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2 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA

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SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 1

2 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA
Ritual is a core value of Newah Culture, Art and Tradition; its complexity speaks up its volume of richness.
Deepankar Bajracharya was one of the first Newahs who brought life of ritual in the USA. He did first ever
IHI ritual in Dallas, Texas in 2002 for Sanjay Rajbhandari’s daughter and first ever Group IHI in Maryland on
May 13, 2006 which was organized by Nepa Pasa Pucha Amerikaye. These two events have significant role
on Newah Movement and its evolution in the USA. He passed away on JAN 31, 2018 at age of 49.
Bhaju Laxmi Narayan Maharjan, a true devotee performed Nyata Bhulu Ajima Dyo Pyakhan for continuous
80 years. He started tantric ritual dance at the age of 14 and dedicated his whole life until he passed away
on FEB 03, 2018 at age of 94.
We pay respect and tribute to Deepankar Gurju for his leading role and Bhaju Laxmi Narayan for his lifelong
dedication towards Newah Culture.

Team Effort!
Have you ever thought what would be your contribution on Newah Civilization? Your time, money (even
a single penny counts), your expertise or your new idea and thought. Please join us to keep the flow of
momentum to teach and be taught our rituals and culture and let’s be united to keep our Identity alive; let’s
be united to Preserve, Promote and Practice our Culture and save our Newah Civilization.
Last but not least, heartfelt thanks to Guest Editor for his tireless effort, Article Contributors and the publishing
team. Huge shout outs to all Advertisers and Photo artists for capturing live moments of our projects.

Editor: Pramesh Shrestha
Guest Editor: Keshar Man Tamrakar Managing Editor: Rabindra Banepali
Cover Design: Manjil Shrestha, Cover Photo: Ujjwal Singh, Aaha Production
Contributing Photo Artists:
Yumesh Shrestha & Nils Tamrakar,
Ujjwal Singh, Aaha Production
Sunjay Mukhia,
Shanti Shrestha, NPPA
Advertisement Committee: Bijaya Bajracharya, Prazol Maharjan
Pre-press Setting/ Printing: Suraj Maharjan/ Bhairab Printing Solution, Chhauni, Kathmandu

SOUVENIR is a publication of United Newah USA 8833 Maple Ridge Trail Fort Worth TX 76244 I

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ew hUUSA
SA 3
United Newah USA

Dr. Sanjeeb Shrestha Rohin C Shrestha

Advisor Financial Advisor


Anil Manandhar Pramesh Shrestha Rabindra Banepali

President Immediate Past President General Secretary

Bijaya Bajracharya Mahendra Manandhar Binaya Tuladhar

Secretary Treasurer Joint Treasurer

Yumesh Shrestha Shailendra Manandhar Raju Sthapit Udaya Ranjitkar

Executive Member Executive Member Executive Member Executive Member

4 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA

United Newah USA

Pramesh Shrestha Reema Shrestha Anil Manandhar

Saroja Manandhar Shoyambhu Shakya Kamala Shakya

Rabindra Banepali Rojana Banepali Bijaya Bajracharya

Sabina Bajracharya Mahendra Manandhar Sunita Manandhar

SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 5

United Newah USA

Binaya Tuladhar Rajani Shakya Yumesh Shrestha

Sheetal Shrestha Shailendra Manandhar Ramita Shrestha

Dr. Sanjeeb Shrestha Dr. Jharana Shrestha Niraj Shrestha

Sweety Baidhya Rohin C. Shrestha Simrika Chitrakar Basav C. Rajopadhyay

6 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA

February 26, 2018 Nepal Sambat 1138-Chilla Thwo: Ekadasi

Mr. Anil Manandhar

United Newah USA
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Re: WNO Greetings


On behalf of the World Newah Organization, it is my pleasure to share sincere

congratulations and warm greetings on the auspicious occasion of the United
Newah USA's upcoming 3rd Annual General Meeting. We congratulate United
Newah USA on publication of the second issue of its magazine this year. The
WNO Executive Committee joins me in applauding your efforts and wishes you
continued success in your efforts as well as a meaningful and memorable 3rd
Annual General Meeting.

WNO would like to commend United Newah USA for its successful launch of
cultural activities for the Newah-Nepalese community in the greater
Dallas/Forth Worth metropolitan area. Your activities significantly contribute to
promoting Newah culture. Celebrating popular Newah festivals like Yenya Punhi
and Mha Puja and organizing special ceremonies such as Ihi and Kayeta Puja
not only support family and community connection to our culture but also help
bring greater awareness to the rich heritage of the Newahs and the importance of
our history and rituals. Newah people around the globe can feel proud of United
Newah USA for its ongoing efforts in Texas.

It is critical that Newah people around the globe unite to build awareness of
Newah culture and promote and preserve our Newah identity as we actively
strive to achieve equal rights for our language and culture. WNO is confident
that the United Newah USA will continue to contribute to this cause and sponsor
excellent activities designed to showcase and strengthen Newah culture and
Nepal bhasa. We look forward to working closely with the United Newah USA
team to achieve our common goals. Subhaye.

Warm regards,
Season Shrestha
World Newah Organization

WNO P.O. Box 5469 Baltimore, MD 21285 USA Tel: 410-404-5388 Fax: 410-372-0596

SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 7

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8 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA

Editorial 3
United Newah USA ExecuƟve CommiƩee 4
United Newah USA Founding Members 5
World Newah OrganizaƟon Season Shrestha 7
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Thinking Local ConnecƟon The Dots Rajiva Shanker Shresta 13
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Gxfo\s+ b'g]of dltgf h'of lan 5 /]vf zfSo -/fhdlt_ 21
Who are we ? Nepali or Nepalese Daya Shakya 22
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;+j]bgxLg h'of jgfRjlk+ g]jfM sljlk+ 8f= afn uf]kfn >]i7 26
A Newah Dad of a Newah Daughter Binita Joshi Shrestha 27
Photo Essay 30
1st WNO UƩam Makaju 41
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:jlguMof afv+of by'O tgfRj+u' ;Eotf OGb| dfg dxh{g 45
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g]jfM lrqsnfo\ /fhf]kfWofo j kf]tfo\ lrqof lbkgf zdf{ /fhf]kfWofo 51
A Memoir Shivaratri Prazol Maharjan 56
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snfsf/÷afn aif{ s]z/dfg tfd|fsf/ 59
5of~h]of yMu' v“ laho ah|frfo{ 60
United Newah USA Financial Report Mahendra Manandhar 60
Photo Essay 61

SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 9

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10 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA
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SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 11
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x] ;+:s[lt b' . psL dWo] g]jfMefo\ gfk+ oSsf] /}yfg] efo\t Gorenflo, L. J. Suzanne Romaine, A. M. Russell and
cfM ;+s6fkGg cj:yfo\ Yog] w'+sn . Oldu' ;+/If0f dh'n Kristen Walker-Painemilla. 2012. Co-occurrence
of linguis c and biological diversity in biodiversity
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efo\of dfWod+ afx]s ;+:s[ltoft 5'+sy+ g+ pn] kmOdv', languages, conserving biodiversity.
12 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA
at Kalimpong and were at the Himalayan Hotel above
Thinking Local the stores by the same name,then a social hub people
coming to collect the newspaper. Seeing me in the
Connec ng the Dots balcony, Nirmal Mama asked both of us - me and my
cousin Shyam Sunder of Rhenock - to come along and
The Newars Next Door stay with him. We were overwhelmed by his kindness
and hospitality Jyo Maiju* extended to us sharing
Fragrance Nearer Home wonderful moments with their school-going kids
Sunil*, Madhu, Meena, Anil* and Suzie recollec ng
the days with my parents and li le brother Deepak*.
Muma Karuna Devi* had planted lapsi, mango and
other fruit trees there. O en I found myself here
travelling to and fro Darjeeling for next several years
comple ng my M.Sc. in 1969. Once on the way back
home from Nepal, he advised me why not go back
to my Sanu Mama (Mohan Pratap Pradhan, the first
from the Nepalese community to reach the high post
of the Chief Secretary) and make your career with good
qualifica ons you have instead of running hither and
Rajiva Shanker Shresta thither frustrated annoyed with the authority over not
Sikkim, India
securing a Medical seat in spite of the Government of
What a wonderful way to usher in the New India Scholarship given. It was an eye-opener advice
Year to be with the Newars next door in the that saw me what was in des ny later to become and
same neighbouring Kalimpong in the year the re re as the Adviser to the State Planning Commission
World Newar Organiza on was observing the in 2007.
Third World Newah Day organizing first ever What a wonderful way to usher in the New Year to be
Global Conference on March 30 and 31 at with the Newars next door in the same neighbouring
Kathmandu, Nepal! Kalimpong in the year the World Newar Organiza on

