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What are Facts in Five?

Facts in Five is a collaborative learning strategy for students wherein they work individually to
come up with their own top five facts on a subject/article/etc., then share with their peers and work
to create a collective top five facts and justify their choices. It can be used for students at any level,
in any subject. It gets students engaged and working on talking, writing, listening, collaborating,
questioning, and determining importance.

What are the Steps Involved?

 Students individually write a list of the five most important things they have found in the
 Students meet in groups chosen by the teacher
 Students share their lists and explain why they chose each one
 After each student shares, the group collectively choses the five most important facts
 Have each group present their choices and justification for their choices
 Have a whole class discussion, focusing on the similarities and differences in each list. If
time is short, group list can be compiled on chart paper and posted in the room

Potential Adaptations
 Science Experiment: have your students list what they think the five most important
aspects of the experiment were
 With younger students: have your students draw/trace their hand and write an important
fact for each finger
 Math: have students determine the best/most important steps in solving X math problem
 Create self-awareness/evaluate biases: have your students choose five things that influence
how they think and act (socio-economic status, religion, background, etc.)