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The following are the results and findings of the profile of the respondents and their respective

barangays from the conducted survey about the level of implementation of financial management in
accordance to New Govt Acct System (NGAS):

• First is AGE. Based on the findings, majority of the respondents are aged 26-55 years old with 65.5%.
Such result supports the study of Bass in his Handbook of Leadership that concluded that older leaders
are not better than younger leaders in achieving effective leadership. Leaders in this phase are
characterized by maturity, self-confidence, autonomy, solid decision-making, and are generally more
practical, multi-tasking, purposeful, self-directed, experienced, and less open-minded and receptive to

• Second, SEX. This resulted to a majority of male respondents of 57.3%. According to an article, Who
Makes A Better Leader: A Man Or A Woman? by Sebastian Bailey, society generally associates successful
leadership with masculine traits such as assertiveness and dominance, and so disapproves of female
leaders because they violate these gender norms.

• Third, in EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENTS, the research resulted to a majority of respondents who

attained college degrees, with a 77.3%. The law doesnt prescribe specific educational attainment among
elective barangay officials. Based on what we observed (?), college degree holders have better self
esteem and self confidence to enter or engage in politics compared to other lower degree holders.

• Fourth is POSITION. Barangay Treasurers are the majority of the respondents with a 35.5%. Most of the
respondents are treasurers because according to New Government Accounting System, they are basically
and the directly related to barangay funds. They are responsible for the collection of revenues in the
barangay. Their responsibilities for fund management include collection of all taxes, fees, contributions,
and all other monies due the barangay.

• Lastly, for the barangay officials' LENGTH OF EXPERIENCE IN GOVT SERVICE, officials who serve for
more than 5 years are the majority of the respondents. The researchers believe that one of the factors
that affect this is the benefits that they are receiving from the government. The Local Government Code
of 1991 provides that barangay officials shall receive different benefits and bonuses such as Christmas
bonus in the form of cash gift, insurance coverage and medical care consisting of free hospitalization in
government hospitals.

• With regard to the profiles of the respondents' barangays, majority of the them have Internal Revenue
Allotment or IRA of 1M-4M pesos with 55.5%. (1-4M) Allocation of funds among barangays depends on
the number of inhabitants and projects to be implemented. Annual barangay budget ranging 1,000,000
to 4,000,000 supports the 36.3% of the barangays having 500-2000 RESIDENTS.