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FORMS (Gee rule 3310/1) Cerificate under section 203 of the Income Tax Aci 196] for tax deducted at Source from Income chargeable under the head "Salaries" Name and address ofthe Employer Namie and address of the Employes ‘VIGNAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE, K SRIKANTH UNIT OF LAVU EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY ‘Assistant Professor VIGNAN HILLS, DESHMUKH VILLAGE,POCHMPALLI ‘CSE. DEPT I T I [ PAN of the Deductor TAN of tie Deductor PANNO- Employee Reference No. provided ‘AAAALOSB4H HYDL004300 CINTTOS) Taaress icity Pin code ‘Assessment Year Period From To 2016-2017 07.04.2015 31.03.2076 ‘Summary of amount pald/credited and tax deducted at source thereon In respect of the employee ‘Quarter(s) [Receipt Numbers of original ‘Amount paidieredited ‘Amount of tax deposited! ‘Quarter | ‘Amount of ‘Quarter Quarter Quarter Total (Rs) PART (Annexure) DETAILS OF SALARY PAID AND ANY OTHER INCOME AND TAX DEDUCTED F Gross salary (2) Salary as per provisions contained in section +71) (b)Value of perquisites wis 1712) (as per Form No. 1288, wherever applicable) (c) Profits in lieu of salary under section 17(3) (as lper Form No. 12BB, wherever applicable) (a) Total Rs, Rs. Rs. 12. Less: Allowance to the extent exempt under section 10 ‘Allowanee [House Rent [Education [Medical [Conveyance Total [5 Balance (12) |4. Deductions = (a) Entertainment allowance (b) Tax on Employment 1. Aggregate of 4(a) and (b) 6. income chargeable under the head ‘Salaries’ (3 -5) 17. Add : Any other income reported by the employee Re, E50 s 30007 34.550 Rs Rs. ‘Other income Fiouse Property i Total 7 [&. Gross total income (6 +7) 351,360 351,360 4 S 305,810 | 2,400 2,400 Rs, 303,410 Rs. : Rs. 303,410 Continued in Pg 2 Bedicons unr Craper WR (a eecon 86 800 and BOCCD {2 seston 600 Gross Amount] Dede amount (0 anon Fe ne" ags00| Re o.s00 0 uct me 28660| Re mee (est al Fans Bs (error a as : (i Emit Uke Sos Schone | om : {eb Reprmen of rca of owing oon Sf] og : (ui Samp Ou and epson Crgesof Hone >] ke : (atone sings Crete fee Sie i] oe : (Ointstacure onsNAGARO Ben >| ks : Tot 7380 eon secion (69, 06, 606, TTA uncer Caps VPA Goss Amount] Detucibie Amount sea socoors ae em q Io 00 IN| re | os d toys 200 moe q ie or mS ei os q Iw 06 re oe q Tota a 10. Aggregate of dedctle amount under Chapter Ved cs 87.380 11. "Tote 0) fs 246.080 te. taxon nome & “ 1 Rekerursera 14, Eatcaton Coss @3% (on tx fs 1 Tarpyaie 12519) Re . |LOETALS OF 14x DEDUCTED AND DEFOSTED INTHE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT ACCOUNT THROUGH HALLAN (Tha dedutort provide payment wise deal tx deduced an dept wih esposa ne cedocns) STs | Tax Dapsted Chala orton Naa Invespec ot | BSR Cade ara Bank Dale o Tox Depot Chala Seal [Sai of aicing wi fosdeseinst ame onrey Number ouras Total (Rs.) = Varcaon RVEWUGOPAL —_dauhero aA wotingin the capac et ACCOUNTANT we ‘a sum of Rs. {in words)] has been ier Cerify thatthe information given above is ‘deducied and deposited to the credit of the Centr tru, complete and cortect and is based onthe books of eecoun, a4 ent. To TDS deposited and ther available records. i Place DESHMUKH a — Date 04.04.2016 signa ¥F deduction of tax) Design ACCOUNTANT | FullName: