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Application Form for Volunteers

Gender and Date of birth :
Marital Status:
Mobile and Home telephone:
Residential/Postal Address:
(With Pin/zip Code)
Name of College/University:
Academic Qualification:
Company & Department you
are working at present:
Expected Period of From:
(Please give the exact dates)
Previous Volunteership
Experience (If any):
Availability (Weekdays or
(Will depend on availability)
Area of Interest:
(Please note that choice of
issues to work on will be
How did you learn about
Green Yatra?
Special Skills or Qualifications: Summarize educational qualifications detail and
special skills you have acquired from school, college, life, experience,
employment, previous volunteer work, or through other activities, including
hobbies or sports. If still studying, details of course, and current status ?

Our Policy and Terms & Conditions.

1. It is the policy of Green Yatra (hereinafter “organization”) to provide equal opportunities without regard to

Green Yatra Trust, D-57, United Palace, Rahul Park, Bhayandar (E), Thane-401105, Maharashtra, India
Contact- +91 22 6588 6649/ 09967538049. Website-
race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual preference, age, or disability.
2. Once we received this fully filled form our team will contact you for verification, based on the given detail
and a confirmation mail will be send to you with your Green Yatra Volunteer ID no. You are required to use
this ID no. in all your communication with Green Yatra. Based on your preference of work and time you
would be assign the work and you are require to execute the work accordingly. Keep updating about
progress and development of work handed over to you the on regular basis.
3. Implementation of any activities online or on ground level will be proceeded by after the permission and
confirmation by authorized person of Green Yatra. Authorship of any written project on which a Volunteers
works shall be entirely of Green Yatra & to publish it or not would be the discretion of the Green Yatra.
4. Strictly avoid any such activities and content (written, online, physical, verbal or any other form) which hurt
and harm the sentiment privacy, reputation or any act which infringes upon or prejudices in any manner to
Organization or any third party. If any such Activity found then Organization would not be liable for it.
Thank you for completing this application, you affirm that the facts set forth in it are true and complete. You are
expected to abide by the rules and regulation set by Green Yatra from time to time. You understand that if you
accepted as Volunteer, any unsatisfactory work or any false statements, omissions, or other misrepresentations
made by you in this application or violation/breach of policy, terms & conditions may result in my immediate
dismissal. Kindly mail this application along with your Latest C.V/Resume.


Green Yatra Trust, D-57, United Palace, Rahul Park, Bhayandar (E), Thane-401105, Maharashtra, India
Contact- +91 22 6588 6649/ 09967538049. Website-