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Sonalysts Media Acquires Colony Video

Waterford, CT, April 04, 2018 --( On January 1, 2018 Colony Video joined Sonalysts Inc.
Partners Brian and Michael Fagan, responsible for building Colony Video into one of the region's leading
suppliers of video marketing content; joined the Film and Broadcast team operating under the Sonalysts
Media umbrella.

Colony Video, which prides itself on being “The brain of an ad agency inside the body of a production
company,” adds a Creative Director, Michael Fagan and Director of Media Development, Brian Fagan to
the Sonalysts Media team. In 2016 Colony Video's work with Vanquish Boats, catapulted them into the
conceptualized video arena. In the next year and a half, more conceptualized projects with Berkshire
Hathaway and their “Why Hartford” project for the CT Convention Center allowed the Fagan brothers the
opportunity to successfully prove themselves as a legitimate creative video company.

When asked about the move, Colony Co-Founder, Brian Fagan commented, “We had been renting stage
space from Sonalysts for a couple of years when Michael had the idea to approach Sonalysts to form
some sort of strategic partnership.”

“Seeing all that Sonalysts has to offer, in addition to the production facilities, is really what peaked my
interest,” former Colony Co-Founder Michael Fagan added. “Things like app development, VFX,
animation and their world-class recording studio (Power Station New England) further our creative
capabilities and allow for an even higher level of production value.”

Sonalysts Media's Director of Marketing, Grant Livingston agreed with Michael's comment and added,
“The goal is to be viewed as a group that sets the gold standard for creative video. Not as an agency and
not as a production company, but a hybrid of the two and a place where all of your needs can be met.
Colony Video shares in that mindset and it is clear that they will be an asset in helping us reach our goal.”

Vice President of Film and Broadcast at Sonalysts Inc., Eric Toriello touches on how he has enjoyed the
process of building the new Sonalysts Media team and how impressed he has been with the progress in
the short term. “This phase started with bringing Grant on board to help us create and push a centralized
outward facing message. Our goals are very clear and concise, which makes the criteria for assessing if
someone would be a good addition, easy to identify. The acquisition of Colony Video was a no brainer
for me. They add in areas where we lack and vice versa.”

For more information, please contact:

Grant Livingston
Director of Marketing | Sonalysts Media
(860) 326-3848

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