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Amy L.

2645 Covel Bluff Dr
Ottawa, IL 61350 815-257-8134

April 2018
!Mr. Toby Coates
Wallace Grade School
1463 N. 33rd Road
Ottawa, IL 61350
!Dear Mr. Coates,
!I am interested in applying for the second grade position at Wallace Grade Schol. I grew up in Streator, IL and was
educated in small, rural community schools throughout my childhood. After graduating from Bradley University in May
2013, I obtained a first grade teaching position at Marseilles Elementary School. By working within the area, I have
grown to understand the values and friendly nature of the local residents and the amount of support that is given to
Wallace Grade School. Living and working in the area, I have heard a lot about the teaching community within the
district, especially from those who have taught within the school. These fine comments continued when my long time
friend, Liz Masley, began teaching within the district. I am also always impressed to hear about the collaboration between
teachers, as well as the community involvement, which is what has drawn me to apply. I am looking for a school district
that will support my desire to continue building my love of teaching through professional development opportunities,
advancement in technology, a strong collaborative team of teachers, interventionists, and administration, as well as a
community that supports the efforts of the school district. I believe that Wallace Grade School is the place that can meet
all of my teaching needs and goals. It would be an honor to continue my journey as an educator in your school district.

As a student at Bradley University, I had the opportunity to work within schools ranging in socio-economic status. My
observation and teaching experiences included inner-city Manual Academy, the bilingual Erving School in downtown
Peoria, Holy Family Catholic School in West Peoria, and the rural school district of Metamora, IL. Along with my varying
school districts, I was also fortunate enough to study abroad in Dublin, Ireland. Through these learning opportunities I
have been given the tools to create classroom environments and lessons that make students of all backgrounds
comfortable within the classroom. Following my time at Bradley University I was given the wonderful opportunity to
teach full-time at Marseilles Elementary School as a self-contained first grade teacher. This experience has provided me
with the perfect classroom and school setting to fine-tune my teaching skills. Within my classroom I have implemented
problem-based learning through centers and lessons structured around group learning activities. I have also enjoyed
providing my students with a performance based learning environment where they are given hands-on, authentic learning
opportunities and time for self assessment. My teaching strategy includes inquiry based science using the new NGSS
science standards, problem solving, and whole group activities. We are continually up and active, working together, while
diving into the common core state standards. My student-centered approach creates a fun and inviting environment for my
students to learn and grow.
!During my time at Marseilles I have gained expertise with the R.T.I program as several of my students have a reading and
math intervention pushed in the classroom, while also meeting with an interventionist daily. The first grade team works
closely with the interventionists to ensure that each child is receiving the assistance they need. I have also gained a strong
understanding of the common core teaching standards, as well as forming uniform assessments throughout the grade level
as we implement a standards-based report card. As a first grade team, we are currently working on the addition of the
social studies and science standards to our report card during our PLC meeting times on Tuesdays.
!On top of teaching at Marseilles, I have also enjoyed my experience with being a part of committees as well as taking over
as the student council advisor. I am currently a part of 3 committees and the mentor program within the school. I feel that
these opportunities have provided me with the resources to become involved with not only the elementary program but the
school as a whole.
!Finally, as a teacher, it is my philosophy that each and every student should be provided with the tools they need for
ultimate educational success. It would be my honor to bring my compassion, diverse education, and love for teaching into
your school district. I look forward to interviewing with you and personally sharing the goals I have as an educator.