 Don't уоu rеmеmЬеr telling that joke Ь before? \ l'm оп the last level. Near[y dопеl
З Why are you so [ate? \ с No, l'lt give her а calt now.
4 Do you want а hamburger? d l stopped to Ьчу you some flowers.
5 Whеп are you going to stop playing that game? е Oh, l'm sorry. Well, itЪ stillfunny.

Е @the correct words. Sometimes there is mоrе than опе possibi[ity.

l tt's started@ /
@Snowbatt fights! She [oves to go / going to the cinema оп
2 l remember to see / seeing that girl at Rachel's Saturday аftеrпоопs.
party. Who is she? Did you rеmеmЬеr to tell / tel/ing Owen
3 l hate to watch / watching romantic films. where we're meeting tonight?
4 l stopped to eat / еаtiпg сhiсkеп years а8о. They Ьеgап to work / working оп the road
5 l stopped to buy / Ьuуiпg а CD оп mу way home. at баm. Сап you believe it?

UN|T 7
& FiGtiOп iп miпd
Щ Kead more from Woter of WапtiпgЬу Frапk Вrеппап. What happened to the two sets of
laboratory mice? What do you think the water contains?

Jеоп Poscol put о smoll drop of cleor liquid into the odditive in it. Тhеу didn
'drinking wotqrбfl hii mice.
oll, ' __..(.]_.._ ___._..._.. Апd, omozingly, they were

1;,,Monireot. Conodc;'for о iоф,iЙаmiiоt,,gоmропу. ,',ý,,fti'Йore thOn lhý]fi'ice wos os if they hod

His соmропу mode о lot of different chemico'l, become oddicted towoter. Theyweren'tinterested
,iП,6Уlуф!ц,gl'еЬеl:.ТiiёУ didnt even wont food. This
- inchainý::,,ihemicols fo, fj66,,,;6;.}1
raingl:l;6*-'.ols for food,,.;Uich,.,gtе' оftеп,":':l.::.:'l" iП

odditives. Additives give food о different time thеу didn't die of too much woter. They oll
оr flovour or ечеп moke it lost longer. died of huпgеr.

-С]r * (frоm Вrеппоп, F. (2ОО9) 'Woter оf Wonting'

The mice kept' Comiпg,Ьосk'"fОr.,]]'rпо1€:,,],чдt еr., |.,'.:..|,,|.

iп Tosty loles, CUP: рр 4-6) _ý:
Тhеir stomochs were olreody completely full of
liquid, but they still wonted to drink more. They
t reutdn,t,.gei enough woter which hod Jeon's
;;;,,' . |..
_:: | ....:|..,,....',..|'||'|,|]]:::::{*й;**

Щ Kead the extract а8аiп and put опе of the following sепtепсеs
iп each space. There is опе sentence уоч wont need.
А Food companies рау а lot of mопеу for additives which
work we[[.
В Normally, the mice drank оп[у when they wеrе thirsty.
С Soon they died because their tiny bodies were too fu[[
of water.
was big and expensive and it exploded iп his face.
F Тhе results were the same.

ý Choore the correct way to complete the statements, according to the text.
lп his first experiment, Jean observed that 3 Тhе first group of mice
а the mice were eating mоrе thап usual. а drank а[[ the water at опсе,
Ь the liquid affected the miсеЪ thirst. ь fiпа[[у became satisfied апd stopped driпkiпg.
с the mice died almost immediately. с ate too much апd couldn't drink апу more water.
d he had put too muсh [iquid iпtо the water. d didn't realise the water was ki[[ing them.
Food additives lп the second experiment,
а сап keep food fresh for [onger. а the wow concentration was doub[ed.
Ь аrе most[y manufactured in Canada. Ь the mice sti[[ drank mоrе than was песеssаrу.
с аrе natural parts of most food. с the mice drank even mоrе than before.
d do поt сhапgе the way something tastes. d the mice died the same way as in the first

G listвп
ЕIrдЕЕ yоu wil[ hеаr
раrt of ап interview with а film critic about how monsters hаче
changed iп fi[ms. Listen апd tick (rZ)the characters hе mentions.

Friday 7Зth:,lаsоп Frапkепstеiп: Nightmare оп Еlm Street:

Frankenstein's Monster Freddie

Ш }![Щ Listen аgаiп and complete the


1 People have a[ways Ьееп fascinated

* How to complete sentences
Ьу monsters and the dark side ý З As with а[[ [istening exercises, read through
* the questions carefully before you tisten.
This wilt help рrераrе уоu for what you
2 Without evilthere is по such thing might expect to hеаr.
Try to predict what the missing word(s)
The [ate .. апd еаr[у part might Ье. However, rеmеmЬеr that your
of the was the go[den predictions mау Ье wrопg, so you sti[[ need
age of the monster. to [isten carefully to check.
. Yоu wi[[ поt always hеаr the exact words
4 Frankenstein's Monster and Мr Hyde
that аrе in the question. Listen carefu[ly for
were the resu[ts of humапs trying to
different words that аrе used that have the
same mеапiпg.
have по motivation. Fоr example, question 1 says:
Тhеу'rе very two-dimensiona[. People have alwoys Ьееп foscinoted Ьу
Freddie, Jason апd Michael Myers are rеа[[у mon'ters.
just three You heard:

7 Audiences just want to see how mапу

The humап race has always Ьееп extremely
interested iп monsters.
ý You аrе опlу expeced to write between
А[[ these monsters do is make us scared to опе and three words. No mоrе.
8oto __ " r Fiпа[[у, read through your answers carefully.
Make surе they аrе grаmmаtiса[lу correct
and check уоur spelling.

Тhе best form of еп.tg_r.!,Q!п.mр_п_t __fоr me is а good computer game. Опе with coot
seem like real реор[е. Апd it has to have good , so that you feel like you're right there iп the

know, l enjoy а_.___.__..__ into the miпd of the game's creator. The best games need а lot of 5_.._.....

Vеrу good ок бffi Review Unit 7 again
iоiil;,,.,ГЕ 20_25 14-19 W 0_]з

t,Яii, ГБf
& Gпаmmаг
ý*ссэхз g* сgзrъ** *týmазаt r*vý*ъv

m Match the sentences with the pictures. Write 1-6 in the boxes.
l lf we win the World Cup, it wi[[ Ье the best day 4 lf it rained tomorrow, l wou[d Ье very
of my [ife. hарру.
Z tf t had mу shorts, l wou[d р[ау footbal[. 5 lf you аrе eighteen, уоu сап come in.
3 lf the rаiп doesn't stop tomorrow, we won't Ье 6 lf you were eighteen, you could come in.
аЬ[е to have а barbecue.

Щ Corplete the text. Use the соrrесt Ш Рчt the words in order to make the sentences.
form of the verbs апd would,'d,
wоuldп't or might.
your / go ./ asked / friепd ,l Say ,l you / бest /
shop[ifting ,z to
lmagine l fр_ц_пd (find)€l00 iп the
5qy урцr Ь_еs!!елd sskэd_уа_ц tq shap!|ftjl&
street. |'m not sure what l' ... |d dp (do).
8р_ .

lf l 2 ... (take) it to the police

you ,/ fighting / the ,/ saw ,/ lmagine / two,/ street

station, they 3 (not Ье) /mеп/iп

interested. lf l 4 (ask) in
the nearest shop, the assistant forgot / really / test / Suppose / to / for /
(say) it was hers. lf l revise,/ а,/ you,/ imрогtаПt
6 (яiче) it to а homeless
реrsоп, they
/ .. (spend) it оп
4 iп / found ./ you ./ сiпеm а / Say / €5оо / the
Ьееr. lf l (tett) my friends,
they 9 (want) to spend
it апd if l l0_..__....._.._..._... (keep) it, if ,/ Ьоrrоwеd ,z fr.ier.d's ,l' апd ,/ it ,l you,Z What

l |'..._.._..._..._...... (feel) guitty. l hоре Ыоkе,/ уоur / stefeo ?

l печеr find €l00 iп the street!

Щ]" уочr оwп answers to the * Сrimе verbs
questions in Exercise'lc. What
would you do? Щ Co.plete the sentences with the words iп the Ьох.

l !|.d tell h!п ! thpy.ght lt w.s"s wrlnt.


Sixteen-year-o[d JоhпЪ Ьееп getting ".. swsy..._._.with
shoplifting for two years; unti[ last week whеп hе got
.. with tеп CDs hidden in his coat.

Ш Read the descriptions of the

сrimеs and write the names of
the crimes in the spaces. Choose
from the words iп the Ьох.
When Steve was а teenager he was always getting
. trouble with the potice for vandalism,
shoplifting апd things Iike that. Now hеЪ 25 and he's
committed а mоrе serious _._ - arson. Не
'Have you seen the сhurсh? Ьurпеd the town [iЫаrу down.
They've sprayed graffiti all over
it; . уsпdsl!sm.*..
'They Ыоkе а window to get in
but they оп[у took the ТV and
the DVD p[ayer.'
'Whеп he was оп[у twelve,
he Ыоkе into а car and З Неlеп knew she was doing something
drove it аrоuпd, just for fun.' She knew that going at 140 kph was Ыеаkiпg the
.._]_.___.___.___.___.____ but she didn't think she would have ап

'l was оп the bus. l felt а hапd accident. ShеЪ ОК but four iппосепt people are iп
hospital with serious injuries.
and when l [ooked for mу wa[let
it was gone.'
ý Wb"t punishment do you think each of the people
'The police are treating the fire in Exercise 2Ь should get? Choose frоm the words
in the Ьох.
at the schooI as suspicious.'

'Excuse me, cou[d l take а look in

уоur bag?'
1 l р h п..s_h s ц ld d р. 3Q_ h о_ц.r s с о m.m ц п j tу.. s e_r ч ! с. _е.

s п_d. Ь е_.р_ц t о л. р r a_b_s I !"а л,

UN|T 8 49
Match the words 1-8 with their definitiorrr rJYrite rh iп the boxes.

] murderer а а person who attacks sоmеопе in the street апd Ъkes their va[uab[es
2 assassin п Ь the act of kil[ing another person
3 mu88еr п с а реrsоп who ki[[s апоthеr реrsоп оr реор[е
4 Ыеаk-iп п d someone who steals things
5 murder п е the act of taking things that do поt Ьlопg to you
6 mU8 п f the act of entering someone's house illegally, usually Ьу breaking а window
7 thief п t sоmеопе who de[iberately kills а well-known person
в theft п h to attack sоmеопе and take things from them

&r "/ lf **тý

Ш @the correct words.

1 l wish l аm / @л bit thiппеr. 5 Му dad wishes hе wosn't / isn't so busy.
2 lf оп[у l could / сап go to the party tonight. 6 lf опlу she /oyes / loved mе.
3 Му sister wishes she has / had а boyfriend. 7 l wish l dоп't/ didn't have so muсh homework.
4 Dаrrеп wishes hе didn't / doesn't spend so 8 lf only l know / kпеw the answer.
muсh time рlауiпg computer games.

Ш Mike isn't h"ppy.Read what hе says and write l wish / if опlу sentences.
'l can't drive апd l don't have а car.' 4 'Му computer's Ыоkеп.'

Не w.ish_es. he ср_цld driчс sпd he wiфеs

5 'l don't have enough mопеу to Ьuу а new bike.'
hsd s csr

'Му parents don't understand me.'

'l can't find my bour"
,,;; i-;i;й;.;;;;;;;;a, ;;;;";
7 '|'m too shy to talk to gir[s.'

ý look at the pictures and write t wish / if опlу sentences for each of the people.

| !_f рп!у ! ууssп|t sp hцпgrу,


UN|T 8
* l Ms*l .", and lf *п{у...
щц Listen and repeat. Рау attention to the stress of if onlyand I иrish.
1 l wish l was somewhere e[se. с lf only l cou[d go to the party.
z lf only hе loved mе, 5 l wish it was Saturday.
3 l wish l didn't have so mапу prob[ems. 0 |f оп[у she understood.

ý Liýtвп
use the words from the song / r,ruish to complete the sentences. check with the sопt оп
page 64 ofthe StчdепtЪ Book.

l Yоч'II ..-.trge.z-e .... if you go out without а coat. lt's snowing.

2 lt was а perfect day оп the beach. There was а nice hot sun with а gепt[е _. to
keep you соо[.

3 Тhеrе was this rеаllу scary scene iп the fitm - the mап started to _.__ _.__. and turп unti[
he .."__ ___"_, this tеrriЫе monster, ha[f mап апd hatf wotf.
4 Му grandad was part of the music in Liverpool iп the l960s. Не says hе used to
.__ with The Beat[es, but l'm not sure if l believe that.

ý,ruoy hBtp
i' * Кеу word transforrTзations
lп this type of exercise you have to rewrite а sепtепсе using а given word
so that it means the same. For example:
Jоhп is interested iп kпоwiпg mоrе about astronomy. LiKE
John _ __._ __ know mоrе about astronomy.
о Think carefully about the key word. How does this relate to.the sentence? Fоr
is interested ln сап have а similar mеапiпg to would like.
r ls the key word part of а phrasa[ чеrЬ? ls it part of а fixed expression?
с ldentify and uпdеrliпе the part of the sentence you need to сhапgе. Fоr examp[e,
interested iп kпоwiпg.
r what e[se do you need to know about the key word? Fоr example , would /ike is fottowed
Ьу the infinitive.
о Think carefully about the tense. usua[ly Ьоth sentences witt Ье in the same tense,
but Ье
careful with words like wЬh апd conditionals, whеп thе tense may change.
r A[ways check your апSWеr carefu[ly for basic mistakes.

ffi Kead the composition and put the paragraphs in the correct order. Write 1-4 in the boxes.

Щ M"t.b the paragraphs with the summaries ]-4. Write A-D in the boxes.

1 Arguments that а8rее with the tit[e ш з The writer's opinion ш

2 Ап introduction щ 4 Arguments that disagree with the tit[e ш

Developing а discursive composition (1)

l А usefu[ way to organise discursive Make notes under two headings: for апd against.
compositions is iп four paragraphs: Use these for your second апd third paragraphs.
introduction Good ways to start а composition аrе:
2 arguments for оr against - Statistics: А survey in the UK shows that about *

3 arguments against оr for 5о% of children ...' Ф

4 your орiпiоп - А question to Ье answered: 'Why is society *

* а Read the title careful[y and decide what so worried about crime?' &

your орiпiоп is. Make notes to support - А statement supporting the title: 'We [ive in
your argument. а violent society ...'
* &


ý Writ" а composition of about 25О words about this statement:

'The world wou[d Ье а better р[асе if people under 40 made the decisions.' Discuss.

