TAM-C - Targeted Actionable Monitoring Center

The Targeted Actionable Monitoring Center (TAM-C) of the Institute of Terrorism Research and Response (ITRR) provides private and government agencies with premier intelligence gathering and analysis and discreet operational consultation. TAM-C's services are dynamic and custom-designed to meet the needs of the client, based upon a detailed security profile of the client, the time frame,the location, risk levels and the type of asset. Providing 24/7 access and real-time intelligence data, TAM-C is constantly adapting to projects, threats and opportunities facing ITRR's clients. In addition to the closed sources of ITRR's global assets, the TAM-C team of international and American intelligence researchers includes officers with strategic and tactical experience in human intelligence (HUMINT) and open source intelligence (OSINT). High-quality intelligence and expert assessment of the value of alternative protection measures enables TAM-C security professionals to provide the best guidance for securing client operations and assets. ITRR's Targeted Actionable Monitoring Center provides the best solution for forward-thinking security professionals and decisionmakers seeking to prepare for - and not just react to - the threats facing their investments, assets and personnel.

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The Institute of Terrorism Research and Response provides:

"Real-time alerts" Recommendations to reduce vulnerability Access to analysts Specialized research and analysis Custom security briefings A semi-monthly, targeted report on security threats, TTPs and lessons learned relevant to client industries A complimentary subscription to the Actionable Intelligence Briefing Intelligence from sources in the field regarding threats to client assets and personnel

al-Qaeda Organization in the Islamic Maghreb Mother tongue Name: Group Salafiste pour la Predication et le Combat Aliases: Al-Qaeda Committee in the Islamic Maghreb, Salafist Group for Call and Combat (GSPC), Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat Base of Operation: Algeria; Mali; Mauritania; Niger “TAM-C analysts see a growing threat in this group also known as GSPC” -TAM-C 2006-12-18 “TAM-C analysts expect an increase of the GSPC’s activities in North Africa...” -TAM-C 2007-01-15 “AQ affiliated Algerian GSPC terror-group gains support and confidence” The Group is expected to gain more local support in the extremist communities in European countries with large North African immigrant populations, and western targets in North Africa.” -TAM-C 2007-01-29 Joint European Al-Qaeda command threatening attacks and gaining strength” “GSP-C…an Al-Qaeda franchise has created a seamless terror cover over all of Europe.” -TAM-C 2007-02-12 “TAM-C has been following the reemergence of this terror group and is following its movement to southern European cities. It is believed that this group will be responsible for the next large attack planned on European soil.” -TAM-C 2007-03-05

We provide Actionable Intelligence allowing the client to take active measures. The analysts of ITRR understand the needs of the client for “ground truth” to protect personnel and assets both stateside and internationally Actionable Intelligence means: • Knowing the adversary • Understanding the adversary • Monitoring the adversary The Targeted Actionable Monitoring Center (TAM-C) Provides: • Real time alerts • Recommendations to reduce vulnerability • Access to analysts • Special research and analysis • Custom security briefings • “Drill-down” to the level of detail specified by the client The ITRR Network Our Response • Open Source Intelligence • Closed Source Intelligence • On-the-Ground Intelligence Sources Institute of Terrorism Research and Response Provides Information and Analysis on: • Terrorist threat information particularly directed towards the client • Targeting of hotels used by the client in the various countries • Targeting of Westerners • Pre-operational indicators such as surveillance, presence of known terrorists in country, etc.

• Anti-government protest activity – locations, times & dates, that effect the client • Crime patterns and trends that put the client’s personnel at risk • The risk of using certain motor routes for inbound and outbound clients • The risk of known terror operatives operating in the area and the subsequent risk of an act of terror occurring there. Institute of Terrorism Research and Response analyses the following information for the client: • Review of indigenous media in all countries (for which ITRR is contracted) to spot crime trends, anti-western propaganda, etc. • Daily review of Arab language bulletin boards, forums, and training web sites to spot terrorist tactics, techniques, and planning that are currently being distributed to anti-western groups. • Daily scan of Arab language websites focusing on word groups indicating threats against our client’s industry. • Daily scan of English language Jihadist websites aimed at Jihadists within the U.S. • A compilation and analysis of “closed source” information. The analysis of such resources weighed against the information gathered by Institute of Terrorism Research and Response’s sources.

Effective emergency response in a crisis does not happen by itself. It is not something that can be left for the last minute. When a natural or man-made disaster strikes, there is no "last minute". Effective emergency response takes clear-eyed threat assessment, thorough planning, practical training and proper equipment. We produce clear and decisive emergency response plans, with organized and concise training programs' including: Regular drills and exercises Evaluation and review of existing emergency procedures Adaptation or development of new plans for any current threat Training, planning, drilling and evaluation in accordance with HSEEP can mitigate the dangers arising in any emergency situation.

Complete emergency management plans. Ensures your emergency plan is designed to accomplish your primary mission. Ensures plans are in compliance with government regulations. Articulates clear disaster roles and responsibilities for all personnel. Insures survival of the organization.

From Table-Top to Full Scale Exercises. Customized training programs. Curriculum and strategic planning development includes a "train the trainer" program. Addressing hostile or accidental incidents involving mass casualties. Practical models of responses to events requiring decontamination, such as the malicious or accidental dispersal of Chemical, Biological Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRNE) materials. We specialize in Mass Casualty Incidents, Agent Detection, Crime Scene Preservation, and other terrorist response issues. ITRR'S International experts and real life experiences, are ready to help you prepare with a successful exercise program. The Institute of Terrorism Research and Response has experience with various grant programs such as DHS, HRSA and CDC. ITRR excels and approaches in the development, execution, and documentation of: Emergency Preparedness/ Planning Table-Top Exercise Functional Exercise Full-Scale Exercise Orientation seminars Workshops Drills Training Medical Logistics

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