I t was in Kalimpong a er learning my alphabets in

'dhungay' class wri ng with maize/corns over the
le ers drawn on the wooden floor by the teacher in
one of the oldest schools in Sikkim. Primary school at
Rhenock bazar was among the pioneering five started
was observing the Third World Newah Day organizing
first ever Global Conference on March 30 and 31
at Kathmandu, Nepal! Yogbir Shakya, an eminent
literary figure there, was men oning me about the
paper he was finalizing for the occasion and sought
by the Sco sh University Missionaries in the year my availability for the forthcoming felicita ons
1886, the year they had started the Sco sh University ceremony being organized by the Akhil Bhara ya
Missionaries Ins tute (SUMI) the oldest of the Newar Sangathan (ABNS), Kalimpong Anchal, which is
educa onal ins tu ons in Kalimpong. Saint Josesh's a district of its own since last year. Soon followed an
Convent was in the neighourhood where I read the invita on from their Lyamha Puchah for the func on
Radiant Primer and have many childhood memories to be held on Sunday the 28th February. They were
of the place with nice co age and Chandra Orchid and going to felicitate Nava Ratna Pradhan, the Principal
Bulbs Nurseries run by a Rhenock Taksari scion Nirmal of the SUMI for being honoured with the pres gious
Chandra Prakash Pradhan*. Cluny Women's College Na onal Teacher's Award 2016 given by the President
came up there two decades back – in 1998. In 1956 of India on the occasion of the Teacher's Day on 5th
with the end of the Indo Tibet trade, my Buba had September last year. It could not be held then due to
wound up Kalimpong branch office of Harishankerlal the on-going105-day long strike in the hills. It might
Ramshankerlal Nepali the firm established in 1886 be worthwhile to men on here that it was his fi h
popular as the Nepali Kothi at Banares. A er doing high genera on dedicated to the cause of educa on taking
school at Sir Tashi Namgyal High School/Tashi Namgyal the glory to greater heights on the footsteps of his
Academy in 1962, we had taken our admission in the forefathers including father/principal Pancha Ratna
Darjeeling Government College that was to start the Pradhan*. Captain Prakash Mani Pradhan, Principal
session a er a week or so. We thought of holidaying of Rockvale Academy, was the chief guest and the

SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 13

venue, the auditorium of the B. B. Pradhan College of speak in the Hindu Lit for Life Fes val. gave me the
Management Studies, started in 2003 by him in fond great news that we have bagged an order for 18 copies
memory of his father and founder of this premier of the book from the Library of Congress, Washington
educa onal ins tute established in 1984.The other D. C. Thanks to all to take us so far!
honoured was Yogbir Shakya, who teaches Nepali at
During our 2017 sojourn also the author had the
St. Augus ne's School and renowned literary figure
honour and rare opportunity to be with the United
associated with literary ac vi es including that with
Newah, USA when invited to be the guest of the month
Sahitya Akademi and Newar ac vi es besides being
for their e-Daboo May 2017 episode in an online
a trained Yoga exponent since long. Me proud to be
interac ve session hosted by Pramesh Shrestha in
a teacher's son have a great regard to all in this noble
associa on with the WNO. All these make me belief
that the fragrance of some flowers in a garden reaches
Humbled being felicitated in such a huge gathering, first farther and earlier than in the close vicinity or back
ever for me at least in this part of the world though the home – very much like that of the Taksari Family with
author had the rare privilege of being recognized and The Chandra Nursery established in 1910 by Rai Saheb
felicitated thus by the Newah Organiza on of America Ratna Bahadur Pradhan with his brother Babu Durga
(NOA) and Nepa: Pasa Pucha: Amerikaye (NPPA) the Shamsher Pradhan in fond memory of their father
leading social organiza ons since 2001 and 1991 Taksari Chandrabir Newar, who along with brother
respec vely, way back in 2015 in a grand func on held Taksari Laxmi Das Newar came invited here to develop
separately to celebrate the Nhu Dan Nepal Sambat 1136 and make Sikkim their new home way back in 19th
in Maryland USA. It was in 2010 on an invita on from century amidst a hos le environment but to win over
Season Shrestha, then the General Secretary NOA and their heart soon to have 'miteri saino' to conquer all
presently WNO President, we were with them to speak what is now a history covered by the dust of me.
on the Newars in Sikkim and in 2015 NOA President It would not be out of context to men on further
Ram Shrestha invited us to join them in the YenYa or here, what Kalimpong is the floriculture capital of the
Indrajatra Celebra ons. It was a great honour to have country owes much to them as most of the pioneering
his book 'The Newars Worldwide – Connec ng the Dots nurseries were established by their descendants.
: Sikkim' launched with their support during the Second
WNO Conven on held there in 2016 from the hands of Along with the author, Suryabir Tuladhar, Guruji
the Newar stalwart Malla K. Sunder and the Nepalese of Swayambhu Bhimkali Mandir at Gangtok, Prem
Ambassador Dr. Arjun Kumar Karki. The Book-Preview Pradhan, eminent writer and outgoing Convener of
held earlier at the Rachna Books had the dis nguished the Consulta on Commi ee for Nepali Language -
Newah personality, former Chief Secretary and 'Sikkim Sahitya Akademi and Prof. Dr. Pratap Chandra Pradhan,
Ratna' Keshab Chandra Pradhan and Bikram Pradhan, Dean of the Sikkim University were felicitated for
young legislator from our Chujachen cons tuency in contribu ons to the society in general and the Newar
presence of almost all the leading Newah luminaries cause in par cular by offering Khada, bouquet and
there. Prof. Dr. Diwakar Pradhan of the Banares Hindu a memento each. Yogbir Shakya's 'Newah Khangwa
University had introduced the book while Prof. Dr. va Khantwa Mhasika' a glossary of words along with
Pratap Chandra Pradhan of the Sikkim University spoke equivalent Nepali terms in just 32-pages but very
about the status of the Newars in Sikkim. Following its useful for learning and speaking the Newar language
global launch, the book was released next day by the published by the ABNS, Kalimpong was also launched
Newah icon Padma Ratna Tuladhar in a func on held at by the dignitaries present on the occasion. Speaking
the Asha Safu Kuthi premises in associa on with Elohan about the book the author, Yogbir Sir as he is popularly
Publica ons of Nareshbir Shakya. It was a ended by known, said that it was not for the first me such a
a host of Newah personali es including Prof. Hiranya compila on was brought out. As far back as in 1948,
Lal Shrestha, former Nepalese Ambassador to Russia, Bhai Chandra Pradhan* had brought out here one
who introduced the book. The author also availed the that inspired him. It was his greatness to men on also
opportunity to acknowledge and thank Padma Ratna of our book 'Newa: Varna, Lipi ra Bhasha Parichaya'
and Naresh Bir then heading the Nepal Bhasha Manka co-authored with Ranjana Shresta and published by
Khala for bringing first me a good-will cultural troupe Karuna Devi Smarak Dharmarth Guthi in 1996/2001.
to Sikkim celebra ng 50 Years of India's Independence Nepal Rajakiya Pragya Pra shthan included it in their
in 1997. Raman from Chennai this January invited to esteemed publica on 'Vivaranatmak Granth-Kosh' as
14 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA
a reference book. On the present confusion about the socially and culturally brought up using things Newar
West Bengal funded Newar Board and apoli cal social or with Newar names. Terms like ankhora, ankhora,
body Akhil Bhara ya Newar Sangathan, Shakya made sinhamu-jwalanhyakh, an , kota, etc., addressing our
it crisp and clear that each of the organiza on had rela ves as Ba, Ma, Dhaba-Dhama, Nini, Tataju, Paju-
their own agenda whereas our goals were the same – Maleju, Chama/Chirima, etc.; celebra ng Jankwa, Nhu-
welfare of the fellow Newars. Very much like, if I may Dan, Kija Puja, Indrajatra, etc. using khyen sagan with
add here, whether you worship Krishna or Ram your nya and aila on occasions of happiness or sorrow and
target is to get salva on. ea ng chhoyela, kachila, woh, bara, chatamari, yomari,
lakhamari, etc. were enough to establish and prove
Addressing the well behaved and mo vated audience,
that we were the Newars. Even if we know a li le bit of
Na onal Teacher Awardee Nava Ratna Pradhan
it, uneasiness or hesita on to speak the language out
expressed that it would be nice if the reasons for
of long been dissociated with – struggling and trying to
the Newars to be included in the Tribal category of
have our iden ty established in the foreign soil - come
popula on were documented and circulated for mass
on the way as if our tongue was snatched out or voice
awareness printed into a book form. This would help
thro led!
our youth to get sensi zed, understand and appreciate
as well as guide them why we were a er the status The chief guest Captain Prakash Man Pradhan was
eluding us so far. Yogbir Shakya shared that we are very of the opinion that we should explore the possiblity
much nearer with doors already opened but wai ng of using the modern day benefits of social media like
for an opportune moment to usher the Newars in that WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Or to develop some app
much sought class. It might not be out of context to to be well connected with each other to reach across
men on here that there are many who do not believe the message. He believed that many could have been
in such a categoriza on and reserva on of seats informed about the func on well in me to a end and
making ourselves backward or tribal. We need it more show their support and solidarity towards the efforts
for the poorer sec on of the society to have a level taken up so well by the ABNS, Kalimpong Anchal.
play-field in areas of educa on and employment. They To speak a word more on the honoured personality
are of the view that the Newars are much advanced Nava Ratna Pradhan, he said quo ng an instance of
race to have our own Nepal Sambat calendar named certain aquaintance that the only good quality in him
a er the country they belong and Ranjana script that was to come forward and help his best if approached.
fetched UNO membership to the country as Devnagari About Yogbir Shakya, he was mine of informa on and
was already shown by good neighbour India. They whenever situa on arose to solve out the best, he
have a rich language and literature, different scripts, was a ready-referencer. It is worthwhile to men on
art, science, technology, culture, custom, tradi on and here that the three, Nava, Prakash and Yogbir were
heritage as seen reflected in the architecture of the together in the school SUMI very much like the other
ancient temples that have spread across the border three Nandu, Prem and me together doing B. Sc. in the
since ages that all are proud of to make the Newars a Darjeeling Government College in 1964-67. Suryabir
dis nct race of its own well-amalgamated in the mixing was known to the author since then having first met
bowl i.e., Kathmandu valley where people from outside at Dhirdham where his friends stayed as paying guests
assimilated contribu ng something valuable. Not like with Prof. Tulsi Bahadur Che ri 'Apatan'. It was a sort of
the present day when many have turned the capital full reunion of the friends coming together for a common
of problems, the worst affected environmentally and cause and to the community we belong to trying our
culturally even threatening the mere existence of the best to contribute in our own li le humble way and
Newars in their own mainland, as such! repay the society in the best possible manner always!
Yogbir also threw light on this aspect of our society. Gathered that such a func on was first held by the
While men oning our mother language in the Census ABNS Kalimpong Anchal in 1995 invi ng many Newar
Opera ons or other surveys, we write Nepali instead personali es from Nepal followed by one in 2012. So,
of Newar/Nepal Bhasha under the impression that there was a great enthusiasm to be seen as people
since we do not know and speak it. Referring to an from all walks of life and remote corners of the District
informal talk with the Director of Linguis c Survery of a ended to the house full packed and hear ly felicitated
India some me back, it was revealed that knowing or those who brought them so far. Krishna Mani Pradhan
not speaking the language did not ma er as we were was a patron like a big pillar. Besides big support from

SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 15

B. R. Pradhan of Sakyong, Panchkanya arranged by the driving seat, Prem and Pratap were accompanied
Shan Pradhan and J. N. Pradhan alias Jit Maskey were by their respec ve be er halves Piyush and Deepa.
behind them always. People had come all the way My sister Anita with Jwain Saheb Balkrishna Pradhan
from 13th Mile, Upper Tanek, Mahakal Phatak, Dumra, (Bhansari) had joined us from Gangtok for this func on.
Sindrebung, Lower Tashiding, Pedong, Mirik, Mirik- We later visited Sushiladi-Bhim Bhenaju at Haat Ghar.
Singzi, Yogpritam, Teesta, Labha, Algarah, Gorubathan, Its gate was found re-nameda er a doyen of the Nepali
Chhota Bhalukhop, Lolay, Kasey, Mei Monsong, literary world Dr. Paras Mani Pradhan in 1999 from its
Kalimpong Town 1 and 2, Dalapchand, 9th Mile, Pala, original named a er Tobgay Raja of Bhutan with roof
12th Mile, East Main Road, Ichchey, Suruk-Samathar, also changed from the pagoda to modern style during
Geil Khola, Mirik, Mirik-Singzi, etc. It reflected the love the slain Gorkha Na onal Libera on Front leader C. K.
of our people for the culture, tradi on and society and Pradhan*'s me. They gave us gi s of noodles and later
expressed their wholehearted support in solidarity for also helped us in some shopping of khada, fing/rice-
the common cause of the Newars. They all were also noodles, etc. Kalimpong was famous for.
invited to the stage and felicitated by the prominent Chilly winter morning did not deter our people from
social worker B. R. Pradhan. Even the officials, who reaching on me well dressed in tradi onal a re with
made the func on a grand success, were also thus Bhatgaunle cap donned by many there. Welcomed
honoured for their help. One such person was Ram in a tradi onal manner by Panchkanya offering Tika
Pradhan, son of Bhairav Baba Pradhan, the author and Khada with the logo Sukunda and name of ABNS
met while leaving the venue to find that his ancestors printed in blue. We missed the opening moments like
too belonged to Rhenock and was related to the Badi paying homage to the departed/forefathers, but as
Dokan Family of octogenarian Sunder Kumar Pradhan. the Programme advanced, we found the cultural part
Earlier, elderly B. R. Pradhan shared with me that his equally entertaining, especially the dance performed
wife was also from Rhenock bazar and the daughter by four li le kids. Seeing the well performed and nicely
of Tulsi Prasad Pradhan and eldest sister of Dr. Shan presented items in the well coordinated func on, we
Che ri. To make the event memorable, we had pictures could firmly be convinced that our culture, custom
together as also with dis nguished guests outside. and tradi on were in the safe hands for being securely
The sumptuous lunch of popular Newar cuisine like passed on to the next genera on to carry on further to
kwa , chhoyela and others served under the careful the posterity. We profusely congratulated and thanked
supervision of the First Lady of the ABNS Kalimpong hear ly the team ABNS Kalimpong Anchal for such a
Anchal Swarnalata Pradhan with firm support from superb celebra ons and wished them every success in
Rabi Pradhan and others of Lyamha Pucha: gave a all their endeavours in the future. The author could not
well deserved befi ng end to the wonderful day-long stop himself but taking some picture shots and video
func on. We all had the opportunity of a life me to clips from his mobile phone to share with friends and
cherish and remember for long me to come. family later possibly with a story – and this very - of
Wives definitely play a leading role in a person's life the historic moment together connec ng the dots and
of the Newar society as well for they are aptly called this me we were nearer home with the Newars next
'Sahadharmini' also. Long me back, I had read that in door!
our society women in later years of life were treated Disclaimer: This is author’s personal account of
as a goddess even by her husband but me not in a memories updated to cherish and treasure o en on
posi on to corroborate it further. We celebrate the a detour here and there en route to share the joy of
age by observing Jankwa or Budho Pasni at different the journey called life. Here in this ar cle a sincere
stages of life a erwards e.g., at the age of 77 years and a empt has been made to present the status of the
seven months, 83 years four months and so onwards. Newars as observed recently. Yet something might
It was historic moment for us to organize the second have escaped that readers could bring to his no ce.
one, Sahasra Chandra Darshanam, in honour of our Some names (asterisk* for those no more), quotes,
Buba Jai Shanker Lall Shresta* with Muma Indira as places and events men oned are just to connect with
it denotes sigh ng of a thousand moons in one's life. and no malice whatsoever intended. He can be reached
Husband's age is generally (if survivved) reckoned at 'The Newars Worldwide
for this purpose and wife too is honoured along with – Connec ng the Dot : Sikkim' is available at www.
him. Besides Ranjana with me and nephew Arvind in

