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Chemical kinetics
1. What happens to the half life period for a 1st order
reaction if the initial concentration increased?
Ans. No variation takes place
2. For reaction 2HI H2+I2 write the molecularity?
3. If the rate of reaction is independent of the concn of
the reactant what is the order of the reactant?
4. Give an example for zero order reaction with suitable
5. The rate equation of the reaction A+B B is the
rate equals K[A]1/2[B]2 What is the order of the
6. The rate constant of the reaction is3.14*10-4 mol-1LS-1
what is the order of the reaction?
7. Define half life period for reaction how it is related to
order of the reaction?
8. A reaction is 1st order with respect to reactant A and
2nd order with respect to B in the reacn A+B
 Write the different rate eqatn?
 How is rate of reaction affected on increasing the
concn 2times.
9. Define pseudo 1st order reaction?give example.
10. What is collision frequency?
11.Derive an expresion for half life period of 1st
order reaction?
12.a/c to collission theory what are the to factors that
leads to effective collision?
13.Draw a graph of potential energy v/s reaction co-
ordinates showing effect of catalyst of EA?
14.Write the energy distribution curve showing the
temp dependence of rate of reaction?
15.Derive the integrated rate equation of a zero order
16.Derive the integrated rate equation of 1st order reaction?