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1. The interfering beat frequency of 920 KHZ is between 3.58 16. a closet which is terminating facilities which consists of key ANSWER: Less attentuation/ losses
MHz color sub carrier and ___________. telephone system services, central offices, stations, and PBX,
ANSWER: 4.5 MHz inter carrier sound but there is no key telephone circuitry present 34. GPS is a satellite navigation system consisting of 24 satellites.
ANSWER: Satellite Closet When was the first satellite was launched?
2. What does aspect ratio means? ANSWER: 1978
ANSWER: ratio of screen width to its height 17. April 2002, the IEEE standard 802.16 Broadband Wireless
Access (BWA) is __________. 35. What are the microphones that has high Z output?
3. What happens in balance modulation if it is not properly ANSWER: WiMax ANSWER: crystal, electret, condenser
ANSWER: the carrier is transmitted 18. What is the GPRS uplink data rate? 36. What are the microphones that has low Z output?
ANSWER: 14 Kbps ANSWER: dynamic, ribbon, carbon
4. What is the sound characteristics related to a sonic time
pattern? 19. What is the gamma of the picture tube of a TV 37. What is the diagonal screen size of picture tube of 19CP4
ANSWER: Rhythm ANSWER: 2.2 ANSWER: 19 inches

5. In telephony, M88 loading coil (88mH loading coil) is placed at 20. A microwave tube that is a linear wave tube in which the 38. It is one of the PCB techniques used to create special
an interval of ___________ feet. interaction between the beam and the RF field is continuous is microwave transmission lines in which a flat conductor
ANSWER: 9000 called sandwiched between two ground planes
ANSWER: traveling wave tube ANSWER: Stripline
6. In telephony, the cable used for costumer loop in telephone
exchanges, which has a round trip loop resistance of 170 ohm 21. What is the optimum volume per person in churches? 39. What is the oldest semiconductor device used in microwave
/ 100 miles is __________. ANSWER: 7.1 - 9.9 transmissions?
ANSWER: AWG No. 22 ANSWER: Point Contact
22. What is the optimum volume per person in cinemas?
7. Wireless internet service provider (WISPs) use WiFi ANSWER: 3.1 40. Antenna beam on a Geostationary Satellite that is adjusted to
technology to provide internet access to airports, hotels, cover the whole earth.
convention centers, coffee shops, and other public places. 23. What is the South Korean version of WiMAx? ANSWER: Hemispheric Beam
When users are within the range of an antenna, WISPs offer ANSWER: WiBRO
access to the internet at speed up to __________Mbps. 41. In what year does the first satellite SPUTNIK I was launched?
ANSWER: 11 24. What is the other name for 3G? ANSWER: 1957
8. What service is provided by broadcast ISDN (B-ISDN) 42. All colors on the color test signal are modulated 75% except
providers that offer a means of bidirectional end-to-end data 25. In GPS navigation system, how many satellites are there in ANSWER: gray
transmission, in real time, between two subscribers or one orbital plane?
between a subscriber and the service provider called? ANSWER: 4 Satellites 43. Satellite subsystem that monitors on board temperature and
ANSWER: Conversational service battery voltage ,then transmits this data back to ground station
26. What is the velocity factor of a coaxial cable wire? ANSWER: TTC
9. What is the data rate of WiMax? ANSWER: 0.6 to 0.8
ANSWER: 11 Mbps 44. Which of the following coaxial cable connectors is called the
27. What is the typical range of velocity factor in transmission UHF connector?
10. What is the bit rate of GPRS? lines? ANSWER: PL 259
ANSWER: 172.2 kbps ANSWER: 0.5 to 0.9

11. What is the other name of MPEG 7? 28. Ribbon microphone is what type of microphone? 45. Which coaxial cable connector is least expensive and is
ANSWER: Multimedia Content Description Interface ANSWER: Pressure-gradient microphone widely used for TV sets, VCRs and Cable TV?