UN|T 8

.r,]iý;;!;r;,*;ieyЫugpeo|le,are,,,],l:ý,аФ ]iй.йап,,ёчеr



аПdl:thёr.]] :оftёп.]сеh:t

: :,il dОiй'll.::l:Ь,l::lЮ:,:.l. tМ,.ldima8el'in', the,

бffi Review Unit 8 again

W 0-1]

ах,Ё.а, .
Gпаmmаг Щ] Kewrite the sentences. Use
& ý-tx"lýc*rs, *fr c*r:trast: };cweyer "r *ff}l*схgfз l the words in Ыackets.
d*spff,e / *v*п fЁт*c*gý,з
"/ frT sprf,e *f l Although she doesn't [ike
rock music, she went to
ý Corplete the sentences with the words iп the Ьох. the сопсеrt. (despite)

5 h е- w.e" п"t".! е- с р_ пс е r t,

d.e.s.pLte.!h.e fqct thst she_

l Although l wasn't feeling very wel[, l .""Wе.лt.. to school. d.p_esn'I [!k_e ro_ck пцs!с.
2 Despite the fact it was expensive, l ..____.__.___.._..__. it. 2 we could understand
him, ечеп though his
з Even though itЪ my birthday, l ., "......."_..",_._"...._._". ce[ebrating.
accent WaS very Stron8.
4 lп spite of the fact the sчп was shining, we __.__.__, (in spite of)
for а picnic.
5 l know itЪ оп[у 9 pm. However, | ._____.._..__.__." going to bed.

6 Ечеп though they're mу favourite band, l

their new CD. Despite not being very

huпgrу, l ate two pieces of
Ш Look at the picturer. @ the correct words.
cake. (although)
The р[асе looks beautiful tп spite оr l @Ыr: r]Й l cou[dn't
live there.
Дlthоugh / Despite l usually love hоrrоr fitms, The Blair Witch
Project was too scary for me.
So you haven't dопе апу work, eyen though / iп spite of your тhе mаiп course was
exams start tomorrow? delicious, but the dessert
Дlthоugh / However l can't speak English very we[[, l сап was а bit disappointing.
understand Аmеriсап films fiпе. (however)

5 We had а fantastic holiday although / iп spite of the rain.

о с
Even though he's not very
taIl, he plays basketbalI
rеа[[у we[[. (despite)
& РпOпчпсiаtloп
& /at;l *&*жg&
ffi Co.plete the text with the correct form of the
expressions iп itolics iп Exercise 3а.

ý!ýffi Listen and repeat. Рау

attention to the sound /эu/.
'l Nobody knows exceptJoe.
2 Don't drive so s[owly in the snow.
3 Ечеп though she didn't go, l enjoyed
the show.
4 Although she won't te[[ me, l already

Э чOсаЬu[апу
& Рr*ýзý*жзs

ý Corplete the sentences with The рrоЫеm csry1e цр (appeared) really

the prepositions in the Ьох. unexpected[y. lt was а simple question but l cou[dn't
(suggest)an answer.
uр qway очеr оп up out
over up back l wanted some time to 2.._..____._..__... (keep it iп my
mind) but l had to (decide)quickly.
I l'tt Ье hоmе late tonight. А problem's lt wasn't the sort of problem you needed to
соmе uр at work. 4
(take mоrе time)and there were
2 lf you've got а рrоЫеm at school, why реор[е waiting behind mе.
don't you talk it ......__. with уоur lt/aybe l could 5
(discuss it) with the
teacher? assistant? No, she didn't look very interested.
l сап't make mу miпd about This was опе рrоЬlеm that wasn't 8оiп8 to
what to wear tonight. (disappear) Ьу itsetf. And l cou[dn't
Don't worry about it. l'm sure it'[[80 (rеturп) to it later. l had to
Ьу itself. (find а solution) now. Апd thеп she

I can't give you а decision поw. Сап asked me again,'Would you like Frепсh fries оr опiоп

l have а few minutes to think it rings with your hamburger?'

..". ?

When nobody knows what to do, Dan @ the correct words.

a[ways comes with а great

We пееа some good advice on how to бЫiЙl
share this problem.
Wil[ it cause ,/ iпvепt а рrоЬlеm if l [eave the [esson
Why don't you sleep . lf and ear[y today?
give me ап answer tomorrow? Let's hоре we сап do this without walking /
ruппiпg into too mапу рrоЫеms.
That's а good point but |'d [ike to соmе
Deciding оп the best way to Start my presentation
to it а bit later.
tomorrow is turning into а real headache / drawback.
Let's try to sort who is doing Му уоuпg brother's teachers say that he's behaving
what before we start. Iike а potential / рrоЬIеm chi[d these days.
Thanks for уоur he[p. lt's true what they say - а
рrоЬlеm shared rеа[[у is а рrоЬlеm halved / cut.
Let's try апd jump ,/ оvеrсоmе the рrоЬ[еm
The trip sounds great but поt having а саr wi[[ Ье
а solution / drawback.

UNIT9 ss Ж
* ru**dаý ч8rЬý сз{ d*dшсtЁ*rз ipreserrt}
Ш Match the two parts of the sentences. Write a-f in the boxes.
1 Не can't Ье hчпgrу, и а she's his best friend!

2 Не must Ье huпgrу, п Ь he didn't have а very big [uпсh.

3 Не might Ье hungry, п с he doesn't have а рhопе!

+ She must know his рhопе пumЬеr, п d hе's just еаtеп two [arge pizzas!

5 She can't know his рhопе пumЬеr, п е she's а friend of his sister's.

6 She might know his рhопе пumЬеr, п f hе hasn't eaten for 48 hоurs!

Ш Rewrite the sentences so they mеап the opposite.

1 lt might not Ье true. 4 You can't [ike o[ives!

!t.п.фt b_eIty.e

2 She must Ье h"ppy. 5 They might not know.

3 They might speak Епg[ish, 6 Не must live пеаr hеrе.

ý Corplete the sentences with must сап't or might.

That p[ate's just соmе out of the очеп. lt |'m not sure what it is. lt Ье some

Ье hot. kind of monkey.

They're speaking Spanish, and l think they're from Everyone passes that ехаm. lt.__...._ Ье

South America. Тhеу Ье from Peru. very difficu[t.

She know. lt's а secret! That bird's eating the Ьапапаs. lt _..___

Iike theml

Щ] Writ" sentences about the pictures. Use соп't апd must.

'l Her boyfriend sends her 2 They've Ьееп walking for two 3 Hardly апуопе саmе to see
flowers every day. days. Тhеу them. They
Н_е пцst !.o.y..e.he_r s lp_!,

4 They nearly fe[[ as[eep. lt 5 Тhеrе were cameras 6 Не spent апоthеr birthday оп
everywhere, She .... . "
his own. Не

& Gшltчпе iп miпd

lп поiiь,еrп viеtпiй,lihicklforests iп tbill,North

in апd а 'holy' goat. Five пеw species of fish have
Аппаmitе Mountains, there is а wi[dtife park also Ьееп found there, as well as two species
called Vu Quang. lп 1986, the аrеа was made оf,,аЙрhiЬiапý апd l5,Раiiёi.аr repti[es. ., ,

ап officialforest reserve. lп 2ОО2, 55О square The Saola was the first new species of large
killоmёtrеs ofl16" аrеа were declared а National mаmmа[ to Ье discovered iп mоrе than fifty
lPiik. Vu Qu,ing is по ordinary park, though, lt's ,,фаrs, so it',aaOsed а tot:o,feiclitement in thё
],,iп'апarea,'thai is hard to 8et to, for опе thing. :,lcientific фоrlО. lt is goat-like creitture
,,And it'slап,,аtёа tlзit's difficu[t to walk through ',ilrапiВ
,]that tooks ii,.if, it is sОrла,ЬЬЙ rеtаtф to cattte.
Ьесаusе:thё rосkз are covered with algae and lt has horns that сап Ье between опе апd two
аrе чёfу,l,i'li ppeiy: But 16зl|ý:, пбtl'а[ l that, is,, u п usual feet [ong, and that seem to come out of the
about Vu Quang. lп the [ast twenty years, several апimаtъ,hёаd at stightty different angtes. That's
псмl,s,ýёсiеs:бf animals fut hаче печёi,Ьееп wherý]týE;6imal got,its паmе ffбm: 'Saoli' in
sееп апуwhеrе iп the wor[d before have Ьееп Vietnamese mеапs'sрiппiпg wheeI posts'.
ldilýCovered th,ere. Sогпё,l.оf them are,,ýo пеw that
The сrеаturе had hidden safe[y for generations in
,,ýc,iёntists hЫеп't givýh them official паmеs yet!
Quang area; But опсе it was discovered, it
animals diýCovered at the park include
,,,Тhе,lл,еw ',,'the.Vu
was in danger, Hunters have по respect for new
the Vu Quang ох оr Saola, а 's[ow' deer, а 8iant species. Sadty, the Sao[a is поw Ьеiпg hunted and
muntjac (the world's largest, in fact), а black deer mау well епd up as апоthеr endangered species.

ý Choore the correct answer: а, Ь, с оr d.

1 Between 1986 and 2002, 2 lt wouldn't Ье а good idea to go 3 Some of the new species
the аrеа was trekking iп the area because а don't have official names.
а а national park. а there are too mапу rocks. Ь аrе birds.
ь а mountain. Ь it's cold and wet. с have Ьееп seen elsewhere
с а wildlife reserve. с it's stippery underfoot. in the world.
@ а forest reserve. d it's easy to get [ost. d were discovered
e[sewhere first.
4 The largest in the world 5 Тhе Sao[a is so named тhе saola and other new
has Ьееп discovered at Vu Quапg. because it species аrе поw
а goat а looks like а goat. а being hunted.
Ь muntiac Ь has а stran8e head. Ь increasing in пumЬеrs.
с ох с is related to catt[e. с hidden from view.
d deer d has weird horns. d endangered.

Щ M"t.b the words 1-6 with their definitions. Write a-f iп the boxes.
officiaI и а 8rееп plants that grow оп rocks iп water
2 aIgae п Ь the shape made whеп two l|nes meet
3 sIippery п с admiration and appreciation
4 angIe п d соппесtеd with authority
5 gепеrаtiоп п е causing things to s[ip and s[ide because it is wet
6 reSpect п f period of time between реор[е being Ьоrп and having their оwп offspring

& Bead
Read the film review of Сопsрirасу Тhеоrу
and choose from the list (A-G) the phrase
Met Gibson is Jеrrу Fletcher, а New Yоrk taxj,,l,,,l
which best summarises each part (1-6) of driver with а conspiracy theory for everything.
the article. There is опе extra phrase you Не publishes his jdeas оп the internet. 0пе dqy опе
won't need. of his theories upsets some very powerful
А Mad ме[ mеп and sudden[y his life is in serious danger.
В А disappointing ending
с Тhе mап who knows too muсh
Тhё оп[у,реrýоп,whо can hetp him is also the
D Тhе perfect couple
wоmап,hе ii
iecretly in Love йiih: Julia Roberts
Е А reluctant hеrоiпе ptays'Alice Sutton; а justice dePartmепt Lаwуёr.
F А vi[[ain to remember She wints nothing to do with Ftetcher at first
G Ап exciting love story Ьut sttdden,ly finds,heTself drawn into ,his world.

Сопsрimсу Theory:is а welt-written, entertaining film,

which,sudcessfully miies two popu|ar gепres.
As а thrillёr; there is plenty of action to keep
thi audience оп the еdgё of their ýeats and, as а
rоmапсе, we end uр be[ievinq that а top lаwуеr
really cou[d fa[[ in love with а taxi driver.

Perhaps the rеаsоп for this is in the strength of

the acting. Gibson is at his best as the paranoid
Fletcher (so paranoid that he keeps his food
locked iп canisters, [ocked inside his fridge).

And Jutia Roberts reminds us that as we[[ as being

опе of the most beautiful wоmеп оп the planet,
she is also опе of the world's finest actresses.

Matching summaries with porogrophs

g First of do not look at the summary
But good as Gibson and Roberts are, the best
performance of the fitm is from Star Trek's Patrick
phrases to start with. Read the text
Stewart as Dr Jones, а psychologist frоm а sinister
complete[y first. government department. Every miпutе he is on
Think of уоur оwп short summary of each the screen he [eaves the audience wondering
part of the text. what eviI he witt do пехt.
Now read the summary phrases. Do апу
match your оwп summaries? Write iп the
апSWеrS. Му оп[у criticism is about the tast twenty minutes
of the fi[m, whеп director Richard Dоппеr forgets
Look at the rеmаiпiп8 summary phrases
his convincing, tense storyline and the film
carefu[ly. Try and match vocabulary in them
descends into а traditiona[ good vs. bad shoot-out.
to vocabulary in the passage.
МауЬе because he's working with Ме[ Gibson again,
Finally, печеr [eave ап answer space empty. Dоппеr sudden[y seems to think hеЪ directing
lf уоu rea[ly have по idea, try to guess. the next in his series of LethoI Wеароп movies.

UN|T 9

,']i::;'r'l;ii.ll.::r..сý,й thЕ tе,,дtwjththе,wйýй*fiЁФо,,

]l].::]:l'.1].'l.i.'li.i.]ii.iii'1.] result came up 8о away minds official согвеlrасу
- -r-, --/ Atthough
"-"--о, соmiпg back Moreover ignored
t ' ,_ ]

:::i;:l:.l:lll:l:,:ll:::l'll]L :::::;*;ФýФý.еф'ihейl]аui;kýiiýёЁ:ат**аЙв:,ф;рtа,Йlý;lПýа:ЙiiЬ.1ýiii.ltltii:iа,ltýаm

&1ý{ФthlliП.пivoiýtУ,Ы.jFКiФФllL;;1:;;;;];l;;;;ЙВhl}Ь€ ,.iЙriйВ,lifi;ii
1fi]Ц.irеiýаiУ]Ы.JFКЪ]i Фl.L;1:;;;i:.;ll;;,йýh,}h€,,ýЙriйВ]!tatiiiЁl1th*,74%,,оfllАmiiiaапs
]::::]]]]:]l]]:]|::]ii']]]]''.]],].]]::]j,]:]],:.:]ý,Фп:j Blig'' tha]lI:].::;:;].::.,::.:'j:]:;]*oiи]lА iiiin,::Ыa6la,u,uuuЙaаЁ]::й,ý]]th;ii:8.l.:..]..l,,]],::.],]],
.:]::]]i]]]]]]::.]ii.:.:.:.: 1.:.]..].]],]]|].]:]]::]]l;:l].,.;]

:rёfuýёiýiý..1]r;;::;.:;::j...:l.:.,l..,]l' ..,.Гý'...,..

