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Title of lesson: represent,count and write numbers from 11-19

Name:Asmaa Mohamed Date:Tuesday,March 6h ,2018

Time: 9:00 PM (20 min) Location: UAQ (Sharjah International American School)

KG2 –B *who are they
5-6 years old * how many
24 students * what ages
12 boys * What grade
12 girls * male/female ratio
English * native language(s)
Visual, auditory * learning styles (and student
* special needs
* prior learning
* how this lesson fits into
prior & future learning

*what specific skill or
By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: concept would students
have learned or experience
by the end of the lesson
Differentiate numbers 1 to 19 and apply it in their * always expressed in terms
daily life such as buying several things or paying an of student learning
* concrete, measurable &
amount of money realistic
* maximum of three
* include name of
curriculum guide & objective
numbers when & where
* goals are connected to


*how DAP are the materials
Materials & resources: flash cards ,powerpoint ,video,small board & resources?
,markers,worksheets * have all safety & health
considerations been taken
into account?

Technology integration: Smart board *remember technology is a

tool & is not just limited to
Strategies: 1watching a video and repeat with it computers
2.learn the numbers by the power point and with some addition *incorporate technology
like (10+1=11) when & if it supports &
3. worksheet about the numbers 11-19 enhances what you’re
already doing
* do you have a plan B for
technology upsets?

what will you do to grab
student attention & to
Activity 1: Cloud Catcher
interest/enthusiasm in the
Children will try to find all the right numbers from 11
to 20.

Activity 2: Number Demolition: 11 to 20
20/. Children practice identifying numbers 11 to 20 in
this demolition game. Every time they correctly
identify a number, Floyd and Roly work together to
knock out a brick. Answer enough questions correctly,
and the old building will fall.

Teacher will …… Students will ….. *description of activities

used to meet the learning
Include your open and closed 1.Modelling and objectives
ended questions here
counting 11 to 19 * articulated in terms of
student activity & teacher
1.Facilitator. activity
2.Trace and write 11 to
2.Ask questions to promote
critical thinking
3.Reviewing addition
3.Circulate among the and subtraction
children and check for

ANTICIPATED PROBLEMS (“WHAT IF ….?”) *list the problems that

P. Not taking attention S.ask them some questions may occur
P. talking too much quite until the listen to me *anticipate at least two
P. didn’t understand what im saying or want So give them more problems
easy language to understand *think of possible ways to
deal with those problems
when & if they occur


Asking questions and discus with them *what will you do to
? assess learning?
How can you count and write 16 and 17 with words and numbers. *what will happen to
measure that the goals
were met?
How can you draw to show 16 and 17?
* how DAP is your
How can you model and count 16 and 17? * my assessments are
very tightly connected
to my goals

• * sources that you may
have used/consulted in
• building your lesson
catcher/. (includes books, websites,
• magazines, journals, etc)
• * use APA citation (refer
ideas-using-toy-vehicles/ to Noodle Tools when in