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Glasgow Coma Scale/ AVPU Scale ~ Glasgow: ~ Designed as a standardized assessment of the patient with disturbed consciousness © Different criteria for infants and older children v Decline in LOC follows a pattern of confusion, delirium, lethargy, stupor, to coma The lower the score at time of admission the poorer the outcomes ~ AVPU: ~ Alert, Verbal, Painful and Unresponsive v Only ‘Alert’ state is normal 47 Es Gy lis CPR aes elect ict Ceesur earn t 6 Obeys cammands 5 Orientated Localises to pain 4 Spontaneous Confused ‘Withdraws from pain 3 Taspeech Inappropriate speech Flexor response to pain (Decorticate posture} 2 To pain Incomprehensible speech Extensor response to pain (decerebrate posture) i No eye opening No verbal response No response to pain A Alert v Response to voice | pe 7 Response to pain | 9), ee Appréciation de la profondeur du coma ‘AVPU Alert A ly |voice | P U ' Pain Environ GCS 8 lUnresponsivg a | Stiggmersistentty oe emgte words. sy wan a