16 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA

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SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 17

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lgod g} xf] . a}lbs d"No dfGotfg';f/ d[To' eg]sf] :y"n Tof] cfsfz tTjdf kb{5 .
z/L/ (Gross physical body of soul) æhLjÆ / z"Id %= jfo' tTj – jfo' tTjn] ubf{ g} xfdLn] cleGt ?kdf
z/L/ (Subtle physical body of soul) sf] aLrsf] ;f; k]mg{ ;Sb5f} . xfd|f] z/L/df bz lsl;dsf jfo'x?
aGwg (bridge) nfO{ cfˆgf] OR5fn] geO{ k|fs[lts ?k 5g\ . tL dWo] dxTjk"0f{ æk|f0f jfo'Æ xf] . k|f0f jfo'
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ef}lts z/L/_ Elemental body af6 tf]8]/ r]TGo jfo' æwg~hoÆ gfdsf] jfo' eg] d[To' kZrft klg z/L/
h;nfO[ k|f0f jfo' Conscious element or soul nfO{ leq} /xg] u5{ .
18 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA
oL k+rtTj ;+u;+u} k+r 1fg]lGb|o -cfFvf, sfg, gfs, lha|f] Funeral Home df ul/g] bfx ;+:sf/ lalw ldn] ;Dd
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SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 19
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20 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA
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SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 21

Who are we? Nepali or Nepalese
Recently, the embassies around the world started issuing the ‘Nepalese
Passport’ but in Nepal, all expect to obtain Nepali one, because, all
people were made Nepali. Basically passport of Nepal cannot be Nepali.
But not knowing the real meaning of Nepali the young genera on adopts
it without paying a en on to it.
Daya Shakya
Oregon, USA

T he words Nepali or Nepalese get stuck in my difference between Raastra and Raastriya is none. It
mind all the mes. When I introduce myself on is just a ma er of how you use it; the meaning simply
a ques on ‘who are you’? I intend to answer refers to na onal language, a twis ng of Nepali
as Nepalese-American. But the person understands tongue for richness of vocabulary.
me as Nepali. I had hard me to digest this kind of As we know we are in process of change in every
reac on because I feel like I was made Nepali by virtue aspect of our life in 21st century. The members of
of being born in Nepal. I prefer to be called Nepalese na onal level Think Tank group whoever they are
in abroad quite similar to people from China, Japan, oppose iden ty based discussion. They think it
Korea, India, and Bhutan, introducing them as brings fragmenta on of na on and hos le situa on
Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, and Bhutanese in Raastriya eaktaa. The ektaa planted by followers
-Americans. This is the strength of being American of cruel king PN Shah when his authority vehemently
although originated from Korea, India and so on, are accept him as the unifier of modern Nepal but it was
the inclusive term represen ng all people of that by suppression from A-Z in all respect, that they do
country, feeling the belongingness represen ng where not want to spell out any cost. My goal here is not
he or she was born as a universal truth to save the to discuss cruelty of PN Shah, but to disclose what
iden ty. But our country’s story is different. A sec on he has le for his decedents. Within the so called
of people want to be recognized as Nepali-American na onal unity all are excluded from protec on except
dissimilar in structure of word forma on compared their own clan the Khas iden ty, even in the recently
to Chinese-American or Japanese-American, African- promulgated Cons tu on of Nepal. Currently, the
American, so common in American tongue. For me Madhes region is on fire due to na onality campaign
the Nepali-American sounded like half iden ty such adopted by so called unifier focuses on Pahade origin
as hanging a western e on top of daura- suruwal, A and they call the Madhesis are Bideshi because they
typical Nepalese out fit for a man, an odd wearing in are not Nepali by heart and soul but made Nepali
a fashion show. pushing to wear daura suruwal on na onal day. This
I would like to emphasize on keep paying a en on to was the dilemma for the previous republic first vice
recognize who would like to see as Nepali-American president. By virtue of his birth he is Nepalese, but
or Nepalese-American. Adding /-ese/ to make absolutely not Indian. This is the crucial difference
adjec ve out of a noun word in English structure is between Nepali and Nepalese. No people from Bharat
quite regular, no need to modify at all, but Nepali is are made known as BharaƟ. They proudly accept as
not English word. So if you see Nepali is adopted as Bharat-iya. Where as in Nepal all are by force made
English word then they do not hesitate to add /-s/ Nepali based on Khas language supremacy, whether
as plural marker so easily eg. Nepalis. Is ‘Nepali’ an or not they like? This is against individual human right.
English noun or adjec ve? It’s your call how you use When we look at the history of Nepali we landed
it. It also represents to the language adopted by the so in immediate past etymology of Gorkhali that has
called Nepal government and proudly calls Raastriya a direct link with Gorkha region. The rise of Gorkha
Bhasa un l 2008. A er that many languages were was praised by many for their bravery in abroad, but
recognized as Raashtriya Bhasa. The Nepali speakers no one talks about their mysterious behavior in own
started calling their language Raastra Bhasa. The homeland that tles them as king of cruelty. The word