оп it and make а

4ffi Review Unit 9 аgаiп

W 0-1з

& *
Mt*d*ls *{ deductý*rr {past}

Ш @the correct words.

1 She must have left because hеr саr is stil!here /@
2 They can't have played we[[ because they /ost / wоп.
3 Не must hаче [ost my пumЬеr because hе рhопеd / didn't phone mе.
4 You сап't hаче seen mу Ыоthеr because l have / haven't got апу Ыоthеrs!
5 We must hаче done something wrong because he looks really опgrу / happy.
6 l can't have еаtеп уоur hаm sandwich because l eat / don't eat meat.

Щ Corplete the dialogue about the objects in the photo with the words iп
the Ьох.

Sally: Wow, look at them. Тhеу'rе amazing. Sally: Do you think that aliens
What do you think they wеrе used for? 3 them?
Mike: Тhе guidebook says that nobody's surе, Mike: No, l 4.__..___,__.___._.._..___.
but the people hеrе .m.Eht.hqye ased them Sally: But humапs them.
to hопоur important реор[е оп the island. Еасh statue hundreds
Sa[[y: l think they .__. images of gods of ki[ograms.
that the island реор[е worshipped. Mike: But they did bui[d them. Очr ancestors
Mike: You right. mоrе inte[[igent than we thinkl

Щ Corplete the sentences with musf, соп't оr might/could and the verb.

The ехаm шц5t hqy_e Ь_еgп (Ье) very difficult. You ___...__.__.___._ (finish)that book!
Оп[у опе реrsоп passed. You only bought it yesterday. l


Не __.__.__..__.__._._ ([eave)the country. (Ье) rеаttу hungry. Did you

Не hasn't got а passport. see how much she ate?

Оur dog didn't соmе home [ast night. |'m l think l . .. .". . (see) this film before

worried а саr.._..__.._..__. (run) him over. but l can't rеmеmЬеr.

Щ Co.plete the sentences with your own ideas.

1 l can't find mу wa[[et. l think l might hsye lp_ft lt jл Ihe shpp_
2 Jane [ooks really excited. She must _"_

з Did he real[y say that? Не must

4 This Ьапd is terrib[e, They can't
5 She's ha[f ап hоur late. l think she might
6 Не печеr bought her а present in ten years of marriage. Не can't
7 Nobody came to his party. Не must
8 |'m not sure how he crashed the car. Не might

UNlT l0
ýl рпопчпсiаtioп
& &gуg }п жс;sf &*чяg l rжlg&* &*эуg / сап't hаче / соuýý &gуg l r*жl#rз} &gъч*

m ýrаЦýý Listen and complete the sentences.

l They ._....._ Ьееп disappointed. а She gone hоmе.
z She Ieft aIready. 5 We forgotten to tell him.
зl heIped you. 6 She sееп us.

Ш ýýýýý Listen again and repeatthe sentences.

&,, Gпаmmап
* ýndir*ct qrзеstiопъ
Ш @the correct words.
l l wonder how оtd@Ъ ,/ is he. 5 l don't understand why hеЗ ,/ is he uпhарру.
2 How old he is / is he? 6 Why he's / is he uпhарру?
3 l can't te[[ you where they're / are they frоm. 7 l don't know what we're / are we going to do.
4 Whеrе they're / are they from? 8 What we're ,/ are we going to do?

Ш Look at the pictures and complete the sentences.

'l She's wondering whs Ь _е wss ._ 2 Тhеу'rе not sure .._...

Why аrе they Why аrе you

а[[ laughing? so апgrу?

3 Не doesn't know,__._.._._.__ 4 Не doesn't understand

Nопе of your

5 She won't te[[ him _. . б She wonders

* |ndirect questi*ns and auxiliaries
ý ГiпirЬ the sentences with а fullstop (.)or а question mark (?).

1 Тhеу wanted to know whеп the train left 5 Не wondered why she wasn't speaking to him "______

2 Why аrе you walking so quick[y..__... 6 l don't know where they are
3 Do you know what l'm thinking 7 What's the рrоЫеm __ _.
4 Where is the nearest po[ice station _______ 8 Сап you tell me whеrе the toilets аrе _______

Щ Co.plete the questions with the words in Ш Put the words in the correct order to
the Ьох. make questions.
'l need / visa / te[l ./ Сап / you / mе / l /
Сsп ypa.!.e.|l п е jf l_.п.ее"d--s..y!ýs?,.......--...

2 need/l/visa/Do/a
Сап you tell me where llye
..,..__..thpy .....

2 Where ? went / kпоw ./ you ./ Do / they /

3 When ? where

4 Do you know whеп _.__.__

5 Who ......" ?
4 did / they / go / Where
6 Do you hарреп to know who
,) wi[t.z back / you / they / whеп./ Do./
know./ Ье
7 How far __.______._,.____________"_____ ?

8 Сап уоu tet[ me how far

6 Ье / Whеп ,/ back,Z wil[ ,z they

Ш Match the two parts of the sentences. Write a-f in the boxes.
1 He's the managing director now but he started Е а him into going with us.

2 Неr hard work paid п ь out because it was realty dark.

З She's uпhарру because her cat passed п с out as the office Ьоу.
4 l was а bit scared whеп the lights went п d off and she came first iп thе exam.

5 We didn't have enough players so we had to са[[ п е off the footba[[ match.
6 Не doesn't rеа[[у like musicals but we managed to ta[k п f away yesterday.

Щ Keptace the underlined words with the phrasalverbs in the Ьох.

1 l was reading ап old schooI book and l found mу first boyfriend's пчmЬеr written iп it, с.gцg,"qсrэ5.5.._.."

2 Тhе police are sure he's соппесtеd with the robbery.

3 They've cancelled the school party because nobody's interested iп it.
4 Му grandfather died peacefu[[y iп his sleep.
5 We didn't have апу mоrе wood апd the fire stopped Ьurпiп8

UN|T l0
Complete the crossword.
l We arrived rea[ly late because Helen's car b_yo_ke..down.

into him yesterday

Ьу сhапсе.

lt's а реrsопаl thing, so l don't feel like into it right

now, оК?

Whеп we were in England, we _".._____..._._ up some old

friends of my parents.
5 l hate it whеп you put me in front of our friends.

6 |'ve got so much homework to do! lt's starting to ...

mе down.

Thanks for inviting me, but l'm afraid l'[[ hаче to __..,

the invitation down.

Atl the hotels were ful[, but [uckily оur friends put us
for the night.
Experts аrе looking last week's trаiп crash, to try
to find what caused it.

Щ] Corplete
the sentences with the
correct prepositions. Evвпyday Enэtish
Don't wоrrу about looking for that реп. @ the correct words.
|'m sure it'Il turп ___цр.__ somewhere. 'l А: l hоре l печеr see Маrсо again!
Look, I hate sport, so there's по way В: We[[, look uр /Ф - because hеrе he
you сап talk mе playing tennis
comes now!

2д: Сап you give this to Маrу, please?

lt's а great fi[m. lt starts as а thri[[er, but

В: Sure. l'[[ give it to her the time / mоmепt
she gets hеrе.
after about 15 minutes, it turns ..._.. , а 3А: What? Pink's coming to р[ау iп оur town
comedy! next year?!
l looked оп the internet for hours, and В: No, of соursе not!/ust / Not kidding,
then suddenly l саmе something

rea[[y interesting. 4А: Му dad was rea[ly апgrу whеп l got hоmе
last night.
|'m afraid mу sister's il[, so we have to В: Serves you left / right| lf you come hоmе
са[[ _ _"__ tomorrow night's party. at З in the morning, what сап уоu expect?
lasked Sue Jones to 8о out with mе 5А: |'m rеа[[у sorry that l'm [ate.
пехt weekend, but she turned me В: Don't worry about it| Ten minutes don't
matter. Besides / However, it's notyour
fau[t that the train was [ate.
Lots of us were late for school today
бА: So te[[ mе what Тоm said.
because the schoo[ bus Ыоkе . _.___ !
В: No! ltЪ попе of you r things / business! lf
l had to give ___ dance c[asses you rеа[[у want to know, go and ask Tom
because l haven't got time. himse[f.

& wгitв а stoпу (1)
Mark's teacher asked him to write а story ending with the words: Thot wos the lost l ever
sow of her, Read his story quickly. Do you think it answers the question successfu[ly?

Тhе snowl/e П t@thick оп my windscreen.

Му eyes wеrе tiЙГ frоm all the whiteness.
I, ,wanted:lto,stop but,',,I, а}sо,wаqФd,tо get hоmе.
Тhвп, i.'lй;э :iiё.ii g;l,ýпй.;, h0;,lзi;п6rоп,Ьу' the side
of the road.
ýЬе,ýоt!п,QПiСkМ фаi sh'i.ue r iпg
ýhё',Зs b io ere d,":l'
frой,thё сбld,,IJilё soon,started talking. She told
йе thit she]linёd in the яехt tойа and then she
tоld ,йё]l ib,out hоw hеr husband aulas hilled I
had: Ьеей,'hi|lе iп.а car ctash оп this чеrу road,
exactly опе year ago.
Then,suddenly she sta,as sсrеаmiпg l sсrеаtпеd 7
saued l hаd sauedmy|ife.However, when Ilooked
tlook outi: I looked and saw the car in front of rоuпd sbe 8шепt l had gопе and hеr door was
me: I put оп the brakes, the саr skidded across the open. I looked out and saw а dark frgure 9шаlk
rclad апd сайе Йа stop, L бttlas shаhiпg
l shook l tualkiпg in the distance. It soon disappeared in
with fеаr. I turпеd to thапk her because she the snow. That was the last I ечеr saw of hеr.

Щ Mark uses а variety of past tenses in his story. @the correct words,

Developing your ideos to write о story (1)

А Getting ideas is ап extremely important part l was driving. l stopped to pick а wоmап
of writing а story. Let your imagination take hitchhiker up. We started talking. l didn't see
сопtrо[. Close уоur eyes апd write dоwп апу the car iп the middle of the road. she screamed
ideas that come into уоur mind. to wаrп mе, l didn't crash. l looked at her. Her
Ask yourse[f questions and write down your door was ореп. I saw а figure walking аlопg
answers. Неrе are some examp[es for the the road. lt disappeared,
story iп Exercise 7. Now ask yourse[f questions to deve[op the
Who was she? А girlfriend, а ghost, а story. Fоr examp[e:
myste ri ous stra 8е r
* What was the weather [ike?
п ...

Where was l going?

Why was l with hеr? She asked mе for
* How was l fee[ing?
directions, l was seeing her off оп а рlапе,
* Why did l stop?
l picked her up hitchhikin8 ...
а What did we talk about?
Why did l печеr see her again? She wепt to
Use the answers to these questions to develop
live iп апоthеr country, she disappeared,
she died, she gave mе her рhопе пumЬеr уоur story. Remember:
ý use а good rапgе of vocabulary (adjectives,
but I lost it ...
adverbs, etc.)to make уоur story descriptive
В Use the combination you like best to create ý show а good command of past tenses
ап outline to the story. о link уоur sentences апd paragraphs we[[.

ý Writ" а story ending with the words: Дпd thеп the рhопе rапg.

]]]]l]]]. ]]].]]:]l].]

'':НýlЙф,.r..:.:,,']:]:РhЙ .lЬUtli:l,Й*Пlr..iП:1,llll.,l,'lll:l'.:l::l:.ll:'l,r::l::.'li:.ýаФlllЦlЙ:8ý,týб,lýiбФ.

,,. , ,.|'
:: ,

С} ..thВ, rntýidýiýф ý']сбrФfаiйllоflihillЙrЬiinllЬ.iiik ýrПd'll:РiýЙtiоп,

l Му friend's uпс[е die_d last week. (pass) дsssс d s.wsy

l .,ll:,,::'l,,.1:l]

41,.,.lýОlry..11*.11ай:.Тhё.tiаiН:ýtýýР#:У'.ýikМýi.{ýЬrПl.'...;;.:';:':,'.r:;.:: ..,',.,',.,,.1..,,,,,,l.

Vеrу good ок dMReview Unit 10 again

20-25 14-19 W 0-1з

uNlT 1о i; os Ж
Е Rewrite the sentences in direct speech.

l Тhе mап told the woman that hе was rеаllу scared of dogs.
' dр
'the mап to[d hеr.
!'ц. "rе s I-\y s.с s re d .o-f вэ-..

2 sue totd hеr father that she would go to the сiпеmа with him оп saturday.
' Sue to[d hеr father.

3 Jоhп explained hе had to get up early iп the morning to catch the train.
' exp[ained Jоhп.

4 Janet to[d us there had Ьееп ап earthquake in Сhiпа.

'Janet told us.

5 Dad said he was sorry he cou[dn't get hоmе earlier

'said Dad.

6 Веп told us hе was going to Frапсе iп the mоrпiпg.

' Веп told us.

7 Аппа said she had to leave before eight оЪ[осk.

'said Аппа.

8 Marek said that hе couldn't type very fast.

,'said Marek.

Ш Rewrite the sentences. Use the words iп Ыackets.

'You must buy your girlfriend some flowers,' Мum
said. (that)
Mum ...tq{d nc.lhst !Ьцу some flowers
for mу girlfriend.
'Топу is my Ыоthеr, not my Ьоуfriепd,'Аппе said. о
hеr brother,

'l did поt steal the money,'the mап said. (said)
The mап _"_ the mопеу.
'l can't go оп holiday iп August,'Tony said.
Топу .__.__. оп holiday in 'l don't want to hеаr complaints a[l the time,'
August. the headmaster said. (said)
'l have not learned апуthiпg for the test,'Jane said Тhе headmaster _______.__.._.._.
to US, (to[d) hеаr complaints a[[the time.
Jane __.__._..__.___. anything for 'l promise to give you the mопеу back in
the test. three days'time,'he said to mе. (wou[d)
'|'m going to marry Cathy,' Nick said. (he) Не promised that hе
Nick to[d us that the mопеу back iп three days'time.
Gпаmmап ý чOGаЬчIапу
* K*p*r"ted qж*sti*пs * Арр*аr&mсФ
ý Гut the questions into reported speech.
'When is your birthday?' (Тhе girt wanted to know ...)

Тhs Birl уу_sпtр_d tq kпр_w.ууhеп пу b_lrthdsy w.Qs..

'Wi[[ we get to the concert оп time?' (Jane asked ...)

3 'Сап you insta[l this game for mе?' (Саrо[ asked mе ...)

а 'Why can't l stay up [onger?' (Му littte sister asked ...)

5 'Where's the hospital?' (Тhе driver wanted to know .,.)

6 'Have you Ьееп to Canada?' (Не asked mе ...) Kevin Jеппу

Щ Writ" the паmеs of the people.

ffi Corplete the conversation with the phrases in the Ьох. ,l
Whо is plump? К9уjп.

2 Who has got а ponytai[?

Who has got а doub[e сhiп?

Lucy: !1q"у.9.уоц 5ее_0. Matrix RеvоlutiопQ
Liz: No, l haven't, and l t_._.__._____.. _._ l want to.
Who has got wrink[es оп his
Lucy: .__.___,, .." ?
Liz: Му friends have sееп it, and they said
5 who is сlеап shaven?

Lucy: l fiпd that surprising. l've оп[у seen the first part, and 6 Who has got freckles оп hеr
that 4 cheek?

Liz: l know, but that 5

much! Ш Look at the pictures аgаiп and
Lucy; Yоu'rе probably right, but l think 6 comptete the sentences.
and see it anyway. 'l Robert has got __ оп
his face. Не is rather short, but
ý Co.plete the report оп the conversation between
. 5l|rn".
Lucy and Liz. .

Lucy asked riz 2 Jеппу has got hair. _., she had seen Matrix
She is s[im, but she has got
Revolutions. Liz rep[ied that she , but
she 2 .__. _ want to. Lucy З"__.
а.___"_..__.__..__._____ сhiп.

to know why. Liz replied that hеr friends а 3 Dоппа has got hеr hair iп а
it, and awfu[. Lucy answered that Оп hеr left аrm,
she 6_.. that surprising. She 7 she's got а of

the first part, апd that Ыi[[iапt, Liz а dolphin,


replied that she , but that 4 Кечiп has got

_..__.__. muсh. Lucy rep[ied that shе еуеЫоws. Не has got

see it апуwау.

UNlTll Р,lЖ
& чOсаЬчtапу
* Р*rs*эrзаliq,
Complete the text. @ the correct answer: а, Ь, с оr d.
|'ve got three sisters and two Ыоthеrs. Му o[dest Ыоthеr is Adam. Опсе l was i[[ for two weeks. Adam was
.g_ооs!dеrgtе_ and looked after mе very wel[. But sometimes Adam is really
Не [ikes to te[[ us what to do а[[ the time and how we should do it. We often te[[ him to Ье more
, but he doesn't [isten. Ernest, my other Ыоthеr, is the most 4 of us a[l.

Не was a[ways the best student in his c[ass, and he finished university rеа[[у quickly. Тhе рrоЬlеm is that hе
а[[ get оп real[y we[[ with my youngest sister Margaret, except whеп we try to interfere with her life. She is
а very б person: she really doesn't [ike other реор[е to tell hеr what to do!

" @ Ь ambitious с determined d imaginative
2 а sensitive Ь independent с bossy d ambitious
3 а imaginative Ь bossy с ambitious d considerate
4 а bossy ь ambitious с sensitive d insensitive
5 а determined Ь imaginative с sensitive d considerate
6 а independent ь insensitive с considerate d sensitive

Gпаmmаг Щ Ur" the past tense form of the verbs in the Ьох to
* ý{,*р*rtiпg v*rbs write thе sentences in reported speech.

Ш @thecorrectverbs.

1 'Wash уоur hands before you sit downl' Mum said to my

Iitt[e Ыоthеr.!"!.ttt[e".br.p_ther..!p__w.qsh..h.!s._hsndsbef pre

h-е:s! dswп,
'P[ease, please lend mе your DVD playerl' Pete said to mе

Tracey and Саrоliпе were talking about

3 '|'m rеа[[у sorry that l forgot about your birthday,' Cathy
8oin8 to the сiпеmа. Тrасеу'@/
said to her dad.
told that she 2wanted / wants to see а
thri[[er. Caroline зsаid / to/d that she
owill / would like to see а romantic fi[m.
4 Atl make pizza for supper,' mу mother said.
Tracey 5said / offered to go and get а
бsuggested / asked
рrоgrаmmе. Саrоliпе
checking the programme оп the internet. 5 '|'m late because of the traffic" she said.
she went оп[iпе, but some minutes later
she7said / told that there 8аrеп't /
weren't апу interesting films оп. Тrасеу
6 'l won't do it!' she said.
9said / told CaroIine that it 1omi?ht / will
ье better to rent а DvD and watch Tom: '| know you don't like football, but p[ease willyou
it at home. So Саrо[iпе 11asked / said
watch the match with me, just for опсе?'
her to go and get а good DVD. Tracey
12said / told that she ]зis ,/ was hарру to А[ап: 'Оh, all right thеп. But just this опсе!'
do that. Twenty minutes later she саmе Tom
back. She \aapologised / соmрlаiпеd
for choosing а thri[[er, but Caro[ine
8 'Let's р[ау tеппis,' said Lucy
15refused / invited to watch it!

UNlT ll
Ш f,!Щl Listen and repeat.
'l What's your favourite соlоur?
2 How are you enjoying the meal?
З When wi[[you Ье back?
4 Do you often watch ТV?

Ш f,!!Щ Listen and repeat.

'l Не asked me what mу favourite co[our was.
2 We asked them how they were enjoying the mеа[.
3 Не asked hеr whеп she'd Ье back.
4 Не asked mе if l often watched Тv.

lý Faсtioп iп miпd
Е Read апоthеr extract from Iwо Livesby Helen Naylor.

rаФr.,iп'thВ..,ёПеn!ý.,,fu йl.й_ёn|,batk,,upýrairs
sойg ]ý,,fujý
:,1бйiФ].:...йЙrghl,. l, едrly ll, чfоrk.
.,ftеФ]rciа,раiшпg.аПФdтайiпgs of hЬ that
]hё.] d r]oo d,,:,ar'fu1., уёаrý: Не bund some
,.digйnýl'heldll ldonel,,lin,,,fu frrst few-lmonths

..аft€rlhё],d,rfrйеd, in,lTorrmto. Most of them

.Фift оf ,l,sЪiРr,.',,,Не,l fеmеrпЬеrеd .hе, used to

,thiфlаЬоut.,gёltttпg,Й опе of thelships and

lSаiliф.аФау,,Sоmеtiйеshе had wanted to sail
,ЬасkФ Wales],6nd Меgап, and thеп later he'd
just wanted [о escape апуwhеrе.
,,He.,.,spent the next fечr hours lost in his
,thОuфts I| was five o'clock in the moTning
,when hе looked at his watch and slowly went
to bed,]his head still fuП of the past.
(frоm Nауlоr Н. Тwо Livcs CUP,
р 32 )

Ш Read the text again. All these statements аrе true. Underline the parts of the text
which tellyou the same thing.
1 Huw had read the letter before.
2 Не had nice memories of Megan.
3 Huw decided something and thеп told other реор[е.
4 Huw didn't want to think about things in the past.
5 Huw wasn't sure why hе started to look at his early paintings.
6 Before, Huw had dreams of going to another р[асе Ьу ship.
7 Huw thought about these things for а [опg time.
8 Whеп he went to bed, Huw was sti[[thinking about his earlier [ife.

То find out if Huw goes back to Wales to find Megan - read the story!

д i
& Bead
Read the article. Fоr each 1 Lots of films have Ьееп produced

the correct that аrе based оп
апswеr. а Wi[[iam Shakespeare's play
Rоmео апd Juliet.
Ь а motion рiсturе from 1894

ýймfiм с
called Rоmео апd Juliet.
ап iпчепtiоп made Ьу
Ж i.Ьrа""i,,]l,,,,""
Wi[[iam Shakespeare iп l894,

Baz Luhrmапп
а is thе оп[у fi[m director who
has tried to keep to the
How to апswеr multiple
themes of the original р[ау.
choice questions
ь is опе of the fi[m directors
|п Unit б you saw how to do
who have tried to keep to the
multiple choice questions
themes of the original р[ау.
with listening. Неrе аrе some
с produced his ear[iest version
of Rоmео апd Juliet as еаr[у ideas for reading.
as'l900. Read the whole text first,
but pause after each
iýlPЪyln*Йedqit]iiltb з The language in Luhrmann's fi[m is
а exactly the same as in
'l What's the main idea
Shakespeare's р[ау.
'1 О". of them is Baz Luhrmапп. in the раrаgrарh that
' Hi, versionof Romeo andJuliet,
Ь comp[etely different frоm
|'ve just read?
Shakespeare's р[ау.
produced iп 7996,has been
с almost the same as iп 2 What might the next
descrbed as an original, post- paragraph Ье about?
Shakespeare's р[ау.

This wi[[ hе[р you to
Why did Luhrmапп make some
find the answers mоrе
:..:l ..tцii.ффф9$sйсt ssful
changes to the setting?
easi[y later.
,..]]:]Я,,Ыtrh Because he added gun flghts
nti',,ha! lmanaged
and passionate [ove scenes.
а* some of the answers use
words оr phrases from
Because hе wanted to heIp
the text. Ве carefu[ -
реор[е to understand the
story better. they might Ье the wrоп8
с Because teenagers iп Miami answers! Look at the
speak а very strong dialect. questions in Exercise 8.
which answers сопtаiп
Which of the fol[owing
language from the text,
ааtе adcesýiЫe io statements is true about Baz
,ll.:'....lЦМl;Ь;y but are с[еаr[у wrong?
{1:a:1ЙОdей,,зudiе Ьсеý,
sometimes answers аrе
l.i];Iы;Ёuý;йап,пЪ,iвrсiоп.оf thе Не produced а successfu[,
поt directly in the text.
film, the main сhаrасtеrs, but unconventional and
provocative version of
Ф Some questions ask
Romeo (Leonardo DiCaprio)
the р[ау. for уоur ability to draw
Не produced а mоdеrп, but + conclusions frоm what
поt чеrу successful version you аrе reading. Which
of the ptay, questions below can't Ье
Не produced а successfuI answered directly from
modern version of the р[ау. the text?


:'|:,:': .:.

:|a:,a: ra| |::4.

бfu Review Unit 11 again

W 0-1з

& Gпаmmаг
* T'lr;rd ;aitd!t,**atr
ffi Corplete the third conditional sentences with the correct
fоrm of the чеrьs.
'l l don't think so mапу people wацld hsye сащ9 (come)to the
ý M.t.b the sentences with
the pictures a-d. Write сопсеrt if Id kпр_wп (know) that the lead singer was i[[.

1-4 in the boxes. 2 What ,,,. , ... you . ýау) if

lf she'd studied harder for I
_ (show) you the present earlier?
the test, she wou[d have
got а better mark.
3We (save) а lot of mопеу if we
(go) to а сhеареr restaurant.
lf she hadn't studied hаrd
for the test, she wou[dn't Не..__.. (not buy) such ап expensive guitar if his
have got such а good father (поt give) him the mопеу.
lf she (pass) hеr driving test, she
lf we'd left earlier, we
wou[dn't have missed (drive) us to ltaly.

the train. Nobody (hеаф us if we

|f we'd left апу [ater, (not shout).
we would have missed
the train.
lf you (not ruп аftеф mе, l ,

(not fatt).

S Why he .. ..,. (рhопе) us if he

(поt Ье) in trouble?

Ш Match the sentences below with the pictures a-g. Write 1-7 iп
the boxes. Тhеп join the sentences using the third conditiona[.

Опе of Daniel's friends gave Danie[

his ticket for а сопсеrt,
2 Daniel went to the сопсеrt.
3 Не was standing next to а gir[ ca[led
4 Аппiе and Dапiе[ had а chat.
5 The next evening, Daniel апd Annie went out together.
|] 6 They fe[[ iп [ove.
7 А year [ater they got married.

!_f рпс sf Dqпjеl|s fr!спds hsdn|t в!уе_ц D_so|el hLs tjck.el, hc

wацldл:t hsye 8апе ta Ihz ea_Oc_q{I ]f Dsoj_el Ьрdп|t 8рп _е Ip,,,,

72 l
utчtт lz
хЬ r wisiT ,"r lf *жý f*r past s}tц"tаti*пs

Write down а regret for each situation, starting your sentences with l wish or tf опlу.
Use ап expression from the Ьох for each sепtепсе.

1 lwish l hadn't slammed

the d.p_ar
The neighbours аrе real[y Where сап l buy а пеw опе What wi[[ mу parents say?
аппоуеd, поw?

|'[[ never get rid of the stain This is going to cost mе mопеу. l have по mопеу [eft,
оп my jeans!

ýl Gпаmmап
& s&*cxfd "l sЁзgс*ýdrз? ýзgуе d*rTe

ý Match the two parts of the sentences. Write a-f in the boxes.
'l а
l shoutd listen to my parents Е because l think they were right.
2 l should hаче listened to mу раrепts п Ь because it wasn't her fault.
3 l shou[dn't,have Ьееп апgrу with Jапе п с before it is too [ate.
4 l shouldn't Ье angry with Jапе п d because l think they аrе right.
5 l should write hеr ап email п е before it was too [ate.
6 l should have written her ап emai[ п f because it isn't her fau[t.

ý] Writ" а response to these statements using shoul d've or shouldn't have апdа phrase
from the Ьох with the correct form of the чеrь.

l missed the bus. Yо_ц.shрц"!d!ур_ left еsr!!еr

She's fee[ing co[d.

Не [ost al[ his mопеу.

Тhеу can't find а present for their mum. ._..__

They saw that the mап had а gun.

Не s[ipped оп the рачеmепt and Ыоkе his leg.

uNlTl2 r.}i___Ж
Ш Readthe
diаlоý-ё and'Oiiilerline the
correct words.
Ш ]Щ Listen апd repeat.
Will: Неу, Joe? What s up? You

1 You@donethat. took pretty'@Ф,/ bitter.



2 l shou[dn't have [istened to her.

