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Annica Duffner

Teaching date: March 20th

Indiana Wesleyan University
Elementary Education Lesson Plan Template
2007 ACEI Standards

I. Goals/Objectives/Standard(s)
A. Goal(s)—Students will research different animals and their adaptations.
B. Objective(s)—Students will demonstrate their understanding of an animals adaptations by creating a wanted
poster for their animal.
C. Standard(s): 3.LS.3 Construct an argument that plants and animals have internal and external structures
that function to support survival, growth, behavior, and reproduction.

II. Materials
• Wanted poster
• iPads
• projector
• document camera

III. Anticipatory Set

I am going to give you all a gummy worm, but I have one rule. You may not use your teeth. You may put it in your
mouth and eat it, but you cannot use your teeth in anyway. Allow students to keep the worm in their mouth for a
minute. After a minute I will allow them to chew it and finish eating. What did you think of that? Did it take you
longer to eat the worm without using your teeth? Would you want to eat all of your food like that? What would
happen if we didn’t have teeth?

IV. Purpose: Today we are going to be learning about adaptations that animals have to help them thrive in the
environments they are in. Just like we have teeth to help us chew, animals also have adaptations to help them.
(ACEI 1.0)
V. Adaptation to Diverse Students—For students who have trouble focusing, I have an engaging activity that will
help them stay focused and on track. For students who work better on the iPad, I will have a downloadable
version of the wanted add for them to work on. (ACEI 3.2)

VI. Lesson Presentation (Input/Output)

• I will have students watch a video about animal adaptations.
lesson-for-kids.html While you watch this video, I want you to be thinking about the different adaptations they talk
about. What did you think of the video? What were some adaptations that were talked about? You each are going to
choose an animal that you are interested in and we are going to practice doing research on our iPads. After you do
your research and get some information about the adaptations that your animal has, I will give you this wanted add.
Show example of wanted add. You’re going to choose one adaptation that you found and you will make a wanted
poster for your animal. They will be wanted for using their adaptation.
(ACEI 2.2)
(ACEI 3.3)
VII. Check for understanding
I will walk around and monitor students as they do their research and prepare for their wanted poster. I will ask
students questions to make sure that the instructions and the lesson was clear.
• What animal did you choose?
• Have you found any adaptations that your animal uses?

VIII. Review learning outcomes / Closure

Okay everyone, you have done such a nice job researching your animal. Would anyone like to share some things
they found? Or if you have started your wanted poster, we would love to see that too!


Formative- Asking students questions, listening to students discussions and questions
Summative- students’ wanted poster

(ACEI 4.0)
1. How many students achieved the lesson objective(s)? For those who did not, why not?
2. What were my strengths and weaknesses?
3. How should I alter this lesson?
4. How would I pace it differently?
5. Were all students actively participating? If not, why not?
6. What adjustments did I make to reach varied learning styles and ability levels?
a. Bloom’s Taxonomy
b. Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences
7. Was the video effective in teaching adaptations?
8. Were the adaptations appropriate and effective?
9. How could the activity been better?
10. What this a time appropriate activity?

2007 ACEI Standardv