ANSWER: F type connector
12. Among the following materials used by the acoustic 29. What is the exact frequency of the color burst signal?
engineers, which has the highest absorption coefficient for ANSWER: 3.579545 MHz 46. Which coaxial connector is a more complex and expensive but
sound wave? do a better job in maintaining the electrical characteristics of
ANSWER: Celotex 30. What is the velocity of sound in wood? the cable through the interconnections
ANSWER: 3300 m/s ANSWER: N type connector
13. Which camera tube that has minimum lag?
ANSWER: Plumbicon 31. In cellular radio, one base station cost approximately 47. What type of digital circuit is used as a bit splitter?
ANSWER: $500,000 to $750,000 ANSWER: shift register
14. It reduces reverberation in studios by means of loudspeaker
feedback system. 32. What is the disadvantage of using a fiber optic cable that is 48. What sound characteristics relates to a sonic time pattern?
ANSWER: Ambiophony made of glass? ANSWER: rhythm
ANSWER: Brittleness
15. If a broadcasting station is transmitting, but not modulating, 49. What is considered the most obvious conveyor of information?
what will be heard in the receiver of that tuned frequency? 33. What is the advantage of using a fiber optic cable that is made ANSWER: speech
ANSWER: Nothing of glass?
50. What is the amount of sound reduction provided by a barrier - ANSWER: Station keeping ANSWER: No energy is reflected from matched load, so
wall, floor or ceiling called? from the source it appears as if energy put into the line
ANSWER: transmission loss 68. In Satellite communication, continuously adjusting the position continues to move down the line forever
of a directional antenna on the ground, so that it always point
51. In cellular system, the average lead time to install a new base at the satellite. 82. Why does a higher impedance line have lower copper loss
station is approximately ________ months to a year ANSWER: Tracking than a lower impedance line, all other things being equal?
ANSWER: 6 ANSWER: A high impedance line has a lower current for a
69. The video signal level representing maximum luminance given power level than does a line lower characteristic
52. What is considered the threshold of audibility at 3000 Hz? ANSWER: peak white impedance.
ANSWER: 10^ -12 W/ m^2
70. The frequency at which a VCO operates when its control 83. All else being equal, larger receiving antennas receives
53. Which of the following is NOT a porous absorber? voltage is zero stronger signal than smaller antennas. Why is this?
ANSWER: membrane absorber ANSWER: Free running frequency ANSWER: They have a greater effective area so they
intercept a greater proportion of the radiated energy
54. The American concert pitch A is equivalent to which of the 71. The portion of scanning lines in a video system that, on
following frequencies? average, can be used in determining vertical resolution 84. What is the effect on the resonant frequency of a monopole
ANSWER: 440 Hz ANSWER: Utilization factor antenna of inserting a coil at its base?
ANSWER: Adding inductance to an antenna lowers its
55. The international pitch A is equivalent to __________ Hz. 72. It is a form of spread-spectrum communication in which the resonant frequency
ANSWER: 435 RF carrier continually moves from one frequency to another
according to a prearranged pseudo-random pattern 85. Which of the antennas are suitable for direct connection to a
56. What does CPE stands for ANSWER: Frequency hopping waveguide?
ANSWER: Customer Premise Equipment ANSWER: Horn and slot antennas are suitable for direct
73. A microwave transmission line that consists of a circuit board, connection to the waveguides
57. Around the neck of the picture tube is a structure of a working against two ground planes, one on the top and one
magnetic coil called __________ on the bottom of the board. 86. How can the polarization of a simple antenna be determined?
ANSWER: deflection yoke ANSWER: Stripline ANSWER: The polarization for most simple antennas is
the same as the axis of the radiating element
58. What is the counterpart of Zigbee? 74. An error-correcting system in which errors are corrected at the
ANSWER: nanoNET receiver using redundant transmitted data without using 87. How does stacking omnidirectional antennas or arrays
retransmission request. vertically results in an increase in gain while keeping the
59. The term Bluetooth is named after the king? ANSWER: Forward Error correction (FEC) horizontal radiation pattern omnidirectional?
