August 2010

Theatre Booklist

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ACTING ANTHOLOGY — Volume I. LAMDA. Introduced by Catherine Weate. This presents the set selections for candidates entering Graded Examinations in Acting at Levels 1 and 2 in 2004-2009. The collection includes monologues and duologues from both classical and contemporary plays for young actors. 1 84002 398 8 ACTING ANTHOLOGY — Volume XVI. LAMDA. Introduced by Roger McGough This presents the set selections for candidates entering Graded Examinations in the Speaking of Verse and Prose in 2004-2009. The collection includes both classical and contemporary literature suitable for reading aloud. This xciting compilation also stands alone as a rewarding and stimulating read. ISBN 1 84002 397 X ACTING NATURAL — Monologs, Dialogs and Playlets for Teens. Peg Kehret A collection of 60 original pieces which require no special props or costumes, and the roles can mostly be played by either a male or female. Perfect for the classroom and speech classes. The pieces also provide teens with insights into their joys and problems. ACTING SCENES AND MONOLOGS FOR YOUNG WOMEN. Maya Levy Something more than just scenes! Now a collection of wonderfully “gender specific” scenes about the joys and heartaches of growing up female. ACTOR’S CHOICE: Monologues for Teens Edited by Erin Detrick Foreword by Broadway casting director Kate Schwabe Actor’s Choice: Monologues for Teens gives you an exciting selection of new monologues, from hilarious comedy to cutting-edge drama, and everything in between. From classwork to competitions to auditions, this book has you covered! ISBN 978 0 9709046 6 9 ALL NEW SCENES FOR THE YOUNG ACTOR. Jill Donnellan Jill Donnellan, a teacher in Los Angeles, noticed the lack of fresh resources and started to write her own which are collected in this book. ALONE IN MY ROOM — MONOLOGUES. Ken Pickering Provocative issues such as poverty and land abuse are explored and adaptations from Jane Eyre, Oliver Twist, Gulliver’s Travels and Pinocchio are included and given a fresh perspective. The scenes provide new monologue material suitable for speech and drama examinations and have a wide variety of theatrical and school applications. Each monologue has a brief background description and acting notes. AROUND THE WORLD IN 70 WAYS Multicultural Monologues & Duologues Jill O’Hare The contemporary multicultural themes make ideal acting pieces for today’s world and enable young people around the world to be even prouder of their backgrounds and to realise and be tolerant of the fact that we live in a multi-cultural society. ISBN 978 1 904557 03 1 BIG ISSUES. — Scripts and Sketches for Citizen ship. Ann Cartwright HEINEMAN COLLECTION This collection of original short plays for students aged 11-14 is designed to be used in English and Drama classrooms, as well as addressing the Citizen curriculum. ISBN 0 435 23335 1 COMEDIES OF ERRORS. Larry Hillhouse Ten Monologues of teenage experience. CLASS ACTS — Monologues for Teenagers. Clare Dowling and Caroline Williams. With an introduction by Dermot Bolger Thirty lively, contemporary monologues for use in the classroom or drama workshop. A diverse range of themes include bullying, holiday romances, exam pressure, career choices and relationships. An invaluable aid for teachers and students alike! CHILDSPLAY — A Collection of Scenes and Monologues for Children. Edited by Kerry Muir For children from 7-13, here is a treasure chest of excerpts from a rich and exciting variety of sources. Scenes and monologues come from such plays and films as The Diary of Anne Frank, Brighton Beach Memoirs, Curse of the Starving Class, The Secret Garden and Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings; and most appropriately, from writings by children themselves. COOL CHARACTERS FOR KIDS — 71 One-Minute Monologues. Ages 4-12. By Janet B. Milstein. The characters in this book were created to showcase your talent and let your personality shine. Inside you’ll find 71 monologues, oneminute and under, that will make your audience sit up and listen, laugh, cry or even cheer. You performance is sure to be real, original, and unforgettable. And because the monologues are short, they’re perfect for auditions and easy to memorise. ISBN 1 57525 306 2 THE COMPLETE AUDITION BOOK FOR YOUNG ACTORS. A comprehensive guide to winning by enhancing acting skills. Roger Ellis This is a step-by-step guide for training young actors to audition well by developing acting skills. Contains more than sixty relevant acting “explorations” (exercises) plus fourteen sample audition pieces from

