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misunderstood at lunch time

It all started with a co-worker. Her name is Katty, she usually brings her lunch. One day
Katty is given a second lunch, and she offers me one of her lunches, but she specified
one but I do not pay attention. When it was time to eat she was not in the office and I
saw both lunch and take one, mistake take the wrong one. Katty came and told me that
it was not with a sad face, I felt bad she said nothing, what I did was running to the
candy store and I bought a dessert and Katty was happy.

Someone important in your life

Yes last year my dad was admitted to the hospital, he has diabetes and had a diabetic foot and he was cut
from that day everything has been very difficult in my family.

but he has already spent four months and already uses the wheelchair, and little by little he is recovering.

Team you belong to

In my work I have a work team, we are ten and we give support to the FCSH faculty of Espol. It is a good
working group since we are also friends and classmates.

maintain the equipment of computes, the laboratories in excellent conditions for its use.
and provide help to teachers.

What different role do you have in your life? Make a short list

1.- I am a technical support assistant in the faculty and leader of the assistants in FCSH
management in espol. 2.- I am a son and support in my family. 3.- I am a Beautiful girl's
boyfriend. 4.- I have a role as a World of Warcraft player on Thursday night 5.- I am a
student at ESPOL