ANSWER: Danish king Harald Blattand ANSWER: Stacking these antennas reduces the radiation
75. It is a switching network that does not use a hierarchical in the vertical plane, increasing gain in the horizontal
60. When was world wide web introduced? structure but instead relies on a computer to find the most plane.
ANSWER: 1991 direct route between two points
ANSWER: Flat network 88. Why is frequency reuse important in cellular systems?
61. A device that connects two dissimilar networks and performs ANSWER: Cellular systems increase their traffic capacity
the protocol conversion 76. A representation of a signal’s power or amplitude as a function by reusing frequencies at relatively small distances.
ANSWER: gateway of frequency.
ANSWER: Frequency domain 89. Which of the following applies for a monochrome picture?
62. Comb filter is used to __________ ANSWER: chroma amplifier off
AMSWER: cancel chroma crosstalk 77. It is a detector for suppressed-carrier AM signals that works by
multiplying the signal with the regenerated signal. 90. Why is multimode fiber easier to work with than single mode
63. A laser used as an energy source to excite electrons into a ANSWER: Product detector fiber
higher energy state. ANSWER: Mutlimode fiber has a much larger core
ANSWER: Pump laser 78. Most communication satellites are geostationary to simplify diameter, and also a larger numerical aperture, than
tracking requirements, but low-earth-orbit satellites are coming single mode fiber
64. In the Amps systems, a sine wave above the voice frequency into increasing use especially for mobile communications,
range, transmitted on the voice channel along with the voice, because shorter distance to the satellite results in stronger 91. The noise-reduction effect that occurs with strong FM signals.
used by the base station to detect loss signal. signals. ANSWER: Threshold effect
ANSWER: Supervisory Audio tone (SAT)
79. What feature of SONET allows data spin with different paths 92. What is the main difference between a wireless hub and a
65. A mobile telephone service, now obsolescent, using trunked to be synchronized? wireless bridge?
channels but not cellular in nature. ANSWER: Payload Pointer ANSWER: The bridge needs to have much more powerful
ANSWER: Improved mobile telephone service (IMTS). transmitter because it needs to have greater range
80. Why do splices have lower loss than connector pairs?
66. In cellular communication, it is the interrupting the voice ANSWER: Splices do not have the air gap that most 93. Why is antenna height in mobile communications, even when
channel to send control information. connectors have. the distance involved are much less than the distance to the
ANSWER: Blank-and-burst signaling horizon?
81. Why a matched line is indistinguishable from infinitely long line ANSWER: Greater antenna height results in reduced
67. The process of adjusting the orbit of a geostationary satellite as seen from the source? multipath interference and fewer obstruction in direct
so that it appears to remain stationary above a point on earth. path
105. According to NTC, what is the Spectrum User Fee (SUF) for 120. What is the function of a hybrid in the telephone handset?
94. Why does modern long distance fiber communications system the a allocated and assigned for Unpaired 3G radio frequency ANSWER: decrease in microphone signal in phones
use wavelength on the order of 1550nm? bands for each additional 1MHz or fraction thereof in excess
ANSWER: The loss in glass fiber is lowest at a of the first 15 MHz? 121. Which of the following are parts of the network interface card?
wavelength of approximately 1550nm Answer: P12, 000,000.00 per MHz ANSWER: Both BND connector and RJ 45 connector

95. The maximum distance that can be used with a fiber link can 106. Where is the location of the Global Positioning System (GPS) 122. In what two systems in the voice transmitter can speech
be limited by either loss or dispersion Limitation due to losses Master Control Station and GPS Operations Center and the processing be used?
are expressed in a loss budget. While dispersion is expressed US Naval Observatory Alternate Master Clock used to ANSWER: AF and RF
in terms of either bandwidth-distance product or rise time. synchronize GPS satellite time?
ANSWER: Schriever Air Force Base (formerly Falcon Air 123. What is the maximum recommended length of RS232 cable?
96. Why is low dispersion more important than low loss in modern Force Base) in Springfield, Colorado ANSWER: 50 ft
fiber communication systems?