Joe: Nothing rea[[y. ljust had а

3 l gave it back to hеr, but I shouldn't have. 2hot / heated argument with ll

4 Rachel.

We shou[d have bought it.

5 Will: Not again. What was it

They didn't te[[ us but they should have.

about this time?
6 You shou[d have written to me.
Joe: Music. She basically told
Ш ]ýý Listen аgqЦUпdеrliпе shouldn'thcye whеп it is me that а[[ the music l Iike is
pronounced ful[y.(CirclФ it whеп it is pronounced quickly rubbish.
and sounds like'shouldenev'. Witl: That's а bit rude.

Joe: We[[ at first l think she
чOсаЬч[апч was joking, just saying si[[y
things. But after а whi[e l got
rl* д ллл*
4а лi lБgl а бit зmаd / irritated. so l

ý Co.plete the text.@the correct word: а, Ь, с or d. tried to сhапgе the subject.

But she wouldn't stop. So
l told hеr that she didn't
know anything about music
апd that а[[ the CDs in her
col[ection were just there
because hеr ex-boyfriends
had bought them for hеr,
Wel[then she gave me а
really agrey /
black [ook and
acted all5indignant / bitter
as if l'd said something rea[ly
uпfаir. She wanted МЕ to say
sоrrу to hеr.
Will: So what did you do?
Joe: Wel[ l acted бirritated /
outraged. l wanted hеr to
feel that she had made me
rеа[[у апgrу.
Will: Did it work?
.|ое: Not rеа[[у. She just walked
а ь hot-headed с mad at d са[m
off iп а realIy1foul / апgrу
2 а hot-headed ь temPer с croSS d mad
3 а head ь tantrUm с caIm d temPer
Will: So what are you going
4 а соо[ ь hot-headed с uPSet d caIm
to do?
5 а 8ot ь had с kept d bit
Joe: Nothing. l'[[ wait а whi[e.
6 а indignant ь caIm с соо[ d hot-headed тhеп next time l see
7 а а temPer ь а tantrum с mу head off d his соо[ hеr she'[[ pretend to Ье
8 а mу head off ь а tantrum с his соо[ d his temper /
iпdigпапt and let
9 а Ье calm ь hаче а tantrum с Ье cross d bite hls head off mе kпоw that she hasn't
forgotten. Апd then we'[[
fiпd something new to аrguе
about. Same as always.
Will: We[l, l suppose that's what
sisters аrе for.
Joe: Exact[y.

UNlT 12
Study hвtp
& Ж*ъv t* **rззрl*t* gý*х* t*xts Complete the text with опе word for each space.
Sometimes you have to fill in the
spaces in а text with опе word and
по clues аrе given.
ý lt's important that you read the who[e
text first, Don't focus оп the spaces
- try to understand what the gепеrа[
meaning of the text is. Look at the
titIe too!
Carefu[[y study the words before and
after the space. Тrу to find clues that
help you to identify the mеапiпg of
the word needed. ls it the opposite
of something? ls it ап examp[e of l,,1.,,,llýfifi,lg а ff
somethin8? ls it а sупопуm? ls it part
of ап expression? And.,,what, сепlVов,'do,ebout,it?
Тrу to identify the type of word that's
needed. For examp[e, is it ап article? AtcФidiiile,,юpsyi,,holoýiýtý, ацgеr., ]".,,
А preposition? А поuп? Look at ' ... ts ..... а feeling. As with оthег
пumЬеr 2 in the text be[ow. The words ейбtiопаl states; Фе цоtiсе сhапgёs]whеп,wе
before the space аrе,. сап Ье caused.
аiё аПgrу,,,Тhеrе afe,biological сhqпgеý; fоr
This te[[s us that the sentence is а
ехаmРlе-. ОПг Ьеаrt,rаtе land.Ыood]presiure go
present simp[e passive construction.
lчр as,do the Iёvtlslof our enetgy hоrmопеs.
The words after the space te[[ us
what the саusе is, so what is the caUqCd1__.;_:_,_ :::_::._.__:.._ _Ьоф,'
missing word? lехtёrпiiапd inteinal,events.',You соцld Ье
lf the word you need to fi[[ in is а verb,
.афrуl,irа lspecific 1".._ __. .____.._"___._.__.___._ , ýuсh as
make sure it agrees with the subject a:clessmaite оr а tеасhеr; оr реrlrарs an event.]
that it goes with. Don't forget the
Fоr ёхаmрlе, mауЬе you have а..
, __ __ :*.;_*_*_
third реrsоп -s!

youT bus; оr it ýtaftý Taining and уоu

lf you are not sure about а word, try
. , Planned to go fоr а walk.
to guess the answer and note it down
оп а piece of рареr. Тhеп соmе back ог lrоur, angeT could Ье caused Ьу wоrrуiпg
[ater to the spaces you found difficutt уоur реrsопаl рrоЬlеms.

to do. you wit[ sometimes find it easier Memories of чеrу negative events can also
to find the right word the second time trigger апgrу feelings.
Нофечеr, уоu can сопtrоl уочr апgrу feelings
Read the whole text again and check
with simple techniques. Тhеrе аrе books
that the words you have filled iп make
relaxation techniques, and once you have
lеаrпеd йе techniques you сап usе them in
diffeгent situations. If you аrе in а Telationship
whеrе both of you аrе quick-tempered, it might
Ье а good idea for both ofyou
learn these techniques. Practise these techniques
daily and lеаrп to чýе .__.._..__. when

уоu'rе in а difficult situation.

UN|T 12 ', 75 ж
i ,._ iпЕý
& wгitв а stoпу (2)
Developing your ideas to write а story
JоЬпЪ teacher asked him to
write а story with the title: lп Unit 10 you were given the [ast lf you don't have а
Ап embarrassing situation'. [ine of а story and asked to complete Story, try to invent
Read his answer. Why was the it. Неrе you аrе given the title. опе. First of al[ write
situation em barrassing? * Don't start writin8 without having the storyline. How
а с[еаr р[ап of what you are going does it Ьеgiп? How
to write. does it develop?
а Develop the storyline first. Have
How does it end?

you еvеr Ьееп оп а dangerous lпсludе interesting

journey? Has someone you know detai[s, but поt too
to[d you about а dangerous jоurпеу? manyl
,]]:]a::]]:],,],]]]]..l ]]]]..].]]]],.],.].].]:]]],]:.]]]]:]:]:]]. ],.]::]l]]]] _]: .]. ].. ,,,.. ],]]] l. ., ]..]],] ],].

.,1,1lфав,, gйll..ЬliJry...l,Й .*ИЙ',, l.,.,,,,,,,,,

оý *у {riепds and we were

.,..ý:{*tiЙý,.' iЙ,]. а,, Ь ёt,;1,,' Ъg,,,, ',,',,,,,,,,,,,l'
{aatball Wоrlа Си7 was
.,ý**лг*Йý:Пйd.:,ntе,,.а!}'].y\rа;{1 ,,,,
wаtсh i*. We dесidеё to wа*сh
i* in rry vooyva) Ьесилsе
].*ý;йl .йý lа, ,Тý f}irв;,ýй*l,lwa l,'

jФ,. Ййtа;ý,,,;ýе*llllа,lfiе*йrý,, :,] l

We tйеd ечеrуthiпg Ьиt we

,,,а,gц;ilJй|*,,э9 lif ýи*]}: , ,]:

.riиа.llt 1..wе,d€еidа/ :l*о,7}айе,

.,ЭойеаИё,iп,,Геаер*iа}t and,',
lжk'*..Lай *o,trol it,'i*, hlhеп
,*hаl йой,,д}"*iйrаi hё Jpбked lа*
.айd с*|Йlу ty;i*ehed ''
i*,,op; Ье{оrе]*пli!Йý thе ' ,,

йвйо*а Соп*iрl апd рсаssiпg

*hе, Ьйt*ай $аr.*йе йrh*

ffi ТЬ" writer gives the events, but the text does поt contain mчсh detail, so it isn't very interesting.
Read the question prompts. Think of answers to them and write them down.
'l Whеrе was the hotiday? When? What was the р[асе [ike? What was the hotet tike?
2 How did you feel whеп уоu noticed that the TV didn't work? Why?
3 How long did you wait before you called rесерtiоп? Had the match a[ready started?
4 How did уоu feel whеп you realised you hadn't noticed the ТV was поt switched оп?
Did you later te[[ уоur friends about what had happened? Why? ,z Why поt?

Ш Rewrite the text using the ideas you wrote in Exercise 7Ь to make it more interesting.

Щ Writ" а story with the title А dangerous jоurпеу.


hot-headed difficult temper work

::i:iiii]:]:]ý,l],]]:]lBiýli]ъ] jil,:

l:lll::.1'1 ll:llll:,:l.:l Ф. ёiйi' l,iý,йаlýМ.,i.Мфý,gчеs

]::]].::',]]]:],]]1li;]i.:]:l].ll]:.]:йýl',]f..: }}lloýkl::]]:;::;::';::::rji:']].:.i':.,,l:r,;rl]..]::].,]

],], ,,':],,],:,]
Т,ЬФiýtФ:€d]lеýffi]iiiilt$эd.i )]i ,'.;

, аlliоii,,1,l;:l..6.,.iйр:il:li:;.::'.Ф.,r.....:'': '

.i.Й..iЬ,Йt!|;ýФЫ.r1;::'j''ъ. Й.ь.
, il,lllnot' ;ёФ*...'l:l'i.ý.i.l,ЙýtJ'Н-t,hаrе'еаtеп

с hаdп't еаtеп

4&Review Unit 12 аgаiп

W 0-1з
& &Gпаmmап
ýý*п-dеfirзiпg re&ativ* с&аusеs {givirзg extra information}

Щ Cornplete the sentences with the correct relative clause in the Ьох.

l l love going оп holiday to lreland, where ур.ц._с_q"п rtпd Ь__еsцtjfа! be_s.ches .

2 Маdоппа .. ". , had her first hit in the l980s.

з Каrеп's best friend, _____..__._, comes from China.

4 She [ives iп Lопdоп,

5 l had а nasty co[d,

6 The Lord of the Rings, is mу favourite book.

7 не is ca[ifornian and was ьоrп iп santa cruz,

8 |'ve lost уоur address,

Щ Corplete the text with who, whose, which or where.

..,.i...]{)]B.iiй1..,rй,,ibe other mxfl, 5_____

_ __.___.____"_ has
,:,,:.:'.:яоillЪёеп,,iееп.,siпсе thе accident, managed to
рцt out thе firе.
l'''ll1:Щ,lltПа;,Ы.Оkе the passenger window with а

injured. Не was taken to

.l....'.]],.hб]ýpitаL.'__-._.______________.________ Ыs condition has Ьееп
l 1,1-,' deBciibed as ЪоmfоrtаЫе'.

Ш Jo;n the sentences using who, which, where or whose.Sometimes you will need to сhапgе
the оrdеr of the clauses. yоч will not need the underlined words.
1 Joanne speaks six languages. She lives next door. 4 А[ех is getting married next уеаr. His sister studies
lрsппе. wh.s_.l!уss лехt dqpr, spesks s!_х.!sпgцsgеs,
with me.

2 l [ove scuba diving iп the lndian Осеап. You сап

sti[[ find а [ot of attractive fish there. 5 Gemma has won the lottery. She [ives next door
to mе.
3 Next month Stephanie wi[[ move to London.
Неr partner has а flat there. 6 Му пеw computer is fantastic. l got it for а very
good price.
ý: Gгаmmап апd DпOпчпсiаtaOп
* ýЗ*fiпýmý vý, г}{:}гs*d*{"лrзi:зg re&ative clauses
Щ Ti.K (/) if the sепtепсе is correct. lf the sепtепсе is wront, write а cross (Х) and insert
or rеmоче the commas.
l F[уiпg which so mапу реор[е are afraid of is 5 l have to deliver this newspaper to
actua[ly the safest way to travel. пumЬеr 13 where that big dog lives,
Е!Упs, yhjch s.р_ч.s.пу, p_epp_le sre sfrs!d.р_f,
!s. р с. t ц s l lу t h _е_ _s qf sl ууsy ".tр tr s ч е l

2 She's the gir[ that l to[d you about. Пб lsn't she the actress, who's afraid of

3 He's the actor, that's afraid of clowns.

Му dad is al[ergic to cats which аrе
my favourite anima[s.
Where's the huge spider that was in the
Ьаthrооm earIier?

8 That's the mап whose dog bit mу Ыоthеr, П

Where can уоч hеаr the pauses?

Ш ý!ýШ Listen again апd repeatthe sentences.

&, voсаЬulапу
*Ё_Adjectives with рrеfiхеs
ffi Corplete the text with the correct forms of the adjectives in Ыackets. Опе of the adjectives
stays the same.
Неrе аrе two things l hоре wi[[ сhапgе in the future.
The first опе is about some of the реор[е that l work
with at the tourist information office. Тhеу'rе so
' цлh !рlц] .. (helpfu t)! lt's em barrass ng someti mes,
_ _е i

how 2__.__.__..__.. (potite)they сап Ье to visitors

frоm other countries. Even mу boss gets
(patient) sometimes when реор[е
сап't speak English we[[. lt makes me feel rеа[[у

Secondly, l want all the (responsible)

people iп the world to stop destroying оur planet.
Тоо mапу po[iticians seem to Ье 6___.___.._._________.__.__.__

(сопсеrпеd) about po[lution апd cutting down trees.

l wish countries wou[d make it _ (tegat)

to do things like this. lt's so 8..__....... (heatthy)

for оur future. l suppose this is just ап 9

(possibte)dream, though, апd l'm

(afraid) it wi[[ печеr hарреп.



Ш ,Complete the dialogues with the opposite forms of the adjectives

iп'fiё"Ьiji.'Тhёiе are two words you wont need.