22 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA

Nepali has no direct link with ancient Nepal but made ethnic cleansing even a er the declara on of republic
it look like there is, by se ng up educa onal material Nepal, was an unbearable mistake done by Khas
to teach to the school children. The children were not regime proving the proverb Binaas Kaalay Biparit
taught the actual history of Nepal but manipulated Buddhi. A er all, not recognizing the ethnic iden ty,
and dictated history. We all know Nepali is replaced Nepal will not stay like Nepal. The Bhote and Madhesi
for the word Gorkhali even in the pre republic people do not feel comfortable to themselves by
na onal anthem Shreeman Gambheer… that traces calling Nepali because they do not speak Nepali as
back to Parbate, then Pahadi and to the Khas region their mother tongue don’t eat Dhero and Sel-roƟ
in western Nepal, the kingdom of Khas regime who as their ethnic food and do not celebrate the same
worships ‘Masto Devata’ as the linage deity, especially fes val what the Nepali speaking people follow.
in Had Sinjaa in Jumla district. The world Nepali came There is millions of Nepali speaking people living in
into literature just recently a er uproo ng the Rana different countries. Are they all Nepalese, probably
regime and then during the Panchayat System, the not because they do not carry Nepalese ci zenship?
suppression took to climax and Nepali was treated Similarly the Nepali speaking refugee people from
as new bride with all the luxury by establishing Royal Bhutan living in different parts of world are made
Nepal Academy, Sajha Prakashan, Janak Sikshya known as Bhutani. They do not represent en re
Samgri Kendra, Pathyakram Bikas kendra in TU, people of Bhutan but simply a sec on who speak
Madan Pursukhar Guthi including lots of awards Nepali, known as Loktshampa. Similarly in case of
(Prithvi Purushkar, Mahedra Purashkar, Birendra Nepal the term Nepali means the people who speak
Prajyanlankar you name it for promo of Khas-Nepali. Nepali whose link is connected with Khas people and
Money was poured in from Royal Dhuku to fulfill the their mother tongue is Khas language.
Ek Bhasa niƟ. This is the me most of current ac vists
In early 1990s this writer was heavily challenged on
were just started to a ending the school where the
use of Nepalese, and blamed it as colonial term. So
teaching material used to come out from the Janak
I encourage finding the original one and start to use
Sikshya Samgri Kendra solely focused on building the
universally. According to current usage, Nepali is
unitary concept to promote Ek desh ek naresh, ek
a common word also applied for people, language
bhasa ek bhesh a strong slogan but slow poisoning
and as an adjec ve. Adding /i/ [ee] is Indo-Aryan
tools to control an -royal inten on.
gramma cal feature such as Hindi, Nepali, Bengali,
Recently, the embassies around the world started Sanskri , Himali, Pahadi etc. whereas the Newar
issuing the ‘Nepalese Passport’ but in Nepal, all language or Nepal Bhasa is not an Indo-Aryan
expect to obtain Nepali one, because, all people were language. With influence of own language feature
made Nepali. Basically passport of Nepal cannot be the Nepali speakers call ‘Newari’ such as Newari
Nepali. But not knowing the real meaning of Nepali people, Newari food, Newari language. But adding /i/
the young genera on adopts it without paying does not apply in all cases. They do not prefer to call
a en on to it. Those who oppose this concept Magari, Tamangi or Sherpi, Limbui etc. They do only
must have grounded by the implemented educa on when they feel they compel to do so for protec on
inten onally planted by Panchayat educa on, of Nepali and then Nepal Bhasa was treated as a
nothing else. It will take me to understand as we sautaa for them. The Newah speakers do not prefer
slowly accept Nepal without monarchy. No one could to call their language Newari. It is against the rules
have imagined Nepal without monarch as State head of Newah grammar and also considered an inferior
ten years ago but we did it. The voice against Nepali term. But even a er the 1990 change Nepal Govt.
took momentum a er storing republic in 2008 due adopted not to call Newari the Nepali speakers
to discrimina on prac ce adopted by the le over tongue s ll glued in Newari. To call Khas-i language
influence of Panchayat educa onists and playing is gramma cally perfects word, but we know they
to secure the Khas regime by all means. Hence the do not accept it because of its coined meaning
people from high hills (Highland or Himal) are closure embedded within it. Hence, why the Newars should
to Tibet whom the Nepali speakers call Bhotay, the accept ‘Newari’? It’s an ongoing debate un l they kill
people who are closer to India or Madhesh (Lowland) their ego to stay as immoral elite group in Nepalese
are started to call Madhesi who has ou it of wearing society. So far having said all the above arguments
the Dho . Imposi on of Daura and Suruwal to Bhote or discussion what do you think are we Nepali or
and Madhesi became eye catching event for them to Nepalese?

SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 23

df+efo\of dxTj j g]kfnefiff
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df+efo\of dxTj y'OsfM yf}+ g]kfM b]z+ tfkfSs ci6«]lnof, cd]l/sf, o"/f]k cflb yLyL
b]zo\ RjgfRj+lk+ g]jfMto\;+ g+ g]kfnefiff, ;flxTo ;+:s[lt ysfo]u' lglt+ yLyL ;+:yf
gL:jgfM cfkfn Hof‰jMt GXofsf jofRj+u' v+ emL ;s:of+ Go]g] :jo] bofRj+u' b' .
k|]d lx/f t'nfw/
o]+, g]kfM
efo\ w}u' emLu' larfMof cfbfg k|bfg ofo]t, dgo\ n"u' vM . pls+ emL;+ yMu' cl:tTj No+sfto]t yMu' Dx;Lsf
efa AoQm ofo]t cfTd k|sfzg ofo]of lglt+ dbo]s+ d]lklg GXof]g] Ajo]t yMu' x] efiff, lnlk, ;flxTo, ;+:s[lt
dufMu' ;+rf/of dfWod vM . cy]x] ;flxTo ;[hgf ofo]t j snf No+s] dfMu' vM .
dgf]/~hgof nflu g+ efo\ clt cfjZos h" . pls+ efo\ g]jfM hflt 5u" g]kfMof RjGxofMu' hflt vM . y'u' hfltof yMu'
w}u' emLu' hLjgof GXofu' If]qoft g+ dbo]s dufMu' ;fwg x] efiff, lnlk, ;flxTo, ;+:s[lt snf t;s+ tMlh j tMld h" .
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ofo]u' ;Dea h'O . lhlk+ g]jfM vM wsf uf}/a to] ;o]s] dfn . cn] emL No]gL,
emL a';f+ lg;]+ df+of d'no\ Rjgf ;o]s]u' efo\ df+efo\ vM . emLu' efiff, ;+:s[lt No]gL . emLu' g]jfMefoof cl:tTj dGt
pls+ emLu' hLjgo\ df+of u'ln dxTj b' df+efo\of g+ pln wfM;f g]jfMto\u' cl:tTj g+ tgL w}u' emL ;s:of+ y'Os] dfn .
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yfo\ db';f emL;+ ;+;f/o\ knfM to] kmOdv' . cn] hGd cy]x] emLu' g]kfM b]of k'nf+k'nf+u' t;s+ dxTjk"0f{u' ;k"m
h'ofM bsn] Gxfkf+ dfd+ :o]gLu' efo df+efo\ vM . Yj x] cWoog ofo]of nflu g]jfMefo\ j lnlk d;o]s';]+ dufM .
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24 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA
g+ g]kfnefiffoft lnsof lan . ug+ g]jfM efif+ v+ h'ofRjg Rj;' RjOlk+ cfkfn+ Rjldlk+ lkbg . g]jfM RjldlkGt Rj;'
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g]kfMof x] Gxfkf+Dx kqsf/ h'oflbn . y'u' klqsf+ ofgfM Rjg]u' emL g]jfMto\ st{Ao vM .
SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 25
;+j]bgxLg h'of jgfRjlk+ g]jfM sljlk+
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ukfo;s+ ;+j]bgxLg h'of j+u'
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dtna db' j}zof x'jo]sf no\ no\tfof Rjg g]jfM sljlk+

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lj/f]wo\ ug+ g]jfM sljlk+ 5;M xfMu' g]g] db' xfo\ g]jfM sljto\ ;+j]bglxgtf
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g lj/f]wo\ ug+ g]jfM sljlk;+ ld Rofs"u' x] vg] b' xfo\ xfo\ g]jfM sljlk+ .

j+u' bFo\ g]jfM sljlk+ dltgf sfJo lbj; Gofo]s"u' a'vF g]gfM rf]ofu' lrgfvF

26 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA

A Newah Dad of a
Newah Daughter
Bina Joshi Shresa
Texas, USA

In life we do many things just because we are told to do so and many rituals
are observed as it has been running from ages as a part of our culture and
tradi on. My dad took a pause and wanted reasoning not in an a empt to
be an -social or an -cultural but to break the s gma for the comfort and
convenience of the changing mes.