ANSWER: Losses can be made up by the use of optical 107. It was established by Ericsson, Sony Ericsson, IBM, Intel, 124. What is the advantage of using hub over direct
amplifiers, but dispersion can only be corrected by using Toshiba, and Nokia, and later joined by many other interconnection?
regenerative repeaters, which are more complex and companies. ANSWER: it's easy to move computers
expensive. ANSWER: IEEE 802.15.1 (Bluetooth)
125. What is the main advantage of GPRS?
97. Why is loose-tube construction preferred when cables must be 108. When was Bluetooth implemented/ introduced? ANSWER: it does not require a connection
pulled through ducts? ANSWER: 1998
ANSWER: Loose-tube construction reduces the pulling 126. 3G wireless system was introduced in what year?
stress on the fiber. 109. It is an adjustment of two or more tuned circuits so that they ANSWER: 2001
can be tuned simultaneously with one adjustment.
98. According to NTC, what is the Spectrum User Fee (SUF) for ANSWER: Tracking 127. What is the accuracy of LORAN C long range navigation
the allocated and assigned for Paired 3G radio frequency hyperbolic radio navigation system?
bands for the first 5 MHz? ANSWER: 1/4 of mile absolute and less than 100 ft
Answer: P5, 000,000.00 per MHz 110. Who is known as the father of WiFi? relative
ANSWER: Vic Hayes
99. According to NTC, what is the Spectrum User Fee (SUF) for 128. The range of human hearing can form how many octaves
the allocated and assigned for Paired 3G radio frequency 111. What is the formula for rems? ANSWER: 10
bands for each additional 1MHz or fraction thereof in excess ANSWER: rems = rbe x rad
of the first 5 MHz but not exceeding 10 MHz? 129. In delta modulation, what normally causes error in the
Answer: P8, 000,000.00 per MHz 112. It defines physical specifications communications protocol received signal
standards for the short-range exchange of data over infrared ANSWER: slope overload
100. According to NTC, what is the Spectrum User Fee (SUF) for light, for uses such as personal area networks (PANs).
the allocated and assigned for Paired 3G radio frequency ANSWER: IrDA 130. It is a ferrite which is the inductive element of this tuned circuit
bands for each additional 1MHz or fraction thereof in excess is actually the receiving antenna.
of the first 10 MHz but not exceeding 15 MHz? 113. In TV system, the color level control is in the __ ANSWER: Loopstick
Answer: P10, 000,000.00 per MHz ANSWER: BPA
131. It is a Modulation technique used for North American TDMA
101. According to NTC, what is the Spectrum User Fee (SUF) for 114. What is the advantage of Doherty linear? cell phone and PCS systems.
the allocated and assigned for Paired 3G radio frequency ANSWER: high efficiency ANSWER: Pi/4 DQPSK
bands for each additional 1MHz or fraction thereof in excess
of the first 15 MHz? 115. What carrier shift results with insufficient grid excitation to a 132. The phase detector will generate a control voltage, which will
Answer: P15, 000,000.00 per MHz grid modulated stage? cause the VCO frequency to change until it is exactly that of
ANSWER: positive the external input signal.
102. According to NTC, what is the Spectrum User Fee (SUF) for ANSWER: Acquisition of phase lock
the allocated and assigned for Unpaired 3G radio frequency 116. What is the third layer of the OSI protocol model which set up
bands for the first 5 MHz? the path to transmit data between terminals and arranges data 133. To avoid error and confusion, LAN software make sure that
Answer: P3, 000,000.00 per MHz into packets? data on the server that is being changed by one station is not
ANSWER: network layer simultaneously read by another.