The scenes for 2-4 characters are suitable for 11 year olds through to adults. excellent for Drama Competitions.contemporary playwrights. tone and style and are accompanied by a brief outline of the context and setting. Who We Were. Karen Milstein. ISBN 1 57525 107 8 HEY. Ruth Mae Roddy Here is a collection of contemporary speeches of shorter duration for boys and girls 7 to 11. Introduced by Imogen Stubbs. Some are short. girls. discussion starters and classroom use. The compilation will provide any performer with opportunities for exploring a range of contemporary characters and stories. FITTING IN — Monologues for Boys and Girls. so doing commercials will be a cinch. develop and produce new plays for the stage at The Ensemble Studio Theatre in New York City. The commercials range from silly to serious to hilarious. ISBN 978 0 9709046 0 7 100 GREAT MONOLOGS. the classical stage. THE FLIP SIDE II — 60 More Point-of-View Monologs for Teen. ISBN 1 84002 424 0 CONTEMPORARY MONOLOGUES FOR YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN: Volume II. or costumes. and literature for young actors. Ranging from Renaissance to contemporary plays. contests. persuasive. it’s all in here. waiting for you to bring it to life. Heather H. Ideal for speech training. A versatile collection of monologs. And every piece is completely new — so they won’t have heard it before! Youngblood is a group of emerging professional writers who create. LAMDA has collected together more material from plays written since 1985. GREAT MONOLOGUES FOR YOUNG ACTORS. and props. Edited by Craig Slaight and Jack Sharrar. Christopher Durang. at home and in general society. Every situation has two monologues from contrasting points of view on each subject. ISBN 978 1 56608 162 7 HIDDEN TALENT — 50 Original Monologues for Young Actors. heartbreaking. and trialogs for student actors. Great tools for opening discussion on teen issues. festivals and examinations. acting classes. duologs. With 100 monolgs to choose from. Henderson A collection of sixty original monologues for teenage actors divided into three sections: Who We Are. Edited by Craig Slaight and Jack Sharrar 45 exciting selections from the contemporary stage. some are long. Edited by Craig Slaight and Jack Sharrar. writer. the more callbacks you’ll get. props. Clare Price and Antony Weiland ISBN 0 9539989 0 8 HOT BLOODED: New Monologues from the members of Youngblood Hot Blooded is a collection of 76 monologues. Edited by Gerald Lee Ratliff A collection of 95 monologs from recently produced contemporary plays for auditions. drive the big rigs and much more. Try them all! The more you rehearse the better your cold readings will be. Edited by Anne Harvey A selection of scenes for actors ages eleven years and above suitable for performance at auditions. tone and style and are accompanied by a brief outline of the context and setting. assemblies and other theatrical applications. ISBN 1-56608-104-1 HOT SPOTS FOR KIDS One-person Cold Reading Copy for Commercial Auditioning Success Karen Milstein Hot Spots for Kids offers you all kinds of material to practice with. The minimal use of sets and props makes the pieces ideal for group acting examinations. Edited by Shaun McKenna A collections of speeches from plays written since 1985. auditions and classroom use. dialogues and skits for teenagers which require no special setting. Building on the success of Contemporary Monologues for Young Men and Women. The compilation will provide any performer with opportunities for exploring a range of characters and stories. Each monolog is two to three minutes. variety shows. suitable for the teenage and young adult performer. Discussions Starters. ISBN 1 57525 224 4 GREAT SCENES FOR YOUNG ACTORS. Introduction and acting notes for scenes for young men and women including scenes from: Arcadia by Tom Stoppard. With Hot Spots for Teens. Variety Shows and Classroom Use. Excellent for: speech competitions. Inside is material for men and women of all ages. Volume II. Dialogues and Skits for Teens A collection of 60 original monologues. Wendy Wasswestein. durations more suitable to the auditor as well . with quirky and moving characters who endure messy break-ups. Tango Place by Marie Irene Fornes. Topics range from humorous real-life teen issues to historical figures and fairy-tale parodies. minimal costumes. Each