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Helena Wallace

FRIT 7739
Face-to-face Staff Development Workshop

Instructional Goal Topic:

Creating easy, fast and fun Formative Assessments using “Nearpod” and “Plickers” apps

Intended Audience: Middle school teachers (6th and 7th grade)

Lesson: Creating easy and fun assessments with “Nearpod” and “Plickers” apps

Purpose: To teach how to use the app “Plicker” and “Nearpod” to create tickets-out-the door, or
quick assessments to find out what students understand or do not understand

Essential Questions:
● How can I assess my students daily understanding of the material presented in class?
● How can I make assessment fun and engaging?
● How can I use plickers to assess knowledge of the material tough in today's class?
● How can I use nearpod to help students give examples of the material that they have
learned in class today?
● How can I use these apps to plan my classroom instruction based on students needs?

Students will:
● Be introduced to “Plickers” and “Nearpod” apps
● Receive step-by-step instructions on how to use these apps
● Create a teacher account and create an assessment
● Invite others teachers in class to participate in their class as a student
● Brainstorm as a group on how to use these apps in their classroom as assessment and
planning tools.
● Evaluate the class materials and instructor