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Weerakoon, R.(2016). Human resource Managers should use strategic human
management in sports: resource management to overcome significant
a critical review of its importance and issues and to form well-planned strategies so
pertaining issues. that the organization may succeed.
Ahmad, M., Mansoor, H. (2012). Mostly It was found that HRM is an area that
discussed research areas in human resource continues to evoke a lot of debate and body of
managem5ent (hrm) – a literature review. work in HRM is relatively small, and most of
International Journal of Economics and the questions are sorely in need of further
Management Sciences, 2(2) attention.

Ashraf, J. (2015). The primary and secondary data collected for
Examining the public sector recruitment and the research concludes that the hiring process
selection, in relation to job analysis in of public sector is flawed mainly because of
Pakistan. Cogent Social Sciences (3) poor job analysis. They do not make proper
job descriptions and employees tasks do not
match with the given job description, which
ultimately effects the performance of the
public sector organizations in Pakistan.

Bhiganadam, S., Rao, D. (2014). A study on the Most employees in the company were
recruitment and selection of Sai Global satisfied but changes are required according
Yarntex Private Limited. International Journal to the changing scenario of recruitment
of Management Research and Review, 4 (10), process that has a great impact on working of
996-1006 the company as a fresh blood, new idea enters
in the company.
Mamoon, Z. (2013). This writing suggests a hiring process and its
Hiring the right people for your organization. elements. The recommended guidelines
Global Journal of Management and Business should enable you and others involved in the
Research Administration and Management process to improve your hiring average and
(13) build a more successful company.

Chungyalpa W, Karishma T (2016). As competition increases between firms,

Best practices and emerging trends in selecting and recruiting the right and qualified
recruitment and selection. J Entrepren Organiz talents become all the more important. The
Manag (5) entire recruitment and selection strategy has
changed and evolved to a new form where the
onus lies on the firms to advertise, attract, and
retain top talents. Internet based technologies
and various other software and information
systems have provided new capabilities like
never before. There is a growing trend
amongst firms to adopt and utilize these
technical solutions. The future is bound to see
an increased role of internet based solutions
in recruitment and selection process.

Kaboub, F. (2008). Employment guarantee ELR schemes were successful but business
programs: A survey of theories and policy opposition, labor disorganization,
experiences. The Levy Economics Institute lack of political support, and misunderstanding
of the working of government finances
proved to be the greatest obstacles to
maintaining full employment in capitalist
Richardson, M. (2010). Managing or Effecting Whatever the strategies selected for use, the
the Recruitment Process. objective is to recruit the most qualified,
committed individual into the organization
and ensure that the provision of government
services to the public is timely and effective,
that the goods are of consistent high quality
and that the organization achieves the
objective for which they have been
Collins, C. Kehoe, R. (2009). Recruitment and There are multiple systems of recruitment and
selection. ILR Collection. selection systems that may match the
employee workforce requirements created by
information equivocally depending on the
extent to which tasks within the subunit differ
in terms of complexity.
Rahman, F., Islam, R., Khan, A. (2015). The study “Recruitment and Selection
Recruitment and selection procedure: a case Procedure of Palmal Group of Industries”
study on Palmal Group. International Journal under HR revealed that employees are the
of Business and Technopreneurship (5), 239- most valuable resources for the progress of
254 the organization. For the development of
these valuable resources there are many
factors involved. In this regard “Recruitment
and Selection Procedure” play the most
important role. To increase the productivity of
an organization effective & dynamic
recruitment and selection procedure is
essential. Palmal Group of Industries practices
a progressive recruitment and selection

13, 14, 18, 33,
Kahiri, J., Mukulu, E., Waiganjo, E. (2012). The contribution that SHRM may make to an
Relationship between strategic resource organization’s performance and effectiveness
management and firm performance of Kenya’s is closely linked to the changes in different
corporate organizations. International Journal business environment including macro and
of Humanities and Social Science, 2 (10) micro contexts, thus the bundling of these
practices with the competitive strategy of the

Cania, L. (2014). The impact of strategic Through the skills, behaviours and attitudes
human Resource management on would be expected by human resources to
organizational performance. Economia Seria achieve the required performance in the
Management, 17 (2) organization.
Çaliskan, E. (2010). The impact of strategic The way an organization manages its human
human resource management on resources has a significant relationship with
organizational performance. Journal of Naval the organization’s performance.
Science and Engineering, 6(2), 100-116
Cheem, A., Hamid, M., Sumra, M. (2017) The higher level of compensation
Impact of Human Resource Management on management, organizational citizenship
Organizational Performance. Journal of behavior and employee development
accounting and marketing practices that will lead to a higher level of
organizational performance, also indicate that
compensation management, organizational
citizenship behavior and employee
development is positively associated with
organizational performance.