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How can I improve eyesight through Yoga? Can you please

guide me?

While people may take some time out and exercise, there are not many people who spend time
exercising the muscles in the eyes. Several experts recommend Yoga for eyes, in order to prevent
eye problems. Yoga for eye health includes various exercises and techniques to improve overall
eye health. Yoga for eyesight consists of mainly those exercises that relax the mind and keep it
devoid of any thought, just like in the case of meditation. In fact, the people who practice yoga
regularly often claim that after meditation the eyes feel much more relaxed. Yoga exercises eyes
and they are connected to the brain via the optic nerves. This also regulates the nerve impulses in
the muscles of the eyes. Therefore, yoga for eyes exercises not just reduce the tension in the
eyes, but can also help in the reduction of stress throughout the body.

Yoga eye health exercises are the most effective, if they are practiced while you are lying down,
preferably after you have finished practicing your other yoga asanas (poses). This helps you save
time, as you are exercising your eye muscles and resting after yoga, at the same time. Given
below are some of the most common and effective yoga exercises for the eyes:

1. Move your eyes as upward as possible and move it as far downward as you can. Repeat this
exercise four times more and blink a couple of times, so that the muscles in the eyes get to relax.
Once you complete 5 sets of this activity, close your eyes for about a minute or two, to allow the
muscles in your eyes to rest.
2. Keep your eyes wide open and from the left side to the right, without putting any strain on the
eyes. This exercise needs to be repeated four times too and you can blink frequently, to rest the
muscles in your eyes.
3. Roll you eyes in the clockwise direction slowly. Start by lowering your eyes, so that you are
looking at the floor and then slowly move your eyes to the left side and continue rolling them
higher, till you are looking at the ceiling. Roll your eyes to look at your right side and then lower
them till you are looking at the floor again. Blink your eyes and close them for a few seconds,
allowing them to rest. After one round repeat the exercise in the anticlockwise direction

There are several other yoga exercises that can be great in strengthening the eyes. However, it is
best to consult an optometrist before practicing any of the exercises.

Submitted by A on November 9, 2010 at 06:41

Yoga can help greatly to improve the eyesight of the individual. Yoga exercises, which involve
movement of the eyes and eye rotation helps to improve the sight of the individuals. Lifting the
eyes up and down and blinking them while not at work serves as a great exercise for improving
the eyesight of the individual.
Keeping eyes focused at one point helps in increasing the concentration of the individual. It also
aids to increase memory power of people so that they can take up the daily chores with great
responsibility with better devotion and dedication. The eye movements should be steady and one
should feel relaxed and comfortable while practicing them.

These eye exercises as a part of yoga, helps to provide freedom from various diseases of the
eyes. It also helps to improve the vision of the individual. Gazing exercise (trataka) activity of
yoga also improves vision. It helps in bringing positivity in the mind and the body and helps to
purify oneself internally so as to have a better vision of the surroundings.

This posture of yoga should be practiced in silence and one should carry out them without
blinking the eyes in any case. One can gaze on any object which helps one focus, either a deity
one believes in or any other imagination which helps in getting rid from the negativity and usher
in all positive thoughts in the mind.

This posture should be practiced without straining any body parts. Other exercises like Pranayam
and meditation also help the individual to treat the eyes of any ailments and it also increases the
concentration and devotion in the work. According to yoga there is one third eye of the humans
which exists between the eyebrows. One should always try to concentrate on this particular third
eye. It boosts one's concentration and meditation and imparts capability with simple breathing

Meditation exercises should be carried along with pranayam (breathing exercises). Breath should
be hold for quite some time so that the effect of the treatment stays longer. Pranayama helps in
increasing concentration and taking up pranayam exercises on regular basis helps one to provide
sure treatment to a wide variety of eye diseases. It provides freedom from various eye diseases
and also increases one's memory power and at the same time increases concentration in work
thereby increasing productivity.

Submitted by R J on August 8, 2008 at 07:16

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