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Adhaan Workshop

Objectives Of This Brief Workshop

• To Introduce The Importance Of Adhaan

• To Briefly Explain The Meaning & Implications Of The Words Of Adhaan
• To Teach People How To Deliver It
• Benefits Of Being A Muadhin
• Brief History Of Adhaan
Why Should It Be Beautiful?

• We love to hear soothing, relaxing, and beautiful tones.

• This is the law that Allah has created us with, if there is a displeasing sound that is heard in
our ear, we will suddenly try to avoid listening to it or if we have to listen to it whether we
like it or not, it will not go beyond the ears.
• If the Adhaan is beautiful, the person who rarely goes to the Masjid may go to Masjid
thereby getting an opportunity to get closer to other acts of Ibaadah.
• It’s one of the great alternative to Music. Something to keep humming, and hymning
during other times and keep getting reward at the same time for praising the name of
Allah S.W.T.
• Excellent Adhaan penetrates the hearts by which Muslim can have more interest in their
Consequences & Effects Of An Improper Adhaan

• It sends out a wrong messages to the Muslims if it is not called out correctly.
• It can make one feel uncomfortable.
• It creates an awkward/backward impression in the mind of the modern educated Muslim
youngsters, especially while in the company of non Muslim friends.
• It doesn’t create a spiritual motivation to come and pray.
• It can lead someone away from Islam.
What Are The Barriers & Obstacles?

• We are missing the local role models.

• Many are not practicing the Adhaan.
• Be inspired and call out the Adhaan in your local Masjids.
• Ask the Management to allow you a chance to call out the Adhaan.
• Call out the Adhaan at work and in your office and inspire others.
• Do not wait to be told to the Adhaan - Ask for it!
• Spread workshops on Adhaan.
Numerous Benefits Of A Good Adhan

• It is a source of open and Automatic Dawah for all Muslims & Non Muslims.
• First impression about Islam & Muslims - First impression is the best impression. (Da’wah)
• Just imagine if a very beautiful Adhaan is heard, the non Muslims will not just appreciate it
but slowly feel inclined towards it and the religion.
• It will remove the misconception about Muslims if any are in the mind & attract them to
• It reminds people of Makkah Al Mukkarammah & Madeenah Al Munnawarrah.
• It makes one feel emotional and touches the hearts of many.
Some Information About Adhaan?

• Adhaan is an invitation to call people towards the Almighty.

• The Adhaan leads one to the Masjid which then allows one to perform their prayers.
• The Adhaan came about when Abdullah Bin Zayd had a dream after a Masjid was built.
• The Prophet Of Allah was concerned on how to invite people to prayer.
• The dream of Abdullah Bin Zayd was Narrated to the Prophet Of Allah.
• Hadhrat Bilal was appointed and ordered to call out the Adhaan.
• After the First Adhaan, the Adhaan now echoes in all parts of the world.
Rules For A Muadhin

• It is the preferred option of calling out Adhaan with Wudhu however it is no necessary.
• One should face towards the Qiblah.
• One should turn the face towards the right and left not moving the body.
• To perform the Adhaan in short intervals between phrases so people can reply to it.
• To proclaim the Adhaan in a loud and melodious voice.
• Spend time to practice the Adhaan in order to make it better like we do for jobs & exams.
• Be punctual.
Some Tips For A Muadhin

• Try and keep your stomach empty.

• Eat healthy.
• Try not to call out the Adhaan so it sound its coming from the nose.
• Drink Water.
• Clear Throat – Not too much as this can cause damage.
• Don’t strain the voice
• Don’t scream and raise your voice too much that it breaks.
• Think about the way you stand and breath throughout the Adhaan.
Some Tips For A Muadhin

• Be Dedicated.
• Be Consistent.
• Practice.
• Never get discouraged.
• Allow time for your Adhaan to improve.
• Know how to control your voice (High & Low) Volume
• Control your voice / pitch levels correctly.
• No Adhaan for Eid, Janazah, Taraweeh, Istisqaa, Khusuf.
Benefits Of Being A Muadhin

• Always arriving early to the Masjid.

• Always in the front row.
• Always getting the first Takbeer of Salaah.
• Performing the Salaah with concentration as arriving early for Salaah.
• Reminding the negligent.
• Guiding those who are lost.
• Stopping the sinners.
Short Hadiths Of Being A Muadhin

• The Messenger of Allah said: "Were people to know the blessing of pronouncing Adhaan
and the standing in the first row, they would even draw lots to secure these privileges. And
were they to realise the reward of performing Salat early, they would race for it; and were
they to know the merits of Salat after nightfall (`Isha') and the dawn (Fajr) Salat, they
would come to them even if they had to crawl.'‘ [Al-Bukhari and Muslim].
• The Messenger of Allah said: "The Muadhineen will have the longest necks on the Day of
• Interpretation: Those who call Adhaan will have an honourable and great status on the Day
of Qiyaamah.
Some Phrases Of Adhaan

• Allahuakbar – Most popular phrase of our lives. Repeated hundreds of times daily.
• Takbeer, Proclaim, Believe & Act.
• AshhaduAllaillaha Illallah – Statement of Tawheed.
• Ashhadu Anna Muhammad…. – Worship Allah – Following the footsteps of the Prophet.
• Hayya Alas Salaah – Estabish a link with Allah.
• Hayya Alal Falah – Understand how to achieve real success.
Common Mistakes In Adhaan

• Trying to beautify the voice and not concentrating on the pronounciation.

• Stretching some phrases which shouldn’t be stretched.
• Incorrect pronunciation of some Arabic letters and grammatical errors.
• Mispronunciation of words and missing out letters.
Common Mistakes In Adhaan (1)
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Common Mistakes In Iqaamah (1)
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We hope you enjoyed this
Adhaan Workshop