"You don't have to deserve your mother's love. whom I always considered and I still do today that he
You have to deserve your father's". It didn’t make was born ahead of his ti me in Nepal. He loved all the
much sense to me when I read this quote by great traditions and cultures as we diligently followed but
American poet Robert Frost some two decades ago. he made sure that we were not getting vultured by
I was basking in the glory of both of my mother and our own culture by simply following them for granted.
father's abundant love. It was my birth right to be My dad’s level of thinking was genuinely different from
loved by both my parents so I didn’t have to deserve others.
it. I deserve every ounce of uncondi onal love When I reached my first day of puberty, I was
without asking from the people I am so a ached to. immediately confined to my bedroom for twelve days;
I was more a ached to my dad and which is true ll a confinement from natural light and men. I was fine
this day. The D for Dad and D for Daughter chemistry being in the man-made darkness but not seeing my
work awesome in our case. dad bothered me. Addi onal thick curtains were put
Growing up in a tradi onal Newah Family, I must on my already curtained bedroom windows so there
have heard hundreds of "do’s” every day. "Do good won’t even be a slightest ray of light. I really didn’t
things - do be polite - do be humble - do be down understand the science behind the twelve days of
to earth - do be honest - do be respec ul - do the confinement but was very excited about no-school-no-
best – do be be er than the rest" and hundreds homework for twelve days. I also enjoyed the visits of
more of do’s. I was enriched with tradi ons and my aunts and other female rela ves and friends with
cultural values. I had lots of don'ts as well. I was variety of food and sweets. We played, sang, danced
much protected. Protec on is a good thing. It is and had tons of fun. We also did facial everyday with
homemade "KO" (bukuwa) and we all glowed fair and
a privilege and means to be loved at all mes but
over protec on most of the mes has disabled
than enabled human kind. I always felt so fragile This significant confinement is called "Bahra
to think of doing something that somebody in my Ceremony". The sacred ritual is performed with the
family had not done before. I was scared that I first sigh ng of Sun in the morning of twel h day is
would be considered a rebellious daughter that will believed to protect girls from the evil eyes of the
bring disgrace to my parents and especially my dad people.

SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 27

Those twelve days were too many days of not seeing of confidence in herself and coming this from a man -
my dad. I could only hear him talk outside. One day my her father is huge. When a dad affirms a girl child - her
mom was at work and I was home alone one a ernoon morale gets boosted to walk with dignity and keep her
just with our home helper, dad walked in to my room head high. This love and faith makes a girl complete so
to check on me and brought me my favorite food. Days no ma er what kind of man she comes across her life,
and nights cap vated inside one room with no sun and she will stay confident and competent on her own.
no exercise could mean anything and my dad needed
I don’t thank my dad enough but with this li le piece
to know how I was doing.
of wri ng I want to express all my gra tude to my
When my family learnt about this, there was a li le special dad for leading me, for guiding me and for
ruckus at home. My dad was concerned about my following me. He led me all my life so I will follow him.
well-being amidst the temporarily isolated four walls. He guided me so I will walk in the right direc on. Now
at this age, he s ll follows me so I will not fall.
When my grandma told me that I couldn't see and talk
to men, I asked her if I could listen to the male voices Surely behind every happy, smiling and confident
in the radio/stereo in my room. I think the radio was Daughter – there is this man called DAD.
taken away too. But I never told anyone that I played
with my dog –a male when my families were out and
no visitors were in. (Editor’s Note: Bahra ceremony is an age-old Newah
Ritual to mark a girl turning to young lady. In this
Bahra is s ll an integral cultural and tradi onal ritual interesƟng ritual, a Newah girl is kept in dark room
in Newah Community but I haven’t seen a modern for 12 days away from sunlight and male person;
day Bahra so I wonder how it is like in this age even from a family member. Now-a-days, to meet
controlled by high tech. Or if I had a daughter and I the demand of Ɵme, it is performed for 4 days prior
was observing Bahra Ceremony, would I be able to set to the first menstruaƟon.
in my girl in a room for twelve days without TV, games,
This ritual has oŌen been misinterpreted as Gufa and
and smartphone? Or some tradi ons we need to
Surya Darshan and is defined as a ceremony in which
simplify with me and situa on like my father always
young newah girls are locked in cave for 12 days. In
expressed. various religion and culture, there has always been
In life we do many things just because we are told beliefs and disbeliefs about how the religion and
to do so and many rituals are observed as it has cultures are pracƟced; our culture is not an excepƟon.
been running from ages as a part of our culture and If we try to understand our age-old culture, we find
tradi on. My dad took a pause and wanted reasoning all of our rituals are based on scienƟfic facts and laws
not in an a empt to be an -social or an -cultural but of Social Science.
to break the s gma for the comfort and convenience
of the changing mes. Back in old days, girls were not provided educaƟon
about puberty in advance; and once they had first
I am so proud of my father that he tried to bring in menstruaƟon, they were kept in the dark room to
posi ve changes and I have always tried to imbibe it in help them cope with hormonal changes and mature
my life. I was given an equal opportunity even I was ladies talk about do’s and don’ts of society in relaƟon
born a girl child. He ins lled in me the self-respect to body changes.
and the belief that a girl can achieve as much or more
The basic idea of the process is to educate a girl of her
than a boy. He believed in showing me things so I will bodily and hormonal changes and to make aware of
believe it and see it. He raised me with so much love her transiƟon from a childhood to the adulthood. We
and trust that there is so li le room for fear - this is the can tap this ritual as a great opportunity to educate
biggest favor a dad can do for his daughter - step her our girls with today’s given scienƟfic resources and
up for life's challenges. at a same Ɵme we can keep our culture alive with
Every daughter deserves a great father who would all ritual process and to teach the laws of Social
love her without her being deserving of his love. A girl Science to prepare her to get some of the social
child needs more support in a family to upli her level responsibiliƟes.)

28 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA

SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 29

30 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA


SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 31


32 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA


SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 33


34 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA


SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 35


36 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA


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40 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA

WNO 1st North American Regional Conference: A Glimpse
Newah people love to celebrate their culture in mely manner
whether they are in their homeland or abroad. With this valid reason,
Newah people who immigrated to different parts of the globe, started
observing their culture either symbolically or in public

Uam Makaju
Toronto, Canada

U nited Na ons World Commission on Culture and

Development Reports defines “Culture is the
whole complex of dis nc ve spiritual, material,
intellectual and emo onal features that characterizes
a society or group. It includes crea ve expression,
homeland or abroad. With this valid reason, Newah
people who immigrated to different parts of the globe,
started observing their culture either symbolically or
in public.
community practice and material or built form”. The ever increasing number of Newah cultural events
Definitely, culture is not merely a bunch of rituals, but around the world had sought the need of umbrella
can be inspiring experience, informa ve, educa ve and organiza on of Newah people. And World Newah
even can grow bond of friendship. Organiza on (WNO) came into light in 2011, which
conducted its first global conference in in 2012 in
When we talk about Nepalese culture, it is momentous UK. The second world conference was conducted in
to men on Newah culture and civiliza on. Without the Bal more, USA where representa ves of Canadian
discussion of Newah culture, it will be fragmentary. Newah Guthi (CNG) and Newa Cultural Society of
It is believed that Newah civiliza on was begun in Alberta (NCSA) floored the idea of regional conference
sixth century and Newah people were the oldest and
during an informal discussion with WNO execu ves.
tradi onal inhabitants of Kathmandu valley. Newah
The idea having ample posi ve points to strengthen
heritage, being very rich in pageantry and ritual,
Newah organiza ons and developing networking
observed throughout the year. And the monuments built
among Newah people and organiza ons, WNO formally
during Newah civiliza on are s ll remain interna onal
endorsed the idea. And Canadian Newa Guthi took
and UNESCO a rac on.
the leadership in organizing the regional conference
Newah people, originally se led in Kathmandu valley, in collabora on with NCSA and WNO. CNG execu ve
migrated to different parts of the present Nepal due commi ee also decide to hold the conference in
to different reasons, the history states. Moreover, Mississauga, ON, Canada on September 1-3, 2017.
the global phenomena like opportunity of educa on,
better life and job, immigration opportunities,
a racted Newah people too, as other people of the
country. So this global trend led to the immigra on
of some Newah people to the different parts of the
world, temporarily at the beginning and permanently
over the me.
Culture, being our way of life, includes our values,
beliefs, tradi on and so on. One cannot ignore or
forget the culture even you moved to new places. And
there is no doubt, Newah people love to celebrate their
culture in mely manner whether they are in their

SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 41

Canadian Newa Guthi, established in 2005 by fourteen
families and registered with Canadian Federal
Government, had setup sole goal of promo ng,
preserving and prac cing Newah culture in Canada
during preliminary period. CNG has been organizing
“Samya baji” and “Nepal Sambat and Mha Pooja”
since its incep on and later added “Yomarhi Punhi”
too. Besides these cultural events, CNG started health
awareness sessions, free tax file clinic to low income
families and newcomers, youth empowerment. In
academic side, CNG conducted research study on “Living
Standards of Canadian Nepalese” in collabora on with
Brock University. In 2016, a group of Ryerson University The conference was jointly inaugurated by Ambassador
students chose CNG as their case study organiza on of Nepal to Canada His Excellency Mr. Kali Prasad Pokhrel,
and submi ed their report to CNG. Moreover, Guthi has Member of parliament Hon. Ms. Sonia Sidhu, President
got an opportunity to teach/prac ce Newah language of the World Newah Organiza on Mr. Season Shrestha
to a Toronto University professor. and Prof. Dr. Tom O’Neil by ligh ng the tradi onal
“Twadewa” (Brass Oil Lamp) on September 02.CNG
During devasta ng earthquake in Nepal 2015, CNG President Mr. Prakash Lal Pradhan welcomed all
had collected donations and had supported in conference delegates and special guests in the formal
reconstruc on of a high school building in Gorkha, inaugural session.
Nepal. Participation in international festivals to
Delivering a key note address, Ambassador of Nepal
promote Newah culture along with Nepal promo on to Canada His Excellency Mr. Pokhrel highlighted the
is another ac vity. Recently, CNG received a funding importance of Newah culture and heritage in shaping
from provincial government to orient youths of the Nepalese iden ty and the contribu on of Nepalese
Nepalese community, their a er conduc ng programs Canadian to preserve and promote Newah culture
by themselves to help support newcomers. The program in mul cultural country Canada. Similarly, Hon. Ms.
will be completed by the end of March 2018. It is also Sonia Sidhu expressed that the North American
note worthy that CNG conducts monthly board mee ng Newah conference will help unite Newah people living
at the residence of execu ve members turn by turn, in North America to preserve, promote and prac ce
as of Guthi principle. Newah cultural heritage. NRN Canada President Mr.
CNG monthly mee ng held in June 2017 had decided Gopikrishna Kafle lauded contribu on of Newah culture
where as World Newah Organiza on President Mr.
to hold such First North American Regional Conference
Season Shrestha reiterated the need of promo ng and
of WNO with a theme to provide a pla orm to unite
preserving Newah culture around the world.
North American Newahs for promo on and preserva on
of Newah culture and Heritage in North America. Newah scholars, academicians and delegates from
US, UK and Canada Dr. Maheswar Baidya, Prof. Dr. Tom
NarraƟve of the Conference O’Neil, Prof. Dr. Christoph Emmerich (presented by
The First North American Regional Conference of World Alexander O’Neil in his absence), Mr. Pramesh Shrestha,
Newah Organiza on jointly hosted by Canadian Newa Mr. Sanyukta Shrestha presented their papers on
Guthi (CNG), Newa Cultural Society Alberta (NCSA) promo on of Newah culture and heritage, mul media,
and World Newah Organiza on (WNO concluded with Nepalese immigrants scenario and so on, where as host
Mississauga Declara on. More than 200 delegates from organiza ons representa ves. Mr. Bimal Shrestha and Dr.
various parts of North American region as well as from Hemata Joshi delivered their ac vi es to promote Newah
Europe ac vely par cipated in the conference. The 3 culture in Canada. The three days long conference
days long conference was kicked off on September 1st was focused on promo on and preserva on of Newah
with a meet and greet program followed by tradi onal culture and heritage. Delegates had the opportunity to
Newah feast. interact with paper presenters.

42 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA

A er presenta on of the papers, host of speakers Ms. DeclaraƟon of the Conference
Saroj Prajapa President, Nepa Pasa Pucha Amerikaya, 1. To converge collabora on of Newah organiza ons
Ms. Babita Pradhan, President of Newah Organiza on of to intensify our partnership in North America for
America (NOA), Mr. Ram Lal Shrestha, Past President of achieving our common vision, establishing a regional
NOA, Mr. Narayan Somname, Past President of NOA North Networks of Newah Organiza ons working in North
Carolina Chapter, Mr. Bijaya Bajracharya, and Secretary America under the WNO mandate and ini a ve
of United Newah USA shed light on the importance of
2. To give con nuity to organize North American
the conference. Senior Vice president of World Newah
Newah Conference biennially in order to promote
Organiza on Mr. Daya Ratna Shakya delivered speech
the meaningful dialogue/discourse on Newa
on “Where Are We Moving from Here”, whereas Mr. Anil
Conference and Heritage within North America
Ranjit delivered a speech on “ Newah Culture and Yoga”
and beyond
along with some yoga demonstra on.
3. To stand in solidarity with “Save the Nepa valley
campaign” which is to raise awareness and fight
against the ongoing destruc on of Newah heritage
and old Newah se lement in Kathmandu valley.
4. To hand over the conference lamp “Twadewa”
(symbolic to host next conference) to USA for
organizing the 2nd North American Regional Newah
Eventually ……
Conduc ng interna onal level conference is not a plain
task, especially when resources like man power, finance,
Before the inaugural session, all the guests and par cipants
organiza onal experience, me are in constraint. The
par cipated in a cultural procession followed by Dhime
baja, Kumari, Lakhe and women members of the Guthi ever changing scenario, lack of proper coordina on
carrying auspicious “Kalash”. Guests were welcomed by among stakeholders, timely communication and
“Panchakanya” (Five virgin girls) in the program hall. The management knowledge had given the event organizers
program area and stage were decorated with Newah bit hard me. But the commi ed organizing commi ee
cultural arts and ar facts by ar st Mr. Baikuntha Man became successful in accomplishing the conference
Shrestha. In the evening, par cipants were entertained in sa sfied state. The evalua on forms received also
with cultural program. reflects the success rate more than contentment.
The conference, with the theme of “Uni ng Newah The very plus point of the event is that organizers
People and Prac cing, Preserving and Promo ng Newah learned a lot from the conference which made the team
Heritage” concluded with four pointed “Mississauga confident if need to organize another event of this level
Declara on 2017”. A special conference souvenir “North next me. This experience is only possible when you are
American Newah” was also published and launched on in the field. If you are not organizing the program, you
this occasion. will never be able to gain this experience.
Finally, we are thankful to WNO for trus ng us and giving
opportunity to conduct this conference. We believe that
this conference has become successful to unite Newah
people living in North America and around and crea ng
network among them. It is always our responsibility
to promote and preserve Newah heritage around the
world. And sa sfac on will be at your heart when you
see the second genera on is trying to transfer the
heritage to their immediate next genera on. Let’s work
together to see it happen to help promote, preserve and
prac ce our unique Newah heritage.

SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 43

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;'v+ eoAo"u' VjfM ;sl;t+ Ajn z/0f Hofk' xl/
;'r's'r' ;';fs';f dfSj o]+, g]kfM
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5+u' lskfn' :jo]t ts+ x] cfo\a'n
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Gx"u' kMvfM drfo]s+ x] b+ jn vgL;f lh+ tfo]sf Rjgf
df+ lh oMDx df+ lh+ tfo]sf Rjgf

44 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA

:jlguMof afv+of by'O
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SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 45
O{ ts jofM emL;+ emLu' x] GXoMg] y'Os] dfMu' 5tf 5' vM yf}+ of O{ tSsof b'g] jof :jn wfM;f emL;+ x] emLu'
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by'O GXofMjg wfM;f g emL;+ km'Ss Oltxf; y'Osf jg] a]/ db' 5fo\s cftSs Ono\ u'lng+ dg"t xfn u'ln g
kmOu' l:ylt vg]b' . cn] emL;+ emLu' sfnv08oft yMu' dg"t NjfMjn 5' y'n Old;+ klxrfg 5' vM wsfM < cn]
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46 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA
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SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 47
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48 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA

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SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 49
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50 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA
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SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 51
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52 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA

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SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 53
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54 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA
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SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 55