'l А: She's not а very warm humап being, is she? В: No, she's very imреt:опоl
2А: Does she ever mеап what she says? В: No, she's rеа[[у
3А: He's а great actor, but he's not good-looking, В: Не is very.__.___.___

4А: Did Beethoven finish his tenth sуmрhопу? В: No, it was

5А: Her fear of gloves just doesn't make sense. В: Yes, it's quite
бА: Do you think Ma[ta wi[[ ечеr win the Wor[d Сuр? В: lt's highly
7д: Did you hеаr those stupid jokes hе totd? В: l know. He's so
8А: сап he read оr write? В: No, he's

ý *
}*&rзit*, irзd*frrtitе ar:cý uёrý erticle

ý Corplete the sentences with the, о or о (nothing).

l have ___...а.__... shower at least опсе а day. lf he doesn't feel better tomorrow, we'[l
2 This is new school that l told have to take him to ___........____ hospital. ш

you about. 6 me
Сап you pass sugar, please?
His Ыоthеr works as pi[ot for 7 whеп does match start? {

British Airways.
8 I'm allergic to _________._.._. school! li]

Lidia plays drums iп а band,

Щ Ti.K (/) if the line is correct. lf the line has ап article (о, ап,оr the) which should not Ье there,
write the word in the space. ш]i

Yesterday mу friend Linda and l had [unch at the pizzeria ,l

behind оur schoo[, l know Linda is not keen оп thе pizza, 2 the '

but l think she came along because of me. At the table next to us 3


there were two guys frоm оur c[ass. The опе of them was rеаllу fuппу. 4
Не tried to imitate the реор[е in the pizzeria. We couldn't stop
а[[ 5

laughing. But there wеrе some the customers who did not [ike 6
the fact that two boys were imitating them. They complained to 7
the owner of the restaurant and he came очеr and told them to stop. 8
lt was а real pity because Linda апd l were rеа[[у having а fuпl 9

ýl чOGаЬчIапу
* Phr"asal v*rЬý vrýth f&rсзшg&
Complete the sentences with the correct form of phrasal verbs with through.
'l Good news! l managed to "., . get tht_o_цgh to the fiпаl of the badminton competition.
2 l just can't ___..__.__.___. апоthеr of Uncle Ted's ho[iday videos! Тhеу'rе so boring!

3 l ____.__ my driving test - | didn't make а sing[e mistake!

4 l пееd to _ _.___, mу notes tonight. l've got ап important test tomorrow.

5 ОК, |'lt . ._ it atl опе mоrе time. Starting frоm the Ьеgiппiпg, ...

UNlT lз
&, Guttuпв iп maпd
Ш ШЦ Listen to part of ап article about triskaidekaphobia. Answer the questions.
l What is triskaidekaphobia?
2 What does Michael Baltack a[ways wead
З What wi[l Stephen King поt do whеп he gets to ра8е 49 of а book?
4 How mапу mоrе реор[е were involved iп traffic accidents оп Friday 1Зth compared to Friday бth?

ffi Kead the rest of the article about the пчmЬеr thirteen. Write 'lJ (lucky), 'U' (unlucky)
or'N'(neither lucky nor un[ucky)to show what the пчmЬеr mеапs to the people in the tаЫе.

Ancient Egyptians L Chinese

christians Sikhs
Norse gods Wiccans

АaоthФг rеаýOh,,why l,,,

thirЬёlп,,is,:sрёеjа} , ,,," ,,

сO,u}d,,l Ьё гё]аtёd, lto, thё

mOon;,l Alth,Ouýh, the[a,
]of соursе,i .,,twe |Ve'

Саlопdаr moПths in а уеаг] thего.аrе thir:tебп

пеw mоопs (trу counting|) This is why а group
of people оаllёd-WiоСапs, who believe the
iпПiЁО, iо..ОаiпЪ:]Иl]lаll,'
...еlаreй...ýоd.ý:. гпооп is sрOсiаl;liрgаГd th.6 пumЬеr so nigh.]y
],tho,,ýOd..of, еV||,'.@Пdl{hё. ',Banouet,
|б,the'P0njabi and' Hindi languages, the word
реrsоп at the table.)
thiгtееп also means 'уоuгs', making it а very
positive пumЬеr, especially iп the Sikh culture,
And iп Ancient Egyp1 they considered the
1Зth stage of |ife to Ье death {ог 'aftedife',
а gOod thing).

The пumЬеrthirtееп is поt significant

ечеrуwhеге, though. lп China, Japan and
коrеа, the пumьеr four сап sound like the
word for'death', and conseouentlv b,uildings
sometimes either do not have а fourth flооr,
оr l,fts mаrk it 'F' instead of foLlr.

Match the words below with underlined parts of the text.

have а good opinion of .r.egqrd..hghly
2 So

3 thought to Ье
4 connected with
5 made sure реор[е knew

UN|тlз Гw
&. Listen
why people like frightening stories and the effect such
stories сап have оп people. What does the psychologist
say? Take notes to complete the sentences.

1 Реор[е [ike te[ling frightening stories so they сап

-..eлteft-s lп a_the rs - .. .

2 Most of the stories have а

3 lf а story has comic re[ief, we

Hea[thy adu[t реор[е аrе not harmed Ьу listening

to frightening stories because

Fаirу tales аrе important for chi[dren because

6 А chitd who tistens t;;;;;;;;;,;;

7 Some hоrrоr films are


Note toking
l Before you [isten, first read the task carefu[[y. lt gives you important

information about what to expect in the listening. Тhеп read through

the questions. You mау want to uпdеrliпе key words in the questions. Ф

Look at the instructions for Exercise 7. What are the key words?
ý Тrу to predict what kinds of answers you аrе expected to give.
Does the question ask for some specific information (for examp[e,
а person's а8е, оr physica[ appearance)? What kind of language might
you пееd to answer the question?
r Listen carefu[[y to the information given.
о write с[еаr answers that are not too long, but hаче the necessary
information. Use abЫeviations (76'instead of sixteen, km instead of
* Кеер са[m if you can't апswеr each question immediately. lf you can't
answer а question, leave it out. Try to comp[ete the missing answers
during the second [istening.

UNlT lз

t l loveltaly, _ . уоu сап get such great

ice creaml was а рор legend.
а- (whеrф
\=:]jZ Ь who с which а whеrе Ь who с wl-rich
ihýr€,,,,:,,,,,,!,11,.,whý.:,.l.,.,Cl].,.]йhia11 ]:,,|:].,],]]

2 Му sister works as.___.___...... in Paris.

а lawyer Ь а lawyer с the tawyer morning.

а where Ь who с which .of . . _ __. .

а This is the реrsоп car wa5 stolen. а cats Ь а cat с the cats

а sit Ь 8о с sai[

, е to wеаr
......__._ dress to their lйýd,iпя.,Str:апяе,
wedding. Strange, eh?
l''.1,.:1.ý,,,1.;:,,.P!iza,]]brфýaý'..ýýdlil!ýPЗ.ýBuldi.,tikё,,а,'V,ery ,...:_,::,."..,;;,;''.,:,,ldiet to mе.
6 lt's чеrу .__..__.___..__.__ .._......__..__._ to cough without covering уоur mouth.
7 l'm so tiredl Му new bed is so __ that l couldn't get апу s[eep.
8 He's totatly about his test. Не thinks he'lt sait through it.
you at the mотпiп1,,'ýhёlt1..'а'ti,.rой..Мk.lll,...,.',...l,.,'
l ::.l:ýý :l::ldi*,ýйlll:l,d6r'
Very good ок dfuReview Unit l3 again

.l,.'ioiir:..{_ý 20-25 14-19 W 0-1]

UN|T l} il--_-,-t;
8з ý



_a_ .
Еg {ls€d ro
. ,

Match the two parts of the sentences. Тhеп match the sentences with the pictures.
Write'1-6 in the boxes.
1 l'm not used to getting up еаr[у, а апd l don't [ike it because l'm used to wearing
2 we have to wear а uпifоrm in our new school, what l [ike.
з А[[ the shops c[ose at [unch time hеrе Ь so l'm still rеа[[у tired in the mornings.
4 Му little sister was sick, с l'm not used to eating with chopsticks.

5 Му dad doesn't like his new office d because she's not used to travel[ing iп the саr.

6 Сап l have а knife апd fork please? е but l'm used to everything staying ореп а[[
the time.
f because he's used to working from hоmе.

@й - qяr,; ril
\_-/ W


..-if- *ъ fu-
*П -rr-л
& *Gпаmmаг g,ýsgd f*э d*frэg yý, ýý€d fg d*
2 l'm used to (Bet) lots of
emai[s every day.
ý Corplete the sentences. Use the correct fоrm
3 А: This coffee is very strong.
of used to and the verbs in the Ьох.
В: No рrоЬ[еm. l'm used to
(drink) strong coffee.

4 They didn't use to (саrе)

about what other реор[е think of
2 l.. .. at his jokes, but now l think he's
just stupid.
Не used to (live) iп а
Му mother Spanish, but she's
..__.__..__.._...... ."".

houseboat оп the riчеr seine, but he

forgotten пеаr[у a[l of it now.
had to se[[ the boat.
уоu short
She used to..__.._.............. (ruп) for ап
trousers whеп you wеrе а little Ьоу?
hour every day, but she can't апу more
Му sister and l video games because of а рrоЬ[еm with her kпее.
together, but now she's [eft home.
Аrе you used to (tive)
l ....... (not) fast food, but now l eat
iп Britain поw, or do you sti[[ find it
it а[[ the time!

Шj Ь" used to (doing) or used to (do)? Complete the Whеп he was уоuпЕ, hе used to
sentences with the correct form of the verbs. (Ье) poor, but now he's

I When l was younger, l used to....spp_s.k ýpeak) rich and he's used to (buy)
Frепсh, but l've forgotten it al[. anything hе wants!

UNlT 14
:ý чOсаЬш[апу
*r Expressi*ns with feef

l Е
about his feelings in his computer diary. Read his diary entry and complete it.
the correct word: а, Ь, с or d.


About five years а8о my favourite sоп8 was 'ВаЬу l'm iп love апd l feel fiпе'Ьу the
Beatles. lt fee[s 1 slr.q.п*е. to say that now that l am in lоче, l sometimes feel rather
_.__. For example, l feel а bit
З _ because l know that mапу other

реор[е аrе feeling __ whi[e l'm in [ove. l really fee[ sorry for them. When
l wa[k а[опg the streets with my girlfriend, l a[so feel а bit 5.... lt seems а[[

the world is looking at us! А week ago l fe[t 6_".___ to talk to my older Ыоthеr
about mу problems. Не says l should .iust feel ..... that l wi[[ grow up. What
does that mеап? l am grоwп up. l'm just not feeling wa[king аrоuпd
holding hands with sоmеопе with other people staring at us! Оh, dear! l'm feeling
- |'m so glad nobody сап read this.

1а Uр to strапяе с cold d scared

2а sorry for up to с the need d weird
3а up to fiпе с guitty d соmfоrtаые
4а lопе[у confident с fine d stupid
5а co[d uр to с uncomfortab[e d fiпе
ба the пееd co[d с weird d [опе[у
7а the пееd sorry for с confident d upto
8а comfortabIe fine с uPto d the пееd
9а the need fiпе с cold d stupid

r"r ý
* phrasal verbs

Щ Corplete the sentences with the correct fоrm of опе of the phrasal verbs in Ыackets.
l We have а рrоЬ[еm, but l'm sure we сап ._. !,_yQr& it __9_иt . (wогlсоut ,z pick up)
2 l ......." . Nick the other day when l was in Oxford Street. (give up ,z bump into)
3 They didn't talk to each other for а year, but they hаче ___________.___ their рrоЫеms.___. _

(sort out ,/ take аftеф

4 ...... his mоthеrЪ side of the family. (give up ,/ take аftеф

5 his behaviour апу mоrе! ( put up ,z put up with)

6 We have to te[[ them the truth, we cannot just __ _.______ something . (make up,z
give up)

7 This саr is really o[d. l hоре it's поt going to ... (give up ./ Ыеаk down)

8 Let's ._...._........... them ..., МауЬе they'tl соmе along! (catt up ,z make up)

Щ Гчt the words in the correct оrdеr to make sentences.

1 you / to / up,/ doesn't / look / бе Нр..dр_еsп't lраk."цр !а у.а.ц,,

2 rап / hе / from / away,/ her

3 each ,z we[[ ,/ other / we / оп ,/ get / with
4 оur / forward,z look / / we to ,z holidays
5 put / for / night,z а / сап / we ,/ up,z him,/ with

ý. РГOПuПСlаti0П
* Stress in phrasal чеrЬs
ý чOсаЬчlапу
ffi Comp[ete the sentences with the
G_, ЕЕЕ Ll'Ten
"по,_.й,., words iп the Ьох.
the prepositions that аrБ-wеаk.
Uпdеr[iпе the prepositions that
are stressed.
'l а l think we сап work it out.
I l'm just going to give you а sma[[ injection. You won't fee[
ь Не didn't say а word апd rап
s th!.n8
@of the house. ".". .

2а Pick your coat uр.

2 The lights went out so we had to feel our
to the emergency exit.
ь She picked up hеr реп.

3а |'ve given up sweets.

З l feel .__ about what l said to Dаппу about his
girlfriend but sоmеопе had to tell him.
ь |'ve given them up.

4а Тhе р[апе took off.

ц lfelt really ...

ь не took off his shoes. 5 l love visiting my Aunt Abi. She rеаl[у makes me fee[

Ш ЩЕ Listen again, check

|'m [еаrпiпg how to dance the tango and l'm just about
апd repeat.
getting the ......." of it.

7 Feel to turn оп the TV or use the computer

whi[e we're gone.

8 | don't think l'm going out tonight. l feel а bit under

UNlT 14
& Fiсtioп iп mind
ý Vou are going to read ап extract from А Matter of Chance'. Рач[ Morris's happy life in ltaly
changes when his wife dies suddenly. Не develops ап exciting re[ationship with Sandra, а friепd at
work. Вчt all is not as it seems and Рач[ finds himself involved in а world of international crime.

White you read the extract, complete the text with the words iп the Ьох.

tell You aboutJackY?..'l.l1,...'.l,l..'...,'.ll'..... Ап::оldlm,аПlwhо oftёnl,thinks''

aboцt,,lthe]']йФ,that],orre] ti ny ],chanee
б,,t bappeniаgllcan change sошеопе |s
life: the roof-tile falls а second

roo f s,,
as she went out to buy something fоr а dress she eailier: M lа:,tёСОпd lаtеr. shёl8ОеS
,:,- towards а different shop, she goes
11.WаilЩ!Пý1'1lМtllа1..фаt*аt ldiПДg.1,,.,g.i:.|;,l,::r:::,.,.,.liО
been mаrriеd fоr thгее уеаrs. towards the same shop а different
way, she meets а friend and stops
I have а film liЬгаrу of hеr in the back of mу
_ , She dOeSR't meet
ýa&.,inl!hi ,oiai;1.aй:ri;i].Cbiistйiý,,ioýeth.чr,,, .

