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Microteaching: present perfect Date: Wednesday, 9th July ,2014

Teacher: LESELEI. Mariana Aguilar Parra Hour: 09:00 am Ss. number: 15

Teaching methodology: communicative approach English level: Basic
Psychology technique: stimulus-answer
Main aims: Secondary aim:
a) By the end of the lesson Ss. Will be able to recognize present perfect tense During the lesson Ss. Will be able to do questions and give answers
(grammar structure) and its uses (as a sentence, question, negative –affirmative using present perfect tense
answer long and short)
b) That Ss. Speak in English the major time of class as possible

Stage and purpose Interaction material Procedure Anticipated Possible solutions

activities and time problems
Warm up To set Ss. In 5 minutes Classroom T. will ask Ss. If they know how to play “Simon says Some Ss. May have In case that Ss.
“Simon says context Class as a and game.” problems to don’t know how
game” whole classroom Ss. Will hear some directions to follow from the understand the rules to play T. will tell
To create a furniture teacher and they have to do the actions correctly of the game. to Ss. How to do
nice always that Ss. hear “Simon says”, if they do the it.
environment action without follow the command “Simon says” Some Ss. May have
to work in the they will lose the game problems following T. will speak slow
classroom instructions and do the
E. g: Simon says touch your nose/stomp
actions in order
your feet/ give a hug to your classmate
To meet Ss. in that Ss. may be
order to get able to follow and
an effective T. will ask Ss. To introduce themselves enjoy the game
Presentation That Ss. 15minutes Paper T. will write on the board the topic of the class and Some students may T. will be asking
“What’s Clarify their Lock step strips she will elicit Ss. previous knowledge. have problems to frequently to Ss.
present doubts about Flash Then she will stick on the wall a paper strip and she focus their attention Aspects from the
perfect?” the topic cards will ask Ss. To indicate the grammar components on lesson or she will
Masking it, then She will show Ss. How to use it and at the ask Ss. For new
To reinforce tape same time she will introduce new vocabulary about examples
grammar White food and adventures, by showing flash cards to Ss.
points board T. will ask Ss. to repeat the words three times per
Marker each with movements, just the name of the action
To teach new Eraser or both.
vocabulary Notebook T. will show Ss. How to do questions and give
Office answers using present perfect tense.
To check and supplies T. will do direct questions to Ss. And they will
correct Ss. answer using long or short answers.
pronunciation T. ask Ss. To copy some notes in their notebooks,
meanwhile she will be monitoring Ss. Learning
Process or doubts.
Practice That Ss. 20 minutes A bottle T. and Ss. Will take sit on the floor making a circle Some Ss. May be T. will reinforce
“Bottle Speak in Class as a Paper T. will explain Ss. How to play the game ashamed when the Ss. confidence
game” English using whole strips with Ss. Will do questions using the grammar structure made cock ups
what they’d verbs in showed and with the vocabulary provided in the
learned participle paper strips
and noun Ss. Will answer those questions using long and short
That Ss. answer with the same grammar structure
Improve their T. and Ss. Will correct mistakes and misspells
knowledge E. g: Have you ever been in Acapulco? Yes I
have (been in Acapulco)*before/no I haven’t
(been in Acapulco) *before / No, I have never
been in Acapulco before.

Production That Ss. Keep 10minutes Notebooks T. will paste a wall chart on the board and she will Some Ss. May be T. will avoid this
“Information talking in Team work Office ask to Ss. To copy it in their notebooks, then she will tempted to speak in inconvenient by
gap “ English and supplies ask Ss. To write 10 questions in order to they may Spanish to solve monitoring Ss.
that they Wall chart obtain answer from their classmates. their task. Written and oral
consolidate T. will be monitoring Ss. work productions
the lesson Some Ss. Will share they results with the class. constantly.
T. will grade Ss. Final productions and she will prize
student’s effort.
Comments, observations and feedback