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UH COE Lesson Plan Template (Inquiry)

Note: Suggestions for each section are provided in blue text. Delete all blue text and replace it with your own.

Name of Teacher Candidate Jessica Moreno

Lesson Overview
Grade Level 1st Grade
Estimated Time Needed 50 Minutes
Lesson Description Associative Property
1.05G Algebraic reasoning. The student applies mathematical process
standards to identify and apply number patterns within properties of
numbers and operations in order to describe relationships. The student is
Content Area Standards expected to:
(E) understand that the equal sign represents a relationship where
expressions on each side of the equal sign represent the same value(s);
(G) apply properties of operations to add and subtract two or three numbers.
Technology Standards N/A
TSW apply properties of operation to add and subtract two or three numbers
and understand representation of the equal sign.

Terms/Vocabulary Suma, sumandos, restar, diez rapido, estrategia, dobles, dobles mas uno
Technology Resources N/A
Other Resources I created a PowerPoint with addition and subtraction problems.

Lesson Procedures
A step-by-step description of the
scope and sequence of lesson
activities, with estimated time on task
noted in parentheses for each step.
In other words, completely describe
Describe how each stage of Cite specifically what
the flow of the lesson-the content to
the lesson will be managed, resources for this activity
be presented, and the strategies to
including role of teacher and will be used, and describe
This template is built on the be used. Include actual words you
learners (who is doing what in detail how they will be
will use and questions you will ask
traditional “Madeline students. Consider items such as:
at each point), location (e.g., used.
Hunter” lesson structure. classroom, computer lab, Note who will be using the
parts of the lesson that might be
outside), and any special tool and in what ways. Note
difficult, and how you will know
considerations, such as for any safety considerations
whether you can go on; how to
differentiated instruction. needed.
ensure that students completely
understand directions before
releasing them to work
independently; and what students
will do if they finish their work early.
I will present the students with The students will be
a math talk with “7+6+3=” I will facing the whiteboard
Engage record on the whiteboard as sitting on their
(Engage student thinking, the students express how they rectangle. NA
access prior knowledge) solve the problem. The students are using
After all the students share mental math to solve
their ways of solving “7+6+3=” the problem.
UH COE Lesson Plan Template (Inquiry)
I will present another problem The teacher is just
“19-6-3=”. I will record the recording.
students thinking process as
they share.
The students are going to be
paired in groups of 2-3 to do a
gallery walk and solve the
problems that are going to be
posted in the classroom. The The students are going
students are going to be given to be paired in groups
a minute and 30 seconds. of 2-3 walking around
the classroom. The
Explore The students are going to teacher is going to
(Collaborative and hands- write the answers down on make sure the students NA
on) their recording sheet. are on task.
I will remind the students to
use their recording sheet to The teacher is going to
show their thinking, and say the expectations
strategies. for this activity.
I will also be asking
challenging questions to probe
the students to think at a
higher level.
Once the students answer all
the problems around the
classroom. The students are going
I will present the powerpoint to be seated on the
Explain where the problems are going carpet in their
(student and teacher to be projected. rectangle.
discourse, teacher
modeling, vocabulary The students are going to The teacher is going to
instruction, clarify share their processes and be on the front of the
misconceptions) their strategies. whiteboard recording
students thinking
I will be asking challenging process.
questions to get the students
to think at a higher level.
The students are going to The students are going
complete a storybook where to be seated on their
(Extend or apply the Envision Math-
they will be given problems to desk.
learning to a new setting; Pearson
solve mentally using their The teacher is going to
active and collaborative)
strategies. monitor understanding.
The students will be asked to
Evaluate solve the addition problem and
The students will do the
(Students demonstrate subtraction problem presented
their understanding. How on the board in their Math N/A
independently at their
will you know what they’ve Journal. The students will be
learned?) asked to show how they solve
UH COE Lesson Plan Template (Inquiry)

Plans for Differentiated Instruction/Accommodations

Special Education I have two students who receive speech therapy therefore, I will provide enough
Students time for them to share with their partners.
English Language My students are in a bilingual classroom therefore, the entire lesson is taught in
Learners Spanish.
Gifted and Talented There is no gifted and talented students in my classroom.

Potential Challenges/Plan B
In the fact that my students do not finish their activity we will continue the next day.
If the computer is not working I will just write the problems on the board.

Notes and Credits

Envision Math-Pearson