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Stock Analysis

Directions: Locate 10 stocks that you would invest your money in. You may use the business section of the newspaper, the Internet,
iPad or iPhone Stock Apps. Complete the table below with the information regarding each stock.

Category of Stock Definition

Blue Chip Stock Stocks of large, well-established corporations with a solid record of profitability.
Income Stock Stocks that have a consistent history of paying high dividends.
Emerging Stock Stocks of small, start-up companies and considered risky investments.
Growth Stock Stocks in corporations that reinvest their profits into the business so that it can grow.
Company Name Sector+ Category of Company 52 wk 52 wk Previous Current
Stock Ticker Symbol Industry Stock Income/Loss high low Close Stock
from Previous Amount Price
Tiffany & Co. Services Blue Chip -$17,800 111.44 79.18 103.08 $100.15
TIF Jewelry Stores
CRH plc Industrial Goods Blue Chip $548,000 32.82 39.32 32.84 33.22
CRH Cement
Bitcoin USD Emerging? $7,333.82 20,000 891.98 8,000 8,317.3896
BTCUSD=X Cryptocurrency
Baccarat S.A. Consumer Goods Blue chip $3,344 260 202 216 218
BCRA.PA Personal Products
China Networks Conglomerates Emerging $48.444 0.0365 0.0061 0.0061 0.0061
International Holdings, Ltd.
Fortunet e-Commerce Services Emerging $397,374 1.67 0.98 1.3 1.25
Group Limited Industrial Equipment
1039.HK Wholesale
NVIDIA Corporation Technology Blue Chip or $1,052,000 238.89 217.52 217.52 232.08
NVDA Semiconductor- Growth
Medical Marijuana, Inc. Consumer Goods? Emerging -$51,879.179 0.2 0.06 0.1106 0.1066
MJNA Joints?
Korea Alcohol Industrial Consumer Goods? Income $6,106,000 9,340 7,040 8,360 8,310
Co., Ltd. Alcohol?
Aluminum Corporation of Basic Materials Emerging $124,135 23.54 11.01 14.8 14.58
China Limited Aluminum

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