has been timed to run approximately one minute or slightly less. VOLUME II — 58 exciting selections for actors aged 14-22. All My Sons by Arthur Miller. ISBN 978 1 84002 756 3 DUOLOGUES FOR YOUNG ACTORS. Rebecca Young. ISBN 1 56608 074 6 FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK. The selections are varied in content. acting exercises. auditions. the “Flip Side. ISBN 185205 310 0 FUNNY YOU SHOULD ASK Part B Harry Michael Bagdasian ISBN 185205 311 9 GET IN THE ACT! — 60 Monologues. Peg Kehret The second collection of monologues for young people. Steven Martin. classroom drama. remember dead pets. Volumes I and II. fresh out of the fire. ENCORE! — More Winning Monologues for Young Actors. Raf Mauro American Raf Mauro has been an actor. And the better your cold readings are. Edited by Catherine Weate.” No special settings. and director for more than thirty years and has created a useful book full of vibrant original monologues for children. this book offers something for everyone. Part A Harry Michael Bagdasian A collection of 22 parody sketches. ISBN 978 1 57525 574 3 HOT SPOTS FOR TEENS One-Person Cold Reading Copy for TV Commercial Auditioning Success. suitable for both teenagers and young adults. Forward by Horton Foote GREAT SCENES AND MONOLOGUES FOR CHILDREN AGES 7-14. workshop and acting classes. and Who We Pretend to Be. There are commercials for boys. the scenes are varied in subject. ISBN 1 56608 088 6 CONTEMPORARY MONOLOGUES FOR YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN.) ISBN 1 56608 082 7 MINUTE MONOLOGUES FOR KIDS — Contemporary Scene Study Pieces for Kids. The Kentucky Cycle by Robert Schenkan. Bold. and either. hilarious. tone and style and are equipped with an introduction setting the context. Joseph Mcnair Stover A collection of 10-15 minute one act original scenes by the American writer. MILLENNIUM MONOLOGS — 95 Contemporary characterizations for young actors.(Playwrights include Arthur Miller. you can kiss your auditioning fears good bye and dazzle them with cold readings that sizzle! JELLY BEANS — Scenes. GIRLFRIEND 75 Monologues for Girls Kimberly A McCormick A collection of seventy-five monologues for girls that deal with the dilemmas girls face every day at school. The selections vary in content. Hot Spots for Teens offers a wide range of practice material to master cold readings and nail your TV commercial auditions. etc.

By Pannell This contains monologues and scenes for young people 8 to 18. This anthology contains over forty monologs and scenes from the work of contemporary Playwrights. An introduction sets the context. ISBN 978 1 57525 603 0 MY SECOND SCENE BOOK Everything Adventurous. Susan Pomerance These original monologues are of ideal duration. The book is intended as a text for work and study by individuals or groups in class and studio settings. Marsh Cassady A collection of cuttings from plays featuring young characters — adolescents to young adults. places in the United States. Ed by Kimberly Mohne Hill. Ruth Mae Roddy MONOLOGUES FOR TEENAGE GIRLS — Contemporary SceneStudy for Young Actresses. The pieces are varied in content. Edited by Roger Ellis. middles and ends. American south. time machines and grouchy old ladies and more! My Second Scene Book is the most challenging in this series and a culmination of all the skills learned in the previous volumes. Monologues for Young Actors Ages 8 to 16 and Seven Key Questions to Unlock Your Imagination. MONOLOGUES FOR KIDS. nineteen useful exercises for strengthening oral presentation and acting skills. embrace contemporary subjects. teachers. The Sound of Waves by Yukio Mishima. Edited by Craig Slaight and Jack Sharrar 62 Monlogue selections for young actors including works from The coloured Museum by George G. Standard British. You’ll find stories from the real to the downright silly that are just right for five to nine-year-olds. ISBN 1 57525 251 1 These books together represent an essential new resource specifically for young actors. selected for use by young students and actors age twelve to twenty-four years old. MORE MONOLOGUES FOR TEENAGERS. Edited by Anne Harvey For the ages of 11 and above. ethics. or as discussion starters. Wolfe. Roger Karshner Unless delivered in relation to the total piece. Sharon McCoy 40 original and contemporary monologues highlighting relationship issues for teenagers and young women. Including Valuable Acting Hints! By Mark Weston ISBN 0 87440 262 X 101 MONOLOGUES FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL