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Portfolio Matrix M.Ed.

/Add-On/Initial Certification in School Library Media

Title Student Name: Erica Carrillo

Portfolio Matrix and Reflections
Semester/Year: Spring/2018
Portfolio Matrix to be completed while candidates are taking MEDT 7487 Practicum

Portfolio Matrix

Program AASL PSC/NCATE Standards Roles of SLMS and Artifacts Reflection Connecting Outcomes,
Outcomes Standards Standards, and Artifacts
1. Candidates 1.1 Knowledge of PSC Survey of Needs The Survey of Needs
demonstrate Learners and 1.e Knowledge and Skills Leader Survey of allowed me to determine
Learning Needs (AASL the needs of teachers and
content, 3.c Help All Students 1.1) staff when creating my
pedagogical, and 3.1 Efficient and Learn Advocacy Professional
professional Ethical Information- 7.d Integration of Readings Development. I found
knowledge and Seeking Behavior Instructional Technology (Spring) that the Surface and the
skills 3.4 Research and 7.e Georgia P-12 (AASL 4.4, use of was a need with
Knowledge Creation Curriculum PSC 1.e and students receiving 1:1
4.4 Advocacy NCATE 1.e 3.c) Surface Devices
5.1 Collections Information Reference http://innovatorpd.w
NCATE Specialist Google Cite
5.3 Personnel, 1.e Knowledge and Skills (AASL 3.4,
Funding, and 3.c Help All Students PSC 1.e, 7.d,
Facilities 7.e, and NCATE Advocacy Multiculturalism- This
Learn Readings provided clear
expectations as to why
Program Collection
equal access to different
Administrator Analysis
culture is a necessity not
(Spring) (AASL
an option. Exposure to
5.1, PSC 1.e,
different cultures will
7.e, and NCATE
allow students
opportunity to
Selection Tools
understand and
hopefully appreciate
(Spring) (AASL
other cultures.
5.1, PSC 1.e,
7.e and NCATE Evidence-Based
1.e)) Practice- This article
Personnel, explained the
Funding, and technique and
importance of
Portfolio Matrix M.Ed./Add-On/Initial Certification in School Library Media

(AASL 5.3) providing evidence

to support claims
Teacher Digital
formulated. The
(AASL 3.1, Media Specialist can
PSC and collaborate with
NCATE 3.e)) instructors to ensure
Instructional 2 Year Program that research skills
Partner and Client are in place to assist
Instruction Plan in formulating the
(AASL 1.1, evidence-based
PSC and claim. No more
NCATE 3.e) should unsupported
Instructional claims be voiced or
Materials Order
(Spring 2018) acknowledged.
(AASL 1.1 & Reference Google Completing the
5.1) Site Reference Logs Google
Site allowed me to
explore diverse
reference resources that
would allow me to make
better choices in
developing a collection.

Collection The Collection Analysis

Analysis was a quick task that
allowed me to weed
through a section of the
books. This assignment
also allowed an
opportunity to probe my
local Media Specialist.
Selection Tools These evaluations
Evaluation allowed me to explore
and evaluate each of the
selection tools required.
Cornucopia The creation of my
Portfolio Matrix M.Ed./Add-On/Initial Certification in School Library Media

Website simulated Media Center

allowed me the
opportunity to: redesign
the floorplan, create a 3
year budget, and define
personnel .
Digital Footprint This flyer allowed me a
chance to educate
stakeholders on their
Digital Footprint

2 Year Program The 2 year program

development allowed me
the opportunity to
explore the school
curriculum, student
population, and explore
ways to motivate
reading for pleasure.
This also allowed for
partnership schoolwide
with teachers, staff, and