а friend and stop to talk, the

::]ýki'''..-'иndi|]thqйiddioý;..'thelltiip;,'.'.l tiaffic Iighý сhапgё as she gets
.З.,..,:;..:;.l';:';,ri,]FrаПiё.,tо.:Оаr,l Паw,ааЙ6,iП,,Itаlу;
to the crossing,.. оr...
.aadi.'',:'efidil1,1latso,,,havё.'.t!n'.фвOýiПфý.,оf hеr that
ll]tOбk.',Jýýt]:'t€n]lout0,ýf,,t_hёlllhundi;di,,.,:l'llllll,:::: ",.,:l,,l,,, Such а tiny little chance
she was there then and the roof-tile
,l;:l.,ll:..'l'',.l.ДtВrwаfdý;,Whеп1,I,,йа1],а,Ые through
t0],I lбoked
was there then. such а tinv little chance that left
:tiie.',ýhoiФý.,.Of''OuI..'i..'.].,.....,..,r...,.,.,,,,r' toýёther
best. thenlЙа thеm
Iтrei at twenty-Seven years of age, 8 lna
i:]].il]ariýfuilr]:ihбiё1,thё,ten I liked I
fоr€iýп' couniry. Italy. So muсЙ hф.' ý;;Ё i Бrigr,t
.':lllllёпЬtкd;,',1пd,рut,,thетn.'liп;, a,::sýCeiai,phбto album.
futuTe. Such an exciting thing to do. An adventure.
.,,.,,:l\"Vtiift I hапёll,яёпеr. орýпёс llsiпiё_. а..,,,,,.,,,,,_
То go and to start а new life in ltaly.
.l l .

аgб,,!,alrr,an,.dd, mап now
mап'fu11.1.6f,,тпеimотiёs; ,afid.,,fUll of .(frоm
Hill, D.A. (1999) А Matter of Chance',
'.l,'l,thбrýhtý',abont,, Wiat, could,,hate, ]9,.,,,,":__::,_:,.t__.._______
. CUP: рр 7-9)

Ш Read the extract again and апswеr the questions.

l what was the паmе of the narrator's wife?
2 Where was the narrator's wife ki[[ed?
з How o[d was the narrator when his wife was kitted?
4 Where did the tragic event hарреп? _..,

& Evвпyday Enstish

Щ Und"rline the correct options.
А: l'm thirsty. No, l don't hate football. l just think there аrе
В: Same here / mel Let's get а drink. better sports, it's ,/ that's all.
А; Do you like Thomas Groves? А: London is the most beautiful city iп the wor[d.
В: Yes l do Between ,/ For you апd mе, l'm В: lп mоrе / other words you think it's mоrе
hoping he'[[ ask mе to 8о out опе day. beautifuI than Rome or Paris? Yоu'rе mad!

l didn't want to apologise at first, but оп / iп the А: Let's go into town.

епd, l thought it was the best thiпg to do. В: No, l'm rеа[[у busy. Тhеп as well / аgаiп, а
Ыеаk might Ье good for me. ОК, [et's go!

& wnitв
Ш Read JоаппеЪ composition about family life. Comptete hеr text with the correct statements (a-f).
There is опе statement you wont need.
а However, it is also true that things аrе not always easy.
ь Оп Ьа[апсе, how wou[d l respond if l were asked if l wanted to [eave hоmе?
с Persona[ly, l would not want to Ье оп my оwп too sооп,
d l wou[d love to Ье totally independent.
е Мапу of my friends would love to Ье independent from their parents as soon as possible.
f lt's great to Ье part of а happy fami[y.

.hffifilgl.аl..ИiФi.,.Мi*ý;,:,.СýЯпý,,lfаlкlilу iп.,,another city.'

,Q,,,рýrёпt,wh,O]tеl|ý them,t0 tidy lup their rOOrл 0r get

чр at,a nertaiR]tiфO гпlUýt Ье paradise,

First of all, there is the

financial situation. Having your 0wп flat costs а lot
of mопеу. Secondly, Ьеiпg completely оп your 0wп
also means а lot of responsibility. Fоr example,
l,admitl like t0 Ье remlnded occasionally of urgent
lll]l,,,'ll:lthёti.]ýýn:loi,,t]iёii,]da0gltleiwа,ntý'to"livё.laпd,:think things l have forgotten t0 do (although l would
:],l,,..'',lld:iffbrentlY,fiolm,:tl6trl,156У'l.0'ý0*lto',|,iie,,r:nd:]ihink never admit that to my parents!). And thirdly, if
!hеуr.,W€В,Фuпg thёmselveý:, Сбпsеq]uеntly, ,memb,ers]of а family accept that everybody is an
.;l',.'].,'lllyOrný],pýбpi.e,:]aв..ofteB,fiuýtratgd,,and:,b'O|ieve their individua|,and needs а certain amount of freedom,
l. "раrепtý dб,:пOt,rlпфl:ýtапd'thеm. .
llfe in а family сап Ье great fun.
to have
ThBtt woutd love 5__.,_.._.,__..,___,__._. l would say that l am happy
thёi[,'owп,,;place,tvherel they,,can live the life they living with my family for поw and |'ll wait.
.iЙagine,Йust Ье. idea}. They think that'not having

Щ Writ" а composition of
аЬочt 300 words to discuss
the fo[lowing statement Developing а discursive composition (2)
and give your own opinion: t lп order to make уоur points с[еаr[у and effectively, develop
'The опlу way to happiness
а с[еаr progression of уоur argument.
is Ьу helping others.'
О Decide how to introduce the topic, how to organise уоur
ideas into paragraphs and how to conclude.
О Bui[d each of уоur paragraphs аrоuпd опе particular point
or idea. Опе effective way of doing this is to start each
individual paragraph with а genera[ statement (often called
а topic sепtепсе) to introduce the mаiп idea of the

---- ::,::,-"::-::: :::::::T::iT: :: :::::::]] -1т- Ф ф ý Ф Ф

UNlT 14
]IE*E Емft
to[d used to
puts up with



1r:,,1.,111,',1.; 1:;1:,...,:,:.;:'' 11|;1|,'|.:,:"...,':,.,
] a l

]: ]: ]
] ]
]: ] ] l ]
] : ,: ]
i l] ] ]], a ]
] ,: ]] ]-] ]

1 Iate.

.,..l:l,,,l,..:....1.,....1i:,1lll.tlа.iЫа:.i6:l ,lЙ1";...Ыg,;riЁЙЙ'r ýЬПir пt,ЙiýrltЙ.'Й...r:,Ф]1rll:;;r,.i6,,t,lоdау

..:..l,,ll.l:l ll:fiffi l.,'fi а:ll: Йl Vеrу good ок dffiReview Unit 14 again
20-25 14-19 W 0-1з

uNtTl4 ГчЖ
Uпш 1
Past simple vs. present perfect simple
'l We use the past simple to talk about complete events which аrе finished, оr before 'now', the moment of speaking.
l colled you yesterday. Where were you?
We didn't hаvе соmрutеrs whеп l wos Ьоrп.
2 We use the present perfect simple to connect the past and 'now', the moment of speaking.
We've colled уоч three times today. Where hove уоu Ьееп?
we've lived iп the same house all our lives-
3 Use the past simple with miпutе; ogo, yesterday, last week, whеп l was ... etc.
We often usе for, since, just, alreody, yet, ever апd neyer with the present perfect.
They went out а few minutes ogo. They've just left,
l saw that film yesterday. l've olreody sееп that film.
l met her boyfriend lost weekend. l'vе пеvеr met your girlfriend.
We mоvеd there whеп l was young. we've lived there siпсе l wos а child.

Time expressions
l We usefust Ьеfоrе the past participle to say that something happened а short time ago.
We've just orrived, They've just gопе оut.
2 We use already at the end of the sепtепсе or before the past participle to express surprise or emphasise
that something hаррепеd.
Have you finished already? We've olready sееп this film.
З We use yer at the end of negative sentences to emphasise that something didn't hарреп (but рrоЬаЫу witt
iп the future), апd at the end of questions.
l hоvеп't storted this exercise yet. (but l will) Have you met mу пеw boyfriend yet?
4 We use stl// before hоуеП'f in negative SепtепсеS, or before лоf iп questions, to show surprise that something
you expected to happen didn't hарреп.
you still hoven't soid sorry,

l сап't believe Hos she still поt told you the truth?

Uпlt 2


Past simp[e vs. past continuous

'l we usе the past simple to talk about actions that hаррепеd at опе moment in time in the past, we use the
Past continuous to describe the background actions iп progress around that time in the past,
l wos playing football. (background) l broke mу leg. (action)
We were hoving а рiспiс. (background) lt storted to rаiп. (асtiоп)
What were you doing? (background) l colled you, (асtiоп)
2 |t is соmmоп to use whеп with the past simple to introduce the past action, or while with the past сопtiпuоus
to introduce the background.
l broke mу leg while l was ploying football.
We were hачiпg а рiспiс whеп it storted to rаiп.
What were you doing whеп l colled you?

Time conjunctions: as / thеп / as sооп as

Other time words that We usе with the past simple are then and as sооП os, We саП a[so use os with the same mеапiпg
as while.
Дs sооп os l got hоmе, lturпеd оп the TV for the big gаmе,
The picture саmе оп, then l lеаrпеd the bad пеws.
Sоmеопе scored os l was moking а sandwich.

Past simple vs. past perfect

'l We usе the past simple to talk about ап event that hаррепеd at а specific time iп the past.
We use the past perfect when we пееd to emphasise that опе event hаррепеd before апоthеr.

rI The match had storted whеп we got there.
Whеп l got to the street l reolised l hоdп't brought his oddrBs wiф mе,
How lопg hod you Ьееп there whеп they fiпаllу arived?
Sometimes it is песеssаrу to use the past perfect to make the mеапiпg с[еаr.
I She'd left whеп l got there. (l didn't see her)
She left whеп l got there. (but l saw her.)
lt is not песеssаrу to use the past perfect whеп before or аftеr is used.
She left before l got there.

Uпlt з
Present perfect simple vs. present perfect continuous
'l We use the present perfect simple to emphasise the result оr соmр[еtiоп of ап activity.
l've copied that CD you asked mе for. Here it is.
l've bought everybody's presents. Дrеп't l organised!
We use the present perfect continuous to emphasise the activity, not the resu[t or completion of the activity
(it mау not Ье finished).
l've Ьееп соруiпg CD's all mоrпiпg. Great fuп!
|'ve Ьееп shopping for presents. That's why l wosn't here.

2 We use the present perfect simple to emphasise'how mапу'.

l'че dопе tеп exercises this mоrпiпg. Yоч'vе hod three pieces of cake already!
How mапу sandwiches hove you mоdе?
We use the present perfect continuous to emphasise'how longl
l'vе Ьееп dоiпg exercises for hоurs. You've Ьееп eating coke siпсе you got here!
How lопg hove you Ьееп moking sondwiches?

had better / should / ought to

We use should or ought tо to 8ive advice, or say what we think is а good (or bad) idea. Тhеу have the same mеапiпg.
Remember, should is а modal чеrЬ, and is used without to. We use had better to give stronger advice оr warnings.
The form is always past (never have better), but the meaning is present. Had better is also used without fo.
you should take а rest. Yоu shouldn't worry so muсh.
Яhe ought to Ье mоrе соrеful. She ought поt to Ье so pessimistic.
He'd better start doing some work. He'd better not соmе пеаr mе.

Uпit q
Future predictions
probability will
f wittprobobly is likely
might might поt
О probably won't isn't likely to
0% probabi[ity won't

When we make predictions about the future, we сап use wil/, mlght and Ье likely to (and their negative forms)
to show how sure we are about the chances of something happening.
Му parents will Ье really апgrу whеп l get hоmе tonight. (l00% sure)
му father will probobly ,z Ь likely to shout at mе.
They might поt let mе go out again пехt weekend.
Му brother probobly wоп't ./ isn't likely to help mе.
Вut next weekend, mу porents won't rеmеmЬеr whot hоррепеd!

First conditional with if and unless

lп first сопditiопа[ sепtепсеs:
а both verbs refer to actions оr events iп the future;
Ь the чеrЬ tense after the words if or unleis is рrеsепt simple;
с the чеrЬ tense in the other clause is will or wоп't;
d we сап use if оr uпlеss (which mеапs'if not');

е when we usе uпlе55, the verb that fotlows is iп the positive.
lf mу friends visit mе (tomorrow), we'll go out for luпсh,
l'll take them to the Chinese restaurant, unless they wont to eat pizzo. ( -., if they don't want to eat pizza.)
Unless mу parents give mе some mопеу, l wоп't Ье oble to рау.(= tf mу parents don't give ...)

Uпit 5
make / let / Ье ollowed to
'l We use rnake |sоmеопе do] to talk about ап ob[igation
Оur teacher mokes us do а lot of homework. (= We саппоt choose, it's ап obligation that our teacher gives us.)
Му older brother mode mе lепd him some mопеу. (= I could поt choose, mу brother forced mе)
We usе let fsоmеопе do] to talk about permission.
Оur teacher lets us leave early оп Fridays. (= The teocher gives us permission to leove early.)
Му father let mе usе the car yesterdoy. (= Му father 7ave mе permission to use the car)
We use Ье allowed to |do somethlng] to say that someone has (or has поt) got permission.
Дt оur school, we're ollowed to weor jеапs if we wапt to.
Whеп we were уоuпg, we weren't ollowed to play outside iп the street.

Modals of оЫigаtiоп, prohibition and permission

1 have to ,/ don't haye to is used to talk about оЫigаtiоп ,/ по оЫigаtiоп.
We don't hove to wear school uпifоrm. (= Wearin7 school uпifоrm i5 not ап obligation for us)
We didn't hоvе to рау for the mеаL (= lt was not песеssаrу to рау)
2 соп / сап't is used to talk about permission.
Yоu соп wotch TV if уоч want to. (= 1 ,iun ,ou реrmissiоп to watch TV)
We сап't go iп because we're поt 18. (= Ц" don't have permission to go iп.)
3 We use musfn't to prohibit sоmеопе frоm doing something, оr to say that something is very important.
We mustп't Ье late! (= lt is very important fоr us поt to Ье late)
Yоu mustn't tolk to mе like thot! (= l аm telling you that t don't allow this.)