ACTORS Including Duologues and Triologues Rebecca Young A wide variety of topics to fit any student’s personality. gods and goddesses. and the selections vary in length from one to two minutes to approximately Nine to ten minutes in order to offer a range of challenges for students who are just beginning to find their voice in theatre. monologues from great plays seem totally out of context. Roger Karshner MONOLOGUES FOR YOUNG ACTORS. morals and all kinds 0f dilemmas are the memorization capabilities of the ages represented. tone and style. New York. My First Scene Book is interactive. manners. even characters and situations beyond their range of personal experience ISBN 978 0 87910 341 5 REAL SCENES AND MONOLOGUES FOR URBAN YOUTH. ISBN 0 940669 45 5 MONOLOGUES FOR ASPIRING ACTORS. featuring pictures and discussion questions. Get ready to take off for heartpounding adventures! ISBN 978 1 57525 602 3 NEW AUDITION SCENES AND MONOLOGS FROM CONTEMPORARY PLAYWRIGHTS. acting classes. and have beginnings. Russian. ISBN 978 1 57525 604 7 MY THIRD MONOLOGUE BOOK Places Near and Far 102 Monologues for Young Children by Kristen Dabrowski This book is all about places — places you know. ISBN 1 880399 47 4 ORIGINAL SOLO SCENES — Feminine Zones. A convenient. are written in today’s speech. ISBN 978 1 56608 142 9 MONOLOGUES IN DIALECT FOR YOUNG ACTORS. classroom performance. Young actors. Suitable for auditions. Standard British. They also have definite beginnings. magic. duologues and triologues. lined worksheet accompanies each speech. drawn from contemporary plays recently produced in North America and Europe. New York. ISBN 1 57525 250 3 MY SECOND MONOLOGUE BOOK Famous and Historical People 101 Monologues for Young Children by Kristen Dabrowski Inside this book you’ll see situations that are just right for five to nineyear-olds. MORE SCENES AND MONOLOGS FROM THE BEST NEW PLAYS. Talking Bones by Shay Youngblood. ISBN 978 1 56608 155 9 SCENES IN DIALECT FOR YOUNG ACTORS. festivals and examinations. Elizabeth Bauman. An Anthology of New Dramatic Writing from Professionally Produced Plays. Russian. and directors will find expert guidance as well as exciting monologues and scenes. ISBN 0 9537770 9 X PEARS DUOLOGUES — Heather Stephens Unusual short original scenes written to provide new duologue material for speech and drama festival candidates in the 8-14 year age range and beyond. Seven simple yet thought provoking questions accompany the inspired monologues in this collection. embrace contemporary subjects and are written in today’s language. jam-packed with cavemen. Each section is interactive featuring pictures and games. and will make any casting director sit up and notice. with . Contemporary SceneStudy Pieces for Young Actors. Irish. Get your family and friends involved. well rounded characters. For Julia by Margareta Garpe. MONOLOGUES FOR TEENAGERS. This is the first dialect collection for young actors and features work by internationally-renowned playwrights. Can they guess who’s who? Jump into another life and let your imagination soar. Like all books in My First Acting Series. And they are not over-worked warhorses. Irish. dragons. Cockney. Cockney. have definite points of view. Edited by Roger Ellis This text presents a range of monologs and scenes for students in their mid-teens to mid-twenties. (Methuen Book). places in the world and imaginary and far-out places. Acting Right by Kristen Dabrowski My First Scene Book. The Young Graduates by Victor Rosov. ISBN 1-56608-105-X 101 WINNING MONOLOGUES FOR YOUNG PERFORMERS. enabling young actors to draw upon their experiences to create unique. Playwrights range from Sophocles to David Henry Hwang. and a list of resources for further investigation. The material is fresh. Acting Up. middles. ISBN 978 1 57525 601 6 MY FIRST SCENE BOOK Acting Out. Dramaline monologues are of ideal durations. Monologues. and ends. American south. Fanciful and Far Out 52 Scenes for Young Children by Kristen Dabrowski What if you find yourself in a whole new world? Let your imagination run free in this scene book. They are fresh slices of modern life that focuses maximum attention on you. Take your friends and family along for the ride. The material is appropriate for all audiences in terms of language and situations. It also contains a tip sheet for preparing and rehearsing the material. Suitable for auditions. PRIVATE STORIES. MULTICULTURAL MONOLOGUES FOR YOUNG ACTORS. Ed by Kimberly Mohne Hill.