Instructional This task was a bit more

Materials Order daunting than expected.
It was difficulty
determining what
additions were needed to
make the collection
stronger. I also found it
hard to spend all the
Elementary Full
Day Observation m/watch?
This full day experience
exposed me to almost
Portfolio Matrix M.Ed./Add-On/Initial Certification in School Library Media

the entire Observation

Checklist. She provided
me opportunity to
interact with elementary
students during
collaborative activities,
as well as, explained all
her roles.
Middle School
Full Day m/watch?
Observation v=PMacnWv74ug
This experience exposed
me to almost the entire
activities checklist from
the Middle School
High School Full This experience as not as
Day Observation beneficial as my other
experiences in that the
Media Specialist didn’t
have me do much of
anything. She did have
me work on my
Instructional Materials
Order, and to brainstorm
Poetry Display ideas for
2. Candidates 1.2 Effective and PSC Leader Book Talk Book Talk My administration
develop, Knowledgeable 1.f Student Learning (Spring 2018) would not allow me to
Teacher (AASL 2.2, do a Book Talk so
implement, and 3.c Help All Students PSC 4.a and special permission was
evaluate learning 1.3 Instructional Learn NCATE 4.a) acquired to do a Book
opportunities for Partner 4.a Curriculum and Bulletin Board Trailer.
all students 2.1 Literature Experiences (AASL 2.2,
2.2 Reading 4.d Working with Diverse PSC and 4AZ0zTlY
Promotion Students in P-12 Schools NCATE 4.a)
3.2 Access to Information Pathfinder
7.c Children with Special Specialist (AASL 3.3, Pathfinder Developing the
Information Needs Pathfinder allowed an
PSC and
3.3 Information opportunity for me to
7.d Integration of NCATE 4.a,
Technology 7.d, 1.f) collaborate with the
Instructional Technology science department to
Teacher Dewey Impact
find resources that
of Learning
NCATE would be useful to a
Portfolio Matrix M.Ed./Add-On/Initial Certification in School Library Media

1.f Student Learning (AASL 3.2 & Biology course during a

3.c Help All Students AASL 1.2, project.
Learn 1.f, 3.c, 4.d,
4.a Curriculum and 4.a) athfinders/home?
Experiences authuser=1
4.d Working with Diverse Instructional Collaboration
Students in P-12 Schools Partner Article Dewey Impact of This assignment
Reviews Learning provided an opportunity
(AASL 1.3, for me to teach a group
4.a, 4.d) of students about the
Dewey Impact Dewey Decimal System.
of Learning There was an impact on
(AASL 3.2 & learning showed growth
AASL 1.2) from all students.
Teacher Collaboration This assignment allowed
Collaboration Article Review me to review articles
Powtoon about collaborating with
(AASL 1.3) teachers and the benefits
Game-Based of each.
Learning 2 Year Plan Creating the 2 Year Plan
(AASL 1.2, offered an opportunity
1.3, 3.3 and for me to explore
PSC/NCATE curriculum standards,
1.f, 3.c, 4.a, and integrating activities
4.d) that would supplement
the curriculum of other
Program 2 year Plan subjects, as well as,
Administrator (AASL1.2 and promote diversity and
1.3, media programs and
PSC/NCATE skills.
1.f, 4.d, 3.c, Literature Reviews These Literature
4.a) Reviews allowed me the
Literature opportunity to explore
Reviews different genres of
(Spring 2018) literature.
(AASL 2.1, Teacher This video was created
PSC/NCATE Collaboration to encourage
1.f) Video collaboration with
teachers. It shows the
benefits of collaboration,
and why teachers should
work with the Media
Portfolio Matrix M.Ed./Add-On/Initial Certification in School Library Media


Game Based The creation of this

Learning video allowed me the
opportunity to create a
video that would educate
stakeholders on an
authentic strategy that
would engage all

