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Welcome to the world of Doxing. Some of you may or may not be familiar with it. One of the stated perks of the
Internet is that you can remain anonymous behind your monitor as you browse, chat, and do whatever it is that you
do. However, did you know that your real life identity can be compromised based on your Internet persona? It’s
called “doxing” and it’ll sneak up on you without your knowledge.
Doxing can affect anyone. Nobody is outside the possibility of being doxed. How much of your real life information
is on the Internet? Even the smallest slice of personal data can come back to bite you in the rear. Real name, phone
number, email address – anything. Doxing is a term that describes the process of obtaining or deducing information
about a person based on a limited set of initial information.
Just with an email address alone, you can gain access to a great deal of information such as, emails, criminal
record, social media pages, registered businesses, etc. However, the term “doxing” derives from “document tracing”
which means to gather documents on a particular person or company to learn more about them. In the age of the
Internet, doxing is more like social engineering.
In this tutorial, we will outline the various methods and techniques involved in doxing and give you the basic ability,
understanding, and know how of doxing.
DoX - What is it?
A DoX is more then an abbreviation. It's more then a word. The meaning of DoX is merely: Getting any and all
personal information from someone who is on the internet. A DoX can and will include;
NameState, City, and addressPhone NumberSocial Networking profilePictures of you, your house, and
moreSSNCredit Cardand possibly more...
Now, most people who are DoXed and their DoX has been spread, shared, etc; they usually cease all interaction with
the internet in general for many reasons. Millions and thousands of people know who they are, where they live and
more. It can lead to fraud, and much more. It can also lead to swatting, and more. I will cover this in a later tutorial.
Well, you may be thinking, "What pussies. Just because everyone knows who they are, they quit the internet." - My
reply: Yes! If hundreds - thousands - millions of people on the internet knew where you LIVED, your NAME, what you
LOOK like, imagine that for a second... Imagine having MANY people knowing where you live, possibly your CREDIT
CARD? You think he or she is just a pussy? You can't imagine what it's like unless you've been in that same position.
Causes of DoXs
After you know all the symptoms of being DoXed, and what can be included in a DoX, you may be wondering; how do
people get DoXed if they don't say any personal information to anyone on the internet?
Well, there is in fact many ways. I'll give you a good example;
Surveys & Emails
Most people have emails, correct? Now, many people at one point in time if they are a game player, they come along
surveys. Now, this is just an example. Say I had the email: Now, I wanted to get free NX from
Nexon, and by doing so I had to complete surveys. People can easily retrieve a DoX through your email. Say I put
ALL of my personal information into the surveys and someone entered my email into an email doxer - they'd have
ALL of my information that I entered into the survey.
Here's another popular one that's been going around lately;
Websites & Whois
If you don't know what "Whois" is, it's pretty much a website look-up. If you enter any website, it can tell you all the
details of the website. Who owns it, who paid for it, etc. On some domain sellers, after you buy your domain they ask
if you want Whois protection for an extra .99-2.00 fee that lasts you about a year. Many people push this offer aside,
and do NOT Whois protect their website. If you do not, anyone (and I mean anyone) can look up your website
address and find out all the information they need to continue their DoX. Once they know your full name, they can
get many more things to conclude their DoX.
Preventing a DoX on yourself
Preventing a DoX on yourself can be easy if you have basic common sense of any human. Like your parents told you
when you were a kid, "don't give any personal information out on the internet, or on your games. Don't even give out
your full name." - Most parents will tell you something along the lines of that. It's basic, old, but it really helps. Even if
you give out your first name, it can give a lead to any "hacker" who wants to DoX you.If you own a lot of websites, or
buy a lot - Whois protect it. It's safer for you, and your community. It may be a little more of a fee, but it's very cheap
if you think about the fee you would pay if you didn't Whois protect it.
If you play games, or are constantly doing surveys or if you ever get a day when you have to complete a survey - use
FAKE information. I think it will help you out by 100%. I know a lot of people use fake information for everything, but
you really should if you are ever in the "survey" problem. Mainly people who play a lot of games and like to get free
"in game cash" are in contact with surveys a lot, so you should have your own fake information that you use for every
Your IP. I know many people think that if someone has your IP, they really can't do anything with it.. but they can. If
they have your IP they can do numerous things. They can blackmail you until you give them the information they
need, they can find your location which can give them a lead onto getting your personal information. ANY kind of
trace to your current residence is a lead for any "DoXer" to getting all of your personal information and having it
compromised. A good way to not having your IP compromised is by not clicking on any suspicious links, or signing
up for any suspicious website. When you register or log in to any website, the website Administrator(s) can look at
the last IP you logged in from. You should only register to forums you are familiar and safe with, and know they will
not compromise any of your personal information.