and speech patterns of today’s teens. and ends. siblings. TEENAGE MOUTH — Modern Monologues for Young Men and Women. festivals. just waiting to be performed. ISBN 0 9539989 1 6 TWO-AND THREE-CHARACTER COMEDY SKITS. and more) with both dramatic and hilarious results. Roger Karshner Ideal length for readings. SHORT SCENES AND MONOLOGUES FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL ACTORS. ISBN 0 86819 507 3 SCENES THAT HAPPEN — Dramatized Snapshots About the Real Life of High Schoolers. ISBN 182053127 TWO-CHARACTER SCENES FOR TEENS. Kristen Dabrowski Girls Ages 13 to 15. They are perfect for classroom practice or for an evening of entertainment. withdrawn. Peg Kehret’s books for young people have won national acclaim. The material is fresh. discussion starters and auditions. are themselves playing characters. and compelling physical circumstances. The simple sets and few props make staging quite simple. if desired! This is the must-have book for teachers and students looking for appropriate and interesting material for teens. 1 boy and 1 girl. auditions. No special settings. think like and feel like real-life teenage boys and girls. Stephanie S. Peg Kehret These Provocative monologs create a moment of recognition that makes both the performer and the audience smile and think! They reveal who we are and why. Among her many awards: American Library Association. ISBN 0 87910 957 2 TOUGH ACTS TO FOLLOW — Seventy-five monologues for teens — Shirley Ullom Honest. SCENES FOR YOUNG ACTORS. school. specific objectives. Subjects are contemporary with each having a point of view. Teens will not only enjoy reading these scenes but will be anxious to jump up and perform these comical situations as they show off their talents. New York Public Library – “Books for the Teen Age” list. draw from multi-cultural sources. this book offers: Monologues with clear emotional turning points and transitions that allow an actor to explore a wide range of emotion. suitable for auditions. VOLUME II: BOYS. 185205 313 5 TWO-MIINUTE MONOLGUES FOR TEENS. desperate. outspoken. Two and four actor scenes with strong relationships. strangers. Fairbanks A collection of fifty-five original monologues for teenage boys and girls. Roger Karshner Unless delivered in relation to the total piece. LAURIE ALLEN Ten great comedy scenes for student actors. humour. Edited by Lorraine Cohen The innovative scene-book gives young actors the opportunity of studying and performing scenes in which the characters are their own age. By Kristen Dabrowski These twenty plays reflects the interests. ISBN 1 57525 405 0 TWIN DILEMMA — 28 Original Duologues for Young Actors A selection of duologues for young actors. full of hope and showing no hope at all. both male and female. contest scripts. They also have definite beginnings. Mary Hall Surface Written by a leading playwright of theatre for young audiences. ISBN 978 1 56608 144 3 THREE NEW PLAYS FOR YOUNG ACTOR’S STUDIO — Ed. middles. Charlotte Winburn MacArtur. ISBN 0 87910 973 4 SCENES FOR KIDS. more often than not. competition and performance. Deborah Karczewski These characters talk like. rude. Ten timely monologues for audition. speech and drama examinations or just for fun. the plays range from gritty drama to farcical comedy — they can even interlock to create a longer piece. Eight Short Parody Sketches by Susan Stepp. minimal props and TEEN SPEAK SIXTY ORIGINAL MONOLOGUES. Varying from four to twenty-two characters. in which the roles have relatively equal weight. by Kerry Muir Promenade by Josh Adell Summer by Gideon Brower Befriending Bertha by Kerry Muir This book contains many rich parts for young actors: they get to play characters who. SCENES FOR YOUNG ACTORS. Heather Stephens Unusual short original scenes written