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Why is a water filter needed in What other devastations would be caused after

a disaster zone? the tsunami?

A disaster zone is an area that has been affected Destruction


and damaged by natural, technological or social

The amount of energy and Flooding and contamination
hazards. Disaster zones can affect the population water contained in a of drinking water can cause
living in the community by dramatic loss of energy, tsunami can cause extreme disease to spread in the
food, services and can increase the risk of disease, damage when it strikes tsunami hit areas.

land. Tsunamis waves can

especially if a tsunami has occurred. A tsunami can destroying buildings, Cost

form if an underwater earthquake strikes the ocean bridges and anything else

that gets in its way.
Governments around the
floor which then forms a tidal wave. If the wave
world may help with the
forms near land the effects can be traumatising Death
cost of bringing aid to the
especially for the water supply. This is because if the devastated areas.
tsunami reaches the towns water supply it would be One of the biggest and Reconstruction and clean
worst effects of a tsunami is up after a tsunami is a huge
contaminated and dangerous to drink. This is the cost of human life cost problem. Infrastructure
because sea water contains a high level of salt and because unfortunately must be replaces, unsafe

the human body can only consume a certain escaping a tsunami is nearly buildings demolished and
rubbish cleared.
amount of salt. Therefore if you drank sea water
you’ll eventually die of thirst and dehydration. So if a
water filter was built and designed it can
decontaminate the sea water so it’s save to


What is a Tsunami? What is a Earthquake?

A tsunami is a long and An earthquake is the

high sea wave that is sudden shake in the
usually caused when a ground which usually
underwater earthquake causes great destruction
occurs or another afterwards. Earthquakes
disturbance. are caused when rock
underground suddenly
breaks along a fault. This
sudden release of energy
causes the seismic waves
that make the ground
What would happen if an earthquake hit
Natuna Sea, in comparison to the one that Water Filter What would happen if an earthquake hit
Natuna Sea, in comparison to the one that
hit the Indian Ocean on Boxing Day 2004? hit the Indian Ocean on Boxing Day 2004?
On Boxing Day 2004 an earthquake hit the Indian Contaminated Comparing the Boxing Day tsunami to the possible
Natuna Sea tsunami, the wave of the Natuna Sea
Ocean with a magnitude of 9.2, which resulted with a Water
tsunami forming and striking surrounding cities such as Rocks earthquake would possibly be more damaging. This
would be because the tidal wave is able to reach more
Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Maldives and Thailand. This
cities and people to cause greater destruction such as
devastation caused 230 000 deaths and affected 5
Sand loss of water supply, collapsed buildings and flooding.
million people. However if an earthquake hit Java Seas
The death toll would also be much greater because of
neighbour, Natuna Sea the damage would be more
severe and drastic. I would expect that the tsunami Cloth the amount of people affected would be over 10 million,
would reach and have the most affect on Singapore and Plastic compared to the 5 million on Boxing Day 2004.
Jakarta, although I predict that the tidal wave would die Bottle
out before it reaches Ho Chi Minh City because of the Purified
distance it has to travel before reaching land.
Jakarta Singapore
Jakarta sits on The Ring Singapore is seen to have
I predict that by using sand to filter water, the water would
of Fire and is use to the many skyscrapers in their city actually soak some of sand and carry it through the filter
many earthquakes and which is the perfect place to to the end result. However I do think that the rocks at the
tsunamis that strike. If a hide during a tsunami top of the filter will act as a gate to the bigger debris.

tsunami were to hit because the high ground

Jakarta the amount of would distance the survivors Outcome:

people affected would from the wave. As Singapores

My end result turned the mucky water into almost fully
double the amount of ground is at the same height transparent water. At the end I used a microscope to get a
Singapore as the city has of the sea level, the tsunami closer look at what did pass through the filter and I
a higher population. would likely flood and cover noticed a few small bugs and very find impurities . I think
the city, ruining all drinkable if I washed the sand before hand that the outcome would
water supply in their reservoir. be better than the first filter I designed.

Which then the survivors

How it works?
would need to resort to
building a water filter in order Each layer of the homemade water filter has a purpose.
to drink sea water.
The rocks at the top are used to filter out large sediments,
like leaves or insects, whereas sand is used to remove
fine impurities. The fabric from the old t-shirts is used to
Singapore capture even smaller debris that did make it past the