3. Candidates 1.4 Integration of PSC Leader Policy and Policy and This assignment allowed
demonstrate Twenty-First Century 1.g Professional Procedures Procedures me the opportunity to
Skills and Learning (AASL 4.3, investigate and
professional Dispositions PSC/NCATE understand the
dispositions and Standards 3.c Help All Students 1.g, 7.f) expectations of creating
ethics 2.4 Literacy Learn Information Information Policy and Procedures.
Strategies 7.f Ethical Standards Specialist and Ethical This knowledge
3.1 Efficient and Brochure provides a chance to
Ethical Information- NCATE (AASL 5.2, 3.1 protect student rights, as
Seeking Behavior and well as, ensuring access
1.g Professional PSC/NCATE to resources.
4.1. Networking with Dispositions 1.g, 3.c, and Informational and While developing this
the Library
3.c Help All Students 7.f) Ethical Brochure brochure I was able to
Community Teacher Digital create a tool that would
4.2 Professional Footprint Video educate on information
Development and Netiquette acquisition in an ethical
4.3 Leadership Video (AASL manner.
5.2 Professional 1.4, 2.4, and Digital Footprint The creation of the
3.1, digital footprint video
PSC/NCATE allowed me a change to
Portfolio Matrix M.Ed./Add-On/Initial Certification in School Library Media

1.g, 3.c, 7.f) create a video that

Instructional Professional allows all stakeholders
Partner Development to understand how their
Plan (AASL digital footprint could
4.2 impact their future.
PSC/NCATE http://cornucopia4learni
1.g and 7.f)
Program Interview with ml
Administrator other Media
Specialists Professional The Professional
(AASL 4.1, Development Plan Development plan
PSC/NCATE allowed me the chance
1.g and 7.f) to provide a resource for
teachers in
implementing 21st
century skills in their
classrooms with the use
of the Surface, as well
as, other authentic
learning tools and

Interview with Interviewing other

other Media Media Specialists about
Specialists their use of references
and cataloging of
periodicals allowed me
to create a network
within Media
Netiquette Video This video allowed an
opportunity for me to
educate stakeholders on
appropriate behavior on
the world wide web.
Portfolio Matrix M.Ed./Add-On/Initial Certification in School Library Media

4. Candidates 1.1 Knowledge of PSC Leader 2 Year Plan 2 Year Plan Developing the 2 year
demonstrate Learners and 1.f Student Learning (AASL 1.1, plan allowed me an
Learning 1.2, 2.3, 5.4, opportunity to create
ability to serve 3.c Help All Students PSC/NCATE programs that would
needs of diverse 1.2 Effective and Learn 1.f, 3.c, 4.a, allow diverse groups to
populations Knowledgeable 4.a Curriculum and 4.d, 7.c, 7.d) be recommended. An
including special Teacher Experiences Information Research example would be the
needs 2.3 Respect for 4.d Working with Diverse Specialist Models Hispanic Heritage
Diversity Students in P-12 Schools Comparison Month Activity, as well
3.2 Access to (AASL 1.2, as, the Culture night. It
7.c Children with Special PSC 1.f) also offered me to create
Information Needs Teacher 2 Year Plan programs that would
5.4 Strategic 7.d Integration of (AASL 1.1, allow students that
Planning and 1.2, 2.3, 5.4, might need extra
Assessment PSC/NCATE assistance to acquire it.
1.f, 3.c, 4.a, An example would be
NCATE 4.d, 7.c, 7.d) the Techies program
4.a Curriculum and Instructional 2 Year Plan where Surface tutorials
Experiences Partner (AASL 1.1, are offered. The Around
4.d Working with Diverse 1.2, 2.3, 5.4, the World activity is a
Students in P-12 Schools PSC/NCATE collaboration with
1.f, 3.c, 4.a, History, English, and
4.d, 7.c, 7.d ) Foreign Language in the
Program 2 Year Plan development. This
Administrator (AASL 1.1, assignment would also
1.2, 2.3, 5.4, include integrating
PSC/NCATE technology and working
1.f, 3.c, 4.a, with diverse students.
4.d, 7.c, 7.d ) Research Models Complete