Uпit Б
Present and past passive review
We fоrm the passive with а form of the verb to Ье + the past participle of the mаiп verb.
English is spoken all over the world. Му bike was stоlеп last night.
Causative have (have somethinу dопе)
we use have something dопе whеп we talk about service or function that someone else does for us.
l hod mу hair счt last week. l went to а hairdresser апd а реrsоп cut mу hair)

We've had our cor repaired. (= We've token оur car to а 7ara7e апd sоmеопе has repaired it for us)

Present perfect passive

We form the present perfect passive with have,/has Ьееп * past particip[e.
Оur old hоusе isn't there апу mоrе - it's Ьееп pulled dоwп.
The rulеs of tеппis hаvеп't Ьееп сhапgеd for а lопg time.

Future passive
We fоrm the future passive with wil/ Ье ,/ wоп't }g + past participle.
Those trees will Ье cut dоwп пехt mопth.
lf you don't behave properly, you wопТ Ье invited again!

Uпit 7
Gerunds and infinitives
l Whеп а verb is fol[owed Ьу another чеrЬ, the second чеrЬ is either in the gerund [ing) or infinitive form.
The fоrm ofthe second verb depends оп the first verb.
2 Some verbs (e.g. епjоу, detest, (dоп't) miпd, imаgiпе, feel like, su17est, practise, mlЗs) are fo[[owed Ьу а verb
iп the gerund form.
l don't епjоу living iп the city very much. She doesn't feel like gоiпg out tonight

З Other verbs (e.g. hope, promise, ask, lеоrп, expect, decide, afford, оffеr, йв*lше fotlowed Ьу а verb
in the infinitive form,
We сап't afford to go оп holiday this year. l promise to рау уоч оп NЬdоу.

Verbs with gerunds or infinitives

] Some verbs (e.g. rеmеmЬеr, stop, try) сап Ье followed Ьу а second verb iп either фе gerund оr infinitive form.
The form ofthe second verb depends оп the meaning ofthe sentence.
l rеmеmЬеr gоiпg to mу first football motch with mу dad. ( l rеmеmЬеr the оссоsiоп.)
l rеmеmЬеrеd to tо to the stadium апd buy the tickets. f l promised mу 5оп l would buy йе tickets
апd l didn't forget to do this.)
lstopped to watch the news headlines. (= l was doing something (mу homework ,/ talking to mу parents)
whеп the news started. l stopped the first activity becouse l wanted to watch the headlines.)
l stopped wotching TV апd went to bed. (= 1 was watching TV. l was tired so l turned off the TV апd went to bed)
2 Some verbs (e.g. like,love, hate, prefer, begin, start) сап Ье followed Ьу gerund оr infinitive with по difference iп
We Ьеgоп to ruп whеп it started rаiпiпg. We Ьеgап running whеп it storted to rоiп

Uпit 8
second conditional

'l When we want to talk about imaginary actions and their consequences, we use the second conditional.
2 Тhе second conditiona[ has two clauses; 'lf + the past tense' to introduce the hypothetical situation and
'would / соuld / might * verb' to ta[k about the imaginary result.
lf l had mоrе time, l would lеоrп the guitar.
3 Тhе clauses сап Ье put the оthеr way around. lп this case we don't use а соmmа.
she would Ье the best student if she worked harder.
4 Other ways of saying lf iп а second conditiona[ include what if, luрроsе, imаgiпе and soy.
Whot if you wоп the lottery? Would you Ье happy?
Suppose you соuld live forever. Would you wапt to?
lmоgiпе you kпеw your brother was а burglar, Would you tell the police?
Soy you соuld live onywhere. Where would you choose?

l wish / if опlу
l Whеп we want to talk about how we would tike our present life to Ье different, we сап use wbh or if опlу
+ past simple.

2 Although we are talking about оur present situation, wish / if опIу are followed Ьу the past tense,
l wish l didn't hаvе so muсh homework. Dave wishes he hod а girlfriend,
3 we usе wbh ,/ if опlу * could whеп we want to talk about having thе ability оr permission to do something.
l wish l could ploy the guitor. Solly wishes she could go to the party.

Uпit 9
Linkers of contrast: however / olthough / еvеп though / iп spite of ,/ despite
1 Despite апd iп spite of аrе followed Ьу а поuп or чеrЬ in the gerund form.
Despite being very rich, he's поt happy. lп spite of his wealth, he's поt very happy.
2 ДIthоugh апd еуеп though are followed Ьу а clause.
Дlthочgh they played bodly, they stillwon.
Еvеп though he's lived iп Paris for three years, hе doesn't speak Frепсh.
3 However always starts а пеW sепtепсе.
l don't usually like асtiоп films. However, l reolly епjоуеd Troy.

Modals of deduction (present)

'l When we are sure something is truе, we usе must
She got tеп Volentine cards.She must Ье popular.

2 When we are surе something is not true, we use соп?

He's failed the driving test five times, Не соп't Ье о very good driver,

: Яl
3 Whеп we think there is а possibility something is true, we use mýht оr соuld
They're speaking Sрапish so they might Ье Мехiсап.
They could Ье brother апd sister. They look quite similor.

Uпit 10
Modals of deduction (past)
То make а guess about а past situation, we сап use the moda[ verbs con't, must, ml5hr and could with the рrеsепt
perfect tense.
You were all аlопе iп the house. Yоч must hqvе Ьееп really scared.
l'm поt surе how the vase got Ьrоkеп but it might hаvе Ьееп the dog.
Police believe that the сrimiпаl соuld hаvе left the соuпtrу,
tt соп't hаvе Ьееп mу husЬапd. Не was at hоmе with mе oll last night,

lndirect questions
'l After expressions Iike l dоп't uпdеrstопd
..., l wопdеr ,.., l want to know ... апd l don't kпоw ... we often find

question words. However, what comes after the question word is not а question, and does поt fо[[оw the
word order for questions.
l wonder why she said fhot (NOT l wопdеr why #rc-say+hat.)

know whеп wilLwe-arriw)

l don't kпоw whеп we'll orrive. (NOT l dоп't
l want to know where you're going. (NOT / want to know where аrеуоабоiпg,)
2 lf we want to ask less direct questions, we сап use ап expression such as Сап you tell mе ..., Do you hарреп
to know ... апd Do you know .... This is the question, so what comes after these expressions does not foltow
the word order for questions.
Сап you tell mе where the toilets are? (NOT Сап уо ч tell mе where are-tffi)
Do you hарреп to know if he's Frепсh? (NOT Do уоu hарреп to kпоw isffi)
Do you kпоw why she left early? (NOT Dоуоu know why @)

Uпit 11
Reported statements (review)
ln reported speech, we often сhапgе the verb that was used iп direct speech
'It's late,' he said. Не said it was late.
'l've lost mу watch,' she soid. ', she said she'd lost her watch.
'We didn't епjоу our holiday,'they soid. , They said they hadn't епjоуеd their holidoy.
'l соп't ореп the door,' mу sister said. + Му sister said she couldn't ореп the door.
'|'ll pick you uр at eight" 5hе said. , She said she'd pick mе up at eight.

Reported questions
'l Whеп we report уеs./по questions, we use if (or whether) and statement word order.
'Is Lопdоп very big?' + Не asked mе if Lопdоп was big.
'Do you play chess?' + She asked mе whether l played chess.
'Did your father go abroad last year?' 9 Не asked mе if mу father had gопе abroad last year.
2 When we report wh- questions (with who ,/ where / what / how / whеп etc.), we usе the same question word
апd statement word order.
'Who аrе you talking to?' + Не asked mе who I wos talking to.
'Whеп did уоч аrrivе?' ) They asked mе whеп l hod arrived.
'How muсh mопеу have you got?' ) She asked mе how muсh mопеу l'd got.
З With requests, we usе 'asked' * person + to (do).
'Pleose carry this for mе, Mike,' э she asked Mike to соrrу it for her.
'Сап you ореп the wiпdоw pleose?' ) Не osked mе to ореп the wiпdоw.
'Please don't Ье late!' ) The teacher osked us поt to Ье late.

Reporting verbs
We сап usе mапу different verbs to report speech. Ве careful about the pattern that follows these verbs
1 Some verbs (e.g. say, ехрIаiп) are fo[lowed бу that * clause,
не soid that the film was опе of the best he'd еvеr sееп.
She ехрlаiпеd that she couldn't соmе Ьесаusе she had work to do.

Some verbs (e.g, offer, refuse, agree) are followed Ьу the infinitive with to.
Му mother offered to lепd mе some mопеу.
she refused to tell mе her поmе.
l ogreed to go with them.
Some verbs (e.g. ask, order, invite, tell, persuade) are followed Ьу ап object + infinitive with to.
Му father osked mу sister to help him choose а рrеsепt for mу mother,
The роliсеmап ordered them to stop.
Му grandparents invited mе to hаvе luпсh with them.
оur teacher told us to сопсепtrаtе mоrе.
Му friends persuoded mе to tо to the сопсеrt with them.
Some verbs (e.g. apologise for, suggest) are followed Ьу а поuп оr а gerund,
Не opologised for the noise / moking а поisе.
She suggested о wolk / going for а wolk.

Uпit 12
Third conditional
'l We use the third conditional to speculate about how things might have Ьееп different iп the past.
Тhе third conditional is formed with /f + past perfect * would (поt) have + past participle.
lf we'd woited for you, we would hоvе missed the Ьеgiппiпg of the film.
(= We didn't wait for you, so we didn't miss the Ьеgiппiпg of the film.)

lf you hodn't follen osleep iп the lesson, the teacher wouldn't hоvе mоdе you stay after school.
(= you did fall asleep апd the teacher did moke you stay ofter school.)

2 lnstead of would, we сап use mrght (if we аrе not чеrу surе of the possible result).
lf we'd woited for you, we might hove missed the Ьеgiппiпg of the film.

l wish / lf опlу + for past situations

We use l wish or lf опIу + past perfect to express regret about past actions оr events.
l wish l'd рhопеd her. (= l didn't рhопе her, апd l regret it)
l wish they hadn't told уоч аЬоut it, (= 71,,", О'О tell you, апd l regret it)
lf опlу l'd studied harder. ( l didn't study hord, апd l regret it)
lf опlу we hodn't argued with them. (= We did оrluе with them, апd l regret it)

should hove dопе

We use should /
shоuldп't have (dопе)tо criticise past actions.
You should've told mе. (. You didn't tell mе, апd l think that was wrопg)
\he shouldn't hоvе broken mу саmеrо. (= She did break mу соmеrо, апd that was wrопg.)

Uпit 13
Defining and non-defining relative clauses
1 We use relative clauses to add information аЬоut the subject or object of а sentence.
2 Relative clauses are introduced Ьу words like that which, where, who and whose.
We use that / which to refer to things.
Thot's the car thot / which almost killed mе.
We use that ,/ who to rеfеr to реор[е.
The wоmап who ,/ thot served mе was дmеriсап.
We use where to refer to places.
These photos were taken iп Paris, where we went for our holiday last year.
We use whose to refer to possession.
She's the girl whose brother ploys football fоr Liverpool.
3 Sometimes the information is essential to know what exactly we are talking аЬоut. lп these cases we use
а defining relative clause and we don't use а соmmа.
Му brother who lives iп Сопаdо is оп architect.
(= l have mоrе thап опе brother but l оm tolking about the опе who lives iп Сопаdо)
4 Sometimes the information is additionat. We don't need it to understand what we аrе talking about.
This is а non-defining relative с[аusе. Тhе extra information is inc[uded between commas. (NB lп these Sentences
we can't use thot) Fоr ехаmр[е:
Му brother, who lives iп Сопаdо, is оп architect.
(= l опlу have опе brother. Не lives iп Сапаdо опd is ап orchitect)
Definite, indefinite and zero article
1 We use the definite article (fhe):
а whеп something is unique: Have you seen fhe mооп tonight? lt's beautiful,
Ь to talk about the abi[ity to р[ау ап instrument: She's plays fhe viotin really we[[.
с to refer to specific things: l [ove the sound of birds singing in thе mоrпiпg.
d when we know what is Ьеiпg talked about: Наче уоu 8ot fhe mопеу? (= l lent уоu last week)
2 We use the indefinite article (а/ап):
а to talk about professions: Му dad's а teacher.
Ь to talk about а поt опе thing: l read о rea[[y good book last week.
3 We use the zero article (по artic[e):
а to refer to things in general: Music always makes mе feel hарру.
Ь to talk about places as institutions: l go to church about twice а month.

Uпlt 1q
Ье used to doingys. used to do
1 when we want to say that we аrе accustomed or поt to doing things, we сап usе the expressio пs Ье used to
and get used to. These expressions are followed Ьу а поuп оr the gerund (-ing) form of а verb.
He's поt used to being so popular. !he's поt really used to young children.
2 Ье used fo refers to а state.
l'm поt used to working so hard.
З get used to refers to the process.
lt took mе years to get used to driving оп the left.
4 Don't confuse these expressions with used to, which refers to past habits and is fol[owed Ьу ап infinitive without to
We used to spend our holidays iп the south of Frапсе whеп l was а child.
phrasal verbs
1 Phrasal verbs have two оr three parts.
Guess who l bumped iпtо yesterday? (mеt Ьу сhапсе)
l really look up to mу Moths teacher, (respect)

2 with some phrasal verbs, these parts сап Ье separated Ьу the object of the чеrь.
l colled up mу friend as sооп as l heard the news. OR
l called mу friend up as 5ооп as l heord the news.

Howeve1 when the ob.ject is а рrопоuп, it must соmе between the two parts.
lcalled him up. (tlОТН#qлhtm.)
3 lп оthеr phrasa[ verbs, these parts can печеr Ье separated.
а ft е r mу m ot h е r. lЧ ОТ ttake-r"nyrnotЫ+er.)
l t о ke (

4 Тhrее part phrasal verbs саппоt Ье split.

l'vе mаdе up with mу girlfriend.

5 То find out if а phrasal чеrЬ сап Ье split оr поt, look in а dictionary:

lf it сап Ье split, it will Ье tisted: ccllsb uр
lf it сап't Ье split, it wi[[ Ье [isted: take ofter sb
6 Sоmе phrasal verbs hаче mоrе than опе meaning.
Му cais Ьrоkеп down. (stopped working)
Whеп she heord the news, she broke down. (started сrуiпg)