-l;nf rMx|]_
I remember one me, a group of us literally dragging a huge Tree that we
found in open field, we dragged it all the way to our chowk; no kidding it
was about 3 miles. Going for wood hun ng was the most grueling part of
the day; it demands lots of physical work.
Prazol Maharjan
Dallas, Texas

t’s been over 13 years that I have been living in United First thing we would to do was to get a long thick
States. This has been my home away from home. rope and assemble by my house. Then, half of
I do not remember, passing a single day without the gang would grab one end of a rope and stand
thinking about Nepal. All my childhood memories at one side of a narrow road, while the other half
from home are s ll fresh, especially; the rich Newah would grab another end of the rope and stand at our
culture; festivals, culinary delicacies, monuments, opposite side. We would literally block the road with
temples, arts and tradi ons that make us unique in the rope and not let anyone pass. Then we would
this world. I feel pride to have been raised in such a screamed –Jaga! Jaga!! with our lungs out to collect
vibrant culture and values. money. We never asked how much we want, simply
We have numerous festivals for every occasion accepted whatever we were given, and then let the
and time; and different music for every season. people pass through the rope. There were numerous
I participated in every festival, but the most that instances, we got into arguments with people but it
stands out even today is, ‘Maha Shivaratri’, the day did not deter us from doing, what we have always
we celebrate in honor of Shiv; literally means, night been doing. It’s a tradi on of Kathmandu and kids
dedicated to Lord Shiv. Shivaratri is celebrated during would be seen in every block of the road. I honestly
the month of Magh, as per the Hindu Lunar Calendar. have no clue, how this started but it was something
Shiv is also known as ‘Mahadev’, which literally I saw, growing up. And we followed the same foot
translates as ‘Gods of all the Gods’; symbolizes steps to keep this tradi on alive.
‘Destruc on’, a destroyer of the evil, who protects
and transforms the Universe. Hindus around the So that was my first morning ritual of ‘Shiva Ratri’.
world celebrates Shivaratri in their own tradition. A er doing that for few hours, un l we all get hungry
Newah tradi on of celebra on is quite a unique. I like and red. Then we would split the money equally,
to take you back into my good old days; and let me try among all of us, who par cipated. We hardly make
to share how I celebrated this special day and some Rs. 50 each person. But it was super exci ng moment
mischievous things I did as a kid. to get that free money. It is definitely not an ideal
way to make money but we were forgiven on this
Unlike today’s genera ons, I did not grow up being a
couch potato, playing X-Box, PlaySta on, video games,
etc. I’ve always been a very ac ve and outdoor person. Later in the day, we would assemble again in Chowk
I love socializing with friends, neighbors, playing our to plan on ge ng things ready for our main program
ethnic music for fun. I always woke up early on the for the evening - Bonfire and Cooking. That was one
day of Shivaratri and a er my quick breakfast with of the most important parts of celebra ng Shivaratri,
family, I just sneaked out to the Chowk (common for the kids in my neighborhood. It is funny, how
open courtyard in neighborhood) to meet my friends we never paid visit to the temple; and celebrated
and discuss our ac vi es for this special day. Shivaratri.

56 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA

We would need tons of wood and money to make our
evening program successful. So, the elder kids would
make plans as where to go and get the woods for free.
We would divide us in small, small groups and go for
wood hun ng. We’d walk for miles to different places
and fields in search of woods. Some mes, we went
to the fields and just stole woods and disappear, if no
one was there. However, if someone would be there,
we would go to them and ask them politely to donate
us some wood to celebrate the festival. Most of
them would happily donate without any hesita ons. Image: Bonfire in front of the Annapurna temple,
I remember one me, a group of us literally dragging Kathmandu
a huge Tree that we found in open field, we dragged amazing experience, to stand in front of huge pile of
it all the way to our chowk; no kidding it was about 3 fire in a chilly night, with my friends and family, while
miles. Going for wood hun ng was the most grueling enjoying delicious freshly cooked food. I s ll long for
part of the day; it demands lots of physical work. those fresh haluwa, swari and hot tea. It felt like in
Once we had enough woods, another piece to put a heaven, on every bite of warm haluwa. It would
the puzzle together would be Money; to buy supplies make me forget all the hustle and physical work that I
for cooking. Again, we’d form a small group with our had gone through all day. This was not the end of our
elder kids and go door to door in our community and program, once food was cooked and ready; we put
chant this line numerous mes, un l we get money. aside and stuffed in bags and distributed for those
household who did donate.
dxfBf]of lrs'n, ug]Bf]of Os'n, sMlg, d':of l;Ot l;+ lgsf
s'sf{ xL+ Û Tof]l5+ Tof], asfl5+ Tof] Û Whole night we enjoy si ng in front of the fire and
chat with friends and neighbors. We usually keep
We’d keep doing that, un l we cover every single standing there un l all the woods turn into ashes,
house in our community. Most of our neighbours which would be almost next morning.
would donate money happily. But no ma er what,
there is always some bad apples; some neighbors who So, this is how I devoted my en re day of ‘Shivaratri’
absolutely would not par cipate at all and would not to Lord Shiva, without even going to the temple. The
donate anything. But that was not an issue for us. We wonderful tour inside my memory lane about Newah
use to steal something from the houses that won’t people and fes vals does not end here. I intend to
donate. I s ll remember once, my uncle’s friend stole keep wri ng more to express my experience and
a wooden stairs that later used in bonfire. interest in the Newah society and Newars. I like to
inform the young generations about our unique
By the me we were done with all this drama, it would
culture and tradi ons, especially to them who are
almost be dusk. Everyone from my neighborhood
living away from na ve land. I want to stress that it is
would come out in the Chowk and offer help to start
important for all of us to never forget our roots and
the event. Some folks would start arranging all the
our culture. I think it’s our duty to pass these stories,
woods; some would bring required utensils to cook.
and cultures to kids. It doesn’t ma er, whether you
Whereas, some would start doing all the prep work.
live in Nepal or abroad, you just can’t make excuses,
Literally, it would be the best part of the day to watch
there are numerous ways you can educate your kids
everyone helping each other to make the event
about the Newah History, Newah Civiliza on, Nepal
Sambat, our music, dance, food, etc. My point here is,
Finally, a er everything was arranged, some people ‘Don’t just Talk the Talk’, put your words into ac on.
would start lighting the woods, other will start If you want to save Nepal Bhasa and our iden ty, if
cooking. We’d be relaxing, basking ourselves in the you want to be remembered by coming genera ons,
fire, enjoying the Fruit of our Labor. Man, it was an it starts from you, from your house.

SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 57

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58 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA

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SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 59
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;+:yf 501 (C) Non Profit Organization Status o\ cf}krfl/s
?k+ btf{ h'n . btf{ h';f+ lg;]+ y'u' ;+:yf Ono\ Aono\ yL yL Hof‰jt
GXofsf o+sfRj+u'oft GofAjo] Ajyn] –
!= Ritual Projects -k/Dk/fut Hoft_
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@= Cultural Projects -;f+:s[lts Hoft_
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(The report presented at 1st WNO North American Regional Conference on September 2nd, 2017)


Financial Report 2017
(i) Cash in Hand $2,538.66 Mahendra Manandhar
(ii) Bank $9,370.02 Treasurer


Souvenir Publica on $1,550.00 $1,250.00
Organiza on T-Shirt Campaign $600.00 $650.00
AGM & Picnic $- $1,242.00
Group IHI Ceremony $3,140.00 $2,330.42
Yeyaa Punhi (IndraJatra in Dallas 2017) $4,749.00 $5,019.08
Mha Puja & Nepal Sambat Celebra on $4,565.00 $3,349.67
TOTAL $14,604.00 $13,841.17
** Financial Report is being verified by Financial Advisor

60 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA


SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 61


62 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA


SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 63


64 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA


SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 65


66 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA


SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 67

68 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA
SOUVENIR - United Newah USA 3
4 SOUVENIR - United Newah USA