to provide new monologue material for speech and drama candidates aged 8-14 and beyond. The pieces are short. Each with a comic twist at the end. ISBN 1 57525 412 3 Boys Ages 13 to 15. These funny duets draw on the day-to-day humour of teen situations such as new drivers.roles for girls and boys just about evenly divided. classroom or stage. ISBN 1 57525 413 1 Girls Ages 16 to 18 ISBN 1 57525 414 X Boys Ages 16 to 18 ISBN 1 57525 415 8 One-two minute monologues follow several very different characters through various scenarios (Friends. family. The scripts. the characterizations portray life’s funny situations and its pathos. funny. 2 and 3 girls. dating etc. hilarious. SCENES FOR TEENAGERS. Each scene is accompanied by a thorough description of plot and characters. and classwork. ISBN 185205 307 0 SPOTLIGHT: SOLO SCENES FOR STUDENT ACTORS. ISBN 1 56608 057 6 TWENTY 10-MINUTE PLAYS Volume One for Teens. . In today’s modern language and with maximum dramatic impact. Scenes from this book have been winning entries in festivals. inquisitive — an unbeatable resource for drama contests. ISBN 1 57525 179 5 THE SIEVE — and Other Scenes. Scenes for Young Actors is an invaluable resource book for the school classroom as well as for practising actors and acting students. Ph. Outstanding short audition pieces. One to three minutes in length. Multiple-actor scenes. ISBN 1 56608 056 8 TELL IT LIKE IT IS. SIXTY COMEDY DUET SCENES FOR TEENS Real-Life Situations for Laughter Laurie Allan These duets may be performed by middle school or high school students and are appropriate for all ages. embrace contemporary subjects and are written in today’s language. Dramaline monologues are of ideal durations. monologues from great plays seem totally out of context. and will make any casting director sit up and notice. sad. Each piece is perceived through the eyes of a young person. “Best Books for Reluctant Readers” . mixed small casts. Mary Krell-Oishi Includes scenes for 2 and 3 boys. A Scene Study Resource Book. TOO! — 100 Monologues for Young Performers. (From the preface —Laurie Allan) ISBN 978 1 56608 152 8 SNAPSHOTS Tamara Tudor A variety show of glimpses at teen life. punchy. TEENS HAVE FEELINGS. Tony Woollams Containing over fifty scenes from Australian and New Zealand plays. workshops. Fifty Monologs for Talented Teens. outrageous. will obviously provide young people with opportunities to act and learn and perhaps also to see the world they inhabit in a somewhat different way. Easy to perform. emotional. Ruth Mae Roddy Thirty short duologues for single and mixed doubles.D. issues.

ISBN 1 57525 419 0 THE ULTIMATE MONOLOGUE BOOK FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL ACTORS VOLUME IV 111 One-Minute Monologues The Rich. Janet turns impossible problems into hilarious monologues.E. heartfelt confessions — full of wit.111 ONEMINUTE MONOLOGUES by Debbie Lamedman. festivals. Peg Kehret Sixty-five short monologues for young people for use in speech contests. McCullough focus on the magical moments of delight and discovery that make being a kid one of the best things anyone ever does in life. Milstein. and sorrows of modern adolescence. Janet B. McCullough.E. these are stories only teens could tell. 111 One –minute Monologues.E. By L. . 55 SHORT SCENES. These are fresh. ISBN 1 57525 236 8 Finally. They’re active. and act outrageously.3 Award-Winning 60-Second Comic Monologues Ages 13-18 By Janet Milstein Janet B Milstein has a proven track record for writing winning monologues. The Famous. class practice. 