All in all - Don't do anything that can give out any information about your residence, your name, etc. If you own a
social networking account, you should make it private for only certain friends, or all your added friends. That means
not accepting everyone as a friend. Trust me, I used to have one and I didn't care who I added as a friend. I added
everyone cause I felt like an e-thug having sum-amount of friends.
== Methods Of Doxing ==
-Via Ip Address -
Doxing via IP won't get you much information but it will help you in your goal of getting your target's dox. There are
many ways of getting someone's IP address. I'm going to tell you two of the most used.
Way #1: Obtain the IP through email. I'm not going to explain all that but here is a tutorial on how to .
Way #2: Obtain the IP through Xbox Live. For this you need a program called "Cain & Abel" here is a video tutorial on
how to set that all up: .
Now once you have obtained your target's IP head on over to this site . From
there you can find their latitude/longitude which will let you find their state and city. The city isn't always correct.
-Via Email Address -
Assuming that you have their email address(es) there is quite a bit of information you can find from this. Head over
to This site is a very handy doxing tool. Enter the email address you have on here and it will
pull up any accounts or names registered to that email. You know, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, etc. If you get their
Facebook or something with their first and last name on it then you are golden. Then go ahead and use the next
method. (Note, you can use email to obtain IP's that has been explained above.)
-Via Telephone Number,Names,Address -
For this method the only website you will need is .
Fill in the first name, last name, city, and state. Then click search. If you only have a phone number that will work too.
More than likely you'll have multiple people pop-up with same name as your target but different addresses. Now this
is were the hard work starts. In order to eliminate the "fakes" you're going to have dox a few more people. Now if you
look to the right of the names ( ) you will see the people they are related to. Find
which ones are related to your target and BINGO! That's your guy!
-Via User Names - the site you need, it works the same as the email method.
-Via Social Groups -
Social groups are good once you found your target's Facebook for example. You can use it to obtain more
information on your target and also get pictures of your target. Pictures can also help you dox your target. I will
explain that later on.
- Social Engineering -
Social Engineering is a greatly used technique for obtaining information. Social engineering is basically
manipulating or tricking your target into giving you his/her information. One way of doing this for example is by
email. I once doxed a person by making a believable email address and pretending that I worked for a website and
wrote articles. I asked my target if I could interview him and he said "sure". I said, "Would you mind starting off this
interview with telling me your first and last name?" He gave it to me simple as that! Then I used the other methods
for the rest of his dox.
-Via Domain Names They Own -
Domain names (website URL's) are also very useful in doxing because you can obtain a full name and address from
them. However, this is only if your target is stupid enough to enter his/her real info for his/her site. Go on over to and enter a website.( Then click "look up" and
you will get something like this. ( As you can see though that is a example of false
information or just not the dox we are looking for.
-Via Images -
Searching images is a good way to find where pictures are uploaded. So lets say you have a picture of your target.
Just go here and enter the picture you have. It will search for you and with any luck you will
get a link to his/her Facebook or MySpace.
== What To Do With Dox ==
Once you have obtained all the dox of your target there are several things you can do.
1. You can use them as blackmail. Threaten to post them everywhere if you don't get what you want.
2. You can just be an asshole and post them everywhere and send your target the link.
3. Use the information to gain access to something that belongs to them such as an Xbox live account.
== Useful Links With Descriptions == No Success with Whitepages? Try this. Career and Employment. Another People Search -Name, city, and state. by Name, category, or city. - Phone Books - Need to confirm dox? Calling neighbors and asking for the target.
They tell you how you can reach them. Free people and business searches in the US and Canada. Links to almost every phone book in the world.
Social NetworksFacebook, MySpace, YouTube, Blogs, Whois, etc. Searches quite a few different places. A profile searcher for Networking sites. - Check to see if a username has been used on over 9000 websites. Accurate! It provides excellent results when e-mail addresses and full names are used. Find deleted webpages. Have someone's old email? Find current ones. Search email by name, phone, fax, college, ancestors, etc. - Find the ip of a protected site -EXIF searcher.
== Conclusion ==
In conclusion doxing is just an all-round bad ass way to piss someone off. Please note that doxing isn't illegal as all
the information you have obtained is public. But, posting of the dox might get you in a little trouble. I may be wrong
so don't hold me to that.
Here's another one I found on pastebin. -
Addtional Links by Don:
IP Tracers/Network Tools
People Look Up
2. view/b1026x5qu.html (remove space)
34. view/bh59gkh7b.html# (remove space)
Alternative Twitter search engines:
IP/Domain Information Gathering
Online Port scanning:
d0xing links: view/b1026x5qu.html (remove space) view/bh59gkh7b.html# (remove space)

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