103. According to NTC, what is the Spectrum User Fee (SUF) for ANSWER: Record locking
the allocated and assigned for Unpaired 3G radio frequency 117. What is the popular fiber optics cable with glass core and
bands for each additional 1MHz or fraction thereof in excess plastic cladding called? 134. 10BaseT (T for twisted) system is restricted to a length of
of the first 5 MHz but not exceeding 10 MHz? ANSWER: plastic clad silica (PCS) __________
Answer: P6, 000,000.00 per MHz ANSWER: 100 m
118. What are the two functions of a buffer amplifier?
104. According to NTC, what is the Spectrum User Fee (SUF) for ANSWER: amplify and isolate 135. The inductive element of the tuned circuit is actually the
the a allocated and assigned for Unpaired 3G radio frequency antenna which is called __________.
bands for each additional 1MHz or fraction thereof in excess 119. What is the combine mixer and LO that uses 1 transistor or ANSWER: ferrite loopstick
of the first 10 MHz but not exceeding 15 MHz? tube or both?
Answer: P8, 000,000.00 per MHz ANSWER: autodyne converter 136. Power could be coupled into and out of the waveguides using
___________ in the guide.
ANSWER: Probes, loops, or holes 148. It is a standardized, if relatively lossy, file format for
transporting, storing, and/or displaying data representing still
137. Waveguide are a very practical means of transmitting images and graphical data
electrical energy at microwave frequencies, as they have ANSWER: J-PEG or JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts
much lower losses than coaxial cables. They are not very group)
useful at lower frequencies
ANSWER: because they must be too large in cross 149. Three point tracking is achieved with ___________.
section. ANSWER: padder capacitor

138. In a very small network using only two terminals, It is possible 150. In a ferrite, rotation of axis of rotation of the electron.
to connect the computers to each other directly without a hub. ANSWER: Precession
This requires a special cable called a
ANSWER: crossover cable 151. The operating frequency of klystrons and magnetrons is
determined by
139. It is a transmitter power amplifier stage immediately before the ANSWER: cavity resonators
output stage.
ANSWER: Intermediate power amplifier (IPA) 152. Coax is not used beyond frequencies of about __________
140. It is a filter that can pass (or reject) a fundamental frequency ANSWER: 6
and its harmonics.
ANSWER: Comb filter 153. The beamwidth of a helical antenna is usually in the range of
The interleaving of luminance and color signals conserves 12 to 45 degrees
bandwidth but causes interference between two signals.
154. Analog telephone signals are frequency-division multiplexed
141. It results from the luminance component interfering with the using SSBSC AM, with approximately ANSWER: 4 KHz of
color signal. It occurs whenever there is diagonal detail in the bandwidth allocated to each voice channels.
picture, and get worse with motion. It is visible as spurious
color in the picture. 155. Digital telephone signal are time-division multiplexed with a
ANSWER: Cross luminance data rate of
ANSWER: 64 kb/s per voice channels
142. It is caused by color information being interpreted as
luminance, causing structure of fine dots 156. Parametric amplifier (Paramp):
ANSWER: Cross color It is an amplifier that
a. Has a very low noise level.
143. The disadvantage of a client-server approach is that it ties up b. Has a main oscillator that is tuned to the received
one computer as the network file server. frequency.
c. Has another pumping oscillator of a different
144. It can amplify an optical signal without converting in into frequency that periodically varies the parameters,
electrical form. i.e., the capacitance or inductance, of the main
ANSWER: Optical amplifiers oscillator circuit, and
d. Enables amplification of the applied signal by
145. Fiber optics has greatly increased both capacity and reliability making use of the energy from the pumping action.
of submarine cables.
Note: Paramps with a variable-capacitance main-
146. The stability of a superheterodyne receiver depends directly oscillator semiconductor diode are used in radar tracking
on that of a __________. and communications Earth stations, Earth satellite
ANSWER: local oscillator stations, and deep-space stations. The noise
temperature of paramps cooled to the temperature of
147. Contention liquid helium, about 5 K, is in the range of 20 to 30 K.
Definitions (1) Paramp gains are about 40 dB.
It is a condition that arises when two or more data stations
attempt to transmit at the same time over a shared channel, or
when two data stations attempt to transmit at the same time in
two-way alternate communication. Note: A contention can
occur in data communications when no station is designated a
master station. In contention, each station must monitor the
signals and wait for a quiescent condition before initiating a
bid for master status.
Definitions (2)
It is a competition by users of a system for use of the same
facility at the same time. Synonym: access contention.