111 ONEMINUTE MONOLOGUES . charm. L. But best of all. By Lisa Bansavage. the monologue books you’ve been waiting for! Fabulous award-winning material written specifically for today’s teens. “Any teen looking for audition material will love this book. In a unique and exciting 30-day workshop Janet dared her students to laugh at themselves by morphing their anxiety into hilarity. ISBN 1 57525 237 6 THE ULTIMATE AUDITION BOOK FOR TEENS 3. Hilarious situations. They’re funny and poignant. realistic. and powerful audition pieces guaranteed to make a memorable impression. ISBN 978 1 57525 612 2 WINNERS COMPETITION SERIES V. emotions. and struggle — designed to showcase your talent! And the best part? It all happens in a minute! Challenging monologues in real language and real situations that are really fun to work on! 111 One-Minute Monologues: the answer to virtually all of your audition needs. McCullough. The Historical Kristen Dabrowski ISBN 978 1 5725 579 8 THE ULTIMATE SCENE STUDY SERIES FOR TEENS 1. By Debbie Lamedman A collection of original two-person scenario that allow female and male teen actors to create and develop characters who are similar in nature to themselves.ISBN 185205 308 9 THE ULTIMATE AUDITION BOOK FOR TEENS 6— 111 ONEMINUTE MONOLOGUES. joys.1 Award winning 60-Second Comic Monologues Ages 4-12 by Janet Milstein Janet B Milstein has a proven track record for writing winning monologues. for auditions. auditions. 111 SHAKESPEARE MONOLOGUES by Kristen Dabrowski. L. speech and drama or just for fun. ISBN 1 57525 356 9 THE ULTIMATE AUDITION BOOK FOR TEENS 4. They pop like nobody’s business. you’ll find 111 characters and 111 situations. teachers and casting directors.4. ISBN 1 57525 305 4 WINNERS COMPETITION SERIES V. and special programmes. One is sure to suit you! If you like to tell stories. McCullough Childhood is a time of unexcelled wonder and imagination. Swanson ISBN 1 57525 359 3 THE ULTIMATE SCENE STUDY SERIES FOR TEENS 2. 111 One-Minute Monologues for teens by teens. and Jill K. The short monologues cover a range of genres from comedy to dramatic coming-of-age pieces… Lamedman provides both boys and girls with monologues tailored to their needs and with stories that allow them to use their abilities to the fullest.” BOOKLIST The Ultimate Audition Book for Teens Vol. THE ULTIMATE AUDITION BOOK FOR TEENS 2 — 111 ONEMINUTE MONOLOGUES. By Lisa Bansavage and L. ISBN 1-57525-411-5 THE ULTIMATE AUDITION BOOK FOR TEENS 12 111 OneMinute Monologues Just Comedy! Kristen Dabrowski Inside this book. McCullough This presents a wide range of situations. McCullough. this is the book for you. Perfect for auditions and classes! ISBN 978 1 5725 580 4 THE ULTIMATE AUDITION BOOK FOR TEENS 13 111 OneMinute Monologues Active Voices M Ramirez These monologues will wake up judges. With this new series Janet adds a cool element to the monologue development process — each piece is written for a student stuck in a specifically sticky situation. stories that allow your ability to really shine through. ISBN 1 57525 307 0 THE ULTIMATE AUDITION BOOK FOR TEENS 5. E. L. ISBN 978 1 57525 581 1 THE ULTIMATE MONOLOGUE BOOK FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL ACTORS VOLUME 1. and characters expressing the dreams. ISBN 978 1 57525 614 6 WINNING MONOLOGUES FOR YOUNG ACTORS. ISBN 1 57525 307 0 THE ULTIMATE AUDITION BOOK FOR TEENS 6. These 60 monologues by children’s play-wright L. ISBN 1 57525 346 1 THE ULTIMATE MONOLOGUE BOOK FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL ACTORS. 111 ONE-MINUTE MONOLOGUES by Kristen Dabrowski. 60 SHAKESPEARE SCENES. From embarrassing parents to bothersome boyfriends. Edited by Debbie Lamedman. E. create characters. ISBN 1 57525 338 0 VIEW FROM A HILL 18 Original Duologues & Play Scenes for Young Actors By Clare Price & Antony Wieland A selection of 18 duologues & play scenes. 978 0 9539989 4 4 WILD AND WACKY! 60 One-Minute Monologues for Kids. E. pain. A perfect resource for all acting classes and workshops. doubts.