Elect Valerie F.

Leonard Alderman, 24th Ward

Dear Friend, I’m Valerie Leonard, a lifelong resident of the 24 th Ward and I’m running to become your next Alderman. Why am I running? Because, as I speak with people all around the neighborhood, there is a general feeling that we are headed in the wrong direction. Our youth are killing each other in record numbers, with no end in sight. Basic public services, like tree trimming, maintaining vacant lots and fixing sidewalks and streets are going neglected. Our schools are 20 years behind the rest of the city in terms of performance. People are losing their homes while new houses are sitting empty. Crime is on the rise and police response times get longer and longer. If youth and adults don’t agree on anything else, they do agree that we need jobs that pay enough to keep food on the table. Now is the time for strong leadership. What would I focus on as Alderman? I want to work with you to bring fresh ideas and be a true voice of the people in City Council. Like you, I would like to see the 24th Ward be the best that we can be. We need safe streets and schools. We should not have to travel outside of our community to get fresh groceries, new clothes, have dinner in a sit down restaurant, or go to the movies. Our police department should serve and protect the citizens, rather than having citizens and police treating each other as enemies. Economic development programs should help home-grown businesses, as well as attract larger employers. Residents need to be a part of the government process rather than pushed to the sidelines. It can be done—I have spent the last decade bringing community residents together around such issues. Some of my accomplishments are listed on the following pages. Now, I’m asking you make an investment of time and money in making this vision a reality—together. Please complete the attached response form and attach a check in any amount that you see fit. Proceeds from your donations will be used to secure an office, purchase supplies, and pay for advertising and community outreach. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 773-521-3137 or e-mail me at valeriefleonard@msn.com. Thank you in advance. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely,

Valerie F. Leonard Candidate for Alderman, 24th Ward

4111 West 21st Place Chicago, IL 60623 Phone 773-521-3137 Fax: 773-521-3137 Website: http://Vote4Valerie.voterspace.com Blog: http://Vote4Valerie.blogspot.com

Elect Valerie F. Leonard Alderman, 24th Ward
Hands-On Experience, A Heart for the People
 Through Lawndale Alliance, moved the City to revise the $100 million Ogden Pulaski TIF Redevelopment Plan-reducing the number of housing units potentially displaced from 317 to 24. Nearly 1,200 residents impacted.  Helped Carey Tercentenary AME Church get $30,000 grant to build an elevator for seniors/people with disabilities.  Worked through the Illinois ResourceNet to provide technical assistance for a $7 million federal grant to provide internet access and technology training for 23 publicly funded senior housing developments in Northern Illinois, including North Lawndale’s own Sankofa House and Elois McCoy Village Apartments.  Helped secure $5 million HUD grant to build Enola Dew Apartments sponsored by Habilitative Systems Inc. The senior housing complex is expected to be completed in 2011.  Helped Mount Sinai Health System secure $107.5 million in HUD funds to renovate its Emergency Room, Obstetrics Unit and Outpatient clinics, and expand the Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital. This led to an increase in the number of low income and uninsured patients served each year.  Served as Founding Executive Director of North Lawndale Small Grants. Partnered with former Alderman Chandler, the Small Grants board, residents of the 1200 Block of Central Park and the 3500 Block of 12th Place to bring more than $250,000 in improvements to the African Garden and Target Blocks programs.  Participated on the North Lawndale Employment Network’s Community Advocacy Team, which advocated for community based alternatives to incarceration for adults and youth.

Together, We Can Make the 24th Ward Work Again
       Develop public-private partnerships to strengthen businesses and create local jobs Provide opportunities for training and development for new workers and experienced workers Increase internet access and training for seniors, small business owners and students Work with Parents and CPS to improve quality of schools Create Crime Free Zones Increase opportunities for recreation and organized sports Create citizen-led committees to prioritize public improvements, TIF-funded projects and community development

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4111 West 21st Place Chicago, IL 60623 Phone 773-521-3137 Fax: 773-521-3137 Website: http://Vote4Valerie.voterspace.com Blog: http://Vote4Valerie.blogspot.com

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4111 West 21st Place Chicago, IL 60623 Phone 773-521-3137 Fax: 773-521-3137 Website: http://Vote4Valerie.voterspace.com Blog: http://Vote4Valerie.blogspot.com