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What are your specific educational plans and career goals and why?

What inspires you to achieve them?

After highschool, I plan on going to a four year college to become a RN and eventually
an ER nurse. I’ve looked into linfield as well as dual enrollment so I’d be attending linfield and
PCC to complete my classes. I hope to make a difference in people’s lives as well as save
them. It’s important that when you go to the hospital for any reason that you feel comfortable
and safe and accounted for and I want to be able to do that for people. The simple fact that I’d
be helping someone and making a difference in their lives is what truly keeps me motivated and
inspires me to achieve my goals. i’ve always had an interest in the medical field since I was little
due to my mom being an RN and my aunt being a neonatal nurse and my passion for it has not
changed yet. Although the journey getting there will be challenging and a lot of work, I think
there’s no better feeling than helping people and I can’t wait to be able to do that everyday.

What have you done for your family or community that you care about
the most and why?
It’s not really about the physical things I’ve done but just the fact that I’m very welcoming
and open to everyone. I’ve always been here for people to come to to vent or talk about things
and I think that’s really important because not everyone has someone they can go to like that. I
care about people’s well-being and and I love to listen and give advice and being able to do that
for anyone who comes to me means a lot to me as well as other people I’m sure. I’m at a point
where a lot of people put their trust in me and and feel comfortable enough to come and talk to
me about whatever’s on their mind and it’s a really good feeling. Not only am I open to talking to
people, but I also truly care about how their doing and how things in their life are going. Whether
it’s school, jobs, sports or homelife I like to check in with those I’m close to to make sure
everything is going good and I wanna continue that.

Describe a personal accomplishment and the strengths and skills you

used to achieve it
One personal accomplishment I’m really proud of was finishing my senior project a year
early. At Glencoe, you’re required to complete a senior project/portfolio to graduate. Sometimes
you do it on your own or it’s through your college career pathway class. I currently am involved
in two college career pathway classes, health sciences and child services, and finished my child
services senior project my junior year! It took a lot of extra work and time aside from my regular
class assignments but I got it done. I’m very good with time management and I think that’s what
helped me the most. I was very determined to finish it so I would have one less thing to worry
about my senior year so I applied myself and put in the work and got it done. What I did was I
wrote about how to help kids with anxiety cope in a classroom setting. Researching and writing
papers is one of my biggest skills and I used that to get it done and did a very good job on it as I
got an A! Im relieved I won’t have to worry about it this year and I’m proud that I accomplished
that on top of everything else my junior year.

Describe a significant change or experience that has occurred in your

life. How did you respond and what did you learn about yourself?
Recently I was told that my job, pacsun, is closing in December and I will need to find a
new job. At first, my manager told me that when the location closed I’d transfer to a different
location and continue working for the company. Due to this I thought it was a sweet deal and
took the job, putting my two weeks in at maurices. to my surprise, I found out 3 days later that
that was in fact not true and the next closest location would not be hiring any associates, only
managers. At first I was very angry. I had already quit my other job and was no longer working
there and then I get hit with that. I would have never accepted the job if I knew I wouldn’t be
transferring immediately after the closing date due to the fact that I need job stability. after I
while I came to the realization that it was a misunderstanding and that I’d just have to deal with
it. Recently I have been applying at other jobs and talking to the managers and things are
looking good for me as well as having a job after this closes. I learned that things will not always
go my way and things will be hard and stressful at times. With my positive outlook though, I’ve
realized I can get through any situation because finding one good thing about a situation can
make the entire situation seem better. Being put in this situation made me realize that I tend to
do that naturally a lot and that’s a strong skill to have.